Norooz Shoma Mobarak - Happy New Year

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Norooz Shoma Mobarak - Happy New Year

Postby Bahram Maskanian » Fri Mar 18, 2005 10:56 am

Norooz Shoma Mobarak - Happy New Year

Hamvatanan e Aziz Omidvaram Norooz Shoma Mobarak Boodeh Bashad. Az Samym Ghalb Arezoo Darm Keh: Behrooz, Pirooz, Sarfaraz Va Payandeh Bashid.

Sarfaraz Va Payandeh Baad Iran.

My dear fellow freedom loving Americans and Europeans, happy first day of spring to you and the people all over the world.

First day of spring - Norooz -, which means, - New Day -, where life begins again is the traditional Persian New Year for thousands of years.

We, the people of the world must learn more of, and about each other to celebrate our differences and come together to live in peace and harmony.

Therefore, I invite all of you to join us and celebrate with your loved ones the beginning of a new year - Norooz -, on Sunday evening, March 20, 2005.


Bahram Maskanian


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