PKK Strategical Blander are Repeating Kurdish nations past m

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PKK Strategical Blander are Repeating Kurdish nations past m

Postby Jaff Sassani » Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:27 am

PKK Strategical Blander are Repeating Kurdish nations past mistakes

The Kurdish nation’s histories are full of strategical mistakes since the collapse of the Median Empire. The Kurdish nations (Mede) revolted against the mischief of Darius the great when he killed the last emperor of Median Empire, Emperor Smerdis ( Bardiya) son of Cyrus the Great and Queen Amytis (Cassandane) daughter of Emperor Cyaxares II son of Emperor Astyages of Median empire.

The revolt led to the defeat of Mede or Madayu (Kurd, Lor, Taylish and others) people which in turn led to the creations of the Achaemenid Empire by Darius the great, later he went farther when he changed the name of Empire and created an animosity between Parsu and Madayu with in the Airyanem Vaejah nations according to the analysis of history by H.Mirwaisi.

The Madayu nations under constant defeat shrink in size and lost most of the land to Arab and Turks, they lost their own history and pride by becoming vassal of other nations like Rome, Arab and Turks.
After Alexander the Great defeated the Achaemenid Empire, Madayu and Parsu become vassal of Greek Empire. The Airyanem Vaejah (Iranian) never was able to liberate the people and the land whom are the Kurds of Turkey; the Sassanid Empire tried hard and waged many wars without success because Rome Empire was strong.

After Islam conquered the land of Airyanem Vaejah nations both Parsu and Madayu (Kurd, Lor, Taylish and others) become vassal of Arab Islamic Empire. By then Kurds lost their own history and pride they always were looking to serve others and betray each other.
The nation does not know its history and betray each other for selfish interest never will be free from the oppressors. The example in our time is Barzani, Talabani and other Kurds in the part under Iraqi Arab occupations.

To remind the PKK leadership about the resent history, after liberation from Rome the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq become servant of Ottoman Turks and created the Empire for them while there was a chance to be united with Kurds in Iran and Azerbaijan during the Safavid Empire under the leadership of Shāh Ismā'il Abu'l-Mozaffar son of Sheikh Haydar son of Sheikh Junayd Safawī from Kurdish family origin.
The lack of knowledge by not understanding your own history, then one does not poses pride and dignity like Barzani and Talabani type, they are working for temporary goals to make money and power without thinking about future generations, such nations will be like Kurds of today.
We are calling on PKK to seek liberation of Kurdistan through the union with Parsu people not Turks to save guard the Kurdish people future. As an organizations with large followers you have chance to liberate Iran first from the Arab Sayyeid families now. Try to change your policy with open arms to other Kurdish and Iranian organizations by adopting democratic system instead of dictator system.

Tricks and treacheries like Barzani and Talabani won’t lead our nations any where. Truth and democratic values plus law and order will get us Kurds, Persian, Lor, Taylish, Blauchi, Tajick and other branches from the Airyanem Vaejah nations united. Then and only then we all will be liberated.

We are calling on you to liberate us from Islamic Republic of Iran first without wasting time with Turks. When you have Iran then Turkey does not require the wars any more. The key is liberation of Iran, the people ready to join you when you have true democratic system, not communist and dictatorship.

We are calling you to adopt our plan for the liberation of Iran. As principle of creations of the “Aryan Economic Union” with independent to each nations within the union under the protections of one military force and one foreign policy run by the union instead of member states. It is union similar to EU but starting right first instead of them take for ever to get united.

We can participate in the formalizations by representing Persian side. We need to get together in Europe to plan for the future.


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