Happy New Year: Jaff Sassani service in two years

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Happy New Year: Jaff Sassani service in two years

Postby Jaff Sassani » Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:00 am

HAPPY NEW YEAR: We hope year 2010 will be the year of our liberation.

Jaff Sassani service started two years ago to serve the interest of Jaff people in Iran and Iraq. The service will continue until reaching our goals. We are working to get united with our Persian and other groups in Iran and the region. We believe that our people (Persian, Kurds, Azeri and others are coming from the same blood). We are unionist and ant separatist ideologies. The Islamist, Communist and Imperialist are pushing our people for separations. Divide and conquer are an old method, it is used against our people for last 1400 years.

In last two years we published hundred of articles in defense of Jaff people in Iran and Iraq. We told you that Jalal Talabani is the enemy number one for Jaff people and Kurdish people. We told you that Masoud Barzani is anti Kurds and working only for Barzani and Zebari branch loyal to his mother.

We are regretting that Moahmood Sangawi, Hamid Haji Gali, Sarhad Khlafa youneis and others within Jaff people supporting the enemies of Jaff people “Jalal Talabani”.

The “Goran” group under Newsherawin Mustafa is no different from Talabani. They are anti Jaff people too.

The “PJAK” in Iran is similar to the “Beni Ardalan”, they are all trying to use Jaff people for political gains.

We asked the US Governments to help our Jaff people but they decline our request. The US Governments does not want to help our Jaff people because they are involved with the Barzani and Talabani.

The US Governments and Israel are helping the “PJAK” in Iran. They are helping Barzani and Talabani in Iraq. The changes are coming next years. Talabani are more and more drifting to the camp of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraqi Shi’a. Masoud Barzani is more and more drifting to the camp of Turkey and Israel.

We are very careful of our alliances. We are working harder and harder to establish alliance with the Iranian people for the future of our Jaff people in Iran and Iraq.

We are not going to have any connections with the current Iranian Governments. We wish to establish relationship with the Persian people for future of our people in Iran and Iraq.

We are calling on Jaff people in Iran to not fight Persian people in Iran. We believe that “PJAK” are wrong in Iran. PJAK are making war between Kurds and Persian. We are not going to fight Persian; we believe that we are from the same blood with the Persian people in Iran.
We are calling on people from Kermanshahian, Elam and Khoramabad to not support the PJAK wars in Iran. We believe on the Unity of Iran, any separatist movements are wrong.

We believe on larger Iran to include the land from Pakistan to Turkey and from Kurdistan to former Soviet Union Countries in one united Economic country.

We are calling on Western Imperialist to hear us out before losing their influence to Chinese power in the region.

We want to work with the Western Imperialist for freedom of our people.
We believe the old policy of divide and conquer is outdated. The US Governments are losing two dollars for each dollars gain by the US oil companies.

The time is here to treat us like they treated the Europeans people. Help us to establish an “Economic Union” similar to EU instead of supporting separatist groups in Iran and other part of our land.

We are calling on Iranians intellectual to wake up and stop the war of languages. We want you to demand from the USA equality with the EU people. We want to rebuild our regions after more than fifty years of abuses by Western Imperialist.

The US Government wars in our region will push the USA to be bankrupts. And then they will collapse in favor of Chinese growing power in the region.

We need the USA help and USA need our people help too. We are ready to work with the USA when truly they are changing the old policy in favor of similar policy they used after World War II toward the Europeans people.

We wish our readers happy and productive coming 2010 years.


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