The destruction of Iran as one country is real

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The destruction of Iran as one country is real

Postby Jaff Sassani » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:03 am

Dear Aryan (Iranian) Brother and Sister
The destructions of Iran as one country are real. The absences of the meaningful Iranian opposition are giving the chance to Turkey to go forward with her dirty plan. The indications are real. They are going to eliminate physically or moving by force 10-15 million Kurds so they can make connection between Turks of Turkey and the Azerbaijan region of Iran.
The Turks are going to annex the Azerbaijan region of Iran, Gealin and part of Mazadaran to secure the Caspian Sea so they can have connection with both sides of Turkic countries in the former Soviet Union and cut the Russian influence in the Caspian Sea.
Please read “Kurds and Iranian Monarchists”
The Shah never has a chance to rule Iran. The Kurds or other Aryan (Iranian) nations can lead the Iranian liberation movement now. The Kurds always want hand out, and want some one to liberate them. Who are those individuals you are talking about? Most likely they are people from Tehran, they never seen country side of Iran. The Kurds have chance now to lead Iranian for promise future. The Shah or his group are history. They are not representing Iranian from the Pars region. The Aryan (Iranian) Kurds from Kurdistan region are have the same right to claim the liberation of Iran as much as the Persian have the right to liberate Iran. The Kurds has to stop separatist idea and rebuild Aryan (Iranian) nations back for all Iranian.
We are calling in the name and spirit of the our forefather Shah-Shahain thee Ardashir I Sassanid to get united and establish the Aryan (Iranian) Economic Union (AU) with the independent for each sub nations of the Aryan Nations.
We are appealing to all Iranian around the world to work hard on this fight to stop this dirty plan before it is too late. Please do what ever you can by mobilizing the Iranian people to get united against this dirty plan. Write and work to diffuse this dirty plan. The Turks are going to convince the western countries for this plan. If the war breaks out between the trader IRI and western countries then the Turks are ready to implement the plan successfully. They already made Turkic Union parliament and they are going with the Aryan (Iranian) Kurdish eliminations plan since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The SKDC are asking why every group in America has representative in the new American administration but American Iranian does not have any one in the new American Government. The American Iranian’s are more than two millions people in the USA. You are more than American Japanese, American Chinese, American Vietnamese and other groups. The Iranian did have "Zalmai Khalil Zad" in the Bush administration but none in these new administrations. Are you all Republican or you have some democrats too? In any case we wish you success.
Please read the articles below and many other indications.
Turkish news paper

Turkey, Iraq launch plan ... sp?gid=244

ISTANBUL - A three-phase plan has been prepared to dissolve the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, within the framework of the dialogue process initiated by Turkey with the regional administration in northern Iraq, CNNTürk reported yesterday.

Other Information
Turkey Moving Forward with Plans to Dismantle Iran ... 5-976.html
Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan launch plan against the Kurdish PKK rebels 16.12.2008
Please read the full article in the address above.
December 16, 2008

ISTANBUL, — Trilateral negotiations between Ankara, Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government focused on putting an end to PKK activity in the region, officials said.
Jaff Sassani
from the SKDC
December 16, 2008
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