Jaff Sassani people respond about PJAK Statement

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Jaff Sassani people respond about PJAK Statement

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:22 am

Dear sister/brother of the Aryan people in Iran and around
The world

Please read the statement of PJAK organization below and our
short respond to the people in charge of PJAK organization
and help as much as you can to diffuse blood letting of our people for separatist, Communist, Democratic, socialist or
any other ideology that will Help the current Government
stay longer in power and kill More Iranian people.

Dear Leader of PJAK

Please try to join other Iranian organization if you really not agent of other countries around the world. The Kurdish
People should look at the outcome of the Kurdish people
struggle for more than 50 years in Iraqi Kurdistan (Sothern Kurdistan) and see people like Jalal Talabani who used
them successfully for his own benefit. Look at the life
of ordinary people now after what they call liberation of
southern Kurdistan.

We hope that PJAK leaders are not other adventurist like
Jalal Talabani whom they want to use Kurdish blood for
Their own benefit and making money in the expanses
Of the misery of Kurdish people.

We are not different from Persian, Azari and other Iranian
People. Why we are always fighting central Government
Without meaning full result.

Get United with other Iranian people and fight for the
creation of an Aryan Economic Union (AU) similar to
the Europeans Economic Union (EU) so we can be
liberated from the Arab and Turk Imperialist whom divided
our people and took most of our land.

Wake up there are no point to kill each other for separatist,
Communisms, Islamism or any other ideology. In the end let
The people to elect their own representative freely and form
the Parliaments to solve Economic problems.

Stop killing now and join popular movement.

Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC

PJAK: Free the Kurdish and Iranian prisoners, stop torture
• 06/09/2008 00:00:00

Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)
05 September 2008
To the people and public opinions:
The Islamic Republic of Iran has been under a considerable pressure from the international community due to its hegemonic aggressive policies. In order to defuse any kind of internal problems, consequences and reactions, it has waged a distinct assault and warfare on its people.
Due to its ideological- totalitarian system, it has started new aggressive policies of arbitrary arrests and summary executions. The Islamic authorities, they do torture those who have different sets of beliefs, hold different opinions or religion, conduct different functions or write in a different manner. They have tracked down and persecuted all political and civil activists along with liberal and democratic intellectuals to create the atmosphere of extreme fear and terror among the people.
After the revolution of the Iranian people a group of religious elites who held a religious chauvinist ideology usurped the power. Since then thousands of Iranian people in particular Kurdish nation in Eastern Kurdistan have been imprisoned, traumatized and have ended up by being martyrs under torture, executed or put before firing squads. Therefore the entire Iranian nations have been victim of brutal and tyrannical policies.
Obviously the underpinnings of the Iranian regime's terror against Iranian peoples and specifically Kurdish nation is the official ideology of the Iranian authority and the legal institution of this regime, which do not pay any attention to human rights and honor. Within this framework they have again started to execute the political and civil activists. At the beginning of this stage they tortured and hanged one of our wounded comrades called "Hasan Hekmet Demir" last winter. After this brutal and inhuman action they have started a new surge of arbitrary arrests, torture and summary execution of our prisoners.
The Iranian Islamic dictatorial regime thinks by executing the other offenders, by suppressing and executing the democratic intellectuals, freedom and democracy defenders and human rights activists, they will clear out Iran from any dissents and oppositions.
We are against all Iranian’s regime policies of executions, torture and ill-treatments of political and civil detainees that violate all international human rights laws and standards. It is the legitimate, natural and legal rights of all prisoners of conscious to express their discontent against this inhuman and unacceptable situation.
Hence the hunger strike staged by Kurdish detainees on Monday 25 of August, in all of Kurdistan and Iranian prisons, is the legitimate right of these detainees. The demands and the objectives of the hunger strikers in according to human rights standards are political. Consequently both Iranian government and judiciary courts must take immediate measures to accept the detainees demands and halt all ill-treatments, torture and executions.
The Iranian authorities must withdraw death sentences given to all political and civil activists in Iran and Kurdistan. It is quite clear that if Iranian authorities do not take immediate and responsible measures to review its undemocratic policies, then the activists would extend their protest further and this would have a direct impact on the Iranian and Kurdish masses.
Hence Iranian judiciary system and its institutions should be reviewed in accordance with both human rights conventions and international prohibition of torture's agreement and should be democratized. Nonetheless the urgency and importance should be given to principles, honor, freedom and human rights.
We declare to our people and all components of our society particularly women, youths and the relatives of the detainees as well as defenders of freedom, democracy and human rights, that PJAK’s leadership, members and supporters give full support by actions and deeds to the detainees and the hunger strikers to achieve the prisoners objectives.
We call upon the international community, United Nations, human rights organizations and the democratic forces all over the world to standup with the Kurdish and Iranian people in their struggle for freedom, democracy and peace.
Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)
Coordination Committee
• 06/09/2008 00:00:00
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