Founder's Message of Iran Politics Club

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Founder's Message of Iran Politics Club

Postby IPC » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:14 pm

Founder's Message of Iran Politics Club

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. Iran Politics Club Website is a tribune for intellectual discussions and debates. Freedom of speech is our motto; IPC is a private club for hot, bold, and free political, economical, historical, sociological, geographical, ideological, and philosophical discussions about Iran, United States of America and The World. IPC is a club which runs by the people for "All The People". All the nationalities, races, religions, ethnicities, and political groups are welcomed; this is a place where freedom of speech counts. A place to expand our minds. IPC is a trading bazaar for the world's intellectuals to learn and teach a few tales to one another. May the torch of knowledge burn forever. Shall we practice democracy? Turn on the fire and turn up the heat. Let's get ready to rumble!

* * *
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Postby iranazadbad » Sun Apr 17, 2005 7:49 pm

Dear Founder,
I love you man !!
I think the old IPC message board was more user friendly and much easier to discuss issues. In the current format, one has to go to different topic and discuss that particular issue. That seems to take away from some very lively interactions that we experienced before. So, how difficult is it to go back to that format.
Please note that I really apprecite all the work that you folks do. This is not a complaint as this maybe the only format possible.
Thanks again for having the IPC up and running again.
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Thank you for that statement....

Postby LOJ » Tue May 10, 2005 9:46 pm

I agree totally, I tried telling Mr. Founder this in the beginning how confusing it all was and how people could post in one room but their subject might pertain literally to 2 or 3 rooms. There is too much diversion in this format which takes away from the unity that people established in IPC.

But then again think about it, my club was forced off yahoo as was doc's so what is left is this type of format.........which in turn people who don't like those that form unions and groups like ours defeat us with only allowing us these forced choices........see doc I can create you a subdomain on my domain which would allow you to host a club like IPC only at the discretion of OWNING YOUR I do mine.... so ANYTHING I ADD TO XXXOTICAAA.COM is my baby. For example if I wanted to create www.Loris_Lords/
then it would be mine to format as I wish.
so if you bought a DOT COM format you could do a better club.
I will fill you in later.....
Luvs, LOJ
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu May 12, 2005 9:46 am


Old IPC Club was fun & games & I certainly understand the warm atmospher of that place. I also understand that Iranians are not easily adoptable to "Change", but Change is good, it does a body good! Have you seen the format of the Yahoo Groups lately? Please check:

Yahoo has changed the format again & if you ask me, now its a total disaster! Above link belongs to Iranscope, my friend, Sam Ghandchi's Group. Now have in mind that Sam does not use the full functions & all the options of the Yahoo Group & he is basicaly looking to have a mailing list. For his purpose, yahoo groups would do. Now look @ another Group by another friend:

This friend is using the full option of yahoo groups. Its a fine group but the format of yahoo group is a tragedy!

There are over 40 major Iranian Forums but I assure you that IPC is the most futuristic, detailed oriented, meaningful, organized & comprehensive one on the net. Technically, I know what I am doing. We been hit two times recently & we are practically wiped out of the map. Give me time, & work with me. We are 5 years old & I am going to build a entity which will last 5000 years! IPC will be untouchable & it will be here even after I am long dead & gone. Mark my words now!

Let me put it this way:

Yahoo Group Format, MSN Group Format, Google Group Format, Old Bulletin Board Format (Old SMCCDI, Iran Online, Persepolis & many others) are fine & dandy for a simple web community to conduct discussions & chit chat.

Forget the today's IPC but the IPC of tomorrow will not be a small or a large web community. It will be a gigantic database of information & knowledge. The Club will be not just a forum, but a Huge Database. This Database will act as a place of debates for the members but it won't end there! It will have many other functions & the most important one will be storing data.

So as you see, The IPC Club will not be only another Iranian forum to shoot Shiite in it or to Bang O Salavat, yet it will have multi cyber purposes; therefore, we require a different format. We require multi Halls & Multi Rooms in these Halls to function.

Back then, our needs would have been satisfied with a simple Yahoo Group, but our needs for tomorrow will extend to a much complexed & Organized arena.

The thing with me is that I plan for the future.

This doesn't mean that the Club cannot be warm any more! Why don't you turn on the Korsi Zoqali, put a blanket on top of it & we can all go under the Lahaf & get warm & start the chit chat!?

IAB, you are an old member & a friend, but you need to evolve with time or the Industrial Revolution & Information Revolution will pass you by! Multi Halls & Rooms can be confusing @ first but you get used to it. Many of the old members might first have problems but they will get used to it. By the way, I hope you got the Persian translation of the poem which you requierd from me. Its in the General Philosophy Room.

Haji, get a avatar, you have no face! Why don't you people get avatars? Why the Frag have I created 500 avatars in the gallery?!

Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

To LorAllah:

Darling, do you know what the problem is?

I always point @ the Moon, yet you only see the tip of my finger!

