"Rastakhiz Iran" presents formal complaint against

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"Rastakhiz Iran" presents formal complaint against

Postby Liberator » Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:22 pm


The organization "Rastakhiz Iran" has presented a formal complaint to the Swedish Justice Department against the Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO) for gross misconduct.

On 22nd December (2006) the organisation, "Rastakhiz Iran", delivered their case against SÄPO to the Swedish Justice Department.

A few days ago there was a reportage in a Swedish newspaper on how SÄPO more than a year ago, identified a spy of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran operating in Sweden, and how to this day this man continues to live freely on Swedish soil without any kind of prosecution against him. Iranian media have identified this spy as a man by the name of Madjid Sadeghi.

Many Iranian monarchists in Sweden believe SÄPO and the Swedish government willfully turned a blind eye towards this case in favour of continued stable trade-relations with the terrorist Islamic Republic.

"Rastakhiz Iran" already has a case against Reza Khelili, which was followed by several charges by private individuals in Sweden. Reza Khelili is a "moderate" parliamentarian (Political Party: "Moderaterna") in the Swedish parliament. This supporter of the terrorist Islamic Republic enjoys extensive ties with the Islamic Republic, the terrorist-occupied Iranian Embassy in Stockholm, and runs the Scandinavian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

For further information please see Ardavan (Press Secretary of Rastakhiz Iran) and Arvin Khoshnood's (Chairman of the Youth wing of Rastakhiz Iran) blogs:


Contact Information:

Rastakhiz Iran homepage: http://www.rastakhiz.org
Rastakhiz Iran email: iran@rastakhiz.org


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