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IRI Nuclear Scientist Fakhrizadeh Assassination Updates

Postby CR » Tue Dec 01, 2020 2:48 pm

IRI Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination Updates

What he knew: Why Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was marked for death ... -for-death

Iran: Saudi Arabia Only Gulf State Not to Condemn Nuclear Scientist Killing ... t-killing/

Former CIA chief John Brennan blasts killing of Iranian nuclear scientist ... scientist/

Obama CIA Director John Brennan blasts assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist ... iranian-le

More Reported Attacks on Iranian Military, Intelligence Officials as Parliament Reacts ... parliament

Adviser to Iran’s leader: US attack risks ‘full-fledged war’ ... b24d683306
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IRI Executed Ruhollah Zam

Postby CR » Sat Dec 12, 2020 11:27 am

IRI Executed Ruhollah Zam
IRI Hung Ruhollah Zam 47 Years Old from the Crain
Ruhollah Zam’s Crime was Corruption on Earth!

IRI Fooled Zam, Captured Him, Tortured him & Jailed him
IRI Conducted Sham Trial & Executed Zam
IRI Executed Zam for Online Journalism

A France Based Journalist Executed in Iran!
Zam is One of the Thousands Executed for Protests
Mullahs Shameless Massacre Continues

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Iran
These are Fruits of Islam for Iran
This is Life Under the Islamic Regime

Islam is the Syphilis for Iran
Islam is the Roots of Iran’s Misery
Islam is the Reason for Iran’s Backward Culture

The Only Good Mullah is a Dead Mullah
The Only Good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah
The Only Good IRGC is a Dead IRGC

To Ayatollahs of Qom:
Soon or Late, there will be a Bloody Uprising
Soon or Late the Opposition will Free Iran
In a Free Iran, Paybacks Will be a Bitch!








Journalist Ruhollah Zam Executed in Iran

Iran Wire

Dissident journalist Ruhollah Zam has been executed in Iran after he was kidnapped and forcibly returned to the country last year.

The father-of-two was the founder and head of Amad News, an independent website and Telegram channel that played an important role during the 2017 protests.

He was executed by hanging on the morning of December 12, 2020 having been convicted of a litany of offences that the Revolutionary Court in Tehran said amounted to “corruption on earth”.

Zam had been living in fear for his life as an asylum seeker in Paris for several years before his arrest in Baghdad, Iraq last October. He had travelled to Iraq in the belief he was going to meet Ayatollah Sistani, but had been lured into a trap. The IRGC then oversaw his transfer him back to Iran.

After months of detention Zam’s trial got under way in February and in July, he was sentenced to death after an unfair trial that relied on false confessions. His family immediately appealed the verdict but it was overturned by the Supreme Court in a ruling only belatedly published in early December.

Speaking to IranWire before the final verdict was released, Zam’s lawyer in Paris, Hassan Fereshtyan, said he had told his client in no uncertain terms not to go to Iraq in October 2019 – but Zam had already bought his visa. Describing him as "courageous, ambitious, at times naïve, and full of that fiery youthfulness", he said Zam had considered abandoning journalism to set up a business in exile but in the end, resolved not to abandon Amad News.

News of Zam’s execution was received bitterly by Iranians and human rights defenders on social media this morning. Human rights defender Masih Alinejad wrote that she was “deeply shocked and saddened” by his death, pointing out that his kidnapping by the IRGC “could happen to all of us”.

The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and others called on the international community to condemn the killing. The French government had previously described his death sentence as "a serious blow to freedom of expression and press freedom in Iran."

Father of Executed Journalist: They Deceived My Son

Mohammad Ali Zam, Ruhollah Zam’s father, said his son had been tricked into “confessing” to the 13 charges against him with the false promise of an upcoming “prisoner exchange”.

In a post on his Instagram page, Zam’s father described his last visit to his son in prison. He said that during their exchange, the officer overseeing the visit asked him not to talk with Ruhollah about the as-yet unpublished ruling by the appeals court to uphold his death sentence. Furthermore, he said, he was told that “if” the sentence had been upheld it would not be carried out immediately, but would go through a formal process first that “we will tell you about”.

