Forouhar Couple Murder and PKK Media's Silence

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Forouhar Couple Murder and PKK Media's Silence

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:25 am

Since Alexander Great conquered the land of Achaemenid Empire to this day there are many powers want to divide the Aryan or known today as Iranian people. The method is very simple, get them fight each other for languages, religion and economy. Divide and conquer is known for long time by now.

Greek, Roman, Islamist, Turk, Modern Imperialist and Communist used divide and conquer method on Iranian people (The term Iranian are including the citizen of today Iran and Aryan people from Pakistan to Turkey and from Kurdistan to former Soviet Union countries).
Abdullah "Apo" Öcalan is calling for democratic system and rule of laws in his prison cell. But KCK or old PKK are practicing the communist ideology by denying the freedom of expressions and rule of laws. They are using censorship like Turkey and china to silence other voices within the Kurdish populations.

PKK are pushing for war between Kurds and Persian people in Iran. The PKK media are spreading the propagandas against unjust practice by Persian people in Iran.

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is pushing for war between Persian and Kurd people in Iran. The IRI media are spreading the propagandas against unjust practice by PJAK Kurdish fighter in Iran.

As known by now the Islamist and Communist are sharing common goals. Divide and conquer. The readers should know that the ruler of Iran today is syed Arab family descendent of Ali ibn abi Talib. The President of Iran is from other branches of Aryan people in Iran not Persian people.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is killing more Persian than Kurds and other branches of Aryan people in Iran. Why both PKK and IRI media propaganda using it as the war between Persian and Kurds?

The Syrian Arab Republic in 1998 forced out Abdullah "Apo" Öcalan from Syria. The international conspiracy was led by Old Iranian enemy Greek whom they helped Israeli intelligent service to arrest Mr. Öcalan for Turkey according to media report.

Until 1998 Öcalan was based in Syria. As the situation deteriorated in Turkey, the Turkish government openly threatened Syria over its support for the PKK. As a result of this, the Syrian government forced Öcalan to leave the country, but did not turn him over to the Turkish authorities.
Honorable Dariush Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh from Persian people was trying to organize Kurds, Persian and other Iranian to demonstrate for Mr. Öcalan right. The Iranian intelligent service of Syed Arab ruler of Iran killed both as shown in below by others. Two prominent Persian nobles lost their lives for Kurdish people and its leader right but PKK organizations do not want to publicize that.

We are asking PKK why not like united people in Iran. Why it is important to them the animosity between Persian and Kurds in Iran. The PKK media are pushing for animosity instead of friendship and common language and heritage between our people.

Honorable Dariush Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh from Persian people lost their lives for the united Iranian people. We bow our head for their spirit and reminding our self and our people to honor people who want united people instead of those who want to divide people.

Dariush Forouhar (1928 – November 22, 1998) was a founder and leader of Nation of Iran Party. Forouhar was born in Isfahan. According to Ali Razmjoo in Hezb-e-Pan-Iranist (also see links here), he was one of the founding members of the original Pan-Iranist Party of Iran in 1951 with Mohsen Pezeshkpour. During the Pehlavi era, he had been very active in the anti-Shah nationalist movement and was a strong supporter of the Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

In the midst of post-revolutionary tensions in Iranian Kurdistan in 1979, Forouhar was part of a delegation sent by Tehran to negotiate with Kurdish political and religious leaders. Although this delegation's recommendations were never implemented by the central government and Kurdish revolt was dealt with harshly, Forouhar's attempts to reach a peaceful settlement with Kurds earned him respect among Kurds.

At the end of 1998, the Iranian public was horrified and amazed by the brutal murders of four prominent intellectuals, later to be described in the Iranian media as the “chain murders”.

The first to die were Dariush Forouhar, the 70-year-old leader of the Iran People’s Party, and his 54-year-old wife Parvaneh. Outspoken but apparently tolerated critics of the Iranian régime, they were stabbed to death on Sunday November 22, 1998 in their Tehran flat, on the anniversary of the suspicious death of Dr Kazem Sami, another dissident, in 1989. Mr Forouhar was decapitated, and one of Parvaneh’s breasts had been cut off. The barbaric mutilation of the corpses was reminiscent of the killing of Dr Shapour Bakhtiar, the Shah’s last Prime Minister, whose head and hands were cut off by the murderers - agents of the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) - who killed him at his Paris home in August 1991.

In conclusions we are calling on KCK or PKK to hear out the Kurdish leader Abdullah "Apo" Öcalan call for democratic system and rule of laws instead of dictatorship and separations. We call on them to honor Persian people who want to unit Iranian. We are calling on them to build on sacrifice of Forouhar’s spirit.


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