Iranian Transitional Government in Exile

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Postby Liberator » Tue Apr 25, 2006 9:22 am

Just updating this thread to see if anyone else would like to contribute to the debate.

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Postby iceman » Mon May 01, 2006 11:57 pm

Government in exile would be the perfect opportunity to unite all opposition groups which would make IR shit their pants....I think its a great idea. But I don't think that Farah Pahlavi would be a good leader, she is too divisive.

I think a political prisoner or something along that lines makes more sense. It would encourage Iranians back home to support the government in exile because they can actually relate to the group. Average Ali in Tehran can feel and relate to a Tehran University student who grew up in a middle class neighborhood, worked his way through shitty-every day life in Iran, and was arrested for fighting against the regime. People in Iran will see this as an encouragement and they will gain confidence. But seeing someone like Farah Pahlavi who has had everything handed to her life will not send that message. They will look at her, or others like her, and say they don't know me, they can't relate to me, etc.


That being said, here is how I envision a government in exile:

Leader or whatever you want to name it - Someone like a political prisoner is perfect for this.

Chief of Staff - You can put a Rajavi or Pahlavi here, or maybe if you can talk them into it you can have a Joint Chiefs of Staff with a few recognizable opposition figures.

Secretary of Defense - Someone with serious armed forces experience

Secretary of Interior - Someone with work in social organizations.

Secretary of Education - We have plenty of eligible candidates for this.

Foreign Minister - The official spokesperson for the government in exile to other nations.

Secretary of Redevelopment - Engineer or scientist or something.

Secretary of Oil and Natural Resources - Necessary and important post.

Resident Legal Minds - Some judges/lawyers who can help with a Judicial branch of government.

There are many more that come to mind: Commerce, Labor, Transportation, Health, etc....but you get the point.

Basically it should be similar to a western nations cabinet with a few adjustments, most notably the use of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Oil. It should also have women and minority groups in it.
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