An IPC Apology

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An IPC Apology

Postby IPC » Sat May 08, 2010 2:36 pm

An IPC Apology

Dear Readers, Members, Authors and other Friends:

During the period of past month, on and off, you have been experiencing down times on IPC Website, IPC Forum and IPC Calendar. This was due to technical difficulties, upgrades and installing security updates.

We had to upgrade a couple of Statistics Applications monitoring the IPC Website (5 statistics boxes on the bottom left corner of the homepage), so while we were at it, we also added various web updates and security applications to build a strong shield against the IRI and Hezbollah hackers, haxors, saboteurs and Internet Cyber Terrorists (IRI Cyber Police).

For more information on IRI’s new Cyber Police Force, read:

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air
Latest IRI – Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)

We do not inform the public ahead of time about the future down times due to upgrades and we prefer to be spontaneous about them, because we do not want to inform the IRI and Hezbollah about possible short time frames with our guards down! This is why we are spontaneous.

With thousands of apologies from all of you dear friends, we hope that you forgive us. We do this for you and to present you with the best possible Iranian substantial web broadcast, food for your thoughts and browsing pleasures without interruptions by IRI and Hezbollah cyber terrorists.

Everything we do is for you, to bring you top web broadcast, to inform you of what you may not know and to mass educate the student movement and the future generation.

Unlike IRI which gets its power from Allah, God and Imam; IPC gets its power from the people. Every time that IPC goes down for a week or a month, our 5 e-mail accounts boxes become full with your concerning e-mails. This is the best heartwarming support that we can gain.

Our readers are basically students, faculty, young professionals, intellectuals, artists and activists. Your solid support is the reason that after 10 years; we are still standing and stronger than ever. Your support is the reason that IPC is IPC and then there are the rest of the Iranian Media!

We apologize for the interruptions which you may have been experiencing during the past month and we assure you that now IPC is the most secure and more stable as she ever was. Business will be as usual and we will be back to publishing. Forum is back on the air and the website is fully functional.

IPC, The website for Thinking Iranians.

IPC Office
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