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Postby Joehohoho » Fri Mar 30, 2007 1:24 pm

Knock, knock

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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
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Postby Edelge » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:39 pm

I have been wondering who was this dr flawed, I mean fouladvand? I was looking in the thread which signifies a genuine "bull-crap" in its content, as peope who had a nature call and could not find a spot to relieve themselves drooped their KOSHER load in this thread which is anything but relevant to the title and why are people hesitant to start a now thread and post something meaningful and relevant to title!

What I am saying it is time to flush this sink, talking about a turd that does not flush:
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Postby Joehohoho » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:12 pm

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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Edelge » Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:36 pm

Hey Jobobo,

Why stick your head in a moronic book to go googly? U got any unanswered questions about Iran and the World, U ask me!

If U red the fn-book and it was so enlightening, then why don't U instigate a debate?

But Hag-Mirza Jobobo, it looks that U haven't even red the fn book, just trying to shove another one down the pipe that is already clogged to the max.
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You are so wrong about Fouldvand

Postby Parsi » Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:30 pm

You are so very wrong. You need to study about Islam. What Fouldvand has done is to open Iranian's blind eyes to the fallacy of Islam. Islam was orchestrated by Muhammad to gain power and screw women. It is a false religion full of violence, abuse and hatred.

At least read a translation of Islam, Muhammad's Hadiths and Tabari books and you will find what a brutal and violent religion Islam is.

All Fouladvand has done is to attempt to open Iranians eyes to see the true picture of their religion and mullahs regime. To me this is the very first step Iranians need to get rid of this regime. To know that they have been told a bunch of lies.

Fouldvand is a true patriot with guts and courage. He has been indenpendent and called things for what they are.

Please go and study Islam. At least read the Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn or 23 years by Ali Dashti. Fouldvand set the stage for Iraians to examine Islam and Muhammad. Something that we have been ignoring for 1400 years.

AhreemanX wrote:Ahhhhhhhhh it is a good thing that Moderators did not move this seemingly irrelevant post (to this room) from here, on to the "Islam Room" yet! Now that I have received your Private Messages, it all makes sense & yes, this post can stay in this room! Afterall it is Iranian Politics!

Dear Dr. Fouladvand and/or Dr. Fouladvand's Secretariat/Sidekick:

I imagine alongside other political personalities and Orgs., the office also E-mailed you my latest piece. So you have decided to drop by & enlighten us with your bits o wisdom! Why didn't you inform us before dropping by IPC, so we could have Zebh al Islami a sheep for you?!

Dear Dr. Fouladvand, please stop the pretence, you are not dealing with fools! This is not the first time & it will not be the last time that an Iranian Media Lord or Political Personality drops by IPC incognito, gives himself credit, defends himself & releases Holy Rhetorics! Your lecture above, & your both private messages to myself below are obviously typed by your majesty's fingers or spoken by you & typed by your Secretariat/webmaster's fingers. Any fool who is familiar with your rhetorics, can tell these are your words o wisdom!

You maybe fooling a group of naive kids to gather a cattle army of juvenile delinquents. For God's sake, you even succeeded to brain drain some devoted activists, even one of my comrades in operation is keen on you! What can I say, these days, anti Islamic Rhetorics, sells like sex!

I imagine, you have PMed similar rhetorics to other IPC Operation members, but nothing like you have sent me! I will not disappoint you by ignoring you! So allow me to post your PMs to myself & then respond to you in public. I just love the way you write & talk! If one doesn't know you, then they would have thought that Zoroastra has risen from the grave and lecturing these Holy Rhetorics! Here are your private messages to me:

With your permission, lets roll:

"Oh you the lost son of God.. "

My son, not to worry, your Lord is here. You have chosen the ID Joe! Is this Joseph The Carpenter? Hello Joseph my son. Thou calth us, thus I came here as the proof of your prophecy! I have always came to save thee! Even when you impregnated Mary, I took the responsibility & calth Jesus, my own son! I have always comth to rescue you my son. Have you once more impregnated someone in Bethlehem or maybe in Anjoman Padeshahi? I did not know you could still get it up my son! Not to worry, your Lord is here to bail you out again!

"The path to your father is open and lighted... "

Yes my son, the path is lighted with Fire down here! I have ordered the path down below to burn with fire. We like it Hot!

"But first you need to throw the wrapping of the Islam,"

Hmmmmmmmmm! Say guys, Dr. Fouladvand is obviously looking for some Muslim in IPC (Riot-Killer)! Any volunteers to take this one? Lori dear, you are an Islamic Scholar, hows about you taking over this one? The man is delusional & soon he will announce his prophecy as the Neo Zarathustra! You have some medical background, can you intervene with this patient?!

" the evil, away, and stump the stupid God of Islam which is no one but Devil... "

Dr. Fouladvand, honestly, how many shots (chatval Stolichnaya) have you taken before writing this Master-Piss?!

