Iran Politics Club Super Security & IRI Regime Lies

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Iran Politics Club Super Security & IRI Regime Lies

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:53 pm

Iran Politics Club Super Security & IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe & Secure?
Essential Security Tips for IPC Readers

Why Iran Politics Club Networks is Super Secure to Surf?
Debunking IRI Regime’s Rumors & Lies with Logic!
IRI Regime’s Latest Lies & Attempts to Avoid People to Read IPC.

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Friends please review latest IPC expose:


Iran Politics Club Super Security and IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe and Secure?

Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
Catayoun Razmjou
July 8, 2020

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Revolutionary Blood Trim Iran Flag

IPC Official Announcement

Honorable and Beloved,
Readers, Members, Patriots, Colleagues, Comrades, Activists and Iran Lovers

Iran Politics Club is a Super Secure website on the Internet. Iran Politics Club website has been online for 20 years, educating and serving the Iranian people, the Iranian opposition and the global free thinkers. The IPC Security System is Ironclad and Super Secure. IPC is a thorn in the eye of the IRI Islamist Regime. After all the past cyber sabotage attempts and failures, now IRI has no other choice but to spread rumors and fear through its agents, proxies, Hezbollah and Iran Lobby to keep the people away from IPC, so they will remain in the dark, disconnected from IPC and hesitant to tune in to IPC.

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Re: Iran Politics Club Super Security & IRI Regime Lies

Postby CR » Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:53 am

New Childs Play of IRI Agents Against IPC
[-X :yaking: ](*,)

Dear Readers and Members

Here we go again with these Islamist cartoon characters and wanna be hackers. One day, they are activists and pro IRI lobby but the next day, they become serious hackers wanting to destroy enemies of IRI. When everything fails and nothing works against IPC, then they become protectors and big brothers of the Iranian online community and they start lecturing people on online safety! They tell these tales due to the good of their hearts and love for the Iranian community not to get hurt and damaged by the malicious sites like IPC!

They go around the net send chain emails, and post in various blogs, forums and social media about the evils of IPC and the way IPC collects information on people, sells them, is an attack site, not safe to surf and spies on people! Then they approach from another window and lecture people on a way that even if IPC admins don’t have bad intentions, yet IPC is not safe! When people go to IPC, they risk getting their private information stolen, hacked and traded on the black market!

The first 10 years, IRI agents, Hezbollah, IRI Hackers and Iran Lobby have tried to physically destroy IPC, online sabotage, hacking, technical damage and infecting IPC. The worst they done was taking the site off the net for a few days.

The second 10 years, they could not do anything else because IPC was super secure.

Now in the third 10 years, they are doing their best to spread rumors, lies, gossip and advice to the Iranians! Due to the good of their heart, they don’t want people to read IPC because IPC is an evil site and also a dangerous site. IPC might destroy and damage people’s computers, tablets and mobiles! These IRI agents are the good protectors of the Iranian community around the world!

IRI and IRI Agents have become the cartoon characters of the Iranian global community! They behave in a away that IPC is something new and started operations yesterday! Forget that we have been here for 2 decades but the people know us, trust us and rely on us for their news, information, education and updates. Millions of people read IPC. IRI Agents underestimate the intelligence of the Iranian people around the world!

They spread these gossips like IPC is a new product, entity and unknown! Another question comes to mind that who are you to warn people about IPC? You are petty snitches of IRI, on the payroll of IRI and globally known as IRI spies! What makes you think that people buy your crap?

These cartoon characters never give up! We destroyed their front businesses, their façade, their tactics, their sites, their lobby, their reputation and their benefactors. Now they are down to this new “Pand O Andarz” to the Iranians about IPC:

“Don’t go to IPC because IPC is the Boogey Man or Bakhtak, they may eat you alive! Avoid IPC, they are bad bad bad people and their site is viciously attacking you!”
(Regards, IRI Agents)
:lachak: :Mullah:

These idiots take the Iranian people as idiots!

Listen bugaboos, even 14-year-old Iranian kids in Iran know IPC, tune in to IPC and surf through proxies, filter breakers, Psiphon Software and other means. Iranian people are much smarter than IRI agents give them credit to.

These fools are trying a new method now. Let’s see how long this prank will last. What will be their next prank? These fools surely have become cartoon characters.

Good luck fools

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