Ruhollah informed his father that his taped “confession”, which had been broadcast a few days previously on Iranian state television, had been recorded a month earlier by the agents of the judiciary.

“Although the case was over and the verdict had been issued,” he told his father, “the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Unit handed me to the judiciary about two months ago and I underwent long interrogation sessions, first by the judiciary’s security division and then by the Intelligence Ministry.”

Zam’s father also wrote that interrogators had promised Ruhollah he would be released in a prisoner exchange, and his “confessions” would be heard only by judiciary chief Ebrahim Raeesi.

Ruhollah Zam had been made to confess, amongst other things, to receiving cash payments from foreign countries, espionage and “revealing the whereabouts” of General Ghasem Soleimani, the commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force who was killed by a US drone strike in Iraq last year in Iraq.

In June this year Zam was sentenced to death by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, presided over by Judge Abolghasem Salavati. The 13 charges against him, which it was decided amounted to “corruption on earth”, included “working with French, Israeli, and U.S. intelligence agencies”, “spreading false news and propaganda”, “acting against national security”, “insulting holy Islamic values, law enforcement agents, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the late Ayatollah Khomeini”, “espionage”, “spreading corruption”, “collecting classified information”, “making income from illegitimate sources”, “encouraging people to break national order and security”, “collusion against national security” and “creating and joining a hostile group.”



Iran Executes Dissident Journalist Ruhollah Zam

Iran executes dissident journalist

Iran executes dissident journalist who inspired 2017 protests: state media

Iran executes French-based dissident journalist Ruhollah Zam

Iran: State TV announces execution of journalist convicted of fomenting violence at 2017 protests



Ruhollah Zam: Iran executes journalist accused of fanning unrest

Iran Executes French-based Dissident Journalist Captured Last Year ... -last-year

Iran Executes Opposition Journalist Ruhollah Zam ... 96979.html

Iran executes exiled journalist who encouraged 2017 protests ... s-74685595

Iran executes journalist Ruhollah Zam over his online work ... line-work/
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Protectorate IRI of Medieval Ayatollahs’ Illegitimate Regime

Postby Surenareal » Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:06 am

It is now clear for most Iranians that medieval ayatollahs’ illegitimate regime occupying Iran today is a neo-colonial protectorate regime, that is subservient to its protecting powers of 5+1, England, Russia, China, France, Germany, and European Union.

Some of the same world powers that installed the Illegitimate regime of medieval ayatollahs, in 1979, after a decade of preparation of regime change plot, that was finalized in Guadalupe Conference on 4-7 January,1979, by the leading powers of this plot: England, US, France, and Germany.

Today the Neo-Colonial Protectorate of medieval Ayatollahs’ regime in Iran, the IRI and its Cutthroat thugs, the illiterate ignorant militia; mostly Arab foreign mercenaries, of IRGC, and Bassijis, show complete servitude to their protecting foreign powers.

In the clear day-light and shamelessly they are selling the country and its natural resources, including Gold mines, Crude Oil wells , and fishing rights in Persian Gulf to the Foreign Powers in exchange for protecting their illegitimate regime.

These bunch of stateless traitors were stateless traitors from very beginning of their installation in power by their Foreign Masters in 1979, and will sell themselves, their families, and their country to stay in power a little longer.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Kargozaran » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:43 am

It is now also clear that you are a Zionist Jew Agent of Israel, talking much Haziyan and Nonsense on an exiled based bulletin board full of crazies, psychos, delusional mentals, terrorists, and other enemies of our republic who betray our republic. Do your job for Israel and your boss Reza Pahlavi.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha

Ba Eradat
Iranian Technocrat who builds Iran
A New Look, A New Iran
Hame Ba Ham; Kar

Executives of Construction Party of Iran
(Hezbe Kargozarane Sazandegie Iran)
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Qods IRI » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:54 am

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

In the name of Hazrati Ayatollah al Udama, Seyed Ali Khamenei, Imam of world Shia’ and my Moula Ali

Marhaba Musulman, marhaba. Tell his dirty ajnabi, mufsid Zionist soul, how it is. We are the good people who build the land of Islam and shine on land of koffar.

