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Postby Admzad » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:59 pm

I've heard that the haz-RAT-eh Banisadr farmudand:
Iranian won't eat their own vomit.

IMHO, they have proven that they will eat their own GOH if forced to,
even for 30+ years !

When their Gov is not strong enough to kill/rape/torture them by the millions;
they try to bomb & destroy anything they can;
their students in US will protest in front of the white house;
they sing: mellat ar bedaanad samareh aazaadi raa, bar kanad zeh bon risheyeh estebdaadi ra ...;
etc etc.

But when they are butchered for 30 years;
then they will go on writing books about how bad the SAVAK was;
never ever mentioning how the new GOV rapes girls on mass before killing them (so they go to hell);
students in US never say nothing bad about the new KIR regime & make video about how nice Iran is;
when someone from outside tells them how bad mullahs are, they just laugh & say:
ey baabaa, maa baa unaa kar nadaarim, unaa baa maa kaar nadaarand;
never saying how worse the new SAVAK is;
etc etc

& for some mysterious reason the older generation seem to get a kick out of being miserable,
not being happy,
being depressed,
as if they like being shahid/victim,
complaining about how bad the ruzehgaar/fate is.

paying mullahs to make them cry so they can say: sabok shodim!

They love misery/mourning/depression ...

al aakho ahmaq
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Re: Vomit

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:22 am

What Can Save Iranians and Middle Easterners?
The Past, The Present and The Future ……

Hello Buddy:

Why didn’t you tell us you’re coming by, ahead of time so we would prepare a lamb for slaughter (Guspand qorbuni mikardim)?!

I have been dead busy with the website. I am restructuring the complete website. Also busy publishing a few mini series’ second editions. So now I am responding to all the posts I missed.

Now on to your post:

Read these 2 books if you haven’t already:

To Hell in a Handbasket, Carter, Obama, and the Arab Spring
Ruthie Blum

http://www.amazon.com/dp/1618613332/ref ... lub.net%2F

Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos: A Carter/Obama Plan That Will Not Work
Mike Evans

http://www.amazon.com/dp/0935199330/ref ... BQWA49EMCJ

Then read these articles:

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/humor/carte ... /index.htm

Reasons for Birth of IRI

Let’s face it, majority of the masses in the Middle East are not ready for Democracy, for God’s sake, they do not even comprehend Democracy. Only a minority comprehends and deserves to live in a Democracy.

The most advanced nation as far as the intelligence and intellect goes is Iran and this is why Iran is the opposite of the whole Middle East.

In the Middle East, governments of the nations love America but the people hate America. This is due to the fact that the Governments are puppets of America and people hate their own governments!

In Iran, it’s opposite. The government hates America but the people love America. The people loved America before 1979 and after. Only for a short period of the 1979 hype, majority of people become Anti American and that was due to the Islamic Revolution hype.

Now, set aside Iran and somewhat Egypt and Lebanon, then take a good look at the Middle East. The majority of people have Shiite for brains! Some places have less Shiite for brains such as Turkey and some places they have pure Shiite for brains and mostly they have no gray matter in their brains, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

These people still live in Dark Ages and the Industrial Revolution has not hit them yet! These people are still in need of a Spiritual Supreme Leader, Imam and Elders to tell them how to live, how to be moral and what to eat and not to eat! These people can’t wipe clean their asses without referring to Quran, Islam and Mullahs! Concepts such as Free Thinking, Individual Rights, Enlightenment and surely Democracy are light years away to these people.

Even in Iran, which is the most progressed, most advanced and the jewel of Middle East, the majority still own Shiite for brains!

People look at the Iranians abroad, the student movement and the professional intellectuals inside and they assume that these people represent the majority of Iranian! This is a grave mistake! The people who rose up in 2009 were student movement, young professionals, technocrats and opposition. They only represent a slim minority in Iran.

The majority of Iranians are either dead and they have been dead for centuries (the silent majority) or else they are cattle (Good Shiite Muslim) and followers of Imam, Quran and Islam!

It is not any better with the minorities. Do you really think Baha’is, Zoroastrians, Christians, Jews and etc. are much better than Muslims? They maybe not Muslims but they do own Shiite mentality.

