The Pine Dance!

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The Pine Dance!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:20 pm

The Pine Dance!

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

You see, IRI not just killed any potential political brain
but they also killed, retired & exiled any military officers above
the lieutenant! Also they practically killed or retired all the
officer pilots!

Thats why:

1. No strong political leader was left.

2. We had no pilots to fly our great numbers of Jet Fighters in War
with Iraq! @ a certain time during Shah's Ruling, Iran had more F-14
than America! So figure the Fighters were sitting on the ground & no
Persian Pilot to fly them in war! Only in Nozhe Uprising, they
managed to slaughter 250 Nationalists, guess how many of them
including General Mohaqeqi were pilots. What Mullahs done in Iran can
only be compared to what Hitler done to the Jews.


Mullah is type of Animal which we need to take the Turban off their
heads & shove it up their Asses until they sing Allah O Akbar!

3. The war continued for 8 years because there were no military
leaders to lead the war! The Generals of IRI army, navy or Air force,
specially Pasdaran, were basically Ex- Chai-Boys (Boys who deliver
Tea in different ministries AKA Abdar-Bashi) or Ex-Convicts, in both
situation's they had no military experience! I knew one high ranking
military strategist of IRI who was an Auto Mechanic! He was directing
the plans to fight Iraqis!

..........and this is how the government of Specialists, Technocrats
& Solid political & Country men changed to a country of Fortune
Tellers, wizards, Shamans & Mullahs of Dark Ages, all due
to........"Good Head" given by Intellectuals of left @ the top of the
list "Jebhe Meli of Blow Job Givers" to Imam Khomeini & his Gang of

I believe in the future of Iran, we might just run out of Pine Trees
in Pahlavi & Kakh Streets of Tehran, to stick up the Butts of these
Intellectuals of the left, starting with leaders of Jebhe Meli,
specially the ones who still have the Imam Khomeini's "Cum Stains"
around their lips & now live happily in Washington DC, while the
masses of Iran suffer inside! You know, the kind who used to swallow
the whole load in Jamaran & they made a career out of giving head, &
now they retired in Exile running Bulletin Boards, who in it there
are participating more professional "Rod Swallowers" of Shiite
clerics! The kinds who shitted all over Iran & then left to America,
cause they even could not stand the smell of shiite! The type who
used to take deep Shiite Bones from Qom, & now practices Human Rights
in DC!

I think you got the picture LOP. Yes, I honestly believe that All the
Pine Trees of Pahlavi & Kakh Avenue in Tehran will not be enough for
these Mosadeghi Liberal's Rectums, & we might just have to import
some thicker Pines from Sweden to fit their well stretched rectums.
These boys were well stretching their rear door by Mullahs for 23
years, & they can fit anything in there!

JM boys are veteran Pine Tree keepers, they can take them deep inside
their intestine, without saying an Ouchi Goochi! Not even a slight
noise! their used to take it deep! They learned the art, by bending
up & down for 23 years ahead of the Mullahs with big stiffies!

Ya Allah,

Always ready to do the pine tree dance with intellectuals of JM,


The Pine Dancer X
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