Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

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Postby Liberator » Tue Dec 07, 2004 5:02 pm

Dear prologicam,

You can find the discussion here:


Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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A dialogue on Moral Revolution

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Dec 08, 2004 12:10 am


Lets critic our own ills & seek a solution! Lets self criticize!

While we are on the subject of "Moral Revolution", allow me to post the links to a dialogue with a comrade so we can review it together. This is an interesting dialogue directly related to our subject. Check it out:

Dialogue of Mayaazaar and AX:
Jebhe Meli Exposed and Iranian Cultural Infection


Someone too Persianized to be an American, :irannational:

and too Westernized to be an Iranian! :usa:

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A Point

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Dec 14, 2004 4:33 am


By bringing up the whole concept of the "Iranian Resistance Army Corp" and putting an offer of such great sacrifice & great magnitude by myself to the leaders of the Iranian Community, I want to make a point! Why don't we set a time limit for these leaders of the community (political, business, media, high tech, religious), & next see what they have to say. Afterwards, you will get to hear the conclusion that I will be drawing from this experiment. After that, you will get to hear my final solutions & why so!


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Postby IPC » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:32 pm

We believe Moral Revolution takes efforts. Are Iranians willing to spend the efforts?

We believe we need to raise the moral values of our fellow Iranians by raising their educational level of what's wrong and what's right. We need to give them the old Persian Values.

Are Iranians willing to re-learn/re-practice their old values?


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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jan 14, 2005 2:45 pm

Dear Comrades:

Are Iranians willing to spend the efforts?

I believe many do! I also believe dialogue makes one think and we are trying to make people think, aren't we? Therefore, I am pretty satisfied with the results of our efforts to make the people to do the efforts to gain more info about their roots, the reality of today, and the future agenda.

Overall, I am fine with our success rate.

Overall, I am optimistic on this issue.

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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:48 am

The Immoral Opposition!


When I emphasize on the moral issue, rather than the educational issue, it means that we have no shortage of educated folks. Iranians are amongst the most educated of them all, in the globe; however, the morality is what is lacking. They need to be educated to develop a sense of morality!

Sister screws sister and brother sacrifices brother for his own benefits!

Once I was surfing the Pal Talk, yes, I do that rarely! Around 300 or so Iranians, some with double ID, are hanging in Pal Talk, each group has a room and they as the rest of Iranian Community, bash one another and each group claims that "They" have the largest schlong and the better Beemer!

I was @ Imperial Forces Room and mocking this whole Up_Position, when a dearly beloved Soldier of Iran asked me,

S: Ahreeman jan, do you have a problem with the way this room is operated?
X: No, I have a problem with the way this whole Up_Position is being operated!

I do not often go to Pal Talk, simply because, I sincerely believe that our countrymen who hang around Pal Talk for hours, chatting in the chat rooms, shooting Shiite and listening to each other, talk about nonsense for half a day, ................ Holy toledos! These people must not have a job! How can one have a job or two and then hang around Pal Talk Rooms for 6 hours straight per day and listen to Legendary Rhetorics of these Legends in their own minds in these rooms?

I am telling ya, these people must be either on welfare or simply have millions & billions in the bank, having nothing else to do but to finger one another and praise each other or Rooster Fight each other on the Pal Talk!

On every good day, you can go to various rooms and listen to rhetorics of non stop hours and hours of "Khali Bandi" and "Falsafe Bafi" and "Qoldori" and simply Bull Shiite via these Up_Position Legends!

Every Bozo in the Eye_Rainian Community got a room in Pal Talk! Fedayeen Aksariyat, Jebhe Meli, Progressive Marxists, Shahollahis (Dogmatic Monarchists), Dr. Oskui's Bang and Praise Crowd of Monarchists, Imperial Soldiers Khali Bandi Samurai Room, Reformist Islamist Room, Alcoholic Anonymous Room, Believers in Vafur Opium Pipe Room, Fans of the Right Testicle of Mosadeq's Room, Moderate Monarchists who loves Reza Pahlavi and Hates the rest of the Monarchists Room, Revisionist Marxists of Pro China Room, Alice in LaLa Land Eye_Rainian Style Room, Shamboole Babam Room, and so on................

I'm telling ya, we should start on Pal Talk! Actually We have a room, but due to lack of time, we never got it off her feet and actually started it! Once I offered Lori to Moderate it, but she did not have time to run it, so we never started it! Oh well! Maybe in the future, when find more time!

Some times you drop by these rooms and you find 20 people are sitting there and listening to a Cockamamie Nationalistic Song by some rising star in the Persian Art Scene, singing furiously about:

Ey Iran, Ey Iran, I will fight and Die for you [of course, after I finish Footing my Foor (smoking my opium pipe)].

These warriors of Pal Talk crack my Shiite! They been conducting a Chat Room War with Voice Chat against the IRI for years! The funny thing is that once a while, comes a Islamist Iranian Pal Talk Monitor and wipes out these cheesy Chat Rooms and Shiites all over these folks! In a way the Islamists want to show that they will not even allow a few hundred Iranians, even assemble in cyber space and talk Shiite in chat rooms, set aside taking action! Islamists are so intolerant to even allow these toy warriors to chat with one another! So like Big Bad wolf, from time to time, they huf and puf and blow these three little piggies straw houses in the sir! Next thing you know, these Chat Room Warriors, assemble to stand their grounds against the Islamist Pal Talk Monitor! Only if they shown the same enthusiasm to actually Free Iran!

Some of these folks are having extremely boring personal lives; therefore, they become legends in rooms of Pal Talk! Each of them, starts a Sect & becomes the Head Honcho in his room!

Sometimes, they run out of subjects to discuss and sometimes the owners of the rooms, run out of Bull Shiite to preach or they start choking, due to hours of talking nonsense in Voice Chat; therefore, they start playing Nationalistic songs, Techno Songs, Poetry of the cheesy kind, or Erotico_Intellectualo pieces of Audio! And then they start praising each others work:

Bah Bah...........Chah Chah..............Bah Bah! Qorbune Amat Beri!

I swear to yous, The only place more entertaining for social studies and psycho analysis of the Eye_Rainian Community's Psychi, better than Iranian Forums and TV Talk Shows, are these Pal Talk Rooms! What a load of fun for people with no jobs and much time to waste!

I got an idea for an ad:

Hear Yee Hear Yee,

Are you a person who collects welfare from Europe, Retirement from Iran and Social Security from USA and still back up a mill or two in the bank? Are you a person with no life? Are you a person with no job? Are you a person with too much time on your hand? Are you an Eye_Rainian with so many hours to waste? Are you having nothing better to do with your time, than to Play Arshimalalan with your Shambool Tala?! Then for Allah's sake, why don't you join the beautiful:

Eye_Rainian Community in Pal Talk and Free Iran from IRI?

