Iran’s Atomic Bomb and the Western power support of Israel

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Iran’s Atomic Bomb and the Western power support of Israel

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:58 pm

This week President Obama looks good in term of publicity but in reality the challenges facing his administrations are not over. It is true that UK and France come in with stronger statement of support but they have been on board before to fight Iran ambitions and war on Islamic terror which did not changed the equations. The fundamental US Government policies are there without changes.
The US Governments are in the middle of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran Governments are busy to build Atomic Bomb. The Israeli Government pushing the US Government for war without giving in to Palestinians or disclosing its own Atomic Bomb program. The Israeli Governments has Atomic programs but the UN is not capable to do anything about that, while they are asking Iran to give up its program. The US Governments with EU, Russian and Chinese will have meeting next month with Iran but nothing will be changed. The Iran Governments want Israel to disclose its program for disarmament and so other countries whom they have atomic Bombs.
The US Governments policy of cooperation’s with corrupt and dictators in the Middle East and Asia are not helping its stand among the Muslim World.
The Iran Government will do its best to avoid war with the west but they are not going to give up on their Atomic Bomb making.
The war on Iran will be bringing disasters to the region without solving fundamental problems facing the region. The Russian and Chinese love to see the US Governments and Europeans will continue with the war for another hundred years without solutions of fundamental problem facing the people in Muslim World. The people’s problems in the Muslim world are their ruler’s not Imperialist powers. If Imperialist powers are taking less and give some back to the people in the region then they not have Government like Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic terrorist organizations in the first place.
The war with Iran and Islamic world will bring down the US Governments power because of the economy and internal problem in the USA. The war with Iran is not in the interest of USA or Israel even hardliner like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu wish for one.
We are calling on Western power to change the policy of animosity and help the people of none Arab from Islamic world in Middle East and Asia to form the Economic Union similar to the European Economic Union instead of wars to solve the people’s problem.
Stop supporting corrupt politicians and dictators of Middle East and Asia; try to build instead of destroying. To defeat Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic terrorist organizations you need to help people with democratic principle and economic help forcefully instead of depending on the corrupt and dictators to solve the problem. Start with Kurdistan of Iraq as the starting point, if you solve the people’s problem in Kurdistan by stopping Barzani and Talabani dictatorship and build free democratic system based on law and order then the people in the region will believe you.
The US Governments created Barzani and Talabani dictatorship in the first place so why they are not able to help the people to have free elections.
The war on Iran will defeat the Iranian Governments but won’t solve any problem for the people in the region.
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