Labbayk Labbayk Ya Hussein

Ali Ali, Imam Ali, Seyed Ali Khamenei

Soldier of Islam
IRGC Qods Corps
Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - Qods Units Special Forces
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Bita K » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:00 am

Kargozaran and Suren Areal are 2 ends of the same filthy stick. On one end, there is Hezbollah and on other end Shahollah, both reactionary, regressive, brain dead, conspiracy theorists and ill people.

We need to look forward and clear our minds from such trash
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will function, prosper and last for long!
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:21 am

Hello People

I’m sitting here minding my own business and curing the mentally challenged and criminally insane in Cedars Sini Psychiatric Ward, and then what I see? A number of my patients escaped from the ward and now running loose in the IPC Club!
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Cockroaches come out from nowhere, out of the woodwork! Don’t worry, I help and the help is here. The club exterminator and Psychiatrist of the Board is here to arrest and deposit all the mental patients back to where they belong, the ward.
Suren Areal, Kargozaran, Qodsi Khanoom, Chapool Socialist Khanoom, everybody line up for straight jackets, here we go kids, 1, 2 ,3 4, yeas we got enough, let’s go kids, back to the psychiatric ward we go.
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Orderlies, please help pack the ambulance and lets go back to the hospital.
:bondage: :bondage: :bondage: :bondage:
Bye bye kids
Psychiatrist of the Board
Dr. BB

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Some Revelations of Martyred Iranian Patriot Rohollah Zam

Postby Surenareal » Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:33 am

Abdol-Reza Rahmani Fazli is a mass murderer.

The Patriot Rouhollah Zam revealed in his News Channel “Amad-News’’ that the Illegitimate Regime of “Rowzeh-khan” Ali Khamenei, and his Organized Crime Mafia cliques around him in his bunker, including illiterate ignorant IRGC and Bassijis gangster leaders, are all Foreign Power agents and traitors to Iran and Irannians.

Martyred Patriot R. Zam revealed that all members of this Organized Crime Mafia Regime of Medieval Ayatollahs receive their daily orders 24 hours, 7 days per week, from their foreign power Secrete Service Agent-Handlers in Khamenei bunker in Tehran, which is a true Nest of all powers Foreign Spies, such agents as daughter of Larijani.

Mass murderer Abdol-Reza Rahmani Fazli so-called, Minister of Interior of the Neocolonial Protectorate of IRI, has Committed Crimes Against Humanity, he has murdered at least 1500 young Iranians, with bullets one year ago, during the Gasoline Uprising in Iran, in Aabaan 1398.


The Illegitimate regime of medieval ayatollahs occupying Iran today, even with 90% U-235 enrichment, is so much backward technologically that their primitive know how can never manufacture a nuclear bomb, it is all bluff.

The Illegitimate regime of medieval ayatollahs and mullahs, occupying Iran today, with their ignorant Mafia Godfather “Row-zeh-khaan” Ali Khamenei and his cliques all live in7th century AD, culturally, Scientifically, and technologically.

This de facto neocolonial protectorate regime of IR is incapable of manufacturing something as simple as; a Screwdriver, a Needle; a Bicycle, or a Motorcycle Engine, forget about rocket engine and satellites, it is all shameless lies and bluffs and propaganda by these ignorant illiterate Bedouin militia.

Their ignorant and illiterate militia the IRGC, Bassijis, plain-cloth cutthroat thugs, are mostly recruited from Bedouin Arab mercenaries.

They are extremely backward, with WW-1 equipment, everything is smuggled in from China, North Korea, and other countries, montaged and shamelessly claim they are home made.

Even with 90% Uranium235 enrichment, this extremely backward illiterate ignorant regime can never make a nuclear bomb.


The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,

by Charles Darwin

Natural selection

To understand the origin of whales, it's necessary to have a basic understanding of how natural selection works. Natural selection can change a species in small ways, causing a population to change color or size over the course of several generations. This is called "microevolution."

