Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

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Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Postby CR » Mon May 11, 2020 1:14 pm

Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

US Sanctions are Breaking the IRI Regime’s Back
Finally, the Value-less Rial is Changing to Toman
Even the New Toman will be Worthless but Better than Rial

Changing Currency Unit will not Help IRI
Economical Problem has Rotten Roots Named the IRI Regime
To Fix the Economy, the Regime Must Change

Mullahs Pray to the Dollar in Tehran Friday Prayer at the Mosque Ahreeman X Iran Cartoon
Namaz Prayer (1993)
Namaz Jum'a at Tehran!
On an average good Friday, Holy Men are praying to the $

Mullahs Cannot Turn Back the Time Ahreeman X Iran Cartoon
Time (1993)
You can't turn back the time!
Mullah is riding the clock and trying to turn back the time via a turtle! Notice the Mullah is riding with his Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) around his shoulder! He did not forget his Aftabeh and Chomaq (Mace, Islamic Baseball Bat)!

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Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Networks

On May 4, 2020, IRI Parliament approved to officially switch Rial to Toman (Tuman) with slashing 4 zeros. The New Toman will be equal to 10,000 Rial. Traditionally the unofficial Iranian currency has been Toman which has been equal to 10 Rial.

Pathetic Islamic Regime is hoping to affect and fix the ailing Iranian economy by such gimmicks but the economical problems have deeper roots and causes mainly named Islam!

As usual, the IRI Parliament’s vote is just a show and the clerical body must approve the vote to become the law.

US Sanctions destroyed Rial and basically Rial had become a joke.

Iran had to do this transaction, long time ago and despite the fact that Rial is value-less. Every 10 Rial was 1 Toman, even at Imperial Iran era. Even then, we were insisting for Toman to become the new currency unit. Now, it is another story. Rial is dirt and the currency must change to Toman.

Since 2008, Iran has been talking about changing the currency unit. On 2018 when Trump announced the US exit from the 2015 Obama-Mullahs nuclear deal and imposed heavy sanctions, then IRI officials started to truly and seriously thinking about switching the currency unit.

Rial, lost more than 60 percent of its value following the sanctions. Iran’s weak currency and high rate of inflation had led to mass street protests in various times.

Notice that:

• Central Bank of Iran will have two years period to change Iran’s currency to Toman. This means that the existing currency of Iran will continue to remain legal tender alongside "Toman" for two years.

• During this transition period, the old coins and bills will be gradually collected to replace them with the new ones.

• New currency has been introduced amid the sharp fall in the value of Iranian currency as a result of crippling sanctions imposed by the United States.

Have in mind that,

Toman 1 = Rial 10

In the Future:
Toman 1 = Rial 10,000

As of today:
$ 1 = Toman 16,418 to Toman 16,850
Let’s say more or less:
$ 1 = Toman 16,500 = Rial 165,000

So, in the Future
$ 1 = Toman 16

More information:

Iran Time & Currency Index

But of course, with the continuous sanctions, the Toman will continue to fall.

The solution to the Iranian economical problem is not currency unit change but it is the regime change. IRI Terrorist regime destroyed Iran’s economy. US Sanctions are only a reaction to IRI Regime’s policies. US sanctions did not destroy Iran’s economy but the Mullahs destroyed Iran’s economy 4 decades ago when they gained power.

Mullahs, Muslims and Islamists cannot run a successful economy. Islamic Economy is a joke and is baseless. Islamist Economists cannot run their own household budgets. Regime cannot pillage the Iranian national budget on thievery, frauds, scams, nukes, supporting militarism of IRGC, supporting terrorism, supporting proxies and creating Shiite Islamic Middle Eastern Empire, then expect a fruitful domestic economy!

To fix Iran’s ill and dying economy, a revolution is needed to change the IRI regime. Mullahs and Islam must be permanently removed from the control of the government and the nation’s banks.

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Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office
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Re: Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu May 14, 2020 1:13 pm

Roots of the Iranian Problem

Mullahs cannot operate a donkey, please don’t even talk about operating the economy of an 85 million population nation, one of the world’s richest nations in resources.


It’s a shame, the uninformed and uneducated made a revolution (more like a reaction) and granted the control of Iran to the most uneducated and the most corrupt social class of Iran which are the Mullahs.

The Iranian Puppet
Miran (Muslim Iran) Puppet Self Stabs Himself!
Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran …
Graphics by Admzad

The uninformed are uninformed because the religion keeps them uninformed. Education is essential for the uninformed. But then again, take a look at the informed and the educated (Tudehi, Jebhei, Communists, Liberals, Socialists, Democrats and Mojaheds) who helped bring Mullahs to power!

Who knows, maybe Ahreeman has been correct all along the way,

“Our problem is not education; our people are the most educated people around the world. Our problem is lack of morality; our people are the most immoral people around the world!”
(Ahreeman X)

Look at how the most educated of the Iranians actively betray Iran, Iranians and the Opposition:

Iranian American Democrats, who are they? ... /index.htm

Iranian millionaires and billionaires are the best example of the Iranian Traitors. Their ancestors were the ones who became Muslims and granted the keys to Ctesiphon and Persepolis to the Arabs. Today, they are the ones who sold Iran for bank accounts full of money from IRI, Tech Giants and Liberals:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America ... /index.htm

Kar az risheh kharabeh.

