Ahura Yazdi vs. Ahreeman X - Cyrus the Great Day!

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Ahura Yazdi vs. Ahreeman X - Cyrus the Great Day!

Postby IPC » Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:01 pm

Cyrus the Great Day

To Prince Reza Pahlavi II and Compatriots
From: Ahura Hakha Yazdi < admin@ahura.info >
To: Iran Politics Club Networks < iranpoliticsclub@gmail.com >
Date: Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 12:46 PM

Letter from
HakhaManeshian of Northern California

H.I.M. Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi ,
Dear Compatriots,

It's great Honor to see Cyrus The Great Day , October 29 is being celebrated all over the world . This Celebration was initiated by Dr. Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi Six years ago contrary to Save pasargad Committee's efforts in promoting it under their name.

[This day was announced as October 29th because it is the average date between the birthday of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and Reza Pahlavi II.]

This Day was announced as the Birthday of Cyrus the Great and His Declaration of Human Rights in 2002 by Jenab Dr. Ahura Khaleghi yazdi at the same time Hakha and Hakha Maneshi was introduced to everyone for the first time. Dr. Ahura Pirouz Yazdi also stated he wanted to go to Pasargad to light The Paragad's Torch.

In 2003 when "Hakha Teachings" were known to people and Dr. Ahura Yazdi's Program was Nation Wide. This Day was celebrated by a Large Group of People. All this was before Savepasargad Committee ever Existed.

In 2004 when Dr. Ahura Yazdi's Real World Program went World Wide on Satellite , People in Iran Showed their appreciation and Support of Dr. Ahura Yazdi's Great work of Hakha Teachings by Coming to Streets in Thousands if not in Millions which was reported by International Media like BBC, Economist, Daily Telegraph,etc.

In 2005 Hakha TV started its Satellite Broadcasting from L.A. At these programs Islamic terrorist regime of Iran's Plans about destroying Cyrus the Great's Tomb were revealed and shown which made compatriots like Mani Turkzadeh and others create Pasargad organizations including Savepasargad Committee committee.

It's Great disappointment Savepasargad committee is being supported by Iranian Government Reformist Group and working against Hakha Movement.

Hakha Movement's Payam 32 and TV programs for this day are posted in www.ahura.info ,and also Hakha TVs Videos of the past Six Years Programs are available in Hakah TV's Archive.

Ba Doroud va Mehre HakhaManeshi
Ba Omid Irani Abad va Azad
On Behalf of HakhaManeshian of Northern California,
Irandokht Parsi
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Re: Cyrus the Great Day

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:12 pm

Response to Cyrus the Great Day

Mr. Ahura Yazdi:

IPC Office had forwarded your e-mail to me. Allow me to be very blunt with all of you monarchists. So you declared October 29th as “Cyrus the Great Day” (Cyrus the Great is shaking in his grave)! You chose this date because it is in between Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and Reza Pahlavi’s birthdays!

History lesson for all of you

Cyrus the Great:
Starter of the Persian Empire, writer of the Cyrus Cylinder, one of the greatest Persians ever lived and one of the 9 great Shahanshahs.

Cyrus Cylinder
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/cyr ... /index.htm

8000 Years of Iranian History
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi:
The last king of Iran, who cowardly escaped Iran, abandoned his comrades and Iranians in times of need in 2 separate occasions (1953 and 1979). When times got tough, he was the first one out the door. The ship captain was the first person out the door who jumped ship. The great “Suitcase Monarch”!

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

Reza Pahlavi:
A disgraceful, useless bum sitting in exile now for 30 years, never done, never does and never will lift a finger to free Iran. He has topped Ahmad Shah Qajar and Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid combine!

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/wh ... /index.htm

Role of the 21sth Century Monarchs and Monarchists!

How Republicans and Monarchists View the World?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/philosophy/ ... /index.htm

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Never ever even bring the name of Cyrus of the Great (one of the 9 Great Emperors of Iran) in the same sentence with Mohamad Reza and Reza Pahlavi II.