"Mohamad God is based on fear"

"Mohammad's God" you mean?
How can you be a Dr., if you can't spell worth of Shiite? Dr., you need to go back to school, you give us Doctors a bad reputation! By the way I have a Ph.D. in Passion & Eroticism, hows about you?

" But your father is Love... "

Damn! You know my dad? You are absolutely correct! He is truly "ALL" about love! Before 1979, there was only one tall, white, handsome green-eyed Cabinet Minister/Media Lord/Famous Author in Iran and he was Alahazrat's favorite Journalist & my dear Pops! And indeed there was not a single "beautiful" woman amongst the wives & daughters of Imperial Cabinet Ministers, Generals, Journalists & Statesmen, which he did not, deflowered or passionately enlightened! Well, unless they were ugly, deranged or handicap!

Why do you think the Imperial Regime was a functioning regime? Because we had happy Statesmen & Militarymen! And why was that? Because the wives & daughters were happy so they kept a happy home, so their hubbies were well fed, relaxed and happy! Dad managed to always keep them ladies happy & satisfied! In a way, Dad was a great factor to keep the Imperial Regime functional! My Father is really All about love! You are absolutely correct! My mom also knew this fact & that's why they were practically apart after the 2nd year of marriage! How could she tame The Persian Playboy?!

I mean everyone who was an Imperial Insider, knew that Alam was a major lover-flirt & Alahazrat was also a heartbreaker playboy. That's right, Alahazrat's love-life did not seize @ his 3 Queens, but he fertilized from Bandar Pahlavi to Bandar Abbas & if any cheese-ball Monarchist or even Empress denies it, I assure you that they are "All" full of it. So Alahazrat was a swinging playboy and Uncle Alam (he insisted that I call him Uncle), Gosh.......... he was fertilizing Iranian beauties like theres no tomorrow! But My Father, Allah bless his schlong, had enlightened more ladies than Alam & Alahazrat combined! Dad was like the Energizer Rabbit in Energizer Battery Commercial, just going & going & going on & on & on ......................., like a mechanical love machine! It was inhuman! You don't believe me?

Just go & ask Iran's famous female poets, writers, Journalists, Generals & Statesmen's wives & daughters, & any other important & beautiful woman of pre 1979 Imperial Iran! I don't believe any one man in Imperial Iran had satisfied more ladies than dear Father! He truly spread his Ahreemanic seeds (Riot)!

"Come back to love and throw the old rusted chain of slavery of Islam away."

But Islam promised me 70 virgins & 2 pretty boys & rivers of milk & honey! You are a cheapskate TV Talk Show host with used suit, borrowed from Good Will or Salvation Army! What can you offer me?

" I have been in heaven and there is no hell,"

Dr. Fouladvand, now I know for sure that you are on Senatori Opium! Who buys it for you? I know there are a lot of Old Taryaki Baldheaded Monarchists in London! C'mon, just between us, I know you can't afford it, so fess up, who buys it & how does he get it out of Iran? I promise I won't get the MI5 & British Intelligence to search your home again & this time for Opium & not Terror documents!

" because your father is love."

Would you let go of My Father's Schlong? He is happily out of politics & resting in Canada! What up with you & my father's schlong? Are the rumors true? Shoma unvari hastin?

"Harame khoshkeli dari, mard."

Whose the Muslim now? You see 3 ladies around me & you automatically assume that it is my Haram! I know, I know I have a reputation, like Father like Son, but hey, I was just telling Lori the other day that I cannot really carry the tradition...........! Why you ask? Well today, there are no Imperial Generals or Statesmen's wives & daughters for me to enlighten! However, there are Up_Position & Media Lords' wives & daughters! But then again, look @ what I have to deal with!

Before 79, Imperial Rejal's wives & daughters were juicy but look @ today's LA & London's Up_Position Leaders & Media Lords wives & daughters! Just take one look @ the fathers & mothers & then go figure how the daughters look like! I mean look @ Jahanshah Javid, Zia Atabay, Daryoush Homayoun, Ario Pirouznia or even yourself & then imagine how the daughters would look like! Holy Toledos! Allah forbid, probably Hairy Beasts, alike large-size short & fat Hair-Balls with only an eggplant nose sticking out of the hair!

I tried to keep up the tradition & carry the torch burning, but with these raw material, how can I build a foundation!

I mean I admit I have lowered the standards compare to dad, but this is ridiculous! We are not talking lowering the standards, but we are talking Kur o Kachal o Shal o Kar o Ye vari o Torshideh o Pir-e Dokhtar! Give me a break! Can you blame me to move on to other directions!?

" Yeki rah ham beferest inja.."