But natural selection is also capable of much more. Given enough time and enough accumulated changes, natural selection can create entirely new species, known as "macroevolution." It can turn dinosaurs into birds, amphibious mammals into whales and the ancestors of apes into humans.

Take the example of whales — using evolution as their guide and knowing how natural selection works, biologists knew that the transition of early whales from land to water occurred in a series of predictable steps. The evolution of the blowhole, for example, might have happened in the following way:

Random genetic changes resulted in at least one whale having its nostrils placed farther back on its head. Those animals with this adaptation would have been better suited to a marine lifestyle, since they would not have had to completely surface to breathe. Such animals would have been more successful and had more offspring. In later generations, more genetic changes occurred, moving the nose farther back on the head.

But Darwin wasn't the first or only scientist to develop a theory of evolution. The French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck came up with the idea that an organism could pass on traits to its offspring, though he was wrong about some of the details. Around the same time as Darwin, British biologist Alfred Russel Wallace independently came up with the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Modern understanding

Darwin didn't know anything about genetics, Pobiner said. "He observed the pattern of evolution, but he didn't really know about the mechanism." That came later, with the discovery of how genes encode different biological or behavioral traits, and how genes are passed down from parents to offspring. The incorporation of genetics and Darwin's theory is known as "modern evolutionary synthesis."

The physical and behavioral changes that make natural selection possible happen at the level of DNA and genes. Such changes are called mutations. "Mutations are basically the raw material on which evolution acts," Pobiner said.

Mutations can be caused by random errors in DNA replication or repair, or by chemical or radiation damage. Most times, mutations are either harmful or neutral, but in rare instances, a mutation might prove beneficial to the organism. If so, it will become more prevalent in the next generation and spread throughout the population.
In this way, natural selection guides the evolutionary process, preserving and adding up the beneficial mutations and rejecting the bad ones.

"Mutations are random, but selection for them is not random," Pobiner said.
But natural selection isn't the only mechanism by which organisms evolve, she said. For example, genes can be transferred from one population to another when organisms migrate or immigrate, a process known as gene flow. And the frequency of certain genes can also change at random, which is called genetic drift.

A wealth of evidence

Even though scientists could predict what early whales should look like, they lacked the fossil evidence to back up their claim. Creationists took this absence as proof that evolution didn't occur. They mocked the idea that there could have ever been such a thing as a walking whale. But since the early 1990s, that's exactly what scientists have been finding.

The critical piece of evidence came in 1994, when paleontologists found the fossilized remains of Ambulocetus natans, an animal whose name literally means "swimming-walking whale." Its forelimbs had fingers and small hooves but its hind feet were enormous given its size. It was clearly adapted for swimming, but it was also capable of moving clumsily on land, much like a seal. When it swam, the ancient creature moved like an otter, pushing back with its hind feet and undulating its spine and tail.

Modern whales propel themselves through the water with powerful beats of their horizontal tail flukes, but Ambulocetus still had a whip-like tail and had to use its legs to provide most of the propulsive force needed to move through water.

In recent years, more and more of these transitional species, or "missing links," have been discovered, lending further support to Darwin's theory, Richmond said. Fossil "links" have also been found to support human evolution. In early 2018, a fossilized jaw and teeth found that are estimated to be up to 194,000 years old, making them at least 50,000 years older than modern human fossils previously found outside Africa. This finding provides another clue to how humans have evolved.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby IPC » Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:22 pm

Suren Areal

Everyone knows where IPC posts stand and everyone also knows your posts are mostly nonsense, conspiracy theory and pro Reza Pahlavi. You are not a constructive opposition to IRI, morely IRI agents and pro IRI people mock you as a conspiracy theorist. I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here:

“Abdol-Reza Rahmani Fazli is a mass murderer.”

Where is your evidence?

“The Patriot Rouhollah Zam revealed in his News Channel “Amad-News’’ that the Illegitimate Regime of “Rowzeh-khan” Ali Khamenei, and his Organized Crime Mafia cliques around him in his bunker, including illiterate ignorant RGC and Bassijis gangster leaders, are all Foreign Power agents and traitors to Iran and Iranians.”