Specifically Baha’is are brain dead robots who can’t make a single decision for themselves. Ask a Baha’i an intellectual, political, scientific or a religious question and their answer is:

Let us consort with UHJ (Universal House of Justice) and see what their order is? For every single aspect of life, they have no clue and free thinking and no free will of their own. Baha’is always wait for the orders from the above (UHJ)! For every single issue, they must wait for the “Order” to tell them what to think and what to do and what to say! In fact Baha’is are the most robotic non free thinkers amongst the Iranians only 2nd to Muslims! Christians, the same ….. go figure the rest …..

So the issue is not only Islam and the Shiite but the issue is the Shiite Mentality of the Iranians disregarding the Cult that they believe in. The cult could be Islam, Baha’i, Judaism, Christianity or else. Same Bull Shiite for brains rules their hearts and souls!

Now you want to give these people democracy?!

It will result in what Carter done in 1979 and what Obama is doing now!

Carter gave birth to Neo Islamism (Khomeini) and Obama is now expanding the Neo Islamism (Arab Spring)! It’s all garbage!

I rather all of these petty dictators of the left (such as Bashar al Assad) and the right (such as King of Jordan) to stay in power than to hand the governments to Arab Spring! Do you know why?

At least with these dictators, there exists security, safety, economic stability and semi civil society, but once Arab Spring and Revolution takes over, this is what will happen:

Minority commits to the revolution for Democracy, but the majority wants Islam! After the revolution, people assume democracy will be established, but after a short while, Muslims take control and kill everybody else! Next, government of Allah will be established!

It happened in Iran and Khomeini started the whole garbage of Islamism in the world.

Khomeini gave birth to Islamist Fundamentalism.
And who gave birth to Khomeini?
The Greatest Human Rights Advocate, Mr. Jimmy Carter!

Khomeini started the whole thing and now the infection is all over the Middle East.

Carter screwed Shah up the ass!
Obama screwed Mubarak and everybody else in North Africa and Middle East up the ass!

If it was not due to the bravery of the Egyptian Military and the coup, then Egypt of today would have been the “Islamic Republic of Egypt”!

Obviously the Egyptian Military and the Turkish Military had guts but the Iranian Military specifically Iranian Imperial Generals (except a handful) were cowards whom without Shah, they were lost, so instead of backing Bakhtiar, they sold their souls and the deed to Iran to Khomeini!

Arab Spring is another name for Creating Chaos in Middle East and handing it to Islamists to create Islamic Republics! In other words, handing the Middle East from America to Iran!

Iran is the winner in either case! For instance, in Syria, if Assad stays, Syria will remain a satellite of Iran. If Assad goes, Syria becomes Al Qaeda or Islamist and then directly becomes an Iranian puppet!

America pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan, then Iran will move in! For God’s sake, Iraq is already an Iranian puppet! Iranians have moved in to Iraq a long time ago!

So you see, Obama (The Son) is following Carter’s (The Father) footsteps. Obama is not only destroying the American economy, social fabrics, constitution, domestic affairs and etc. but he is also destroying the whole Middle East.

Obama is a devout and devoted Marxist Islamist, and Socialism in America and Islamism in Middle East are his goals.

Since the beginning, Obama flirted with the Mullahs and turned his back to the Iranian Opposition and now he is openly giving blow jobs to Rouhani and screws the Iranian Opposition.

I have never thought a US president can be worst than Carter and more incompetent than Carter but Obama proved me wrong! Every single day that Obama remains in power, America and the world is one step closer to economic chaos and establishment of Socialism which has already failed in Europe!

I do not wish anyone ill and seek anyone’s death but same as majority of Americans, I despise Obama. People say America is full of Racists, KKK, Neo Nazis, Militia, Aryan Nation and etc.

My question is:

If all of these Racists and Para Militia Groups are alive and well and do exist, then how come Obama is still alive? How come they have not assassinated the baboon?

This is why liberals and the left are full of Shiite! As soon as anyone says anything against Obama, they will brand him as a Racist!

Anyway, my point is that it will take a long time to create a change in Iran. We must change the minds of Iranians via a Cultural and Social Revolution and input True Morality via Moral Revolution in their brains. Iranians’ moral concepts are upside down. Simply because everything in Islam is justified including but not limited to:

Lies (Taqiyah), Pedophilia (marrying girls at 9 years old), Polygamy (4 wives for everyone), Stealing (Infidel’s property), Murder (killing infidels) and every other morally corrupt act and behavior!

Islam has made Iranians morally bankrupt to the point that they now justify everything. Quran gives them a gimmick to justify every morally horrible act and the funny thing is that everyone reads Namaz prayer, do Ruzeh fasting and listens to Rowzeh preaching of Mullahs! Everyone is a good Muslim but what is truly the meaning of a good Muslim?

