Tabarzadi is Free from Evin Prison on Probation

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Tabarzadi is Free from Evin Prison on Probation

Postby IPC » Sat May 31, 2008 4:37 pm

Tabarzadi is Free from Evin Prison on Probation

After 7 years prison sentence
Free at last, free at last

Dear Comrade Heshmat Tabarzadi symbol of solidarity, struggle and decency is free.

Heshmat Tabarzadi, journalist, student movement leader and director of a political organization critical of the Islamic Republic – the Democratic front of Iran has been released after finishing seven years prison sentence from Evin prison on May 25.

The democratic United Students' Front – a member of the Democratic Front, has announced that Tabarzadi had announced that officials had given no official reasons for his detention.

It is reported that Tabarzadi has been told that his other sentence by the court, which is 10 years of deprivation of social rights, would start on his release.

Tabarzadi, director of the confiscated Payam Daneshju publication, who had been repeatedly arrested in the past, was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in July of 2003.

The 26th so called revolutionary court had sentenced Tabarzadi to 10 years prison, for founding the Democratic Front, two years for insulting the Spiritual Leader, one year for propagating against the State, one year for disturbing public opinion, and an extra 10 years punishment of social deprivation.

The appeal court shortened the sentence to 7 years on the whole.

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