Government structure of the Federal Republic of Free Persia

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Government structure of the Federal Republic of Free Persia

Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:15 pm

There are 3 parts in any government:
  • Executive Branch - President/Prime Minister/Rahbar/Fuhrer/King, Cabinet
  • Legislative Branch - Parliament/Congress/Assembly/Chamber of Deputies, Senate/House of Lords
  • Judicial Branch - Courts, Judges
In a dictatorial government the President/Rahbar/Fuhrer/King controls all 3 Branches of the government.

In a perfect democracy, the 3 Branches of government are totally independent of each other.
Each Branch acts to check and balance the powers of the other 2 Branches.

Perfection is unobtainable in the real world. Yet we may try to approach perfection as closely as possible.

The American Judicial Branch has imperfections and faults.
A recent post in the USA Room of this forum illustrated one of these faults.

Can the future Federal Republic of Free Persia learn and benefit from the experience and mistakes of USA and other democratic countries?
Can Free Persia have a better Judicial Branch of government than other countries?

I shall devote another topic in this Room to these questions.
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Re: Government structure of the Federal Republic of Free Per

Postby Atusa Qajar » Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:16 am

Good work LOP but one comment:

Today's Iran is more or less run by IRGC Sepah Pasdaran and is a military dictatorship. Imam Khamenei has the power but he is more or less a figure head symbol.

Today's Iran has 3 branches of government, possibly 4, 5 or 6!

Supreme Spiritual Leader Velayate Faqih
IRGC Sepah Pasdaran
Howzeh Elmiyeh Qom Theocratic Center of Grand Ayatollahs and Ayatollahs

Maybe more

No shortage of the branches of government, but all of these branches operate as Mafia, Islamic Mafia. Iran is a Mafia Government with many Mafia fractions operating within the main body of Mafia.

That’s the Islamic version of 3 to infinite branches of government AKA Islamic Democracy!

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