A Note to Camran Mirza

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A Note to Camran Mirza

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:46 pm

A Note to Camran Mirza

A Comment:

By deleting hundreds of your posts and every single post that you have made in IPC, you have made all the topics of discussion which you participated or created, semi senseless, meaningless and hard to follow for the readers.

You have the right to do as you please with your posts, but have in mind that this is not your private blog! This is the most viewed Iranian political forum on the net. Hundreds of thousands read this forum every month. You made all the topics semi meaningless. We are here to educate the future generation. You have done a great part to destroy that education!

Not that you have shown no courtesy for your fellow Iranians, fellow IPC readers, fellow IPC members, but you have damaged this forum beyond repair. Not that you are unqualified to be a moderator or OP member, but you are unqualified to be even called a stable person!

For an intellectual and a scientific man such as yourself, this behavior was extremely amateur!

After years of association and working and knowing each other, to pull this stunt! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Next time, when you are angry at something or someone or me, just come out with it and discuss the issue. Pour your heart out and tell us what is the problem? Also take a pill and hit the bottle. Do anything, but don’t go and delete hundreds of topics, posts and your history in IPC. Have some consideration for people who read this forum!

A Question:

As I said, it is your right to do it, but I am curious, if you care to explain:
Why on Earth did you do it?


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