A True and a Good Muslim is nothing but an insect! The lowest point level of humanity such as Muhammad, Omar, Ali, Hussein, Khomeini, Bin Laden, and Khamenei!

So Iranians revolted against Shah to establish democracy. Carter helped them and Khomeini told them from beginning that his intentions were not democracy but it was Islam! But obviously Iranians were too busy to destroy Iran and the Shah to listen to Khomeini’s words carefully! Iranians heard what they wanted to hear! Khomeini said I want Islam but people heard that Khomeini wants democracy for Iran!

Once in power, Khomeini killed every single fraction of the opposition (step by step) and the rest escaped Iran!

Shah good or bad (I am the greatest critic of the Shah) was a Nationalist and a lover of Iran. Shah maybe a coward who abandoned Iran in 2 occasions (1953 and 1979); I preferred Reza Shah or Aqa Mohammad Shah who would stand their ground and fight to the end! Shah maybe many things, a coward, a greedy luxurious person, corrupt, dictator, womanizer, etc. but,

Did he love Iran?
Was he a Nationalist?
Did he drastically improve the foreign and domestic prestige of Iran and the life status of Iranians?
Did he provide economic stability and security for the nation?

So Iranians must ask themselves:

Was Iran better off under the economically stable, socially secure, nationally safe, progressive and civilized Imperial Iran?
Is Iran better off under IRI?

Question remains the same:

Do you want Iran or Islam?

Question always have been the same?

Iran or Islam?

You see, people like me who are 100 % pro Individualism, Democracy, Free Thinking, Logic, Science and Futurism cannot live under a dictatorship.

Hypothetically if the Imperial Iran would have still been in power today, I am sure that it would have been reformed. If people gave half a chance to Bakhtiar or likes of Hoveyda, then today’s Iran would have been heaven! Iran could have been a Constitutional Monarchy or a Republic but at least not an Islamist State and a Police State!

Even if Iran would have still been an Absolutist Monarchy and a Dictatorship such as Shah’s time, maybe I would have not lived in Iran but surely I could visit Iran! But now I cannot even visit Iran!

At least Shah provided wealth and security, prestige and progress for Iranians.
Mullahs have provided Shiite for Iranians!

And this is from my mouth, a heavy critic of the Shah! So go figure ….

The bottom line is that Iran is doomed until we get Islam out of the government and I got news for you, we can never get Islam out of the government unless we get Islam out of Iran period! Why you ask? Because Islam is not just a religion, but Islam is a political ideology! Islam does not step aside when in control. You must remove Islam with force and surgical tools out of the government, out of the nation and out of the people’s brains with force. You cannot reform Islam; you cannot have a partial Islamic Republic or have Arab Springs and semi Democracies!

Either Islam or Democracy?

Arabs are fools to believe that Arab Spring can work!
Hey, we had the Persian Spring on 1979 and look where it took us? Down in to the Shiite!

Persian Spring = Arab Spring = Bull Shiite! = Islamism

The only way that Middle Easterners will survive this backward lifestyle, dictatorships and insect living is to abandon Islam as a whole because Islam is the true cause of the whole problem.

Middle Easterners need to grasp Free Thinking instead of Slavery of Allah and Islam!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!

Free yourselves from the Allahic Virus!


The Iranian Disease!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/ir ... /index.htm

Moral Revolution, Alternative Tactic
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

So, the long term cure is:

IPC and what we do here: Educate the Youth and Clean their Brains to create Free Thinkers out of them.

The short term cure is:

A) A Bloody Revolution
B) American Invasion / Liberation

Which the last one with Obama in power is out of the question.

Obama is on the side of Mullahs and against the Iranian Opposition.

Therefore, it all comes down to what we do: Educate, Enlighten, Teach Free Thinking, Teach History, Teach Free Will, Teach Individualism, Teach Persianhood and Teach Independent Thinking rather than following any political, tribal and religious cult specifically Islam!

We are doing our parts.

In hope of better future.

Eternal be Free Thinking ….
Down with All Cults (Religious, Political, Tribal, etc.)

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Re: Vomit

Postby prologicam » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:26 am

<Khomeini gave birth to Islamist Fundamentalism.
And who gave birth to Khomeini?
The Greatest Human Rights Advocate, Mr. Jimmy Carter!>

Who else could Carter give to Iranians?
I make the difference, therefore I am.
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