Iran 2009 Election Protests Photo Album + Special Report

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Iran 2009 Election Protests Photo Album + Special Report

Postby IPC » Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:52 pm

Iran 2009 Election Protests Photo Album + Special Report

Iran 2009 Election Protests Photos
Inside Iran Protests - Part 4

Photos: AP, AFP, Reuters, Getty
December 29, 2009

Special Report

Iran in Smoke, Fire and Blood!

In 2009, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had shammed the sham election and this was the last draw which had triggered the revolts. Iranian elections were shams to begin with, because only the Islamist parties are allowed to participate! Even though the Iranian elections were sham elections, yet they kept the people occupied and feel warm that at least they were voting and their vote counted for something! On 2009, IRI Regime could not even tolerate conducting a sham election and allow the Reformist Islamist Fraction to seemingly win this election; therefore, they had to sham even the sham election and erect the Fundamentalist Islamist Fraction back to power. This is how bad the situation had become in Iran! As the result of this act, a full scale revolt had broken out which started in summer of 2009 and is still dragging now in to the winter with no end in sight. The present situation is no more about the Fundamentalist Islamists versus the Reformist Islamists but this is the beginning of the end to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Say Hello to Freedom and Democracy!

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