The complete culture needs to be overhauled. We need to teach Iranians how to be Iranians, how to remain Iranians and how to live as Iranians. These people are lost. They have lost their Iranian identity. Now they are Arab Worshiping Shiite Muslims, people of no morality and no conscience. Now they are Iran Lobby, Tech Giants’ Servants, Liberal Deal Makers and Self-Serving Criminals who have no sense of Persian Pride, Persianhood, Nationalism and love of Iran.

Ahreeman is right, our problem is morality or shall we say lack of morality.

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic ... /index.htm

Someone has to slap the Iranians on back of the heads and bring them back to reality to see the disgusting swamp which they are swimming in! Reality is harsh but better to see the reality and face it than to drawn in ignorance, remain ignorant and die ignorant.

Sometimes I think Iranians are too far degenerated and gone to ever face reality. Iranians don’t worship God. They are show Muslims. Iranians only worship money. Iranians sell their souls for money. Look at their leaders, technocrats, educated, business gods, wealthy and informed!

What we are doing is running up a steep hill against the wind. This nation is degenerated and deaf to hear the reality.

1 Person = 1 Dollar Donation?

If every single Iranian not even in Iran but in exile would have donated a dollar, by now, we could have built an armored army and overthrown the Mullahs ten times over. Iranians do not care, they are indifferent. By majority, they are part of the problem, not the solution. The silent majority has always been silent and attending to their own bank accounts. They don’t care about Iran and the Iranians. They care about how Ahreeman puts it: “Their bellies and under bellies”. Iranians’ religion is Food and Sex. After decades of education, this is what they have learned: Food and Sex. Self-Serving Immoral People who don’t care about their nation, their people and their own culture.

Look at Google. The Google Persian Management runs Google. They refused to put a lousy Google Doodle on the front page of Google for over 2 decades. They are the perfect example of the typical Iranian:

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic! ... /index.htm

Nationalist Haft Sin Table of Nowruz Persian New Year 2020 ... /index.htm

Anytime which you are wondering why Iran is screwed, please look closely in Persian operated businesses such as Google and the way they are not even indifferent but they are against their own culture, nation and people!

We are preaching “Nationalism” in deaf ears of Globalist Self Serving Traitors. These people have no clue if Nationalism is edible, watchable, playable or something put in toilet to urinate on!

People who have lost their nationality and Nationalism are the people with no identity, no cause and no purpose. After their death, the future generation will urinate on their graves. That is how they will be remembered. The worst of the Iranians are the most educated, most schooled and the wealthiest of the Iranians! These are the people with no conscience, no decency, no Nationalism and no love for Iran.

If your most educated behaves like this, then what would your most illiterate behave like? Ahreeman is correct, these people are well schooled but they are not educated.

“Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly educated.”

What will happen to Iran? Time will tell. The time will tell if we can change the way the majority thinks and lives. Maybe we can inject some Nationalism as Soul into these people’s veins!

Long Live Opposition
Death to IRI and Islamism
I am a Liberated Woman.
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Re: Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Postby Asghar Ghasab » Thu May 14, 2020 9:48 pm

Atusa Khanoom gol kashti, damet garm. Irani sherafat va heysiyat-e khod ra gom kardeh, Iraniat-e khod ra gom kardeh.

You said it all and how true. Hope it will ring a bell in minds of the people.

Rokhsat, ezat ziyad

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Re: Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Postby Bita K » Thu May 14, 2020 10:14 pm

This currency change is bull, we know it, mullahs know it and regime knows it. Mexico did it, remember what happened? First it went 3 new pesos per dollar but now its over 23. Mexico same as Iran has a corruption problem and ignorant people in charge of economy. Problem will not solve by currency change of unit. These countries are corrupt to the bone and thieves are in charge of economy.

If tomorrow 1 dollar becomes 1 toman, give it a bit time and in a few months 1 dollar will become 10 tomans. Give it a year and it will become 50 tomans. Same bull, same inflation, same rubbish. If Islam could run a successful economy, then the whole middle east wouldn’t be screwd, corrupt and bankrupt. Islamic economy means not knowing what the hell to do. Islamic economy means bribery, theft and corruption.
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Why Economy Will Not Boom in Islamic Iran? + Solution

Postby Atusa Qajar » Fri May 15, 2020 12:24 pm

Why Economy Will Not Boom in Islamic Iran?
What is the Solution?

What is the Islamic Economy & Why it doesn’t Work?
How to Fix Iran’s Economy?

Members, Readers and Activists

Please read the new piece by Catayoun Razmjou the IPC Web Mistress:


Why Economy Will Not Boom in Islamic Iran?
What is the Solution?