We fight a Chat Room Type O War and we already got the Mullahs on the run! Bla Bla bla.....

What a load!

These people simply hate my guts, cause I always make a mockery of them! Of course from time to time, we see some of our good friends, who also hang around in Pal Talk, just for fun and they cheer for me, when I drop by to mock these Hee_Rows! Every 4 or 5 months, I might drop by Pal Talk, just for laughs and to mock these rooms!

Even the Pal Talk Warriors know that they are full of Shiite!

Then we got these 101 Movements! More like Movements of Stomach Due to Sulfat Do Sud or Dolcolox or Prune Juice!

Worst than these movements are the people who are so gullible who follow and cheer for these movements behind their TV Screens and Monitors! Poor people have so less Hope that any Hope is better than non!

We are living @ the age of Bizarro! No disrespect, but when Ahura Yazdi becomes the Warrior of Iran, carrying the Faravahar Banner, thinking that he is Rostam Farokhzad and gathers a number of gullible audience, make some money from advertising and takes over Iran in 30 days and kicks Mullahs out of Iran, then for Allah's sake, who needs another Reza Shah?!

We got Bald Headed Ex Girlie Men with present Hair Piece Wigs who look like "Zolf Ali"! They used to shake their Ass singing Bandari songs and now they are running a Garage Based TV supported by their wife's Dough!

I mean no disrespect, but when

Zia Atabay becomes a politician and Manuk Khodabakhshiyan switches from sports caster to political analyst, then by Golly Jee, of course Ahura Yazdi will become an Up_Position Leader!

With tons of other Vafuri with tons of other TV Talk Shows, creating some fun & games for the public to pass time, no needs content!

These cheesy TV or Cyber Warriors, from time to time cling to RP or trash RP, depending on if they need some dough from RP and if RP loves them back and caresses them back or not! One day they Kiss RP's hand and Ass and the next day they trash him!

They do the same thing to CIA! Depending on reception of dough or not from CIA!

The joke of the Iranian Media!

Mardom-e Alaf-e Bi Kar, az bi kasi, majburand be in mohmalat-e Media gush bedahand!

At this day & age of Eye_Rainians being Sound Asleep, once a while we hear some amazing news!

Hear Yee Hear Yee,

Shah Mahi-ye Muzik-e Iran,

The Legendary Googoosh, Queen of Pop has joined The "Shiite On Shingle" (SOS) Movement!

Well Woopee Doo! I can barely contain myself! I actually might wet myself due to joy!

Joy to the world! Joy to the world! Lala Lala...............

I mean no disrespect for the legends of so called groups like SOS, but pardon me,

Who the Hell Cares?

Does this gives validity to this group or that group when a singer supports it?

Who the hell is Googoosh?

Let me be frank with you, I do not forgive and I do not forget!

Googoosh is a High Class Whore who blows with the wind!

Sometimes (before 1979), she gave BJ to Imperial Generals, Politicians, Journalists and businessmen!

Sometimes (after 1979), she sang "Aqa" songs for Khomeini, blew Imam's schlong, banged a Haji Bazaari and married a Pasdar!

Lately, she been moving back & forth from Iran to USA, throwing concerts and giving a big chunk o share of the dough to IRI & Mullahs to let her come & go!

Now, she is making the big bucks, back in the pop scene, singing cheesy songs, kissing up to Zarathustra as a gimmick and joining movements!

I would not be amazed if soon she sings a song for Reza Pahlavi!

I got another ad for you:

In this day & age, when our fabioulos Sci Fi Author "The Spy with the Golden Mask", our beloved Bahman Nasiri and his budds start a Free Missionary Movement and they put forward such amazing plans of:

a) Hell_Low Project
Say hi to each other in the streets of Iran on Mondays!

b) Blink Blink Project (Cheshmak Project)
Turn your bed room's light or neighbor's bedroom light (depending if you are with your's or neighbor's wife) on & off and blink it on Tuesdays!

c) Pashiz Project
Buy a Piggy Bank and save your coins (Rials) in it as Pashiz Project, so we can get IRI to run out of coins on Wednesdays!

d) Chelo Project
Make sure, all the people in Tehran will only eat Chelo Kabob Kubideh on Thursdays! Therefore, the Chelo Kabob Bargi and Barei restaurants will go out of business and IRI economy will collapse!

e) Dirty Underwear Project
Make sure you keep on wearing the same underwear for a month, until it turns yellow on the Ass Crack! Then flash your underwear to one another in the dark alleys to make sure all of you have Yellow Underwear so you create a state o solidarity! You shall do this on Fridays, of course only after you get back from the Mosques and Jum'a Prayers in cities of Iran!

f) Oh ye, and on Saturdays and Sundays you can continue smoking Foor (Opium) as usual! Have a couple o days off! You might have over exhausted yourselves and developed hernia of testicles due to so much political activities! Take a break people! Will ya?!

And then again on Monday, you start your SOS Projects so we can once again Overthrow IRI this week!

Oh we almost forgot,

We have a various number of Doctors, Professors, Engineers, Scientists, of course TV Showmen and even some Spies with Golden Masks who work day & night on these projects to overthrow IRI!

We also have a future one:

Take your schlong out and flash each other on street corners of Tehran and Shiraz, only half a day on Saturdays, so we know that you are Opposition!

Ok, now we The Shiite On Shingle Projectors Movement, are tired due to brain storming all these projects, so we must take a break for a month in south of France!

.............and the program ends with:

Ey Miran, Ey Marze Por Goh Ar, ..........Lala Lala Lalala alalala laaaa.......

or sometimes,

Cho Miran Lavashak, Tane man mabad, be din.............lala lalalal lalala Lala....

My friends,

I do not have anything specifically against any single person. I do not have a personal problem with anyone. Actually, I have to give credit to this Up_Position! Simply because, @ least they are doing something (no matter how silly it may look)! It is better to do something than nothing!

Ka Chi, Beh az Hich Chi!

But my problem is with the fundamental of this opposition, the roots of this opposition, the whole concept, the whole structure,.............. everything is wrong, everything needs to be destroyed and the foundation which is rotted must collapse and we must rebuild the whole thing.

This present Up_Position is a joke & Mullahs been laughing at this opposition & they use this opposition as their pass time humor tales in Qom & Tehran!

The whole thing serves no purpose and has failed for 26 years.

Everything & everybody serves no use and provided no results. Everything we did was wrong, I am man enough to admit that this whole opposition has failed including myself, but others have such great Egos that it avoids them to agree with me!