Eh, Dr. Fouladvand, shomam are? Dud az kondeh boland mishe, na? Baba Eyvallah! And they say you are gay! Shame on them! I tell you what! In one condition, I will send you top prime teenage beauties, alike peaches & cream! Condition is: Come to San Diego, in person & show me your Shambool Tala! For once & for all, end all the rumors about your malfunctioning Shambool & Gay-shess! Show them it can still arise like Derafshe Kaviyani! You can bring your Derafsh on your desk too (as Mojo to bring you luck)! Come on over & we can do an orgy, like old traditional Aryan Persian Orgies that Khosrow Parviz & Darbar-e Sassanid used to do! Lets do it Ancient Persian Style! Show me yours & I will show you mine! Will ya?


Mokhlesim qorban!

" Khak bar sarat"

Eh! Chera fosh midi Haji?

" ke hanooz kaarii ke fooladvand baraie to va keshvarat kardeh nemibini."

In my whole life, I have never seen any narcissist who actually talks about himself as a third person & in admiration! By the way, what have you done for my country & I?

Who do you think you are talking to? I am not some Beche Soosool Monarchist or some Sissy Faggy Guspand Flag Waver who gets an erection watching you feed garbage Anti Islamic Rhetorics on TV to a bunch of Bikar! When you were smokin your opium & drinkin your vodka in London, I was an active part of this resistance, 27 years of struggle Dr. Fouladvand. When you & your kind were giving your ASS away in London & jerking off with your Zoroastrian, Sassanid-Pahlavi Imperial Derafsh, I was planning operations with Imperial Generals & Nehzat-e Moqavemat-e Meli to overthrow IRI.

Pardon me Dr. Fouladvand but

Shoma vaqti ba Reza Pahlavi kun kunak mikardid, ma mobareze mikardim!

Now a bozo like you lectures me of what you have done for me & my country? Go suck a wet one! Actually when you come to SD, I will hand you a wet one, a Qajar one!

" Baa zanane haramat khosh bash"

I was awaiting your permission! Thanks for your permission! Khajeh tokh kardand!

" va ba kirat feker kon,"

What is Feker? Why do you speak so Dahati?
@ least I can think! You are a Megalomaniac Narcissist Psycho whom due to Guru Complex, believes he is a Cult Leader & commander in chief!

" mesleh hameh koran"

To jelot gozashti, bazam nemituni bekhuni?!
What the Frag is Koran? You mean Quran?

" degar keh keshvarat ra ba $10 va yek zan khoshkel frokhtand."

You have been stealing my material, my writings, parts of my books & use it in your joke of a program & website! Now you are stealing my terms & hand them back to me?!

You are what they call a Bold Thief!

Are you having a fever? If not, then why all of the nonsense lectures in C Minor? Why do you overload with cheap free vodka? Kah az khodet nist, kah dun ke az khodete? I know these old bald Monarchists send you free opium & vodka but try to act civilized & only sip like a gentleman! Beside, are you talking to me about $10?

Dr. Fandoqist, $10 is for Geda Goshne around you! You are forgetting, to whom you are talking to, no? Allow me to remind you that true Iranian Aristocracy including my family (Qajar) whom do not even recognize Pahlavi Dynasty, as Iranian Aristocracy, can buy & sell the complete area of London which you & your cheesy studio is located in! No disrespect for Reza Khan whom I worship, but Qajar's do not recognize Pahlavis as Aristocracy or even a legal dynasty, set aside cheese-balls wanna be Monarch with creative National Anthem, residing in piccadilly @ the corner of Trafalgar Square, London, such as yourself! Don't talk to me about $10, just go ahead & send me the bill & I'll send you the deed to Piccadilly, Kensington & Chelsea combine!

Don't worry, now that you know me, you can stop dreaming about $10 or rent on your cheesy studio! Come out clean & then you can put a bunch of zeros in front of that $10.

Ahreeman is generous!

" Mohamad cheshmaneh to va hamvatanat ra kor kard, "

Let go of Prophet's schlong! Whats with you & schlongs?

"va to ra be zangir keshand."

You are also into S&M? Good, c'mon over to SD. Ahreeman's House of Pleasurful Pain! I'll be waiting with a rose!

" Broo va zangir har bebor aie bardeh 1300 saleh."

Not that you can't spell English for Shiite, but you can't even write Persian! What the hell have you just wrote?

You mean: Boro va zanjir ha ra bebor ey bardeye 1300 saleh?

You call what you wrote Persian?

Where did you get your Doctorate & what is your Doctrine? You can't even talk English or Persian?!

Is this doctorate & doctrine from Khala or WC?

And I thought it was over 1400 & not 1300?! Go read my online history books, you need to refresh your memory Dr.!

"Broo kosat ra bekon zira to bedard siasat nemikhorie."

You have finally given a factor! Bravo Foroud, Bravo Bravoooooooooooo!

