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The Baha'i View...

Postby maxjasper » Thu Jul 14, 2005 11:58 pm

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Postby IPC » Sat Jul 16, 2005 12:13 am


You have posted this message in the "Formal Debates" Room! This is not a Formal Debate, but this is Advertisement & Spam, the same as the rest of your posts, created by Bahaii Universal House of Justice (Darol-Adle Bahaii) and distributed by Preachers (Mobalegh) such as yourself. You don't debate, you don't discuss, you just advertise for Bahaii Faith. You have been doing it in the old club and you are doing it here. One wonders if you are an Artificial Intelligent, propagating for Bahaiis! You don't even read the posts and do you know how we know? Because after the London Blasts, we requiered to know about your well being in this post:

But you didn't bother to inform us of your well being, because you don't even read the posts. You are an advertising machine for Bahaii Faith. So we moved your post from "Formal Debate" Room to:

Free Advertisement Hall => Promote your website room

Your posts are only links to some pages in Bahaii Websites. More or less, all your posts belong to this room but for your sake, we will leave the rest in the rooms that you posted them in.

Max, you are a chain spamer! Do you have anything to say beside spam?

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