30 years of lining up nonsense and feeding it to the Iranian people. You are a Sycophant (Chaplus) Persian Flatterer, one of the handful of people who still kisses up to this disgraceful dynasty (Pahlavi). Get Reza Khan (One of Iran’s greatest Shahs) out of the picture and the rest of this dynasty (Pahlavi) are worthless.

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

1% to 5% of Iranian population (monarchists), still sitting in exile in their opium dens, drinking their vodka, smoking their Foor (Taryak), munching on Caviar and for 30 years and ongoing still writing Kos O She’r on the net and broadcast nonsense from their TVs and Radios! Baba give it up, no one cares, no one watches, no one gives a flying fandango! You are outcasts of the Iranian community.


I. It is not up to you to decide the date for Cyrus the Great Day. It is up to Iranian historians to do so, which you are not one.

II. It is up to the masses of Iran to accept this date, not up to you, which obviously you are no longer an Iranian citizen. You are a career exilist (Qorbat neshin o khosh neshin).

III. I love the way you create a day, tear it, sew it, patch it up and sell it to the public!

Until we eliminate Mojahedin and Monarchists both, this opposition will not unite. This is why this opposition is useless and it has been useless for 30 years. Without IPC (Iran Politics Club), no one would even know the majority of these groups. We are the ones who advertise for all of them:

Iranian Political Organizations

Ahura the Miracle Worker

Mr. Ahura Yazdi, you are a miracle worker. Every year you and your groupies jump a few jumbo jets, fly to and land in MehrAbad Airport, Tehran and you single handedly free Iran, kick Mullahs out and do a peaceful coup! End of the year, you are back in exile as a career exilist sipping Chai Nabat Pahlu and lining up “Mohmalat” on your TV. Jal al Khaleq, ya Khaleqi Yazdi!

For months you played and occupied people with your countdown to the D Day stunt and made their eyes glued to your Bang O Slavat TV. When D Day came, you said people did not participate; therefore, I cannot free Iran! The average Joe gets disappointed but the thinking minds knew and know that all of these Iranian TVs and their Cheap Showmen are a bunch of untalented and sad actors broadcasting Radio Talk Shows from Television, call them 24 hour TVs, selling some ads, collecting some donations, making a living by handing Mozakhrafat to the naïve people.

Next time you want to free Iran, try seaways rather than airways. Instead of jumbo jets, try Balams (Canoes)! All 10 of you and your followers can jump canoes and row to Iran via Karoun River, land and free Iran! Call me, I even send the canoes shipping and handling included, free of charge!

Iranian Satellite TVs in exile are some of the sadest and most disappointing TV broadcastings ever made in history! Where are Farrokhzads and Mir Moteharis to teach you guys how to operate TVs?!

So unlike you and your monarchist isolated cult in exile, I am not a miracle worker and I don’t do “Shaq Ol Qamar” or “Shaq Ol Zakar” whichever comes first! What I am doing is educating the youth, the future generation with a cultural and moral revolution so hopefully in the future they can commit to a political revolution and end IRI.

Moral Revolution
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

Moral Revolution thread

While you are sending these cheesy letters around the net, kissing up to Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists (irrelevant people in politics of Iran), I am changing and building the psyche and mindset of the Iranian Youth around the globe by hundreds of thousands.

Mr. Ahura Yazdi,

I understand that “Persian Flattery”, “Sycophantic Behavior” and “Khayeh Mali” of Pahlavis woud had worked in Iran before 1979. I should know because I am an insider of the Imperial Regime and no one knows these people (monarchists) better than me! But today, “Ball Polishing” with “Silk Handkerchief” does not work! No more Khayeh Mali please! No Mas Cajones Polish Por Favor!

Enough sending back and fore a bunch of baseless e-mails. 30 years of Bull Shiite from all of you is enough. People are fed up, world is fed up and I am surely sick to my stomach!

This opposition is so useless that now we have to beg American Government to liberate Iran!