Where is your evidence?
Where is the link to Rouhollah Zam site writing this information?

“Martyred Patriot R. Zam revealed that all members of this Organized Crime Mafia Regime of Medieval Ayatollahs receive their daily orders 24 hours, 7 day per week, from their foreign power Secrete Service Agent-Handlers in Khamenei bunker in Tehran, which is a true Nest of all powers Foreign Spies, such agents as daughter of Larijani.”

Where is it written?
Where is your evidence?

“Mass murderer Abdol-Reza Rahmani Fazli so-called, Minister of Interior of the Neocolonial Protectorate of IRI, has Committed Crimes Against Humanity, he has murdered at least 1200 young Iranians with bullets one year ago during Gasoline Uprising in Iran, Aabaan 1398.”

Why should people believe you?
Where is your evidence?
Where is the link to the website stating this info?

My point is that anyone can post anything here but posting things doesn’t make them true, real news and facts. You have been posting conspiracy theories, propaganda, crazy stories and nonsense on this board for a long time. You have also been posting repeated spam on this board for a long time to the point that Club admin warned to ban you.

You have no evidence, no links, no expose, no document, no factual reasoning behind your nonsense. What you write is not news, evidence, facts and reason. What you write is opinion, your opinion, your crazy stories and repeated propaganda about some stupid book and audio series by Foroud Fouladvand!

My question is:

What is the difference between the garbage, conspiracy theories and propaganda posted by IRI Agents and you on this board?
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Old Monarchist Mentality of Conspiracy & Lies

Postby Shahrzad BB » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:12 pm

Old Monarchist Mentality of Conspiracy & Lies

Psychological Analysis by Dr. BB
Monarchists & Mullahs Psychosis


“What is the difference between the garbage, conspiracy theories and propaganda posted by IRI Agents and you on this board?”

I don’t know the difference but I know they have one thing in common: Both are nuts and mental!

Old Monarchist Mentality dictates that IRI is a product of London, Paris, Berlin, Washington and so. This way, the Monarchists release the responsibility from themselves that they are the reason that people revolted against the Shah and revolution happened. Next thing you know, Mullahs kidnaped the revolution and replaced it with IRI.

Old Monarchists also see the Iranians as helpless victims who do not decide their own destiny because America, UK and France decide their destiny!

Old Monarchists also see Iranians as cattle, incompetent to turn the page on their own destiny. In their minds, Iranians are children and braindead. Mullahs and Monarchists both think people need a guardian. Shah referred to Iranians as children who needed him as a father. Mullahs refer to Iranians as kids in need of Velayate Faghih.

Old Monarchists brainwash their children into thinking the same way. These kids grow up with false narrative and never see the true history and cause and effect. I used to be a Monarchist brainwashed by my parents, family, environment around me and LA society. Truth opened my eyes, historical truth mostly by Ahreeman, Cat and IPC.

Not many kids can free themselves from old monarchist lies and conspiracies. I did it because I was always asking questions and not taking things for granted. I was lucky that I encountered IPC.

Old Monarchists take Iranians as stupid and cattle who need a Shah to save them. Mullahs are the same, they think of Iranians as the little kids or cattle.

Monarchists and Mullahs have a lot in common. Mullah’s conspiracies of “Estekbare Jahani” and “Global Imperialism” is very much the same as Monarchists’ “Abar Ghodrathaye Jahani” and “Neo Colonial Imperialism”. The difference between the two is that Mullahs accuse Monarchists of being the Imperialists’ agents but Monarchists accuse the Mullahs of being the Imperialists’ agents!

Truth is that Mullahs and Monarchists are both retarded, mental, delusional and conspiracy theorists. Thinking Iranians are aware of this reality. They can only fool the naïve kids with not much history or political lessons taken!

For young Iranians, please read this post and watch the video to educate yourselves to the truth:

Why IRI Was Born?

Don’t fall for lubricated facts shoved down your throats by mental monarchists and mullahs!