I have a problem with this whole joke of a scattered opposition from top to bottom. From Reza Pahlavi, to Dariush Homayoun, to Oskui, to Pirooznia, to Imperial Soldiers, to Republicans, to Social Democrats, to Marxists, all the way down to Muscles and average members of these groups.

I have a problem with:

Shahollahis who do not want a Monarchy without Reza Pahlavi and deep inside they are keen on reviving the Absolutist Dictatorship of Shah's Era as a model, than to establish a Constitutional Monarchy as UK!

Marxollahis who got stuck in 80s and have not heard that Communism has been dead for decades! Still living in LaLa Land.

Mosadeqollahis who still cherish those 2 days of ruling the nation by Mosadeq in comparison to decades of good which has been done by Alahazrat!

Neo Reformisto Hizbollahis who still want to reform IRI. This is like trying to save a 60 years old hooker from prostitution!

Neo Islamollahis who in their state o mind, still believe that there are Good Muslim and Bad Muslim, there are Good Islam and Bad Islam and Islam has been misrepresented & Mohamed was misunderstood and despite the historical evidence, Islam is a good religion and we can have a separation of Mosque & Government in an Islamic nation, no matter what history says and what Quran says! No matter if since Mohamad all the way to Khamenei, always and always the Prophet and Imam, were Rulers first and Holy men second, but we still can have a separation of Mosque and Government in Iran!

You see, I have a problem with this whole ILL opposition and the Zilch that has been done during the last 26 years.

I admit that I been a part of this opposition for 26 years and everything that we have done has resulted in a Zero!

But all of these Up_Position Feeders & Leaders from Monarchists to Republicans, from Islamists to Marxists, from USA to UK, simply are not willing to accept they were wrong! Their Egos does not allow them to admit so! They are in Denial and they do not have a clue of the present realities of Iran & how to deal with the situation or what the tactic or strategy should be!

They are like parrots, once a while they release an announcement and they E-mail it 3 times, once to IPC Office, once to IPC WebMaster and once to myself, incase we might overlook their E-mail!

This opposition has nothing to say, no clue, no plan, no tactic and definitely no strategy!

Thats why IRI has been successfully entering the 26 years of glorious life as the:

AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government) has been shiiting all over Iran!

Yes my friends, your Shahs, your Presidents, your Leaders, your Up_Position has no clue & they are going around themselves in a quicksand, until they go down! They are simply floating to stay above the mud! They are floating in Mordab! And the Mullahs been mocking us for 26 years!

This opposition is a joke!

And their Egos does not allow them to admit it! If only they admit to their flaws, then we can start a new! Then we can join and do something constructive!

This opposition, all of them are great with words and waving flags and rhetorics, but when we openly take action to create The Iranian Resistance Army Corp, all of them shut the hell up! All of them hide in the kitchen and become chefs! all of them grab a six pack & watch Super Bowl!

This opposition is in Denial! De Nile, is not only a river in Egypt, yet it is also the state o mind in DC and LA amongst your Up_Position Feeders!

I have been swimming against the wind, against the norm, against the waves and I got news for you,

We (IPC) will keep on swimming against the norm of the Eye_Rainian Community and against All Odds, and against every single superficial Fake Eye_Rainian Standard of this Doomed Community, thus we are the Elite, thus we are the Doers, thus we are the folks who mean business.

We, our members, our associates, and our faithful students in Iran in communication with us, do mean business. Thats all I care about!

We must carry the torch and weight of this opposition and we shall remain the only Hope for this doomed Community, because our members, our students, our youth are keeping an eye on us, they hope that we back them up and I swear to you, we will not and we shall not disappoint them.

Because if we do not take the lead and charge of this struggle, then no one will! Certainly this cheesy Up_Position Career Exilists won't!

I do not care about your sects, your Shahs, your presidents, your silly parties, your Klan, your forums, your Media, your sites, your cheesy logos, your projects, your Bull Shiite leaders, your nonsense cults and everything which has been done so far.

I only care about the youth inside and outside, the future of this doomed nation. I only care to save Iran from total collapse, total civil war, separatists, anarchy, and doom! I only care to see an Islam Free Iran with Persian Values and back to basics to revive the Persianhood. I only fight to revive Iran and to Free Iran. Thats what we are all about.

We put IPC first, partisan culture second.
We put Iran first, ideology second.

We have nothing left to lose. Words are cheap to speak, but the fact is that we have nothing left, no nation, no flag, no language, no prestige, no pride, no government, no value, no nothing!

We are nothing until we regain our nation out of AIOG control.

You can sit here in exile and sing rhetorics that oh we have everything, Iran always lives, etc.........

The truth is that you are bums, homeless bums, dirty gypsies who live like Koli Tribal on the move folks! You have nothing, simply because there is no Iran, there is only Islamic Republic.

Now you can continue your discussions on the name of the Persian Gulf or degree of the Red Color of The Flag or debate on the terms, Parsi, Persian or Irani, and silly issues of my Shah is better than your President or etc.

You do not have a nation, then who the hell cares if you erect a Shah or a President in Exile?! Who the hell cares if you hold referendums and elections in your websites? Who the hell cares if you follow this sect or that sect? You are roaches in exile and inxile and Mullahs been shiiting all over you for 26 years!

We are putting out a plan to actually Do something about your corrupted culture, your lack of Morality, your Selfish stands, your Gigantic Egos and your Infected Culture of Captivity!

Then hold our hands and maybe just maybe together, we can Do something.

As I have said,

Stand up for Iran now, or forever keep silence!

I am here now, we are here now, we are willing to Do something to save your doomed Culture and to revive Iran. Show some Back bone like a few groups and individuals whom are True Soldiers of Iran, and take advantage of this chance.

We are here for you now, we might not be here tomorrow! Are you human enough to join up and save your doomed culture and souls?

Yes my friends, our problem is not specifically Education! We have plenty of Doctors and Engineers and Scientists all over the globe! Our problem is Morality, is decency, is The Essence of Humanity, is the Lack of Persianhood and lack of Morality.

That's why we have Devolved from Persians to Khar Magas (Insectoids)!

You are nobodies and nothing until we Free Iran.

That's all!

These are my observations, what's yours?


No Deals
No Reforms
No Pacifism
No Sweet Talks
No Compromise
No Peaceful Solutions
No Political Correctness
No Beating Around The Bush
No Dancing Around The Issues
Only Absolute Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran,
By All Means Possible!

More power to resistance

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Postby IPC » Sat Feb 05, 2005 5:28 pm


Dear Members,

What does Morality mean to an average Iranian?
Where is the boundary between Corruption or Being Clever & aggressive?
Where do we draw the morality line?
Do Iranians believe they are Moral?
Are they Moral?
Are you Moral?

