Iran and the Spirit of the Airyanem Vaejah Nation

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Iran and the Spirit of the Airyanem Vaejah Nation

Postby Jaff Sassani » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:55 am

Please read the article in the link below with the comments for passing time and understand the history of Iran.

For OpEdNews: Hamma Mirwaisi - Writer ... 3-894.html

The sun has gone and darkness covers the sky. I, the Spirit of the Airyanem Vaejah [1] nation, sit alone on the peak of Mount Damavand [2]. The location of this proud mountain was determined by Auramazdâ [3] (Spenta Mainyu [4] meaning: You are my Enlightenment Good Spirit almighty God - the Principle Creator.) as the earthly connection of the bridge between earth and heaven for the spirits to ascend to heaven. Those who practiced a life of good thought, good word and good deed will ascend with joy to live for eternity close to the benevolent Auramazdâ in heaven. But those who followed the teaching of Ahriman [5] (Angra Mainyu: meaning Evil spirit or devil, the Harmful One) will fall back and remain here to suffer for eternity.
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