Baha'i Faith vs. Islam

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Strength and Honor, Maximus

Postby Amir » Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:20 pm

Maximus Decimus Meridius Bahaiiticus (the nobody that became a slave, the slave that became a gladiator of Baha-ollah, the gladiator that could not fight because he has no wit or strength and became a punching bag, the punching bag that wished he could be a slave again):

Did you like your new title? It’s pretty long, but you’re worth it, Max-ollah. Now that we’re done with the introductions, let’s get down to business.

Chaos and confusion are daily increasing in the world.

Shouldn’t that be “Chaos and confusion are increasing daily in the world?” I normally don’t pick on members’ grammar or spelling (unless it is really funny), but then again, I’m not really picking on your grammar since this is not your sentence. However, I think it’s shameful that an official site (your Bahai Library) should have errors like this.

Regardless, who is to say whether chaos and confusion are actually increasing or decreasing in the world? Does someone in Haifa have a chaos-ometer or a confusion-ometer? Has anyone measured the chaos or confusion in this world in the past and the present, then compared them and found an increasing trend? Or is someone just pulling crap out of thin air and posing it as fact, as is so frequently done with the religious charlatans?

Next, let’s consider why anyone would want to portray a trend towards ever increasing chaos and confusion. The reason is simple. To create fear. The thought that chaos and confusion are increasing can be quite unsettling to most, and may persuade them to seek refuge out of fear. Where do you suppose this refuge is offered? You guessed it: in the arms of the religious charlatans that wish to rule over men’s lives.

They will attain such intensity as to render the frame of mankind unable to bear them.

Again, bullshit. Says who? Based on what? A prophesy? What else? What evidence is there to such a preposterous claim?

Then will men be awakened and become aware that religion is the impregnable stronghold and the manifest light of the world, and its laws, exhortations and teachings the source of life on earth.

Bullshit, and more bullshit.
Then will men be awakened

There once was a renaissance (re-awakening) in Europe that brought it out of the Dark Ages. Do you know much about this renaissance? What made it a re-awakening? Every stride that was taken, every moment of brilliance, every step forward for humanity was in direct opposition to religion and religious dogmas. Every new discovery highlighted the lies of religious teachings. Therefore, at every turn the religious authorities condemned and persecuted this re-awakening.

Are you sure you don’t have the idea backwards? That the only awakening must be the one that shakes off the illusion of religion from the minds of men?

religion is the impregnable stronghold and the manifest light of the world,

History has shown that religion has been the scourge of the world. It has been a disguise for darkness, which has masqueraded as the light.

and its laws, exhortations and teachings the source of life on earth.

It’s laws have been the manifestations of ignorant, delusional schizophrenic men from a time of superstition.

Its exhortations have been a call for intolerance, domination, persecution, and violence.

Its teachings have been based on fairy tales, myths, legends, and delusions.

Now, the good little Bahai boy that you are, you may say “but Bahais never persecuted anyone; they were always the ones getting persecuted by others.” This is true, Max-ollah, but only because the Bahais are currently in a position of weakness and not strength. This is always the case with religions. The early Christians, which were not numerous and strong, were persecuted. The same goes for the very early Moslems. As soon as they got the upper hand (which incidentally both did via violence), then the tables turned and they were the ones doing the persecuting.

So even though Bahais are currently the victims, if given half a chance they too would show their intolerant sides. Because after all, belief in a monotheistic God has at its core the feelings of intolerance.

Now, did you learn anything today, Maximus Bullshit-icus? What happened to you and I getting together and discussing the Amiri faith? You didn’t show up last week. The Amiri God is displeased with you. He will send a flood, or perhaps fire from heaven to rain down on you. Repent, and submit your will to the Amiri God before it’s too late. Even though the Amiri God will send a flood to wipe your ass off the face of the earth, please remember that he loves you. Never forget that he loves you, even if you don’t return that love.

Now please, provide us with another religious quote from another link so that I may shred that one to bits as well.
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