IPC Office
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Postby IPC » Mon Feb 07, 2005 10:47 pm

Hamrazm Camran:

Its an honor to have you in the operations. You are a very wise man. We changed the list & added the most important one to the list, as you noted. We are interested for members to think about this issue and come up with answers. These questions are the fundamental problems of our society and we need to discuss the problems.

Iranian Community has a Moral Dilemma and Major Moral Issues.

"Unfortunately, the most important question in subject is missed out. That would be the question on "What is the Morality. I assume you presumed everybody knows the answer to that, but in my book they don't. "

You are absolutely correct Master Camran.

"VOID! Corruption or Cleaver are mental state while aggression is from the body. There can't be compared, cause of different units, like kilo and yards, I can't draw a line between. The line would be unlimited regardless any given circumstances."

You are correct. We replaced: Clever & aggressive to "intuition / innovation".
We want it to bring the meaning of "Zerangi" in Persian.

Intuition: quick and ready insight, immediate apprehension or cognition, knowledge or conviction gained by intuition, the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Innovation: the introduction of something new, a new idea, method, or device.

Thanks for refrazing and substantializing the questions.

We encourage members to think about these questions and find answers to these questions and post their thoughts on these questions.

How is this one:


Dear Members,

1. What is "The Morality"?
2. What does Morality mean to an average Iranian?
3. Where is the boundary between Corruption and intuition / innovation?
4. Where do we draw the morality line?
5. Do Iranians believe they are Moral?
6. Are they Moral?
7. Are you Moral?

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Postby IPC » Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:15 am

Can the question be added to the list?

What is it?

IPC Office
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Postby IPC » Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:50 am


Dear Members,

1. What is "The Morality"?
2. What does Morality mean to an average Iranian?
3. Where is the boundary between Corruption and intuition / innovation?
4. Where do we draw the morality line?
5. Do Iranians believe they are Moral?
6. Are they Moral?
7. Are you Moral?
8. If Iranians have the Moral Dilemmas and issues, then what are your offered solutions?

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Postby IPC » Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:51 am


Now Questions,

Camran, what is The Morality to you?

Camran, If Iranians have the Moral Dilemmas and issues, then what are your offered solutions?

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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:49 pm

Camran Mirza:

Lets get back to business.

Obviously, we can't go back to Pahlavi Sassanid. Its too ancient for today's Iranians to relate to!

We cannot purify the language from Arabic words & Arab Rooted words, because many of them have become a part of our lingo. We can try to brush a great number of Arabic words out of the language & replace them with Persian equivalant, but we can't force the Arab rooted words (Mixture of Arabic & Persian) out of lingo & replace them with creative Persian words which we have created out of our rectums! Remember "Deraz Aviz-e Zinati" instead of Keravat (Tie) or etc?

Then what are you suggesting? Replace the present Persian form with English? So the language would be compatible with the science? Are we going to make Persians speak English? That's not logical! And for sure is not practical!

Then what do you suggest? How will you solve the language problem?

I believe we have to maintain the present Persian form & try to clean it out of Arabic Terms as much as possible & as much as the replaced Persian terms won't sould idiotic! I have no intention of going out of my way to adopt bizarre creative Persian terms instead of the present Arabic Rooted Persian words or other foreign terms in Persian! It is not practical!

They have created Persian terms for computer science terms & they are teaching them in Iran, right now! But no one is using them! Everyone is using the English terms!

What the hell are these:

Ruye, Miyane, Tar Nama, Tar Gah, Tar, Agah Nama, Pirayesh Nama, Narm Afzar, Sakht Afzar, Goruh Bakhsh-e Agahi Resani, Goruh Bakhshe Gunegun, Gunegun Nama, Narm Afzar-e Arayeshi, Narm Afzar-e Goruh Bandi, Post-e Namayeshi, Narm Afzar-e Jonbesh Konande, Fehrest Agahiye khane khane dar, Ruyesh, Puyesh, Narm Afzar-e Daftari, Divar-e Mobarez, Poshtiban Dahande, Gofteguye Ani, Gofteguye Goruhi, Gofteguye Namayeshi, Sakh Afzar-e Pakhsh konande, etc.

Narm Afzar-e Jonbesh Konande (pure persian) or Narm Afzar-e Moteharek (Arab rooted persian) is the ultimate! It sounds like "A Limp Penis which jumps up & down & avoids dying"! Sounds like my dad's erector or "Penis Choker" in his old ages! Either that or Googooshes High Tech Dildo! Do you know what it means? It means "Animation Software"!

How about this one:

Sakh Afzar-e Pakhsh konande! It sounds like an Armored Mechanical Frag Machine, a mechanical sex machine made by Air Bus for Iranian Old Ladies! Do you know what it means? It means "Server"!

So you see, this crap & Ultra Persianizing the lingo is not practical! It is silly & funny! How can you say these terms without laughing in the classroom? How am I going to teach computer Science & using these terms without cracking up in my classes in the future Iran?!

To return the language to pure Persian form is not practical. No one will understand it!

I have no problem with keeping some Arabic, Arab Rooted, English, French, Turkish, Russian, etc, terms in Persian Language! Especially the English Terms for High Tech must remain. After all we are globalizing, aren't we!?

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Postby IPC » Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:28 pm

Dear Members:

We hate to admit it but it seems like we cannot find the original article "Moral Revolution". We cannot find it anywhere and we need to publish it in the new website. Strangely we managed to save almost all of the articles, books, images, toons, graphics & other documents from the old site but we lost some of the articles, graphics & animations.

"Moral Revolution" is a major IPC Operation Article and seems like it has been lost. Either we have to find the article or Dr. X need to rewrite it!

We ask all of you if by any chance you have saved this article anywhere.

Dear Lori, how about you, have you saved the article on disk?

IPC Office
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Postby IPC » Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:42 am

dear Members:

Thanks to our friend, "A Username", the original article "Moral Revolution" by Dr. X has been found. The links in the article will not work until the new site starts operating, but you can read the article. Please review:

* * *

The Alternative Tactic: Moral Revolution
April 8, 2003

Dear Comrades

We shall change & update our tactics according to the times & science. We must adopt the best possible tactics to achieve our strategy. Our strategy is a major uprising and a political revolution in Iran. Our tactics were not as progressive, uptodate & scientific as they should have been. We have tried to unite the present opposition organizations of Iran.

The present opposition organizations of Iran cannot be united, simply because:

I. The Opposition Organizations/Parties leaderships are much too arrogant/egotistic to even consider a general debate & a round-table, let alone to unite!

II. The Opposition leadership is refusing to sacrifice some of their tactics for the ultimate common good strategy, which is to free our motherland; furthermore, the Opposition leadership is putting their own organizational benefits above Iran & Iranian's benefits.

