Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

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Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:12 pm

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!
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Bill Gates Drinks Poop Juice & Eats Synthetic Meat
Bill Gates Wants to Cover the Sun & Warns Earth Dies Soon
Bill Gates Recommends Us to do the Same!

Bill Gates Also Pollutes the Air with Private Jets
Bill Gates Buys Ocean Front Multi-Million Dollar Homes
Bill Gates Also Eats Cheese Burgers

If Bill Gates of the World Run the World, We Are FAQed!
Liberal Motto: Do As I Say But Don’t Do As I Do!
Liberals Fabricated a Religion Called Climate Change!

Say Hello to Liberal Bull Shiite Religion of Global Warming!
A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Called Climate Change Hoax!
Climate Change Created to Destroy the American Economy!

GOP had the Religion Gimmick But Democrats had Nothing!
So, Democrats Created Their Own Religion Called Global Warming!
Climate Change Psychosis to Fool People & Steal Their Wealth!













Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!


I am beginning this thread and, in the future, I am planning to write an article and publish the best of Climate Change Hoax cartoons for you. This thread will be the comment thread for these future articles and toons. In this thread, we will update you on this rubbish fabricated by liberals, named global Warming! Global Warming is how Al Gore, Clintons, Bill Gate and many other liberals make billions of dollars. It is their milking cow.

Since 1970s, we have been hearing that the earth will end in between 12 to 9 years! Earth is still here, the O-zone actually got smaller and we have more like global cooling than warming! America is the most environmental nation on earth. Trump’s government was the most environmental government on earth. We have the freshest water, air and environment.

China, India and Russia are mass polluting the earth but get away with it as developing nations. Paris Accord is created to destroy the American Economy. Democrats are a group of globalist charlatans who get rich out of this religion called Global Warming! In fact, Global Warming was created to destroy the American economy and industry with regulations and accords. It is all Bull Shiite.

Europe is under mass psychosis called global Warming. I mentioned it here:

Ahreeman X Russian & Scandinavian Cruise Travel Diaries Thread

X Diaries: Russian and Scandinavian Cruise
Chapter 1: Scandinavia ... /index.htm

X Diaries: Russian and Scandinavian Cruise
Chapter 2: Russia and Germany ... /index.htm

Scientists are getting paid big league (Trump terminology) by Climate Change Sponsors to come up with Bull Shiite proofs fabricated in lab to make people believe in this hoax! It is all garbage. They are scaring the kids in schools and creating a paranoid delusion and a nightmare for brainwashed kids and teens! The reality is that there is no scientific proof of global warming!

If they really want to do something about pouting the air, then they must talk to China and India but you know what? China and India who create the most of the earth pollution, do not give a flying fandango about this hoax! They will not destroy their economies, mining coal, drilling oil, gas, shale and seize their factories to operate because of global warming nonsense! That is why China is dominating the global economy!

This rubbish only flies in the west because this nonsense is created by Globalist Corporations, China and Democrats to get rich and destroy the American economy!

You are welcome to post your expose articles and news about the Global Warming Hoax under this thread.

Stay tuned for my future article and toons linked for comments under this thread. I have a feeling this will be a great thread.

Do not fall victim and make life miserable for yourselves by believing in this garbage called Global Warming. It is all a hoax and a religion created by liberals to get rich, kill American industries, kill jobs, and destroy the economy.

Where does global warming gets you? Take a good look at Texas 2021 winter with no water, heat, electricity and Internet because windmills and solar stopped working! To run a great economy, you need reliable sources of energy like Oil, Gas, Shale, Coal, Nuclear and so on. If you are planning to rely on wind and solar in death of winter, good luck to you! Texas did and people died!

Only fools believe in global Warming!
Don’t be a fool!

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Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
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Let’s kick off this thread with a wonderful funny article from our friends in Breitbart:


Bill Gates Drinks Poop Juice and Pretends to Be a Scientist

John Nolte
Breitbart News


Our fake media has spent a year ramping up the pretense Bill Gates is some sort of scientific expert, especially on matters such as the environment and the coronavirus.

