Doctor's Political Prescription!

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Doctor's Political Prescription!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:08 pm

Doctor's Political Prescription!
July 31st, 2003

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

So what has been happening lately?

Iran Admits Canadian Journalist was Probably Murdered!

Give me a break, will ya?! Zahra Kazemi, Iranian Canadian Journalist
was beaten the crap out of her, with a metal pipe by Hezbollah Thugs
& Basiji Baboons of Mortazavi, the Tehran's District Attorney & then
Canadian Ambassador threatens to leave Iran & break diplomatic
relations with IRI, but IRI announces that Kazemi was probably
murdered! Gag me with the spoon of charades via the Islamic Regime!
Lord have mercy! They are killing Canadian Citizen's in bright day
light in Tehran & not even apologizing & even go ahead & bury them in
Shiraz, instead of returning the body to Canada! If Canada bends over
& takes this without Vaseline & khoshk khoshk, then Frag Canada for
not making an international disgrace about the Murdering Mullahs &
Mr. Mortazavi! At least the Iranian Majlis Representative made hell
in Majlis, over this issue, & gave Mortazavi the 90 degrees! More
power to him, even though he is a Fraging Reformist! What has United
Infection (United Nation) & "Euro_Pee_On Onion" (European Union) has
done? I tell you what Kofi would do! Kofi would kiss Khatami &
they would bang each other's buns & then read Namaz together!

Frag UN, EU & IRI.......... Canadian Government should kill ten Hezbo
for Zahra's blood! But then again, what do you expect from Socialist
Politically Correct Liberal Canadian Government?!

What else was in the news recently?

Iran denies funding families of Palestinian suicide bombers!

Just shoot me & leave me out of my misery! Possibly two people in the
whole world, would believe this statement by IRNA! One is Khajeh
Hafez-e Shirazi, because he is dead & he can't comment on this issue
& the other is our local amateur Conspirator Specialist politician,
Peter Khan Zendran! Hey, @ least two people go for IRNA's remark!
Give IRNA some credit! Lets see, IRI been paying Khun Baha or Khun
Padash or whatever the hell you call it, to PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah
thugs' families for years! Any petty Palestinian Baboon suicide
bomber, who got exploded by his own bombs, got money for his family
from Saddom, Khadafi, Osama or @ least from Mullahs of Qom! One of
the basic reasons that IRI is in power, is due to efforts of PLO,
Arafat & other Palestinian Baboons & now Mullahs are paying up for
PLO's services! However, IRNA still denies this & so does Khajeh
Hafez & of course Peter Khan who is actually under the impression
that Palestinians have helped Iranians & are doing it now!

More power to Prozac!

Well, hell yes! Palestinians always helped Iranians! They helped over
throw Shah's Regime, they helped bringing Khomeini to power, they
helped cracking student's heads in Tehran University & they are
silencing the demonstrations with Chomaq! Arabs & Palestinians always
helped Iranians to recognize the authority of Islam & the
rightfulness of the Islamic Regime! No doubt! I believe we should ask
the Iranian Student Movement, on how much Palestinian Ghods Thugs
Foreign Legion of IRI Pasdarans, have been helping the Freedom
Movement! But hey, as long as Peter Khan & Khajeh Hafez believe in
IRNA, then more power to IRNA! Often when normal people listen to
IRNA, they have to take a pill like Prozac to take all the Shiite
coming out of the Radio!

Judge Declares Mistrial in L.A. Police Beating Case

Inglewood Police officer Bijan Darvish, and former Inglewood Police
officer Jeremy Morse react after Darvish was acquitted of charges of
falsifying police reports in Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles, July
29, 2003. The jury, which had been deliberating since Thursday last
week, found Darvish not guilty of filing a false police report. A
judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in the case of Morse accused of
assaulting a handcuffed black teen-ager during a rough videotaped
arrest in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood last year after the
jury deadlocked. So they fired the Anglo Boy & punished & warning for
the Persian Boy!

Why is LA PD rough on the LA Cops?

Whats wrong with this picture? Why are Liberal Media, Bleeding Heart
Sissy Ass ACLU Lawyers & other Big Government Bureaucrats of LA
County playing every single card including the Race Card? I think
they should give medals to Jeremy & Bijan! They are the only defense
line against the barbarians like that Negro Boy & the Law Abiding
Citizens of America! Why don't the cameras show what has happened
before the cops arrested the Negro Boy?! Why not show, how the boy
acted, before Bijan threw him on the hood of the police car & Jeremy
sucker punched him on his fat lips?! Don't these Camera Men have a
life? How come they are always picture ready & selective in their
filming?! But Noooooooooooooooooo, too much political correctness is
involved! The Media, the Government & the Bureaucrats must punish the
Bad Bad LA PD & praise the Negro Criminal Thug! I should send some of
these Sissy Ass Liberal County Employees to Tehran to observe how the
Pasebans, Gendarmes & Anti Riot Police acts in Tehran! Once the
Tehran PD, shoves some thick Chomaqs up their Liberal Asses, they
will Recognize what brutality is!

Don't they know, us Persians are passionate people? For decades
Hezbollah been cracking opposition's heads in Tehran & in returns, we
been cracking Hezbollah's & Muslim Student Association's heads in San
Diego & LA! Hell, we call this Good Old Sports & Recreations! This is
Ball & Games & Healthy Activity! Whatse matter with these Liberals in
LA?! They should know better, than to prosecute a fine Iranian
American boy like Bijan Darvish for police brutality! More power to
Baton, Chomaq & fists of Bijan Jan! Stick it to them Bijan! These
Sissy Ass liberals must understand that us Iranians are passionate
people & we express ourselves with our fists! I call that creativity,
not brutality! Actually they should hire more Iranian American
Policemen in America! That would be cool!

What happened to some old fashion fun? What happened to some spirit?
What happened to doing things the Old Fashion Way?!

Political Correctness, my schlong! Lets have some athletic activity &
lets crack some heads to keep in shape!

Allah is Merciful!

So, I thought to give you some bits of wisdom as Doctor's
prescription on the hot issues surrounding the Iranians around the

Hey, have I told you about this new Persian Student of mine with
Premature breasts & young tender childish figure? The one who is
running wild as the Persian Gazelles? Well, weeeeeeeeeeeeell (as
Reagan used to put it), thats another story & as I tell my students,
thats another Class!

Dr. goes bye byes now,

In a mean while, raise Hell & remain as Bad as you can!

Always keep some blood on the blade & never clean up all the blood
drops from the blade!

More power

Dr. X
Watcher in the woods
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