Help preserve the history of Iran and Iranians

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Help preserve the history of Iran and Iranians

Postby Iran-Doust » Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:36 am

Iranian Wikipedians desperately need YOUR help. If you are intelligent enough to use these forums, you can help!

Why do we need help?
Separatist Arabs and Kurds, plus a few politically-motivated Arab and Israeli nationals, have been repeatedly and systematically vandalizing the Iran-related articles on Wikipedia, the largest open-source encyclopedia on the net, propagating false information, maliciously editing/disputing/deleting such articles without one shred of proof to backup their wild claims, applying the straw-man falsification approach, trying to establish new 'facts" to further their racial/religious/political agendas.

In order to prevent this situation, we need to have a large Iranian presence on Wikipedia and guard the integrity and quality of all the Wikipedia articles that are related to Iran and Iranians. Articles such as Iranian peoples and Persian people are being rewritten, edited and interpolated (vandalized) by politically motivated individuals whose motto is "The modern Farsis are a semitic-Turkic people. We should prove this to the world".

Interested to help?
It is really an easy job. You can donate as much as a minute a day, a week, or a month. It doesn't matter as long as you show some support. Follow the following directions:

1- First: Sign up to Wikipedia here.

2- Second: Learn how to contribute to Wikipedia - it is very easy, all you do is press Edit on a page, and get your voice heard. But make sure you don't break the rules. The best way to get started is by reading the introduction.

3- Third: Help out! Get in contact with other active Iranian Wikipedians and add your user-name to WikiProject Iran under "Participants", and you will be informed about topics that need attention.

4. Make sure to read and comment on the discussion (Talk) page of such articles (such as Talk:Persian_people) and support your informed opinion with evidence.

Basically, we need books, websites, encyclopedia, etc sources to support our arguments, we have hundreds of sources already, however the more people means easier victories.

Please help spread the word. Email or post this "plea for help" to other friends Iranian or non-Iranian who have an informed interest in Iran and Iranian people.

History should be based on facts. It is in interest of ALL Iranians to represent the true and accurate history of Iran and Iranian people on such widely used and viewed source as Wikipedia.
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Postby Iran-Doust » Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:42 am

Iranian Wikipedians' Notice Board (WatchDog)

Please bookmark this page, for daily updates on the status of the Iran-related articles. Read notices posted by others or add your own notice by updating "Urgent view".
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:44 am

Dear Iran Doust:


Wikipedia or similar Online Encyclopaedias are "Open Source" & "Open Access" entities. This means any person can input information in them. Therefore Wikipedia or similar Online Encyclopaedias are not "Reliable" sources of information.

Personally, I have noticed, much flawed or absolutely incorrect information on history of Iran, Egypt, Greece & other nations in Wikipedia. Specifically, the history of Iran, before the Median Kingdom, is a mix & match of totally incorrect dates, events & information.

You suggest to control the accuracy of information on Wikipedia, by 24 hours watchdog tactics! This is like suggesting to control the Mexican-American border with a handful of MinuteMen or Militia Groups! Every day hundreds of illegal aliens, drug dealers, criminals & other people cross the border illegally to USA! To set watchdogs, is a waste of time!

The only way to guarantee the security of US-Mexican border, is to primarily close down the border & next, in addition to setting Hi Tech surveillance equipments all over the border, also to build a wall (same as Israel-Palestine border) through the whole border from California to Texas & in addition, assign a great number of Border Patrol stations/agents throughout the border.

The only way that you will guarantee the accuracy & security of information on online Encyclopaedias, are to make them Not "Open Source" & not "Open Access", yet limited to a closed circle of scholars, researchers, historians & web designers to input info. Then you need to revise everything, correct them & document all the data.

Now do not get me wrong, this is my personal opinion. I encourage others to help you with your task.

In the past & before Hizbollah got the IPC website off the air, we had a good yet not complete history section. What I can do, is to as soon as possible, accelerate the creation of the new IPC Website, including its History section. The complete accurate history of Iran throughout the past 8000 years will be in there & the only people who have access to the history section & will write this history section, will be myself & any other historian which I approve is qualified to write Iranian history (a handful of Iranian historians). That is what I can do & will do.

Best to you

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