Sir Zen James vs. Ahreeman X: Religion & Evolution

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Sir Zen James vs. Ahreeman X: Religion & Evolution

Postby IPC » Sun Feb 20, 2005 2:08 am

Dialogue of Sir ZJ & AX I

Sir ZJ:

<Monotheism & anthropocentrism in all it's guises,
Zoroastrianism, Xtianity, Judaism, Islam, etc... Acts
as an anesthetic; to help people forget their

Lets do not mix Zoroastrianism with rest of the Bull Shua (French for Bull Shiite!)

Zoroastra was a poet, writer & a philosopher (he always referred to himself as a poet)!

He wrote poetry of Gatha & then came Avesta!

All these episodes about nominating Zoroastra as a prophet & calling his ideas as Zoroastrianism & creating an organized religion from his ideas & even adding more stuff to his original Avesta & Gatha was the creation of Zoroastrian Meqz (Priests), Mubeds (High Priests) & Mubed-e Mubedans (Supreme Zoroastrian Clerics)! Zoroastra himself, never claimed prophecy nor claimed miracles & meta physical magics! He was a simple poet.

Why do you think I respect the man? The Historical Zoroastra as a poet philosopher was way different from the portrayal of the Charlatan Zoroastrian Temple Hierarchy of Mubed-e Mubedans!

<My God where am I going!! Am I suggesting that
Iranians must become post-Islamo-Zoastrianists to save

Ye, why are you jumping ahead of where Middle East, Near East, South & Central Asia, Great Britain & The Whole World is right now?! Aren't you jumping ten steps ahead of the Brain Capacity of the global Public? slow down dude! Slow Ride, Take it Easy................ Come a little short!

<PS 'Ubermensch' = A term use by people who can't
accept that their privileged position in life is due
to blind luck & contingency, & not effort of will.>

Hell no, I will refuse to even look @ Rhetorics like your statement!

Are you trying to say that Ahreeman is who he is in life due to flat chance of being born as the son of his parents & not being born as a poor black kid in South in Mobile, Alabama?

If so, then yes, it is true that Ahreeman could have been born as a poor black kid in Mobile & in south, but then again, look @ it this way, that little old poor black kid, would have not been Ahreeman! He would have been Baba Johnson!
Are you trying to say that, Ahreeman is who he is due to flat chance as of himself as his parents son?

If so, then you are dead wrong!

Ahreeman as his parents son, could have not be who he is by the chance!
Now, you will ask, what made Ahreeman?

Ahreeman was made due to:

1. Genetics Heredity in his family & all it's characteristics.
2. Racial characteristics of his parents & his family tree.
3. Up Bringing, Training, Way of Growing up by his parents.
4. Social Effects from the social environment that he grew up in.
5. Immediate Environment (Close Family), were he brought up in.
6. What he studied on his own (Books, other info tools).
7. What society taught him (school, friends, relatives).
8. All Direct/Indirect effects of planned or accidental kind on his life.
most important of all:
9. Ahreeman was made due to his ingenuity.

So basically, Ahreeman is not who he is by flat chance! Basically to the detail of Ahreeman's life, was almost planned by Genetics, Race, Parents, Family, Social Standing, Society, Up Bringing & Immediate Environment. Mostly, Ahreeman made Ahreeman, he who practically shaped his character.

"Privileged position in life is due to blind luck & contingency, & not effort of will", my sweet ASS!

Ahreeman is who he is simply because of all 8 elements above & most important, element 9. Ahreeman is who he is, because Ahreeman made Ahreeman.

Now, if you are going to close your eyes to the clear fact of the System of:

Uber Menschen & The Public.

That sounds like either a personal problem due to Political Correctness or that you are simply "Intellectually Challenged" to digest this fact.

Great Men in History & Science or Politics & Philosophy, were not accident!
Great Men who make history, were, are & will always be Uber Menschen.
Deny this fact & you roll into Darkness Abyss of Ignorance & Political Correctness.

Deny the difference between races (Generally):

Blacks (Superior Athletes, Musicians, Physical Aspects)

Yellows (Superior Mathematicians, Technical Fields, Computer Sciences)

Reds (Superior Survival Skills, Natural Environmental Life/Medicine)

Whites (Superior Organization, Civilization Making, Logics)

Deny the Science of Raciology,
Deny the Difference between Sub Races: A Trailer White Trash & Bill Gates,
Deny the difference between Uber Menschen & Public,

And you will basically reduce yourself to a Liberal Deceiving Liar who even deceives himselves & the Science, all together in one shot!

Human beings are all having Equal Rights but that does not mean that they are physically & mentally equal!

Think about it!

If you are too blind to see the difference between yourself & an idiot who rants garbage in forums like Tajikistan or Payvand, then you got another thing coming to you!

I suggest you open your eyes & comprehend that nothing is by chance! Also no two person are equal in their physical abilities & mental abilities. All are made different.

Only inferior creatures & Liberals, love to announce that All are equal! The reality is that No two persons are equal. Sub Races are not equal, races are not equal, nothing is equal. And then we have Uber Menschen & of course public. Digest this fact & save your brain!

Lets look @ this issue from another aspect:


Do you realize that, for instance, not many people have the wisdom, literacy, power of argumentation, knowledge & balls to go head to head & jump into a sever discussion on history, philosophy, politics or Geography with me?!

In the past, you have seen many of the so called famous or known people, came to a halt, not seeing the power in themselves to even get into a discussion with me or they froze right @ the beginning!

Some you know & some you will never know!
Amongst the ones you might know:

Reza Pahlavi, Dr. Morteza Anvari, Hammihan-e Dooli, etc.

Amongst the ones you do not know:

A number of Fedayeen Communist Commands, Mojahed Commands, Ayatollahs & Hojatol Eslams, Monarchist Commands, Jebhe Meli Commands, Christian Clerics, Liberal Democrats, Anarchist Environmentalists, etc.

It takes people with guts, brains & balls to debate me, people like:
For instance,
MZ or LOP who can go all the way with me.
Dr. Sina or Sam Ghandchi who @ least went half way in the argument with me!

So, what is the point?

The point is, it takes much khutbah to go arguing with me & to go all the way..................
Lets say, it takes Uber Menschen or @ least Superior Intellects to go arguing with me & to go all the way or even half way!

If there is no difference between human beings, if Uber Menschen is all Bull Shiite, if Public & Intellectuals are the same, then tell me, why are you here wasting your time talking to me & why aren't you cussing back & forth about nonsense & banging on some Degenerate's head in Afghanistan Board? (Even though, you do that sometimes for thrills!), ha?

Let me tell you something, British Bull Dog:

Deep inside, we all know the facts, but some of us have no fear & boldly state them (Myself), but some of us try to be polite & put Shiite on shingle & hide them under the Persian Rug (yourself)! Otherwise, truth is clear & it is shinning like The Sun!

You can't defy the human history of civilization!
Life is the survival of the fittest, law of jungle, only the strong survives & the weak is doomed to die out!
Get the little dawgs away & out, open room, Cause The Big Hot Dawg is coming in!

Sir ZJ>

More power

Someone who lost his faith in humanity long ago,
Someone who cherishes, plant over human, any day of the week!

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