Bill Gates is not an expert. Bill Gates is a Bond villain who drinks poop.

Bill Gates drinks poop juice. No, really. Although there are literally oceans of water out there, Bill Gates literally drinks water squeezed from human poop.

Bill Gates also wants to darken the sun and force us to eat fake meat.

Only a Bond villain would tell us darkening the sun is a good thing after a glass of poop juice.

So, Bill Gates is a true-life Bond villain who is taken seriously by a fake media desperate to fool us into giving up our freedoms to lunatic billionaire-technocrats such as poop-drinker Bill Gates.

This guy literally drank poop juice. I can’t say that enough. Bill Gates drank poop juice and wants to darken the sun, and we’re supposed to sit back impressed and say, Yeah, let’s put Mr. Poop-Drinking-Sun-Killer in charge of our lives.

Here’s a picture of Bill Gates drinking poop juice: ... ientist%2F

Bill Gates:
“I drank water made from human feces. Here’s an update on the machine that produced that water.”

Someone pooped and Bill Gates drank the water in the poop.

He also wants to darken the sun, but not with poop, because we will need all that poop to drink.

Like a true Bond villain, Bill Gates has a lair — actually he has five lairs — where, if his sun-darkening, poop-drinking, synthetic meat, social engineering goes astray, he will be fine with his cheeseburgers and private jets.

Bond villain Bill Gates also tells us global warming is real, even though he himself does not believe it.

If Bill Gates believed global warming was real, would he spend $43 million on oceanfront property? No, of course he wouldn’t. Someone who believes global warming is real would also believe his $43 million investment would soon be underwater.

Bond villain Bill Gates also tells us global warming is real while he flies all over the world in a private jet.

Why not fly commercial?

Maybe because commercial airlines don’t serve water extracted from poop?

People who believe global warming is real behave as though they believe global warming is real. They don’t have five mansions, they don’t build mansions on the ocean, they don’t fly private jets, they don’t eat cheeseburgers.

Bill Gates is a Bond villain.

I’ve read a few serious biographies about Howard Hughes, who is remembered as a rich man who collapsed into madness.

Howard Hughes did a lot of nutty stuff.

He never drank poop.
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Re: Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:58 am

Climate Change is a money maker and a business for Democrats and Liberals worldwide. Big money in it and an army of fools who believe and follow it. :roll:
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Re: Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Postby CR » Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:00 am

Global Warming Hoax

Liberals worldwide created a religion called Climatology and they are Climatologists. Climate Change AKA formerly known as Global Warming is a scam and a hoax which liberals and so-called scientists have been benefiting from since 1970s and Earth is still here!

China had an important role in creating Climate Change hoax to screw America and the West, later on, the hoax was so beneficial that China decided to destroy the American economy by funding the global warming Scientists, the same way that it does WHO.

Global Warming is an old scam for the EU and China to destroy the American economy. If this is really about the environment, then USA had the cleanest environment, water and air during the Trump era, so why was it necessary for USA to join the Paris accord again? Democrats rejoined the Paris Accord because they make loads of dollars off of it.

If anyone amongst the big powers care about the environment, it is USA. Russia, India and particularly China do not give a hoot about the environment, global warming and child labor. They care about their economy and progress.

A scam named Global Warming and now Climate Change is for fools to make a big fuss about it. If the world really cares about the environment, then they should follow Trump’s environmental policies. Everything else about liberal environmental policy is a scam, money maker and a hoax. They all resulted in disasters all over the Blue States, just go to California and witness the drought, brush fires, and then try to get a license for any type of construction or infrastructure from the local or state government which takes years and much bribe!

Democrats are corrupt and Global Warming is a Sham for Fools to get occupied with. Global Warming is big business for Liberals and globalist corporations to make money by pushing the so-called Green products. Who gets screwed? American Energy Industry, American Labor and American People. Just watch the inflation, unemployment and high cost of food caused by Global Warming liberal scam. Rubbish, simple and clear rubbish and a liberal hoax. Biden and Democrats get rich off of Global Warming and the American people get more poor!
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