OK enough Kos o She'r!

Now listen & listen well,

If you truly want to debate with me, stop this bull shiite! Stop making Joe or Joseph the Carpenter IDs. Get your own ID, come to IPC out in the open & I'll have a political, philosophical, economical, historical & a fundamental debate with you. If you have balls, here is your invitation. Are you a man or are you a Mouse like your Buddy Reza Pahlavi.

That unanswered letter to him will be back up in new IPC Website as a document of his cowardice & it will stay there until the day he dies, as "The letter" & the logic that RP could not answer!

I am giving you an open invitation, right here & right now to come & debate me in public. Lets stop the childish games, screen names, sending me PMs, posting Bull Shiite in IPC or getting your Butt Boys to post crap in IPC. You got something to say, then don't hide behind Joe Shmoe IDs. You are forgetting that I am a Technology Specialist & I also have ITs working for me. Have you heard of a method called tracing? Do you think you are talking to Yaqn-Ali Baqal? Every ID you make, every Bull Shiite you write, every cockamamie episode you pull in IPC, I can tell where is it coming from. I know how you talk, how you write, what you write & what state of mind you have. Before you open your mouth & say "A", I know that you are going to say "Akbar"! I know you, better than your Mother! I know your whole history & everyone else's history in Iranian Politics. I am clear about all your tactics, episodes, rhetorics, past & future operation Azartoosh, Fandoq & Zepeleshk. Before a word comes out of your mouth, I know what will you say & what will be your next step.

Do you want to debate? Then come on over with your own ID. I get the office to announce this debate to All political orgs, personalities, media & everyone who is anybody in Iranian politics, ahead of times & before we start. Thanks to me, you & your Dokan (Anjoman-e Padeshahi) will get some free advertisement, but then again we advertise for everybody, why not you?!

Cut the crap, come on over face to face, live on the net & get down & dirty with me. Say what you have to say openly in public & lets have a fundamental debate.

Your garbage of the past "Ahreemanic Remark" & garbage of the present "Joe ID + Self-admiration" won't fly. I know you like the palm of my hand. I know all of you guys like palm of my hand & believe me, I know the palm of my hand very well! I have been jerking off for decades with that hand!

So stop your games, stop sending messengers, E-mails, stop making fake IDs, stop sending love letters. Do you want to accomplish something? If anyone can do anything for you in Iranian politics, that's me! Come clean & I will hear you out & conduct an honest debate with you.

But don't insult my intelligence by pulling Shiite like this! Do not Bull Shiite a Bull Shiiter! I am a master in BS, so don't BS me!

By the way, When does "Operation Shataraq" starts?!

This is the final message that you will ever get from me. Unless you come out clean & start a serious dialogue.

And please do not Frag with me. You made that asinine "Ahreemanic" remark (Ahreeman keep your Ahreemanic remarks to yourself .........) years ago & I am a person with a digital memory who never forgets & never forgives & I carry the grudge to the grave. You started the bull shiite & now you are continuing the bull shiite!

So, now you can either:

a) Keep playing games & I will keep on writing wonderful humor pieces on you & in the future, drawing caricatures of you!


b) Come out clean from behind your Desk & Little Derafsh, start a public Dialogue to enlighten All.

Which will it be?

You have been trying to start a dialogue with me for a long while! Well, here is your chance! We can take it to Formal Debate's Room & kick it.

Love your style Dr. Foroud-e Fouladvand. I hope you have enjoyed my "Ahreemanic Remarks"!

Ahreeman Bless you and your God, Dr. Fouladvand!



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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:48 pm


I have a few questions for you:

Why do Iranians always open their mouths before thinking first?

Why do Iranians always release judgment on someone or something before thoroughly studying that someone or something?

Why are Iranians so trigger happy before they learn how to use the gun?

Why are Iranians so ignorant?

You barged in here, same as many others before. You posted a cockamamie reply to a post without knowing the first thing about me, without reading my books and articles and even without reading this whole thread to know what the hell are you talking about!

You do not have a clue about what are you talking about. Simply because you have no clue about who I am, what is IPC, what is this site all about or even what is this thread all about!

You are defending Anti Islamism and defending Fouladvand, so you automatically assume that the two go together and if someone is exposing Fouladvand for an illiterate idiot, which he is, then that someone must be automatically a Muslim!

You assume that Anti Islam and Fouladvand are conclusive and cannot be Mutually Exclusive!

Your post does not even deserve a respond. Your post is a typical post by an ignorant Iranian, which we had seen thousands of them before. However, I am going to do you a favor and give you a few advices:

1. Fouladvand has done nothing new. Many before him had done much better. He is the same as a 5 year old kintergarden painter in comparison to Da Vinci. Maybe for you or people like you, Fouladvand is a Rostam and God of anti Islam. This is because of your lack of literacy to know many others (including myself) whom Fouladvand actively had copy/pasted their material into his TV.

