AWTI accuses API of Murder!

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AWTI accuses API of Murder!

Postby IPC » Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:24 am

AWTI accuses API of Murder!
Conflict amongst the Monarchists!

It appears that once more there is a conflict amongst the Olama! Monarcist Olama that is!

AWTI (Association of Wisdom and Traditions of Iran)
Jam’iyyat-e Kherad Pishegan-e Rishe’i-ye Iran

API (Iranian Kingdom Assembly)

AWTI is pro Reza Pahlavi and API has a love hate relationship with Reza Pahlavi

AWTI (Association of Wisdom and Traditions of Iran) in UK has announced that API (Anjoman Padeshahi Iran) AKA IKA (Iranian Kingdom Assembly) AKA Tondar (Fouladvand’s Crew) in USA had caused the death of Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour along with 3 other detainees in Shiraz. Due to this episode, 60 others have been arrested and now in jails of IRI. AWTI states that after the arrests, API had announced that these martyrs were their members and had connections with them; therefore, IRI executed them.

AWTI stated that primarily opposition groups should never announce their connections to any detainees because this would get them killed. Secondarily, what API announced about these martyrs were lies and they were not API members.

In this announcement AWTI condemns API for practically murdering these martyrs!

If you recall, during the Foroud Fouladvand’s era, in the past API had also caused the accidental death and premature detonation of amateur youths blowing themselves along with innocent civilians in mosque fronts.
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