III. For majority of the present opposition groups, the race for the future political control of Iran is much more important than to unite & share the power to bring democracy to Iran.

IV. The Opposition Leadership are too scattered due to ideological differences & they are too vain to observe these differences as Solvable, yet they see them as Antagonistic Fundamental Differences.

V. Due to lack of Morality, Nationalism & Sacrifice, present Opposition Leadership is willing to sacrifice the Strategy for The Tactics & Ends for Means!

The most that we (IPC Movement) could achieve were to gather some of the lower level members of different Opposition Organizations/Parties of Iran to work together for our common goals which are the freedom of our mother land & establishment of Democracy in Iran. However, the leadership, even the Mid Level of these different Opposition Groups are too Egotistic & Blinded by hatred towards one another, that they refuse to put aside their Quarter of a Century Disputes to join in a single front.

The success of the so called Islamic Revolution or as we name it "The Islamic Reaction" of the 1979, was due to the union of the Opposition, against the Imperial Regime of Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi. The whole Opposition had actually put away their differences & joined a union against the regime, yet now, this opposition is refusing to unite against the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran which is 100 times worst, more blood thirsty and undemocratic than the Imperial Regime!

Therefore, to continue the effort to unite this opposition, is a waste of time! We could create a coalition of some of the lower level members, yet to actually create a coalition of the whole opposition, we needed to unite the leaderships as a solid front, and as long as the leadership is refusing to unite, then the union of opposition is simply remains an unachievable dream! This dream will come true, if we change the mentality & evolve the morality of the future generation!

Our next phase of struggle was to concentrate on the Student Movement inside & outside Iran. We have concentrated on the movement to gain members & activists inside the student movement to revive a spirit of cooperation inside the universities of Iran plus other youth groups & to create a coalition of the various fronts to work towards the common goal. We had much more success by doing this second tactic than our first one! The New Generation is much less Tribal than the Old Generation! However, it seems to us, that there is a spirit of Stagnation amongst the Youth & generally inside the Political Atmosphere of Iran! It seems like there are less political activities amongst our masses & there is a lack of participation & political excitement amongst our youth! The New Generation in general, are not as political as the Old Generation! There has been a lack of trust, participation & the political spirit amongst our youth! In general, it seems like our masses are not ready to commit to the Political Revolution!

Our Masses are not showing interest to commit a Political Revolution, because:

I. The Disappointment for participation in the last Uprising of 1979, which has been twisted from a Revolution to a Reaction & brought us Quarter of a Century of a Theocratic Dictatorship of The IRI.

II. Mistrust of the masses towards the Opposition Leadership who brought them the present of the 1979 rather than a progressive Revolution!

III. Mistrust of the masses towards the Opposition in Exile! Simply because they do not want to shed all the blood inside Iran, & then The Exiled Fat Bellied so called Opposition, comes home & crown themselves as the New Leaders of The Land & claim glory after years of not lifting a finger!

IV. In a way, Opposition Leadership inside is corrupt & the opposition leadership outside is lazy & arrogant. They are both failing to fulfill the needs of the masses of Iran.

V. The educational, personal, social, fundamental & the moral requirements for our masses to commit a Political Revolution, does not exist. In other words, the actual characteristics of The Revolutionary Situation is absent in our present society inside Iran.

Therefore, after a long analysis we have decided to change our tactic, so we could gain our strategy in a faster mode.

First we have tried,

Union of The Opposition

Next we tried,

Union of The Student Movement

.......to commit a Political Revolution, yet we have simply failed to recognize that a Political Revolution cannot exist without a,

Moral Revolution.

Our third, our last & our logical tactic, scientifically uptodate, & our alternative tactic to achieve our strategy is the "Moral Revolution". Our masses are disappointed, softened, less political, oppressed, enslaved, inactive & stagnated due to decades of oppression, and domestication.

Domestication of Persians
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/do ... /index.htm

Our masses are infected with the;

Iranian Disease
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/ir ... /index.htm

and our Opposition is living a lie;

We are Living a Lie
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/li ... /index.htm

and that is why our glorious mother land, Mother Persia has become the;

IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)

as simple as that.

Our new tactic & our final & Ultimate Solution is The Moral Revolution. We need to commit a Moral Revolution amongst the Masses of Iran. Our masses are too occupied with their daily life to win their daily bread, to inform on their neighbor & brother, to stay ahead of the game by costing damage to their fellow Iranian & by stepping on other's rights. Our masses see the present problems & the today's ills, yet they refuse to see the cause for all the ills of our society & the cause for all their misfortunes. Our society is diseased, our people are losing their national identity, cultural pride, free and competitive spirit & their Persian Values. We as a nation have become yet another colony like any other colonies of The Arabo_Muslim Imperialism ruling by the tool of Islam as a Dangerous Political Ideology.

As long as Islam remains in the private of the Mosque & Muslim's Houses, it is sacred, yet as soon as Islam gets out of it's leash & involves itself with politics, government & economy, then Islam will not be just another religion, but it will become a "Dangerous Political Ideology" posing as a Religion. The problem is, that Islam in it's nature is not just another religion, but it is a way of life which dictates the political, judicial, executive, legislative, economical, & social systems of the society & that is how a nation with many Muslim population becomes an Islamic State. There is a very thin line between the two! If there is a huge presence of Muslim, present in a society, which this is true in Iran, then we must be extremely careful to limit Islam to The Mosque & Private Houses of The Muslim. As long as we can do this task, then we can avoid politicizing Islam & we can hold on to a Secular Government. But once we let the Islam & the Muslim to go back to their roots & fundamentals & origins, which was a State controlled by Religion, as it was @ the beginning of Islam @ the time of Muhammad The Prophet & The Four Caliphs who came after him & The Islamic Empire Era, then they will have tendencies to create an Islamic Regime! The issue with Islam is that it is not just a religion, but it has tendencies to govern & rule nations.

If we want an independent nation, a democratic nation, a free nation & a progressive nation, industrialized & to be able to compete with the West, then we must have a Secular Society & a Secular Government. The Key Words to our salvation are Secularism, Democracy & Federalism.

Secularism, because Religion in it's nature as a governing power is Reactionary, against progress, industrialization, freedom of choice, equality of all the people & human rights as a whole. When you have one religion as the States Religion & in control of the government, or even as the official religion of the nation, then the society will directly or indirectly discriminate against the followers of the other religions & the Atheists & Secular Masses. There can be no Equal Rights, Freedom & Democracy in a society with an official States Religion or an Un-secular Society.

