PJAK’s Kurdish war against Persian in Iran is wrong

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PJAK’s Kurdish war against Persian in Iran is wrong

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:24 am

The Kurdish war in Iran for language right is wrong and useless for Iranian people. The Iranian people are sharing common language called Aryan language, the separations of Iranian people along the line of Persian language, Kurdish language, Baloch language, Lor language and other languages are tricks by enemies of Iranian people to use them against each other for ever.

Having said that let examine who are running Iran today and why they are using language differences among the Iranian people as tool for their divisions.

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is established by Syed Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini who claimed to be Arab and so is one of his disciples, Ali Hoseyni Khamenei. IRI are running by Arab and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Semnan province with different branches of Iranian languages much closer to the Kurdish language than modern Persian language, so why Kurds are hating Persian people in Iran.

PJAK or Kurdish people hatred toward Persian people is useless politics in Iran. The Shi’a Governments of Iran love the language wars in Iran because the Islamic Shi’a is design to serve the Arab family of Ali ibn Abi Talib. The Syed Arab in Iran is using the language wars to stay in power and PJAK’s war for Kurdish language right in Iran is helping Syed Arab rulers of Iran instead of hurting them.

Reza Shah’s origins was Turk, he used the language war to stay in power. Both Pehalavi dynasty and Islamic Republic of Iran used this language wars successfully to divide Iranian people along the line of dialect of Aryan languages. Reza Shah butchered Lor people for no reasons; he tried to build animosity among the Iranian people by using language wars.

Darius the Great used Aryan language for writing. He never said anything about the languages, there are no document to prove the differences between Persian languages or Median language all this languages are created by the Arab Islamic army to divide Iranian people.

PKK fighting for language differences in Turkey is logical because there are differences between Kurdish languages and Turkish languages, plus Turks are denying Kurds the right to speak Kurdish languages.

PJAK are clamming to be liberators of Kurds, what they are doing is wrong. They are waging war for wrong reason. The Kurds in Iran should fight for Iranian right to gain back what belong to Iranian people.
The Syed Arab rulers of Iran are killing more Persian than the Kurds in Iran. PJAK and other Kurdish organizations should form union to fight for Iranian people liberations from language wars and build them Economic Union instead of war for dialect and separations from Iran.

In conclusions the Iranian people are speaking common languages called Aryan language. Pars, Kurdistan are the regions not languages.
Darius the Great recorded the written language for Kurd, Persian, Baloch, Lor and other Iranian dialects. The language is not evolved much since his time so please stop the wars among the people for languages.

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