Anytime any of you monarchists find the courage and the balls to debate me on any political issue, you are welcomed to participate in a free and democratic debate in the only free Iranian tribune on the net:

Iran Politics Club Forum

This is the most viewed and discussed Iranian political thread on the net:

Monarchy or Republic thread

So far 235 replies and 54,379 views. In this thread I have scientifically and logically proven that monarchy is an outdated, illogical and a flawed ideology.

Still you people will not give this charade up! Monarchist Career Exilists consisting of a bunch of Old Farts and their protégé Spring Chickens (Jujeh Monarchists) holding 1% of the Iranian population (70 million) in Inxile and barely 5% of the Iranian population (6.5 million) in Exile sit around in their opium dens, drink their vodka shots, smoke Foor (Taryak), have some Zulbia Bamiyeh with Chai Qand Pahlu, pat each other on the back and play Shah O Vazir!

One becomes Shah
One becomes Vazir
One becomes General
One becomes Minister of Darbar
One becomes Queen

Baba enough Kos O She’r. Our people are by now Kos O She’r proof! 30 years of Kos O She’r had made them Kos O She’r proof! No one is buying this Bull Shiite no more! Give it up! Find a new gimmick and a new game. Maybe then, your viewership rises!

E-mail is no place for debate. I am posting your e-mail and then my response to you in the Club. If you or any of you can debate me, you are welcomed to start one. IPC is the only free and democratic Iranian media, censor free! No one is shutting anyone up (unlike monarchist media)!


Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Postby IPC » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:44 am

Re: Ahura Yazdi to Ahreeman X

From: Ahura Hakha Yazdi < admin@ahura.info >
To: Iran Politics Club Networks < iranpoliticsclub@gmail.com >
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: Ahura Yazdi vs Ahreeman X

To : IPC Office

Thank you for sending me the link and his latter vs Ahura

It looks like Ahreeman X can act as a real one. since non of his comments or accusations are correct.

Would you please give this link http://www.pmprp.org/membership.html to him in order to correct him with his list of the name and organizations, In addition Please let him know that Hakha Movement on two occasions in (Mehrgan 2004 and June 16 2005 a day before election of Ahmadi nejad) could be successful for sure because if Reza Pahlavi and his followers did not work against it .
We calculated every thing and every aspect.

Only, We did not calculate Reza Pahlavi will be set up against freedom of Iran ;
First time on 2004 he came with the idea of Referendum with Sazegara and second time on 2005 he came with all his followers to LA in frond of Federal building and invited every body to join him for hunger strike and uniting most of LA TV,s to invite people in Iran to stay home during election while we were asking for a planed uprising to stand up and not going home until fall of Mullahs regime.
Do you think he will admit that he lost or goes on as Ahreemen.

If you need further information on how and why he was wrong on all of issues.
please call me at 202 256-9000

Bedroud ba Sepase Hakha Maneshi
Love and Light

Ahura Pirouz Yazdi

for Hakha TV and information www.ahura.info
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Postby CR » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:46 am

Dear Mr. Ahura Yazdi:

First, we will post your comments along with this e-mail under the same thread in the IPC Club for the public to read.

Second, you are welcomed to directly debate Ahreeman under the same thread in IPC Club.

Third, it sounds like you are blaming and criticizing Reza Pahlavi II for your so-called 2 unsuccessful attempts to overthrow IRI. If so, then may we ask why is it that you personally decided to declare the Cyrus the Great Day’s date sometime in between Reza Pahlavi II and his father’s birthdays? Then you clearly wrote an announcement about Cyrus the Great Day and in it you praised Reza Pahlavi II. Was your praisal of Reza Pahlavi II and Declaration of Cyrus the Great Day in between Pahlavis birthdays, before your falling with Reza Pahlavi II? Are you trying to say that in the past, you put this man on pedestal and raised him to the sky, but after your falling, you are now disapprove of him? If so, then how come in your latest e-mail sent to IPC Office (the English part published in this thread), you still emphasized that you chose Cyrus the Great Day’s date intentionally in between the two Pahlavis' birthdates? We are confused about this issue?

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office
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