Monarchist and Mullahs Conspiracies and Talking Points are getting too old. It is pass 4 decades, we hear the same nonsense.

Psychiatrist of the Board
Dr. BB

Long Live Me,
Death To Those Who Hate Me.
Blonde Bombshell
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Surenareal » Sun May 02, 2021 3:12 pm

Revelations about Hassan Rowhani's Nephew Ismail Samaavi

See Web link

Javaad Karimi Ghodoosi representative of Mullahs’ Majlis has just yesterday revealed that Mr. Ismail Samaavi, the nephew of so-called President Hassan Rowhani is MI6 Agent that receives daily and very frequent phone calls from MI6, that includes dictated orders to be transmitted to so-called President Hassan Rowhani


NEW: Missing Link in all the opposition Commentators about Real Political Situation in Neocolonial Protectorate of IRI

The missing link is the fact that Rowzeh-khan Ali Khamenei, and few hundred members of his Organized Crime Mafia Regime occupying Iran today, get their daily orders, every single day, seven days per week, from 5+1 foreign powers' secret services; including Crude Oil Multinational Companies operating in Iran.

Not many commentators, and so-called independent Journalists, have the courage to dare reveal and tell the truth about the high treasons of few hundred Stateless traitors and foreign puppet Ayatollahs; now in control of Neocolonial protectorate of IRI. With the daily help of foreign powers advisors, who originally established this illegitimate regime of medieval Ayatollahs in Iran, with their long-term well-prepared plot of regime-change in Iran of 1979.

Members of this Organized Crime Mafia Ayatollahs of Illegitimate regime occupying Iran today are all foreign powers’ Secret Services Assets in Iran, who receive their daily marching orders, and fat paychecks, from their foreign masters and puppeteers.

The main strategic goal of 5+1 foreign powers, who are behind the scene in full control of Iran today, is to dissolve and break-up Iran into the neo-colonial Sheikhdoms, like the ones that exist in Persian Gulf today, these foreign powers have effectively colonized Iran today.

Using the same road-maps utilized in recent past for the break-ups of third world country Sudan, that was divided into South Sudan and Sudan, with the help of their puppet traitor Islamist and secret Services asset Mullah Al-Bashir; the break-up of former Yugoslavia, and divisions of other third world Countries, that are in progress today; in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. As one BBC political commentator recently put it; the map of Middle East is uncertain and in the process of changing.

Do not vote for foreign puppet illegitimate regime occupying Iran today

Do Not vote for the foreign puppet regime in Iran ”rai-be-rai”

Row-zeh-khan Ali Khamenei is a traitor, an ignorant puppet of foreign powers 5+1, and crude oil multinational companies operating in Iran,

Traitor Khamenei with his Organized Crime Mafia the ignorant, illiterate militia; IRGC, Bassijis, who are mostly Bedouin Arabs, known as plain-clothes, are savage killer mercenaries, with a few hundred ignorant medieval traitor Ayatollahs, belonging culturally to the 7th century, and all are foreign puppets, subservient to foreign powers, and Crude Oil Multinationals that are plundering Iran's natural resources today.

These illegitimate regime traitor Ayatollahs and Mullahs are all foreign powers’ Secret Service Assets, receiving their daily orders from 5+1 foreign powers Secret Service Agents, 24 hours each day, seven days per week,

So do not vote, everyone stay at home, do not vote for continuous foreign occupation of Iran, that is going to lead to dissolution of Iran as one whole country, and its break-up into several Sheikhdoms, as Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms and as in the past break-up of Yugoslavia. Today's Sudan, and dissolution and break-ups in progress today in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yamen.

NEW: Shameless Big Lies and pure fabrication of statistics of Voters participation in the Illegitimate Regime of Foreign puppet Ayatollahs' regime, a Neocolonial Protectorate Regime.

Mos-ta-me-rah Na-vin, Tah-tol-he-maa-yeh Aj-nabi row-zeh khan Ali Khamenei va Adam-kosh Jaani (Mass Murderer) Akhond Raiessi.