2. Next time before opening the mouth about a subject or a person and releasing judgement, go and study enough about that subject or person, or else you end up making an ASS of yourself on a public forum. In this case, go study IPC, IPC Club and this whole thread before you make an asinine remark in public and embarrassing yourself.

3. Once you do the above, then you will realize that I am wrong about nothing; however, it is you who is wrong about everything, simply because you have opened your mouth, way too early about everything. You read one post of one large topic in a forum of a massive website and you started running your mouth (Typical Iranian) without the proper background knowledge.

As you see, my respond to you maybe rude and un-Iranianlike. Well, you have to excuse me, because at this point of my life, I simply have no more tolerance for ignorance of Iranians.

Once you got a clue about the subject, which you replied to, and you learned enough about what you were talking about, then come back and discuss the issue. Always remember:

Study First, Think Second, Open your mouth Third.

Next Time

Do not Assume = Making an ASS of U + Me!

We have extremely sophisticated Iranian masters on this forum. Don’t waste our time.

Good Luck

Watcher in the woods
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To know or not to know.. That is up to u

Postby Joehohoho » Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:25 am

I read this interesting book and I recommend it to you for your evaluation. It really worth reading and can extend your view on today’s political arena and past events in Iran.
***********Book name: “ Rule by Secrecy ” Author name is: Jim Marrs ************

Love u.. even with your blinders on
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Round and round we go...

Postby Joehohoho » Fri Jun 22, 2007 3:55 pm

Knock Knock
Knock Knock
No body knows who is who in Iran but what is very obvious is, presence of a Strong brotherhood network deep in the Sepah and other organs of Iranian government. They are hiding by posing as fanatic Muslim and anti west, while every action that they are taking is harming the country further and is in the interest of others. They are the one who swear most, at the west and form demonstration against the west. Interest rate abuse of last decades was one of their accomplishment ( in the benefit of their evil masters??), Erection ( :) ) of Ahmadinejad was another major one. Ugly Ahmadinejad in the form and speeches, represents the ugly Iranian in the form and intent. This is a great and free propaganda for brain washing the world and filling them with hate towards those hungry and poor people of Iran and bringing further control and misery onto them. Hostage crisis with British sailors was another action and propaganda for the west. This act could have facilitate the war and made every one in the world, point at Iran as the cause of the war. It persuaded the British to support the war and support Tony Blair’s wish for expansion of their war machines which they objected before. This group are the one who order to arrest women for Hejab, order to pick up the satellites and so on , to cause further confusion and chaos and hide behind it. They are in the back ground with many deceived brain washed followers ( filled with hate towards the west) in the fore front, acting in the name of Islam and justice. Lately they have acted so obvious that any average man could have noticed them but.....
point to ponder: After forceful erection of AhmadiNejad the fool, and his dictated threatening speech , A vast volume of money left the country. The amount of money was so vast that the world stagnated stock market started going up for 6 months. It is a chess game by the fool ( money lovers) against the fooler, and the winner get a ton of money while the fooler dies from hunger!!!

Love you but I wish you take your blinders off...C..C..C
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:16 am

In 2001, while I was in Iran. I realized that Sepah and Iranian intelligence are source and cause of spread of drugs, superstition and ignorance between people. I realized that there is a strongly woven secret and powerful brotherhood inside the government who is involved in this function ( I observed them In Khozestan). The whole activity was very systematic and planned and secretive... They may even have a secret ministry of “ Spread of Drugs, Superstition, Hunger, Ignorance, Prostitution,, for control and power” :) :) Just for fun, Lets call it “Ministry of D-SHIPS” Which sounds like “Dead sheep” :) :)
Brotherhood controls the world by control of resources, money and finances and now they are spreading this control over the rest of the world ( even to the little bitty countries which only own couple of dollars) . At the present, under the shadow of Atomic Crisis they are transferring all the national wealth in Iran to the designated Iranian brothers , in the name of privatization, for free or penny on a dollar. This process started a while ago, during the Khatemie, the master Freemason and your possible future Valie-ye Faghi-ye. And now, in the shadow of atomic crisis , the process is coming to conclusion ( Khatemiee as valiee-faghiee will establish himself by loosening some of the Islamic laws and by giving some freedom which makes all the sheep smile and hopeful. He will be your hero and the great one). Privatization process is one of the red zone which no one in Iranian government dares to stop.
As, western wished “democracy” spread in other rich and ignorant part of the world, you will observe the same process in those countries... Just watch and see. I would like to mention to the Iranian who dream about replacing the current government with “Padeshahiee” or “dictatorship” that they will face with abundance of resistance from outside because that can create some stability and reverse all the evils in benefit of people... Those choices only can happen, if the brotherhood’s efforts in control of Russia and China fail and everything in the world is threatened , and as a last temporary resort.
We had Hostage crisis as a pivot which established Mullahs, The war which cemented them and exhausted resources, and now Atomic crisis. How long they can continue this game? Every time the system is in danger a new game will start (as a pivot post for the fools, to go around it) until the conclusion of their purpose. After conclusion of their purpose, they may surrender all the Mullahs to the people for execution through court or other means, and hide behind it as the savior and sympathizer of people.. Ultimately the people’s anger needs to be discharged and grounded somewhere, away from real planners..... And non is better receiver but present fools in the government. We have a while until then..

