Ronna McDaniel New GOP Chair, Congratulations from IPC Op.

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Ronna McDaniel New GOP Chair, Congratulations from IPC Op.

Postby CR » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:32 pm

Ronna McDaniel the New GOP Chair Congratulations from IPC Op.

Ronna McDaniel the New GOP Chair with President Donald Trump

The Two Thumbs Up Team
Ronna McDaniel the GOP Chair with Donald Trump
Ready to troubleshoot, Fix the Rigged System and Make Change to Make America Great

:welcome: :victory:
We congratulate Ronna McDaniel the new GOP Chair and wish her the best in her new task to make GOP Greater and Better.

Iranian Opposition had supported Candidate Trump and then President Trump since the very beginning of the 2015 and the 2016 elections. We will fight alongside Trump all the way to the bitter end. Making America Great or bust!

The key to freedom of Iran is Regime Change and the key to Regime change in Iran is to Regime Change in America. We have successfully done a Regime Change in America and established the Government of People. On January 20, 2017, the Movement of People became the Government of People. After decades, the Government of America now belongs to the People of America. Next will be Iran’s turn.

Ronna McDaniel is Trump’s Choice and supported by Trump.

Young, energetic, enthusiastic, wise and problem solving Ronna will kick off the era of GOP representing Trump’s Way. That is more than we can say about the new pathetic DNC Chair, a partisan, race card playing, sex card playing, hate mongering, old and tired, socialist agitator Tom Perez!

Ahreeman writes:

Compare the New Chairs
Ronna McDaniel the GOP Chair and Tom Perez the DNC Chair
Ronna McDaniel is young, energetic and all about Fixing the Rigged System and Making Change!
Tom Perez is another old and tired liberal with the same old bitter, spiteful, envious, race card playing, class warfare agitating, high taxing, and welfare collecting Socialist Agenda!
Note: Does Tom Perez look just a little bit off, degenerated and retarded to you?!

Trump brought millions of new GOP voters to GOP. Ronna must establish GOP as the Party of American Workers.

“GOP of tomorrow, in 5 years will become the Workers Party of America.”
(Donald J. Trump)

Read more:

Trump National Populist Revolution ... /index.htm

Welcome to New America

Making America Great Again

IPC Operations
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