You fail to see where I am pointing!

Woman, I do not believe that technically, you are aware of what you are saying! Allow me to explain:

Your New Bang & Porn Site which you failed to write down the proper URL (web address) to it, so it won't link, is a Domain.

You own a Domain. This Domain is hosted by someone but he allows you to have your Bang & Blogna Domain, which you have purchased from somewhere else to be hosted by him.

IPC has a Server. This means we have our own server now. Not just a Domain or Hosting. Do you get it? We will create a new website on this server, safe from sabotage of Hizbollah. That means we will be safe.

Therefore, no thanks, I do not need to get a sub domain from you to create the new IPC Club there! And no thanks, we will not create a simple IPC Club, like the past & on your domain! What should we call this new club? LoLo's Bang & Salavat Shack O Love?

Philosopher turned Porno Star! IPC members amaze me!

Woman, the other day, it was the first time that you told me, yahoo closed down Lori's Lords! I could swear that you posted in old IPC that you closed it down because the club was not going where you wanted it to go! Some of your members were using the club for further advertising their agenda & to bash one another! But then again, you have a seasonal amnesia (due to all the booze & dope you been doing in your young ages), & I have a Digital Memory! Who knows, maybe I am wrong & you are correct!

Woman, get a grip, Expand your horizons! Move with times & go with the future! Yesterday is gone, look ahead to tomorrow! Today's IPC can be warm & homey if you make it that way! It needs a woman's touch! You must make it warm, despite multi halls & rooms. We need organization, we cannot have one room! Its like creating a one room house & shoving everything in it! We have needs larger than that now!

I want to thank you for your latest effort to find some old IPC Documents. Try to send me some important debates between us two or between others & I. I received your mini series & saved it to be published in the future site. Have you seen our debate on 99 names of Allah? It's a riot: ... 2c80121e4c

And then again a serious debate: ... 2c80121e4c

Which reminds me that we need to continue it sometimes soon. I should also continue my formal debate with James.

Thanks for trying to locate Rob but no luck, all the emails are false.

If God Damn Robert or Cat or others had any sense, they would @ least drop a line, so we would know that they are alright.

Then again, when I read the old tracing site, before the Hizbollah closed the club:

I can see certain search engine searches which can only be done by Robert! It is possible that Robert is alive & well & watching over us! Damn, that sounds like the God! Maybe he is busy or not feel like posting or doing political activity & maybe he will do his grand entrance later. For now he is watching us. You see, I know how his brain works & I know the searches & surveys he conducts, thats how I can see searches & know its him! God Dams Robert! Well, as long as there is a revolt in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) & Mugabe's regime is on shakey grounds, maybe Robert is there as a Merc to help the revolt! I just hope our South African Iranian Budd, won't get Banged & eaten or vise versa eaten & banged by Zulu Canibals there (riot)! Soon I will be needing Robert for the new site, I hope he reappears!

Cat, God Damn Cat, its typical of her, fly away to South America or else, disappear without a trace, just to make us worry & wonder what the hell is she up to!

One day, all the missing links will return! Damn that sounded like 4400!

Any how, our relationship is like a Bad Marriage! I cannot leave you, neither can I Kill you! Its a Love Hate Relation! You Loves me, but then again you Hates me!

Thanks for all your help. Maybe I can give you some hints on web design. Your web design is a Tragedy!


To All:

IPC is moving ahead towards the Future. We are not moving back in time! Move with us towards the future. You may not understand it now, but one day, you will thank me for my futuristic vision. Soon, this club will be a part of a Huge Commercial Website, a place for Iranian Intellectuals to read & write for. I will create a massive commercial media as an alternative to the present Iranian biased, Cultist Media of All Types or the average Iranian Tabloid & Gossip Column. I am trying to create an alternative home for the Iranians with brain. It is up to you to make it warm & homey.

I am planning the future, I have the vision. Work with me & have faith in me. Give it a chance, you will love it. In a few months, once the new website will be out, you will thank me!


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To All Iranian Media Homeless!

Postby IPC » Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:19 am

To All Iranian Media Homeless!

Dear Friends:

Below message is from the founder of IPC.
This message will be distributed around the media, via forums, e-mails and IMs.

IPC Office

* * * * * *

To All Iranian Media Homeless!
An Ahreemanic Announcement

To All Iranian Media Homeless Thugs:

Allow me to be very blunt about my future plans,

I have an announcement to yous all. IPC Netwroks (The 2nd website) has been born. Yes, it is not a website anymore, but it is a network, because it will be the general encyclopedia of Iran on the net and it will be the largest Iranian Internet portal on Internet. Soon or late, you will sense the fact that IPC will be the most relevant Iranian media available.