Wish you could see... c c c c c c see
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Thu Jun 28, 2007 10:32 am

Ke az maast ke bar maast
With all the things said and done. The main problem is not resolved yet, and that is our ( your !) Perspective...

In memory of Mohamad Reza Shah The great Oghab and in remembrance of damned feather ( Featheration :) of Iranian Students) and the Pasdars of Ignorance..

I was having a nightmare... and.... I joined the others, which are myself!!??) In weaving ugly stories of blame and fear.
I just woke up again... and nightmares are half dead!
I shall preserve all the stories and their trace, as a reminder of my nightmarish sleep.... and... as a reminder to my progress and evolution!!!???. I shall form my last wish from the dead and burned ashes of fear and nightmares, and spread it in the gateway of knowledge and joy as a welcoming mat to the tired and bruised travelers of life. With a sign like this ==> :) Welcome :)
At every moment of our lives we are exposed to two world.. one is the true world and other one is the perceived world. They are two opposing world because One is real and one is illusion. One is learned and one is given to us. One is based on weakness of logic ( descriptions) and one is based on ever lasting love. One is based on un-certainty, scarcity and fear and other based on love , certainty and joy.
Because of my past Psychedelic experiences :) :) I am aware of both world but I am swinging between them ( I am a swinger :) ). I can not fully ground myself, in the world of illusion and/or at the same time I am still unstable in the world of truth.. Here I go..... back and forth. One time I decide to live with the truth and in the other occasion I fall in the trap of illusions...********

**Since we have abundance of writers in world of illusions, from now on I will try to stick to the truth and I will try to change my contribution to Spiritual-Politic :) and less contribute to the world of illusions, and I will leave that play ground for you., Below is more of what I am trying to tell you and many of your ancestors were aware of this distinctions. But first lets hear some point to ponder and then the rest: Here it comes, catch:
**Point to ponder: Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God. ****************
**Point to ponder: I am responsible for what I see, I choose the feeling that I experience and I decide upon goals that I achieve. Everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for and I receive as I have asked.. **Please repeat hundred times a day :) :( (: **.
*The above statement reminds me of many wise Persian poems which I have forgotten... One of them goes like this:
Roozi ze sare sang O-ghabi be hava khast
Bah-reh tala-beh too-me saro ball bia-rast
I do not remember the rest of it and I will be happy to hear it from one of you. All I remember is that, the O-ghab was shot down and when he/she looked at the wound she saw that she is shot by an arrow which is “made of and guided by one of her own feather”. The poem ends up with this statement: “ Ke az mast keh bar maast” It is all from us to us. Then change, chan,cha, ch, C,C,C, See, See, Be, Be, Be.....then do!!!! :) And remember that: Corruption should be in us(U!), to be perceived outside of Us(U!). **** Then.. lets point the finger to ourselves and start mending ourselves before pointing our finger at the bounty hunters!!, That is.. if any exist in that correct mental condition!!!
Look at the bunty hunters as natural bacteria and virus and remember that viruses can attack a weak body, then stregthen your mind and body. Hold hand and do not fall for the game of "separate and rule" which is based on your false pride and big ego. I remember that, "Iranian student Fedreation" was one container with one owner (?) but filled with hundred of different and opposing groups, guided for one purpose but with gurantee that they can never form a united front and effect the future. They were Used and then many of the dangerous one were killed according to the list. Do you see any similarity now " separate and rule"? And when the time comes who will ride the pony to his own destination and leave the rest arguing and screaming or dead?
Point to ponder:Our world is a reflection of our own being ( our collective believes) and the universe always provides the means to the end ( bounty hunters or no bounty hunters!!).
*Point to ponder: Serve, give, and be without expectations, and then you will know and receive. Remember : Goftar, Kerdar, Pendar nik and remember to look at every human even the one which looks weird to you as your brother because he is the doorway to your freedom from the trap of nightmares and the world of pain??.*****

Now........ here is more explanation about the two worlds:
Course in Miracle makes a fundamental distinction between this two world, real and unreal. Between knowledge and perception.
Knowledge is truth under one law, the law of love or God.
Truth is unalterable and eternal. It can be unrecognized but can not be changed. It applies to everything that God created and only what he created is real.
It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and space. It has no opposite no beginning and no end. It merely is.
Truth is real, eternal, unchangeable and it applies to everything created by God . And...You are the only thing which God created!!!??? which means only you are true and the rest is your dream or nightmares!!??). So... you have choices to choose from !!??.