Less the 5 % participation in the theatrical show of election in IR Protectorate was turned, by order of the Reuters, Ayatollah BBC, and other masters and puppeteers of puppet Ayatollahs, into 50 % to fabricate fake legitimacy for this illegitimate regime. There is not a shred of evidence for this high rate of participation and they cannot fool anyone.

NEW: How to Close the Loophole of simplicity and naiveté of the Third World Country Citizens?

Exploitation of of this Simplicity by Major Powers' Media Outlets, such as; the BBC TV, Iran Int. TV, VOA TV, Manon To TV, Radio Farda,....

One of the most flagrant exploitation, by neocolonialists media outlets, of third world country citizens, such as Iran, is to abuse their citizens inherent simplicity and naiveté, due to lack of critical thinking in the education system of Iran today, under the occupation of neocolonialist puppets and illegitimate regime of Ayatollahs with their Organized Crime Mafia regime of foreign puppet god-father Row-zeh-khan Ali Khamenei.

One of the common exploitation of third-world simplicity is to show the pictures and videos of foreign puppets and traitor row-zeh-khan Ali Khamenei, or other members of his Mafia regime, daily and constantly, several times each day, in their Media Outlets beamed to Iran, to legitimize their puppet regime in Iran, setting very bad examples for other simple minded citizens.

To combat these exploitation we must never ever show any pictures or videos of these mass-murderers; including traitor and mass-murderer Ali Khamenei, in your report or on your websites, ignore all images and videos of these criminals. Since showing their pictures only legitimized their illegitimate titles.

These mass-murderers, occupying Iran today, get their orders; 24 hours per days, seven day per week, from foreign agents, their puppeteers, operating in their offices in Iran.

Including agents of 5+1 major foreign powers, of international crude-oil consortium, operating in Iran and owning thousands of square miles of Iranian lands.

The foreign secret service agents in the bunker of Ali Khamenei, that has these foreign powers in actual control of his illegitimate government, in his bunker in Tehran.

These Foreign powers with their subservient Ayatollahs and Mullahs Valets and Butlers planted in so-called ministers consisting of secret service foreign agents, and members of free masons in Iran.

Among these foreign powers’ Butlers and Valets are; so-called Minister of interior, mass-murderer traitor Abdel Reza Rahmani Fazli; murdered 1500 Iranians in the Gasoline uprising last year, the minister of foreign affairs, traitor Zarif; of Oil, traitor Bezhan Zan-geneh.

Must be included in this mass-murderers list; the heads of Bedouin illiterate ignorant militia; the IRGC. Bassijis, and Plain clothes - these savages will all be in "Nuremburg Style Trails" after coming Liberation of Iran.

General Strike will Continue In Iran Until the Overthrow of Foreign Puppet Butler and Valet, Ali Khamenei, and his Mafia Regime Occupying Iran Today.

The illegitimacy of IRI regime, that has been illegitimate for 42 years, was again confirmed two weeks ago by 95% of Iranians who solidly rejected this mafia regime by not participating in the fraudulent selection, organized by this illegitimate foreign puppet regime.

Next action by Iranian people has already started; massive participation in General Strikes in Iran that has full hearted support and strong majority of Iranian people.

The most effective way to prepare the people of Iran for this overthrow; has been recognized; the fact that IRI regime is a foreign installed regime from very first day of its foreign powers' installation, finalized in Guadeloupe Conference, in a Summit of four head of State of; US, UK, France, and Germany, in January 1979.

Overwhelming majority of Iranians, more that 90%, know that mass-murderer Row-zeh-khan Ali Khamenei is a Butler and Valet of these foreign powers, including Multinational Oil Companies that are now in control of the vast Iran’s Crude Oil Fields, of several thousands square kilometers of Iranian land.

Majority of Iranian people now know that so-called ministers of this illegitimate regime are puppets, valets, and butlers that receive their daily marching orders from those foreign powers’ spies that are planted in offices of regime's Ayatollahs, getting their orders, 24 hours per day, seven days per week


Towards General Uprising Against Illegitimate Regime of Foreign Puppet Ayatollahs Occupying Iran.