I am going to give yous an advice or a warning, any which way you may comprehend! For 8000 years, Iranians have been shutten up and not allowed to speak up their minds. Two hands of the regimes or media, one on their mouths and one on their chests, have been pressing hard to suffocate and to oppress. It has been the same during the Imperial Regime, it is the same now in the Islamic Regime, and it is the same now in the inxiled media and surely in the exiled media which are the cheesy Iranian Satellite Televisions, Radios, Ragazines, Ragpapers, Websites, forums, and other Media Homeless.

Media Homeless operates their cheesy satellite Televisions and media from the basements and garages of their homes! Media Homeless believes they are Gods and Role Models for Iranians to follow! They are deciding what goes and what not. They shut people up in their cheesy TV talk shows, in their TV programs, in their forums, in their websites, in their media and cause suffocation amongst the masses.

Media Homeless does not enlighten or educate; yet they suffocate and dictate their opinion on others!

In the past, today and the future, IPC has a special role to expose Media Homeless. I want you to mark my word right here and right now,

I do not care about your political ideology. I do not care if you are a Monarchist, a Jebhei, an Islamist or any other ………, but once you start shutting people up and once you start mind control, deletion, revision, suppression, censor and to block freedom of speech, then you have to directly deal with me.

Those who dare tried in the past to block the freedom of speech in their media, they have tasted the bitter Ahreemanic Wrath! Those who will try to block freedom of speech in the future will also severely taste the Ahreemanic Wrath!

What is The Ahreemanic Wrath?

Media Homeless will be taught and educated on the subject of “Freedom of Speech” or they will be personally Fragged by me. So basically you have 2 choices:

1. Learn, obey and respect freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
2. You will get Fragged hard up the shiiter by Ahreeman!

My way to teach Iranian Media Homeless, democracy, freedom of speech and human rights, is to force them in to respecting people’s rights to above subjects, or to Frag them into submission, so they will obey and respect the above rights of the people.

Take a look @ the past,

Whomever Fragged with Ahreeman is either dead, barely surviving or reduced to shell of what they used to be! Just take a good look around Iranian Forums, Websites, Hard Copy and Soft Copy Media and Tele Communication Media.

Where is Jebhe Meli Forum today?
Where is SMCCDI Forum today?
Where are Dozens of Fled by night cheesy Iranian Televisions, Radios, Ragazines, Ragpapers, Websites, forums, and other Media Homeless, today?

But IPC is still here!
Taken off the net by Hezbollah but came back stronger and still here!

If you suppress the will of the people, then you will not be supported by the masses.

The bottom line is that, if you block freedom of speech and democracy, then I will actively teach you democracy and freedom of speech via Frag-ture! I will Frag you until you learn Democracy and respect to All’s Freedom of Speech. I will Frag you in to submission to the will of the people.

My weapon is my words, my beautiful written words, my power of journalism and my power of writing, unique to only Ahreeman and distributed by IPC through the Iranian Community around the globe. Internet is the wave of tomorrow. Internet is the power. Internet is the future of Media. If one knows how to use this power-tool through proper design and format, then one will have the power to effect the mind of the masses. It is all marketing. IPC is wave of the future. IPC has always been relevant but IPC will be the most relevant in the future. So I suggest, you watch your steps very carefully, because if you block freedom of speech and democracy, then you have to deal with IPC and me.

The reason for my power is very simple:

My power comes from the masses.
Masses support me because of what I stand for.
What I stand for, is Democracy.

Simple as A B C

Try it, maybe if you put, ‘Will of The Masses” above your silly political ideologies, then you will one day become as popular as Ahreeman amongst the masses!

Ahreeman knows no sacred grounds, no taboos, no dogma, no holy grail.
Ahreeman knows only Democracy.

I do not discriminate! I give equal time to all thugs! I equally trash Monarchists, Jebheis, Islamists and All other Thugs who cross the line. As Allah is your witness, Ahreeman will Frag you into submission until you either learn Democracy or bleed to death!

Consider this an open warning to All Media Homeless. Deal with Democracy or Deal with Ahreeman. And trust me, the last thing on Earth which you need is bad publicity from IPC. Just ask those who got Fragged by Ahreeman in the past, and they will sing to you with bleeding Shiiter!

I have No Respect for superficial, shallow, comical and cartoonish Iranian Media Homeless.
IPC is here to Mass Educate the future Iranian Generation and enlighten them to “Persianhood”.

So, to All Media Homeless:
This is what it comes down to:

IPC is a storm, which is coming to your town!
The choice is yours?
Learn Democracy or Get Fragged by Ahreeman!

Ahreeman Bless

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Fake Ahreeman X IDs

Postby IPC » Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:08 pm

Fake Ahreeman X IDs

IPC Official Announcement:


There are people who create IDs such as “Ahreeman X” and post under this ID in different forums. These IDs are created under good intentions (information) or bad intentions (damaging Ahreeman and IPC). This post is to inform you that the founder of IPC does not create any ID or posts in any other forum but IPC Club. All of these IDs are fake and pretending to be Ahreeman X.

IPC Office
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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