Democracy, because 8000 years of Dictatorship did not work & thats why Iran is where Iran is today, in a Shiite Hole! In this day & age, Democracy guarantees the Freedoms of all kinds, human rights, & individualism. If we can learn one good thing from the West, then shall it be Democracy.

Federalism, because Iran is not a nation with a single race, religion, ethnicity & culture. We have Racial, Ethnic, Language & Religious Minorities in Iran. We must have States with full internal political, social & somewhat economical autonomy, yet as a whole, politically, militaristically & nationally under the central Government's rule. A Federal system of Government is the only alternative for our internal ethnic problems. A Federal System will guarantee to protect the rights of all Iranian States & Ethnicities. Federal system in its different variations is practiced by different governments like United States of America, Germany & Russian Federation. Federalism works.

The most important factor to our salvation is Secularism. Through our history, every time we went towards the secular direction, we progressed. For instance, Father of Nation, Reza Shah The Great, was a secular man, not a religious man, actually with not much respect for organized religion & he done his best to Secularize Iran. Industrialization of Iran has happened because men like Reza Khan, forced it to happen. Reza Khan dragged Iran out of the Religious Infection of Qajar Period & Dark Ages & pushed it into the Industrialized Age, unfortunately his son, Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi was not as determined as his father! Mohamad Reza Shah was a Religious man, a very superstitious man, it was emphasized on Islam being the State's Religion during his region. Ayatollahs, Muslim & Religious Opposition to his regime would be kept safe & sound, but Secular, Marxist, Marxist Islamist, Social Democrats & other Opposition were dealt with a harsh destiny!

You see, a ruler, a head of state in our land must be very clear on this issue. He must have both of his feet in Persepolis! Meaning that he should have Iran as his priority, not Islam! Reza Khan had both his feet in Persepolis, but Mohamad Reza Shah had one foot in Persepolis, & one foot in Mecca! He had a duality in him. One minute he was conducting The 2500 Year Celebration of The Persian Empire & praising Cyrus The Great in Pasargad & then the next minute he was @ Mecca, Saudi Arabia praising to Arabo_Muslim Values in Kabbah, while keeping an eye to Allah & Imam Hussein! Eventually this duality caused his downfall. Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi did many goods for Iran, over all he was a progressive man, but due to his religious preferences & tendencies to Islam, Arab o_Muslim Imperialism, Pan Arabism & Superstitious nature, & the lack of determination & strong will, unlike his father (The Father of Nation, Reza Khan), he could not remain firm, make a solid stand against Islam & Religion, limit it's power & Leash it. He could not deal strongly with the Religious Reactionaries, Terrorists, Anarchists & Rioters. He was incapable to take a firm stand against the authority of Ayatollahs & he let them to preach politics in Mosques! As I mentioned, an Iranian head of state must remain secular, so he can rule with a secular & equal hand amongst his people. All The People must have equal rights & there should be no official state religion. Reza Khan had both his feet in Persepolis, Mohamad Reza Shah had one foot in Persepolis & one foot in Mecca, & Reza Pahlavi II, who claims that he has the right to the Iranian Throne & if the masses conduct a referendum & an election, he is willing to obey the people & become their Shah or President, must clear his path, right here & right now!

Reza Pahlavi II cannot preach Secularism & then suddenly Empress Farah, his mother digs up some document claiming that her family is both Seyed of Hassani & Husseini descendants of Prophet Muhammad & connects his son & herself to The Tabatabai Akhund Family! Suddenly Diba Family gets connected to The Tabatabai Holy Cleric Seyed Family of Pure Islam of Muhammadi! The same way that Hazrat-e Abbas, Imam Hussein & Hazrat-e Ali were coming to rescue & protect Alahazrat Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi, & the vision of Holy Shiite Imams were protecting Alahazrat from the bullets of assassins, now we can observe that Empress Farah becomes a Seyedeh & Reza Pahlavi II becomes a Pacifist Seyed, Oladeh Peyqambar. What is the meaning of this? If one remains alert & skeptic, then one can conclude that Mr. Reza Pahlavi II is securing Both Ends! He is preparing the public opinion to ride the Shiite Muslim, Allah Worshiping, Herds of Iran! Next thing you know, he will declare an Islamic Imperial Iran! But Mr. Pahlavi must understand that in the past we had an Un-secular Imperial Iran (Shah's Regime) & now we have an Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI); morely, masses of Iran will not fall yet for another Islamic Imperial Iran (III)! 2/3 of Iranians are under 35, to be specific, majority are under 25 years old. Majority of Iranian society is Secular; furthermore, they despise the Islamic Regime, Islamic Values, & anything which smells or tastes Islamic! 24 years of Theocratic Rule according to Sharia' of Islam was the exact duplication of the Islamic Regime of Muhammad The Prophet, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Ali & then the Islamic Empire after the Caliphs! They are truly reluctant to let the Islam to spice up the future Government of Iran, least likely to be an Islamic Democratic Republic or an Islamic Imperial Iran! One must keep both feet in Mecca or both feet in Persepolis, because to keep one foot in Mecca & one foot in Persepolis will create walking problems, one will not be able to walk straight forward & next thing we know, he will fall on his back! It has been tried before 1979 & it did not work!

Persian Values, for Persian People in a Persian Culture, thats the way to salvation & by Persian, we are talking about The Whole Iran. Have in mind that before Pahlavi Dynasty, the name of the country was Persia (Pars), not Iran! Observe the bottom of the page in this article, under "Persia, Pars or Iran":

8000 Years of Iranian History (part four)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

Either this way, or that way, but never in the middle of the way! Secularism & Islamism do not match, the same way that Political Revolution & Pacifism do not match! Mr. Reza Pahlavi's blend of Pacifist, inactive Seyed-Dom cannot make a serious impact on a "Change" or "Progress" in the Iranian Society. A major Change which is required in Iran, takes a major Uprising, Force & Blood shed. Weak Pacifist, Islamic Liberal Views of Mr. Reza Pahlavi II cannot satisfy the needs of Iranian People seeking for a Major Change; therefore, we do not see Mr. Pahlavi as a worthy factor to lead the Iranian Opposition & The Masses of Iran to their salvation. Mr. Pahlavi cannot even participate in a Heavy Duty political debate with the Active Opposition or myself! He refused to have an open public debate on the Internet & in front of the masses of Iran. Many different issues has brought to his attention, many questions has been asked from him, he simply refused to answer, simply because he has nothing to say!