It is time for the people of Iran to capture all central offices of the; provinces, cities and districts, and arrest all the traitors and foreign puppet mercenaries of this illegitimate regime occupying Iran today, by all and any means possible.

#################################################################################################### New

115th Anniversary of Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906

This year is 115th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, (En-ghe-laab Mash-roo-teh, 14 Amordaad Maah).

This was the first real revolution in the whole region that happened 11-years before the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917, in Russia.

Unlike the foreign powers’ plot and sponsored Regime Change, and Fake Revolution of 1979 in Iran.

The most significant outcomes of the revolution of 1906 in Iran was the establishment of a representative Parliament the Majlis, written constitution, and the rule of law.

Among the lessons to be learned from that period of struggle of Iranian people for the rule of law and representative government that can be applicable in today’s Iran under Ayatollahs’ tyranny, is how when the whole Iran is united for a cause, it can lead to victory.

The peoples of; Espahan, Tabriz, Gillan, Mazandaran, then everywhere in Iran, rose against the Mohammad Ali Shah’s dictatorship, and for the re-establishment of Parliament, the Majlis,

after shah has bombarded the Majlis, and murdered several of peoples’ representatives, using his own Kazakhs militia and bodyguards.

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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Sun May 02, 2021 6:44 pm

Crazy Man: :mixed:

Javad Karimi Ghodoosi is a fundamentalist Hezbo who has a big problem with Moderate fraction of Hezbos like Rouhani. This is an internal IRI issue between fundies and moderates or fundies and reformists. They come up with the wildest accusations without any touchable evidence. Javad Karimi Ghodoosi did not unveil anything and did not show any evidence. He just gossiped. Anyone can do that.

Be roobah goftand shahedet kiyeh? Goft dombamb! :banghead:

This is your story. You are so desperate to prove that 1979 was a coup and you can’t find any evidence, so now you scoop as low as bringing links from Hezbollah sites that one Hezbo accused another Hezbo of different fraction of Hezbos that they are British Intelligence! That’s your evidence, words of some Hezbo! Same British Intelligence that you propagate the British system of monarchy works great for Iran.

:idea1: If you want to prove that Mullahs have relations with UK, everyone knows that for centuries they had relations with UK.

:idea1: If you want to prove that IRI is not independent, everyone knows that IRI has been dependent to Russia and China for years.

:idea1: If you want to prove that Mullahs are criminals, everyone already knows that.

:idea1: If you want to prove that USA run by Democrats, UK, Germany and France blessed coming of Khomeini, everyone already knows that it is true.

[-X But none of all of these silly so-called evidences will ever prove that 1979 was a coup. 1979 was a stupid act which registered as an Islamist Revolution or Reaction but not a coup.

Your remedy for Iran which is a monarchy will never become reality because we tried it for 2500 years and it didn’t go anywhere and it got us to the Mullahs.

:scared: You are an old crazy conspiracy theorist who doesn’t deal with rational, facts and history. You are a crazy man, a bitter man, desperate to get revenge from the Mullahs but you don’t understand, this is not a method to battle Mullahs. You don’t fight the Mullahs but you empower the Mullahs by your conspiracy theories.

BTW, if you ever wonder who brought Mullahs to power? You and your Imperial regime did! Your suffocation and SAVAK who allowed Mullahs to do free political activities in mosques but arrested and jailed the leftists, left no space for free thinkers but opened the hands of Muslims to grow strong. Giving no democracy to people was another reason.

:silenced: The best thing that Atusa can do is to delete your posts the same as she does with Hezbos propaganda posts in IPC. The better than best thing that she can do is to permanently ban you and all the Hezbos in IPC because all that all of you do is propaganda and spam. We don’t need psychos to fill the club with asinine posts like trash. I rather no posts than crazy posts from crazy monarchists or Hezbos!

Conclusion :fingering:

:---) You are a crazy man with an agenda and no purpose to serve. You are not part of the solution but you are part of the problem. You are as crazy and mental as Hezbos in IPC.

Not to worry, get an appointment from my secretary at Cedars Sinai Psychiatric Ward, I give you special discount.
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