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Postby IPC » Wed Feb 16, 2005 8:05 pm

Subject: Interesting
Date: 2/14/2005 7:52:51 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: maziar

Read some of your articles. I am an Iranian that came to US in 1995 after graduating from Sharif University of Tech. I was 9-10 when the revolution happened and my family from my mothers side was a high ranking military figure.

Interesting viewpoints. My take? It is nice to wrap yourself around nationalism like Germany after WWI or to act like it is France in pre-revolution. But those days are over and we all know it doesn’t last. Yes it is great to know at one time Iran or Persia was an empire, but it is only as important as saying Europe was once ruled by the Roman Empire! So what? History is only good to know where we where and how the other empires succeeded or failed. Not to recreate them or be proud where we in the past two generations haven’t done much! The Iranian today has very little to do with the Cyrus’s empire, we aren’t even the same race, we were mixed by so many nations coming and going!

If you want something to last these days, you need a nation and not a single person to understand globalization, stop believing in mysticism, nationalism and religious ideologies and stick to facts like industry economy, modern management and sociology. You need a coalition, a group of people representing the whole of the country for the people by the people. You need to make the government so decentralized that every single person and neighborhood would have the capability to picture their own future and make it happen without stepping on their neighbors toe!

Shah? Where on earth have we all been since the collapse of kingdoms after WWI? How about having a Shahanshah, a bunch of Shah’s the Raiyat and the Darbar. Hmmm let me think, France circa 1700’s until Louis said OOPS! Don’t you think it is time for an industrial revolution to catch-up with Iran? Don’t you think it is time to give Iranians in Iran a REAL alternative? One that is based on 2005 facts not 645BC facts? Fact is most Iranians know that in the past 150 years Iranian kings where a disaster. The 200 years before that during the first half of Safavids things where ok until the king decided that God would protect the country and there is no need for soldiers and Zand simply marched and took over! It seems the first Shah is good up to the second Shah! Look at English Monarchy today! Have you seen a bigger joke in your lifetime?

No sir, Iran needs only a memory of a Shah so that people know where all the Jewelry and the Palaces and maybe some manners and structure of society come from. But Iran needs a government that “strivesâ€
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