How did Persian become confused.

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How did Persian become confused.

Postby prologicam » Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:17 pm

How did Persian become so confused?


After tonight Parliamentary Elections, elements of confusion are spread over our country, Iran. As a result nobody knows the way out, not the Mullahs, Lefties, Righties, Blue, Green, Kingdoms, Intellectuals, Bazaries, workers, students, young or old ones, rich or poor ones, men or women, nobody knows how to get out of this jam.

How did we ever reached this stage?

How come no other societies have such complication?

We saw Islamic countries flourishing one after another within months, coming out of their shells and facing the world in a democratic way, but not Iran, it is going from odd wrong-doings into criminal situations.

We also witnessed how Mullahs have deepened their grips on the society and further sucking people’s blood effortlessly, yet people had never been as helpless as they are now.

All these uncompromising questions made me to realize is there any solution to the problem by anyone. There, I thought there must be an answer, because we don’t know, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, so I began to rack my brain.

For start, I looked at Iranian’s alphabets intercepted by Tazi. There I came across the letter “Z”, I noticed this letter is used in four different ways, all with exactly the same sound in words. So I went after a word “AZIZ” meaning dear in English, after shuffling around, I came out with 39 different ways of spelling the word, all pronouncing identical in Farsi.

Can you imagine four different type of “Z” all pronouncing exactly the same in a words, thirty nine different way of writing a simple word made from three letter A, Z and I, only, Can you imagine what would it be like with a bit longer words, for example “TAQZIEH” or “TAGHZIEH” means “nourishing” in English, you can write it 70 different model all pronounced the same in words. Two version of “T”, two version of “GH” or “Q”, four different “Z” and two different “H”, all sounding exactly the same when shaped words.

All in all, Iranian alphabets have the equivalent of: Four type of “Z”, three type of “S”, two type of “A”, two type of “GH” or “Q” and two type of “T”. all pronounced the same when saying a word mixed of these letters. This, not only make the alphabet too many but by far the worse it makes them learning by memorizing instead of using a formula. Islamic societies don’t speak this way, hence they have orders.

In another words, we have 8 letters extra in our alphabet that are useless therefore confusing.

The quote from greatest Persian literature in modern history who made the Persian Literature of Moin dictionary, Persian language is the most confusing language in the world.

Does this result to learning just by remembering like parrots and can’t invent a new word.

Is this the behind Persian literacy?

Finally, does a literature have a effect on one’s culture? If so, what is Persian culture?

Until then..... :badgrin:
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