The world of perception on in the other hand is the world of time, of change of beginning and endings. It is based on interpretation, not on facts.
It is the world of birth and death, founded on belief in scarcity, loss, separation, fear and death. It is learned rather than given, selective in its perceptual emphasis, unable in its interpretations.
From knowledge and perception respectively two distinct thought system arise, which are opposite in every respect.
In the realm of knowledge no thoughts exists apart from God, because God and his creation share one will. The world of perception however is made by the belief in opposites and separate will, and in perceptual conflict with each other and will of God.
********** Point to ponder: Let go and let God.
What perception sees and hears appears to be real because it permits into awareness only what confirms to the wishes of the perceiver. This leads to a world of illusions. A world which needs constant defense, precisely because it is not real. When you have been caught in the world of perception, you are caught in a dream. You can not escape without help , because everything your senses show , merely witness to the reality of the dream. Then..... Let go and let God... And ask for his guidance. I sound like a priest Ha? :) then.... laugh it off.
I will write more of this for you later. That is... if you like to hear...
Please repeat this hundred times before bed: " Ke Az Masst , Ke Bar maast"

Beep, Beep, Beep... Information over load ....... Beep, Beep, Beep.... :) :)
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:13 pm

Does election in a dictatorship system makes sense?...
If an elected person has no power then why waste time and money for election and not assign one?. Wake up dear wake up. Can you add one and one together? What a sofistcated game for profit.
Who is really running Iran? During the last election, one of the representative of Majles said " When it comes to ministry of oil, we have no power" "They send us one or two people and we have to choose one" Then he was brave enough to say that, others are running the show. You missed this didn't you?******************
Present set up in government of Iran proved itself as the best suppressive force ever and those who are benefitting from it will hold it as long as they can keep the people quiet.

Love you but...

I wish you take your blinders off
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:41 am

Can the Present shortage and rationing of Gasoline be a safety mechanism to protect the system and prevent any possible riot, specially if the atomic game stops or sick Kha-mene-iee dies? Gasoline was the only tool available to the people to fight back????? Besides a slave has no right to his own belongings, it all belongs to the master.
****It reminds me of control of “Salt mines” in India by the British????

Does not make sense to build a refinery first instead of Atomic energy?? Why it never happened and so late? *******
Why the Western media kept quiet in regards to the gasoline crisis in Iran while it repeats Ahmadi-nejad's stupid comments ten times a day?

***Is Atomic energy your pride and joy? What a lowly pride. My pride is my integrity but if I extended it further for comparison, I will be proud if I can provide myself with a piece of bread and gasoline and then other luxuries or needs.??? Can you fill your stomach and your car with pride?? When it comes to your good feeling about yourself, first Throw your pride in having and university degree in the trash because as long as you lean on them to bring you honor, you will be disappointed, although, they can give you temporary thrill. Be proud that you are a human and you have a chance to grow daily and so everyone else. Be proud that you are not better or worse than anyone, and that is indifference to all the outside appearances.???
****As far as you lean your worth on” things you own” and the “others’ approval” you will fall in misery and disappointment.
**** Love others, do not own them. Let them be and then be yourself. Everything they do or believe, is their world not yours. No expectations???? ***
**Learn to enjoy yourself, that is, indifference to others expectation or approval.
You can not extend to others what you do not have for yourself. Therefore “ learn to love yourself first” and then you can extend it.
Life makes rich and poor cry miserably indifference to their wealth or ranks. Emptiness and longing attacks both with no exception. But life can not touch a wise man, indifference to his wealth or rank.
Problems in the world would not die, as long as one expects to rule other, until one expects to have followers, but not equal brothers. As long as one expects others to conform to his believes and needs. All those false needs create illusion of separation and fear. And fear is father of pride, selfishness, jealousy and the rest of the evils.
**Pride in having things to complete you is based on feeling of incompleteness , lack and inferiority feelings. You are great as you are, all you need is an strong believe in that.

***Everyone is looking for happiness but most are looking in all the wrong places!!!!
Why our people are going backward? First pride then food??? Is it because they are filled with inferiority feeling? Everyone wants to be the boss indifference to their capability. Every one wants to be rich even if they have to sell others to slavery?? Believe me that, your feeling is internal and nothing from outside can fill it. That includes money, power and even Atomic energy. That feeling was injected to you by your dear Islam and a long period of slavery which has not ended yet. Your ( our) problems relate to your (our) abused and corrupted collective ( individual) mind which needs to be mended.
Everything and everyone is a projection of your mind and they will have to behave with you, according to your feeling and your believes. It is so because all is a game and you are the writer of the scenario. then feel great about yourself and ignore the arrogant with a cold look. Do not empower others over yourself by thinking negative about yourself or your origin.
*** Indifference to any experience , amount of possession or social rank, you are all great and worthy at your source and that can never be taken away from us.