Catayoun Razmjou
May 15, 2020

Iran currency change to Toman and slashing 4 zeros from the currency Ghanoon Newspaper Cartoon
“Deducting 4 zeros from the currency makes no difference in the economy, inflation and the purchase power of the people. We just want to count the fraud and embezzlement easier!’
(Head of the Economical Commission of the IRI Parliament)

Iran is changing the currency to Toman and slashing 4 zeros from the currency in hope of fixing the disastrous economy. Parliament approved it but of course clerics have to now approve it to become the law. In Iran, parliament and presidency are only for show. Mullahs run the country.

Let us be very clear about this issue,

In a free market normal society, economy functions because of:

Read more:

Why Economy Will Not Boom in Islamic Iran? ... /index.htm

Catayoun Razmjou Index ... /index.htm

Iran Politics Index

Ba Sepas
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Re: Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:43 pm

Central Bank; Where Iran's Foreign Currency Resources are Plundered

Fereydoun Khavand
Radio Farda

Abdolnaser Hemmati Governor of the Central Bank of Iran


The rate of exchange for the U.S. dollar has risen 2,700 times during the past 41 years since the start of clerical rule in Iran under the Islamic Republic system.

During the past two weeks the rate has been nearing 210,000 rials per dollar due to an extremely sharp devaluation of Iran's national currency.


The decline has been attributed by the media to a widespread systematic financial corruption, thanks to revelations made by the country's civil society, foreign-based Persian-speaking media and international institutions.

The Central bank of Iran (CBI) has been in the center of the economic chaos that has led to wasting billions of dollars of national resources by offering unjustified privileges to well-connected regime insiders and failing to carry out its initial mission.

A 1972 law tasked the CBI "to carry out monetary policies to pave the way for the country's progress, back the government's development plans and preserve the value of national currency through maintaining a balance in payments." The law from the monarchy period has been preserved with minor changes.

Preserving the value of the national currency is the most important of these three missions. Incidentally, the CBI is facing a historic failure in this area which has discredited the Central Bank as a key national institution.

The constant decline in the purchasing power of the Iranian national currency during the past 41 years has taken place in parallel with heavy inflation, with an average rate of 20 percent per annum. This is seven times higher than the world average inflation rate during the same period.

The decline in the value of national currency is only one of the manifestation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Central bank's catastrophic failure. In a matter of four decades the Iranian currency has been devaluated by 2,700-fold, making the rial one of the weakest currencies in the world.

Obviously, the CBI is not the only culprit for this decline which is the outcome of atotal collapse in the country's production system and the inconsistency of policies with the requirements of the 21st century. In the meantime, instead of looking for a way out of the crisis, the CBI and its governors have obediently listened to what the government dictated and turned the Iranian money into ashes.

In order to protect the value of the national currency based on national interests, they should not have feared political leaders and made their own independent decisions about monetary policies including those about the volume of cash available in circulation and interest rates.

An independent central bank would not submit to the pressures of chaotic governments and print bank notes to cope with budget deficits. This always disrupts price stability and erodes trust in the national currency. The Iranian Central bank has done just the opposite. As a weak institution, the CBI has submitted to pressures of the Supreme Leader, the government and even the parliament (Majles). This has been one of the reasons why Iran has been suffering from such an unusually high rate of inflation and devaluation of its national currency.

The absolute obedience to the government has made the CBI the most important tool for carrying out a policy whose main result is high inflation that has turned life into misery for many Iranians now living under the poverty line.

The same absolute obedience to the government has led the bank to manage the forex market in a way that led to plundering of billions of dollars of the country's financial resources by influential insiders.

The CBI recently admitted that it pumped $280 billion petrodollars into the local currency exchange market to artificially keep rial high in recent years.

In such a system, the Central Bank oversees the fluctuations in the forex market and tries to influence them based on political interests rather than real economic factors, totally ignoring economic realities. But such a policy cannot continue in the long-run. Soon, the country's economy and businesses feel the shock and pressure of this fabricated balance in the market. This has been happening over and over as the government injected U.S. dollars into the forex market to keep the rate of exchange and the prices lower than what the market calls for.

Pouring money into the market is usually followed after a while by sudden and unusual rises in the rates of exchange and reality overcomes the manipulated market. This situation has not only wasted billions of dollars of the country's resources, it has also paved the way for the well-connected few to take advantage of the situation and plunder what is left.

Central Bank Governor Abdolnasser Hemmati explained part of this mechanism that gives way to this form of plunder during a meeting at the parliament in early June. "We have injected $280 billion into the forex market during the past 15 years in order to control the rate of exchange. That is $18 billion dollars a year. Most of this money has exited the country by a number of individuals who had access to dollars at a very low rate. In other words, the people paid subsidies to those who were buying real estate abroad."

Hemmati speaks in a way as if this policy was a thing of the past. But it is still continuing. Only a few days later he revealed that another $100 million dollars was poured into the market to keep the rate of exchange lower. And President Hassan Rouhani "ordered" the Central bank on June 26 "to continue its targeted intervention in the forex market." He does not want his presidency to end next year with the rate of exchange flying at 300,000 to 400,000 rials against the dollar.
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