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi II and AX
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/re ... /index.htm

When time comes to respond to the Active Iranian Opposition, Mr. Reza Pahlavi II, is speechless & shy for words, but when time comes for 3 minute interviews/propaganda on American Media, Mr. Reza Pahlavi II is not camera shy to direct a few lines of badly connected gibberish, fed to the interviewers of FOX & CNN! The future Shah of this nation cannot even conduct a public political debate on the Internet to defend his stands, explain his views, respond to the questions & Answer To The History & The Masses of Iran, yet he is claiming the Throne & Crown of Peacock! This will go down in the history of Iran & it will go down, right here & right now!

All & all, we have came to the conclusion that our salvation is to Encourage our Youth by Mass Information, Historical, Cultural, Social, and Political Education. To commit the youth to Self Education, to make a Self Rehabilitation to regain their lost National Identification; therefore, by doing so, they can hopefully regain their lost Persian Pride & Self Confidence to regain their Identity to promote a National Salvation through Personal Education & Social Evolution to commit a Moral Revolution as the primary step to commit an Uprising & a Political Revolution. Our final hope are the youth & our ultimate goal is to educate, inform & prepare the youth for their Moral Revolution. Opposition Leaders of Iran & the present Opposition Groups are Un-Unitable, Egotistic & Conceded, way too Arrogant to unite; therefore, a Major Uprising will never happen by relying on this event to occur! The Moral Revolution of the Future Generation, The Youth, is the key to our salvation.

As I have always mentioned, The Old are gone & done with. The Old, The Fathers are all responsible for:

The Sins of The Fathers, Sins of The Fathers of 1979.

Condition one:
If they were pro Reaction of 1979, they were responsible for the Disaster of 1979, because they were & they are the criminals who brought the present of 1979 (Islamic Republic of Iran) for the masses of Iran. The Intellectual Opportunist Criminals of Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh, Fedayin Aksariyat, Nehzat-e Azadi & other Meli Mazhabi "Whores of The Opposition" are among these Traitor Criminals to Mother Persia.

Condition two:
If they were against the Reaction of 1979, they are still guilty as Sinned, simply because they were not Worthy Enough, to stand & fight for our Freedom & Liberty, for our Mother Persia, for our Glorious Persian Civilization. The Shah left Iran, he abandoned hundreds of Faithful Servants of Iran & his comrades. The rest of the Generals, Politicians, Authorities, Public Figures, & others could stand by Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, The Prime Minister of Iran, they could stand by him & fight, they could defend Iran, preserve freedom, they could establish Democracy, they could establish True Constitutional Monarchy or Democratic Republic, they could bring Democracy to Iran & hand in hand with Dr. Bakhtiar, but they bent over to the orders of CIA, British Intelligence, General Hoiser, etc. not to fight, or they were simply preferred to put down the guns, escape or surrender to the Turbaned Beasts! Any way you look @ it, they were not worthy to defend the integrity & independent of Iran.

Only a handful of different groups, among them, The Immortal Guards, have fought to death to save Iran!

Youth of Iran:

Our word is with you, one way or another The Fathers of 1979 have disappointed you, they have shamed you, they destroyed your global prestige & your outlook from The Great Persians to Half Breed Terrorists, they have made you suffer for their Sins. Sins of Fathers, Sins of The Fathers of 1979, who were either intellectual traitor criminals or weak unconfident unworthy Nationalists! Fathers of 1979 have cause you 24 years of Enslavement & Oppression, they have caused you Torture, they avoided you, your glory, your progress, your human rights, your technological Superiority & Technical Competition with the World. They dumped you in the Abyss of a Dark Freezing Hole, named Islamic Republic of Iran. Lets stop blaming the CIA, British Intelligence, The Shah, The Khomeini, Destiny, Super Powers & God! Lets start blaming ourselves as a group of people. Lets start blaming your Fathers, The Fathers of 1979, who took the responsibility off their shoulders, who brought you the infection of The Islamic Regime & denied you, your Human Rights. You are the Doomed Generation who got betrayed by your Fathers, your intellectual leftist Whore Fathers who sold you, their Sons & Daughters to Infection of Arabo_Muslim & gave the Deed of Iran to The Most illiterate Social Class of Iran, The Fortune Tellers, The Feudals, The Bazaaris, The Hajis, The Mullahs, & The Akhund. Yes, my friends, your fathers are criminals, your fathers were not worthy, your fathers betrayed you. And you are the Lost Generation, you are the Rebels who must put the wrong, to right. You must cleanup the mess that your fathers done. You must cleanup Iran, simply because, this is the only way that you can save yourselves & once again, be able to rise up your heads, in the world! Only by saving Iran, you can save yourselves, save your lives & give meaning to your existence. You can help yourselves & only you, yourselves can help yourselves cause simply, you have no one else to help you. You are betrayed, lost, denied, abandoned & prisoned for 24 years. Are you ready to come out of the Hell Hole that your Fathers have designed for you? Are you ready to see the light? The Freedom, The Fresh Scent of Freedom beyond the borders of Islamic Republic of Iran?

Then do something about it! Your only hope is to self educate yourselves, spread the word, & Mass Educate The Society. Bring The New to the Society & Destroy The Old & remove it from the society. You have been fed a Lie for 24 years. You are not Arabo_Muslim, 1400 Years of Arab Imperialism & Islamic Colonialism is not your History. They have glorified a bunch of bandits, a group of Savage Arabo_Muslim who pillaged your land, raped your mothers, killed your fathers, enslaved your brothers, & took your sisters to Mecca for Sexual Slavery, yes, they have glorified a group of Blood Sucking Murderers, a group of Thieves, Thugs, Criminals, Bandits, Rapists, & Barbarians as your role models! They have lied to you & created Prophets, Saints, Imams & Holy Men out of a Group of Arabo_Muslim Terrorists who invaded your country & forced your ancestors to submit to their Allah! You have been lied to since birth & for 24 years. They have stole your Iranian Identity & replaced it with Tazi Lies. They have made an Arabo_Muslim out of you & an Arabo_Muslim Nation out of your Mother Persia. They raped you out of your identity, culture, language, history, religion, tradition, & mostly, they have raped you out of your Iranian-Hood. They took your Iranian-Hood & shoved Pan Arabism down your throat. What can you do?

All we can do is to Mass Inform you of your lost identity, culture, history, geography, celebrations, traditions, & your lost Soul! All we can do is Revolutionize inside of you, but you must commit to the cause & Revolutionize outside of you! We can give you the tools, we can help you keep Mother Persia Alive, we can show you the Path, but you must walk the walk. Self Education & Mass Education via Mass Information is the key word & we are very fortunate to live in the Information Age with the Internet & Technology Tools on our side & in our hands. Use these tools, use our support & create a weapon out of all this, create a weapon of knowledge to destroy the Turbaned Beast, cause knowledge is your only weapon & they do not want you to Know! They want to keep you ignorant, so they can keep you enslaved to their Arabo_Muslim System so they can sell you salvation by praising their Allah. Use these tools to free yourself & revive your Iranian Identity. Only you can free yourselves & only you can do it by reviving your National Identity as Iranians. You are Iranians, you are not Arabo_Muslim. Simple as that. Your country is Iran, your country is not a colony to Pan-Arabism Imperialism. A Secular Iran is the Key to Your Glory. Keep Islam & Muslim in The Mosque & in their Houses, away from Politics, Government, Judicial, & Legislative Forces, & Iran will progress. Let Islam interfere with Government as a State Religion or Authority in any form or shape & you are doomed.

