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Rebuttal on Federalism to Centralists

Postby CR » Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:01 am

Rebuttal on Federalism to Centralists

Dear members

I’m bringing this subject up because recently I had a long debate with some Iranian Ultra Nationalists and Anti Federalism. They brought up the Yugoslavia and Iraq cases and told me that I should learn from these cases that federalism for 3rd world or even 2nd world doesn’t work because major powers or super powers determine the destiny of these nations and create gimmicks such as federalism to create separatism in them.

My final argument to them I will post here.

Destiny of each nation is in their own hands and not super powers. This mentality is the old Middle Eastern victim mentality of conspiracy theorists who believe they are helpless to create their own destiny and they wait for super powers to determine their destiny. These lazy victims dare to make a move for their own progress so they sit on the side and they create these conspiracy theories. Iranians are best examples of these beliefs.

I told them it is exactly the opposite. Yugoslavia and Iraq have divided in so many nations or regions not because of federalism but because of lack of federalism and existence of the strong and oppressive central system starting with Tito and Saddam.

Lack of federalism, autonomy and respect for the states and minorities results in separatism. On the contrary federalism strengthens the empire nations (like Iran) consisting of many races, religions and ethnicities and creates a strong bond between the states which makes the nation strong.

My final word is that

While Iran was a federal system (Achaemenid Period) it ruled the world.
Today America is a federal system and it rules the world.

Learn from the history and learn from the present times.

The only way that an empire with many races, religions, languages and ethnicities survives as a united nation, is and only is as a federal system. That’s why Russia is a federal system and that’s why Iran must become a federal system like it once was.

Iranians who deny federalism for Iran have no clue what real federalism is all about. The lack of information about federalism makes the Iranians to remain ignorant of federalism and assume federalism equals separatism and separation of states of Iran from Iran.

We must turn the Iranians’ ignorance about federalism to uptodate information about federalism so they can recognize the only situation were Iran can survive as a united nation is to become a federal system.

Central system will be the ruin of Iran and the main reason for separatist movements around the nation.

I wonder if these people have ever read this:

History of Federalism in Iran
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/fed ... /index.htm

And if they did, then why they were still ignorant of federalism? Maybe they read it like Muslims do. Ali Sina says Muslims do not like to read anything which is against Islam but they like to refute it and deny it.

I say Muslims do not like to read anything period. They have never even read Quran and Hadith because if they did then they wouldn’t be Muslims today!

Same reasoning goes for federalism. Those against it for Iran have never read Ahreeman’s logic or any other logic sort of speak. They are just against it because they are ignorant of real meaning of federalism and how it is crucial for survival of any empire nation such as Iran to become a federal sytem..

Will the governments of Iran and people of Iran finally realize this fact?

Once again I emphasize

While Iran was a federal system (Achaemenid Period) it ruled the world.
Today America is a federal system and it rules the world.

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Re: Ahreeman: Why Federalism for Iran?

Postby Bita Qabus » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:35 am

Why Federalism for Iran?

Because federalism guarantees the autonomous rights of the minorities such as me. All of the Iranian minorities must self govern every aspect of their lives. Iranian minority provinces must be autonomous or Iran will never be a united empire by the will and love of all Iranians.

Achaemenid Empire was a federal empire. Those against federalism for Iran must really be arrogant because they are stating that they know better than Cyrus, Darius and Xerxes the Greats.

Those against federalism for Iran are ignorant to the meaning and nature of federalism. They must educate themselves to comprehend federalism.

History of Federalism in Iran
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/fed ... /index.htm

You can’t truly comprehend the necessity of federalism for Iran unless you are a minority such as me. Put yourself in my shoes and try comprehending life with no rights living in Iran as an Iranian minority.

Federalism is the only solution to separatism and segregation of minorities inside Iran.

Iranian Federalism is a cause dear to my heart

Ba Sepas
I am a thinker and an explorer.
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Re: Ahreeman: Why Federalism for Iran?

Postby IPC » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:14 pm

Bita you made an interesting point.
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Re: Ahreeman: Why Federalism for Iran?

Postby LatifSimorghi » Mon May 18, 2020 1:32 pm

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to share a document that I have worked on that I think would be relevant to this conversation. I have designed a constitution for a decentralized mutliethnic, multilingual superstate based on the idea of the cultural continent Iranshahr. It tackles issues like separatism and other issues that affect federal and confederal systems. I would really like to get opinions about this constitution and continue this dialogue about what the future of Iran and the wider region could look like. What works? What doesn't? The link below takes you to my page. It includes a link to a free pdf and a link to buy my constitution from amazon as a book called A Vision of Iranshahr: Constitution for Change. My goal isn't to make money from this but I do want to move this conversation forward.

Latif Simorghi
"Rise United, or Stay Low Divided."
Author of A Vision of Iranshahr: Constitution for Change https://www.envisioniranshahr.org/iranshahrvision
Website: https://www.envisioniranshahr.org/
Twitter Handle: @LatifSimorghi
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Re: Ahreeman: Why Federalism for Iran?

Postby Bita K » Thu May 28, 2020 9:08 pm

Federalism is the only option to keep all the ethnicities of a multicultural nation like Iran intact and united. Federalism is the key to keep Iran as a united nation. Those who emphasize on centralism must understand that by insisting, they are digging Iran’s grave. Separatism and civil disruptions are the fruits of centralism. We must focus on moving Iran towards Federalism. The Federalism is the focus in today’s Iran and in the future Greater Iran. IRI’s centralism is more destructive than constructive. Everyone must open their minds to Federalism as the key to keep Iran together.
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