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Brainstorming Forum for Future Iran (Maziar Aptin)

Postby IPC » Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:55 pm

A Brainstorming Forum for Future Iranian Government
Maziar Aptin
September 27, 2011

Hello my fellow Iranians; my name is Maziar Aptin. I am anticipating that soon the present regime of Iran will fall and a secular system of government will replace this 7th century AD mentality regime. I am hoping; now that the Iranians have seen the real Islam with its “Shariat” law enforced, the future constitution of Iran will keep religion strictly and positively out of any and all public affairs.

In an article that I wrote couple moths ago titled; “There is No Need for Religion”, I made a suggestion what should go into the future constitution of Iran which “strive for knowledge” was one of them.

As you all well know Iran used to be the front runner in science and technology until the disastrous “Arab Attack” of 7th century AD came about. Consequently Iran has fallen behind 1,300 years, actually 1,400 years because the last 50 to 100 years of Sassanid was disastrous by itself.

With above in mind, we have a great deal of catching up to do, especially in the field of science and technology and also in standard of living. So; I came up with this idea to create a forum that all Iranians, old and young like me (ha, ha, ha,), to participate in this brainstorm forum which would help the future government of Iran to devise a constitution and system of government with policies and projects that would expedite the catching up and passing by the advanced countries of the world. Is this too ambitious! Not really, we can do it because the talent is there. At the moment we Iranians are using our talent in an immoral and unproductive way. We must change the direction, starting with right kind of constitution.

I am too lazy to create my own website for this task. Consequently I am sending this to those Iranians who have websites to consider if they want to participate in creating this forum on their website and print magazines. That way everyone could post or mail their suggestions and the readers could offer their own views and counter suggestions. As we go; we could devise a system to store all visionary suggestions and save them for presenting to the future revolutionary government of Iran. I do not want this to be an exclusive to any one particular site. The more sites the better because more people can participate.

I will start with my own suggestion; “Embryonic stem cell research”. Countries such as Switzerland and Singapore, with limited natural resources, have chosen a financial marketing system which put them in a highest bracket in the world in terms of income.

With above in mind we need to find a field in which other countries, so far, have not mastered in a serious way. Embryonic stem cell research is not a new thing but most countries, including the US have religious issues with it. That will give us a great advantage. We could pass a law in which it makes embryonic stem cell research not just legal but facilitates the stage for the investors around the world to participate and the scientists around the world to move to Iran in taking advantage of our liberal laws. For instance; it should be legal for women selling their egg for growing embryonic stem cell, etc.

The embryonic stem cells are completely blank cells which could be programmed in the lab to be converted into any specialized cell that is needed. For instance organs such as kidneys could be manufactured in the lab and transplanted to the patient. Or nerve cells, bone cells, etc. could be repaired by converting the embryonic stem cells into any specialized cell then injecting it into the patient. Mastering such a technology would be mach more valuable than hitting a gold mine.

This type of research not just strengthens the country’s scientific basis but will bring in income in multifaceted ways including; patients pouring-in from all over the world, tourism, selling of

invented medical products all over the world and more. We could also set a ground work for scientific research in many other fields by bringing businesses and universities together for joint research in different area of science and technology. In short; to remedy the 1,400 years of stagnation; education is number one necessity for the nation and again it must go into the constitution to be taken seriously.

Maziar Aptin
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