Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

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San Diego City Hall Criminals

Postby CR » Fri Dec 22, 2023 8:26 am

San Diego City Hall Criminals
Iran & China Lobby Run San Diego City Hall
Communist San Diego, California & DC Policies

Democrats Import Iranian Terrorists to America
Democrats Allow IRI to Assassinate Iranian Opposition
Democrats are Enemy of the Free Iranian People

Democrats Agenda = Destroy America

California Gay Bathhouse Soy Boys!
Gavin Newsom and Todd Gloria: Aren’t we perty, pretty perrrrty with Pearly White Teeth, Pearly White Butts and Gay Hairdo?! We the Gay Bathhouse Liberal Boys! We FAQed up California and San Diego perty good! Maybe we should run for US president and VP to also FAQ up United States, no?

Todd Gloria at local level, Gavin Newsom at state level and Joe Biden at national level are all selected as pawns to execute the economic, political and social policies of the big players who selected them and brought them to power by the stolen elections such as the US 2020 Stolen Election.

These petty pawns are installed on the chess board by George Soros, Xi Jinping, WEF, UN, CCP, IRI, China and Iran Lobby. Each serve a purpose to destroy America from within, each at their own levels while enrich themselves, establish power grab and control of the liberal Sheeple, Snowflakes and Libtards!

The open border policy at each level is to flood America with as much illegal aliens possible to disrupt the every day function of the nation, annihilate the economy and destroy the social patterns. These illegal aliens are planned to be used as the Democrat party’s foot soldiers installed as illegal voters, military draftees, police officers and street thugs to control and overwhelm the American citizens.

Welcome to America: Today’s Illegals, Tomorrow’s Democrats Freeway Sign Ahreeman X Cartoon

The cooperation of the Democrats with the Mexican Drug Cartels is beneficial for both parties. Cartels get billions for trafficking children sex slaves for rich liberals, drugs to kill Americans, women for prostitution, illegal aliens for money, and loads of guns and fentanyl. The Democrats get to replace their slaves who fled the liberal plantations and joined Trump (Blacks and Hispanics who seen the light), create future voting bloc, dependent babies for the nanny state and elements to destroy the American society.

It is totally amazing that when comes a convention in town, Todd Gloria right away cleans up all the homeless, drug needles, junkies, trash, feces, urine and all types of rubbish from downtown San Diego. As soon as the convention leaves town, all the rubbish is back in the streets!

Gavin Newsom in the same tradition, cleans San Francisco, in one day only and only when his master Xi Jinping visits California! Suddenly in one day San Francisco gets clean off of drug needles, homeless, criminals, loads of rubbish, human scum and feces scum! Xi Jinping leaves and all the rubbish is back in the streets of San Francisco. Surely it is possible to cleanup California in one day but liberals don’t want to! They keep their neighborhoods clean but they leave the towns to rot! That’s how liberals keep control of the Sheeple, Snowflakes and Libtards who vote for them year after year!

Liberals EV mandate and climate change hoax is to keep the Beijing masters happy, Chinese economy blooming and the US economy destroyed.

Democrats are successfully establishing a Communist state in California where the middle class, working people and businesses leave the state and the illegal alien slave labor replace the American citizens. Democrats have successfully created a liberal plantation in California.

Every day hundreds of illegal aliens cross the border, every month spies and terrorists of China CCP and IRI (Hamas, Hezbollah, VAJA, IRGC, etc.) cross the border, come and go as they please. They join, interact and plot with sleeper cells already in states.

Biden Regime is purposely endangering the lives of the Chinese and Iranian opposition. New Federal State of China opposition and the Iranian opposition are assassination targets provided by the Biden Regime for the CCP and IRI to murder. You are fools if you believe this is not intentional. Biden Regime is in bed with both CCP and IRI. Biden has been on China and Iran lobby $ for decades!

In the future times, we will publish exposes on San Diego City Hall busing around tens of thousands of illegal aliens around the county, sheltering, funding, feeding and handing them mobiles while American veterans are kicked out in the streets! We will expose Iran lobby operations in San Diego City Hall, the San Diego City Hall destructive policies chasing after Climate Change fantasy and their collusion with state government and DC to replace American citizens with the criminals and insane mental patients from around the world to divide and control.

In a meanwhile we strongly recommend for the Iranian and Chinese opposition in southern California to carry weapons, hot and cold at all times to protect themselves and their families because in today’s Democrat America, the police is defunded, officers are nonexistent in the streets, police’s hands are tied by Soros prosecutors, people are disarmed, border is wide open, law and order does not exist and the Democrat Regime in collusion with CCP China and IRI Iran wants to eliminate the Chinese opposition, Iranian opposition and the American patriots.

We are living in a police state directed by the Democrats, speeding towards a full Communist state. Democrats are Communist Party USA.

Keep safe, keep rebelling and keep the American Free Spirit alive because Democrats are bound to destroy America.

We will never back down until America, China and Iran are Free of Communism and Islam. Democrats are the enemy of the Iranian people and American people.

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