Love u.......................................
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:37 am

Who is really running the show?
A pointer at your past, present and possible future events:
Read this book: Confessions of an Economic hit man
Writer: John Perkins
You still do not know who did it to you and who is still doing it to you. You ask for help from the doers and they gladly you set you up to your death. It is the cheapest way to destroy the opposition. Do not listen to any one's words no matter how logical and sweet they are, look and see where the money is flowing and what is happening in Iran. That is the only way you can see some truth. It is all about money and control, the methods are not important. And human life has no value specially Iranian.
Iranian Government is investing every where and gives to any one as long as it is not in Iran. While the factories in Iran are closing daily, Government is building facility for others, from south America to Middle east. The truth is that they know that if Iranian belly becomes full they will be uncontrollable.
I do not think any free, independent government will ignore its own people in benefit of every one else. Is Mr. Mesbah Yazdi a great master or just a fanatic? And how many of them are there.

Love you but....
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby IPC » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:32 pm


You have started talking to yourself and quoting from yourself. Your last post was a quote of the post before that! You are having conversations with yourself and quoting yourself! Fouladvand does the same routine! We have deleted the last repetitive post. Your condition is getting worst. It is known as {Exiled Iranian Psychotic Syndrome}. You need urgent psychiatric consultation.

Love you with or without your sanity
But …….

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Postby Joehohoho » Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:01 pm

I hit you in a very sensitive part (balls?), right :) ?
I tried to mirror your false values and show you where your problems are and why you are where you are (miserable). But some of you did not get the point. Did you? Your wish for pride and fakery will dis-align you and can be used against you, get deeper and wiser... Then you deserve better..
****** You are mostly blind and I tried to lend you my eyes, just as a favor :)***********

All my writing was from me to me and who ever wanted to hear.. I did not responded to other's posts( unless it was a question?) because I see most of you as a 3 years old infants with a worthless PHD ( credential (shell!!)!!??) or noble prize shell. You always need a shell to be worthy, and now looking for Atomic shell with a empty belly to compensate. Which means you need others' words or possession of things to confirm your worth. This wrong values will block your vision. Besides I think you are always great with or without possession and degree.
***I have no problem with you having anything including atomic technology but making it the national pride ( binding your worth to it!!)makes me puke!! Even then, if you want to consider it as a pride point, it is a Russian pride ( not yours?)who were building it, charging you double double and at the end showing you their middle finger. **********************
Everyone receives what they deserve. No one can do anything to you unless your subconscious invite that act. As I have said many times our individual and collective subconscious is polluted and needs to be cleaned. And I need to remind you that our ancestor had a clean subconscious mind which was ruled by "Do, Say, Think right" but historical events destroyed it. And we almost lost everything!!***********
**How to clean it: To clean your subconscious I ask all of you to read all the Quantum books you can find and read each one twice and understand them. Then try to deliver that information to the masses**********If you do that all your dark dreams will disappear, I promise.
***I became involved in this blame game with you because I expected more from those who are running the world. But may be they are where they are and what they are, which is A sample of the present masses. Besides they went to the same universities as you and they cherish same wrong values as you do.
***I think no one can win in a blame game and nothing will be resolved besides creation of more frustration and anger. My purpose is correction not more problems, I was heading to Chicago :) ??.
I decide to go back to my core belief which is; "The solution" is correction of human's mind not pointing finger and blaming which will warm up the ugly game more.
Read, read all the quantum books and read and understand the meaning behind your ancestors' poetry those can deliver you home. Work on your subconscious and I promise you to end up back home and all your problems will vanish. As long as your belief system needs to be done to to, there is always one who respond ( as a favor!!??) and do it to you.
********** Ke Az Maast Ke Bar Mast*
No more blame, problem is in us and the solution is a choice.
Lets forgive the past, stop the blame, unite and save the civilization from coming darkness. Unless.... you want your kids to be stoned to death?? Hold hand and swallow your ego.

May be, you do not deserve my harsh words of wisdom then, Just go and start swearing at each other as BM (before me :) ). By my harsh words I am trying to shock your belief and wake you up. Life is a game or a dream and Your present dream sucks!!! Change your mind and your life will change.
I agree that something was done to you but the cause is inside yourself?? Can you bravely search and find that cause and eradicate it!! Leave your damn pride out and do it because if you do not you will be done to again. Simple like one two and three, ha? That is how we evolve.
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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