I believe 24 years of Islamic Regime is enough for you. I believe you are ready for a change. We, the IPC Movement, Operation, Club, believe its time for a "Change". The question is, are you ready for a change? Blind Faith in your Leaders, Ayatollahs, Shahs, Presidents, Gurus, will lead you to destruction & annihilation. Have faith in yourselves, your brain, & your physical powers. You are the only hope. The future of Iran. The Key to Freedom, sweet freedom, oh sweet freedom after a long wait........Free @ last, free @ last, freedom for "All The People" & not "Some of The People". We are Down with Cause. We are Destined to Force The Change, are you?

Moral Revolution is the primary key to the Political Revolution.
Ahead, towards our Holy Goal & not a step back.

For Better Days
For Freedom
For Iran

Dr. X
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The Iranian Moral Dilemma!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Nov 07, 2005 6:14 pm

The Iranian Moral Dilemma!
November 7, 2005


One of the main causes for our moral dilemma as a nation is the lack of comprehension of democracy! Comprehension of human rights to free speech, free press, free assembly & rights of "ALL" to express themselves are essential factors for survival of a tribe!

This Tribe must & will learn democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly & respect for human rights. This tribe must & will learn all the above or they are doomed to be banished off the face of the Earth or live in misery, such as they have been living in misery during the last 27 years! Our culture will dissolve in Arabic & Western Culture if we do not comprehend this fact.

TV Stations, Radio Stations, TV Movements, Websites, Web Forums, Political Organizations, Groups & Gangs come & go. That's nothing new. The only movements, organizations or media that stays & remains powerful, are those who believe in Democracy.

Have you noticed that almost every single Web Forum or Organization who censored us during the past 7 years, as of now does not exist or is off the air? Every few months, Thugs from the left or the right, create an organization, a website & a forum! They last a while & then they disappear! Sometimes they open up & close down their sites & forums, on & off, so often as a diabetic patient or an old grand mother goes to bathroom to drain herself!

Here are some, amongst those who censored freedom of speech:
Every few months Jebhe Meli Iran's Forum goes on the air & then off the air!
Every few months SMCCDI goes on the air & then off the air!
Every few months, Iranian Board of AOL goes on the air with a new design & then off the air!
IIAF Forum has disappeared!
The Iranian (Iranian.com) Forum disappeared!
Many others are in the same manners!


a) They have to clean up the undesired posts of people with different politics!
b) They have to close down due to shady businesses and/or court cases!
c) They are technically illiterate to operate the system!
d) The forum is not productive and/or profitable.
but mostly,
e) People do not support them, masses do not back them up, so why continue?!

Same thing goes for TVs, Radios, Media, Ragazines, Rag Papers, TV Movements, Political Parties, Political Groups, Cultural Organizations & other 1001 Media & Groups!

These folks, do not believe in democracy. Even though they preach democracy, yet deep inside they do not believe in democracy!

Any organization, group, or media, which oppresses the voice of some group, some race, some minority, some sect, some social class, or someone from some social group, is bound to fall like a dead fly!

Iranians grown up, learning force, oppression, violence & punishment! That's all they know! Someone hit them & abused them when they were kids & now that they grown up, they must do the same to others!

Every single one of these cheesy forums, media & organizations are oppressing someone somewhere & shutting someone up!

Only those who truly believe in democracy, will survive.

I have so far devoted 27 years of my life to teach this tribe, what democracy means! I am willing to make it my life-long agenda to teach this tribe the meaning & ways of democracy. This tribe must learn democracy to survive.

We will teach this tribe democracy, even if we have to:

Get a syringe full & inject them with democracy.
Get a suppository load & shove it up their rectums.
Get a blood bag full & via blood transfusion, change their blood.
Get a spike full & hammer it down their brain.
Get a software load & deprogram/reprogram their brains.

This tribe must & will learn democracy & freedom of speech by all means possible!

All Thugs, All Bullies, All Gang Lords from the right, left & center must & will learn the democratic process.

Every single cheesy org. & thug lord, who censored us, does not exist today! A few, who still do exist, I promise you that they will not remain alive for long! Activist Chat is amongst those! You cannot build an organization upon oppression of others!

Forums, sites, media & orgs. who shut people up, delete posts, ban people, oppress people & basically shut every undesired voice to their taste, are doomed to banish! They must shape up or ship out. How many Iranian TV Stations or Radio Stations are coming & going every year?!

I promise you, we will teach this tribe democracy & this tribe will learn democracy or die out!

A thug is a thug, with the suit or with turban! This is not an "if" or a "but", yet it is "must". There is no If or a But, yet I will & we will, teach this tribe democracy! They will learn to respect freedom of speech or they will die out. They will die out like Jebhe Meli, SMCCDI, IIAF, AOL BB, Iranian.com & other Forums or many other media, site, org. & Forum.

Any gang lord & gang who done us wrong is dead or almost dying! Where are they now? After 7 years of Islamist Sabotage, we are still here but where are those who done us wrong? We are here because we are about Democracy & we do not shut anyone up! They are not here because:

You cannot shut All of the people All of the times!
You cannot sing your own song & disallow others to talk.

They did & they will learn the hard way.

I believe All of you know my attitude towards this issue. I have a digital memory. I never forget, I never forgive & I take a grudge to the grave & beyond! I will pay you back & even if I don't, the society & the masses will!

What goes around, comes around! Trust me on this one.

All Iranian Thugs & Thug Lovers must understand that "Thug Days" are over!

IPC Website, once again will reappear. It will be a powerful & a major net media. We are here to stay. Even after my death, I make sure the movement will go on. We built something, we built an "Idea". This Idea is way beyond you & I or All of us. This Idea will survive after you & I. Others will carry the torch. I will make sure of it. This is not about us, but it is about an "Idea".

I promise you one thing. Even if I have to make this choir, my life-long agenda, I will make sure "All" Thugs & their Thug Worshipers will be avoided to block Freedom of Speech & Democracy.

I thought, it would be good to once again remind you of where do I stand by reviving & re-announcing my stands & what does IPC stand for. That's why I dropped these few lines.

More power to All of you

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