Review at Amazon!!!!

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Review at Amazon!!!!

Postby SirZJ » Wed Jan 19, 2005 5:43 am

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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jan 30, 2005 5:28 pm

Dear Sir Zen James:

thanks for your concerns. Allow me to explain,

Alexa (Amazon's search engine) collects data on websites via their affiliation program and putting a patch on the websites. They cannot collect information from IPC in this manner, because the present IPC Website is on AOL Server; therefore, Alexa cannot collect statistical info from IPC alone, yet it has to collect all AOL's data in total!

In the future, when we create the new IPC Website on our own server, then Alexa can gather info on solely IPC.

Statistical Definitions

IPC Website has 8 different URL sections (security purposes).

When we say:
Sample Statistics, we mean statistics from only one URL section (main section) of IPC Website.

When we say:
Whole Statistics, we mean statistics from "All" URL sections of IPC Website.

However, if you are interested on reading statistics on IPC, you can go to the bottom right corner of each IPC Website's page & click on:

The small square for sample statistics
and this is what you get:

The large square for whole statistics
and this is what you get:

of the IPC Website.

Now, Go specifically to:

Take a look @ our viewership and then you will understand why we are one of the most viewed Iranian political websites of the globe.

But if you are concerned about many sites like amazon or search engines like Alexa, not having sufficient info on IPC, then we admit that we must update our information on many different sites.

At the present time, IPC Website is one of the top 10 most viewed Iranian Political Websites of the world.

This statement is based on collected info from various statistical sources around the net.


Go to Google, the most important and popular search engine in the world and punch in:

Iran Politics

and see what you get. We are on top of the page. This means we are the most hit Iranian political website according to Google: ... gle+Search

Or in other words, so many people have visited IPC, when they hit or searched for Iran Politics.

Now Go to the most important political resources site on the net, such as:

and look for IPC.

Our URL exists, where it really matters. See my point?

However, as you mentioned, we must post more info on IPC in all different Internet sources.

Thanks for your input

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