War & Sex in Mesopotamia!

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War & Sex in Mesopotamia!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:50 pm

War & Sex in Mesopotamia!
(Riot, Killer!)

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

Reporting for IPC Central from Najaf, Iraq!
What a way to spend Sizdeh Be Dar!

Dear IPC Patrons:

You know, I was watching the WAR, with eyes glued to the TV News, specially the way that I watch the news! I have to watch a variety of News Programs from different sources to finally come up with the true version of what has happened! So basically I got to watch:

Deutsche Welle (German)
CBC (Canada)
NWI (Canada)
NHK (Japan)
OTI (Russia)
Chinese Television

on the NWI (News World International) coming from Canada

then check out,


and of course heavy concentration on

FOX News Network

in America

and......no I do not watch CNN, its garbage! One sided Liberal Bull Shiite News indeed! Actually if it wasn't because of these three Iranian Journalists of CNN:

Asieh Namdar

Rudy Bakhtiar

Christian Amanpour

They had to close down the doors of CNN, simply because it is pure Crap! Well, except the Persians of course! I mean sometimes I watch the three ladies doing their programs but aside that, you will never catch me watching CNN!

And obviously this is the reason:


Laurie Dhue

I mean who in the right mind would turn off Laurie Dhue & switch from FOX to CNN?!

The lushes wet Juicy lips enhanced with glossy wet lipstick, the legs, the shins, mini skirt, the blonde hair, the breasts, the.................Ah, getting off the subject here, Aheeem, eheeem....... back to the subject,

So any how, Fair & Balanced News from the left & from the right, thats why FOX has the number one rating/viewrs & next is MSNBC. So CNN just dropped down to third place! FOX has much argumentative programs, & interesting coverage, well, that & all the Wet Liped Anchor women & Laurie & .............. ye, Ahhhhh.......any how, For all the news programs & their Internet sites you can go to:

IPC News Media

Now about NWI from Canada, what makes them unique, is their coverage from around the world. They show German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Canadian, French TV News & they also have their own News. To watch this channel, you get a global idea of what is going on according to different news agencies. If you can get this station via cable or satellite, then go for it.

So what I mean, is it often takes a long time to view all these news programs to be a fair judge of what is really going on! But if I find time, I often switch between FOX & NWI. Sometimes I view some of the rest like MSNBC & BBC.

Now we don't want to write about what I read on the net as far as the Media goes, cause that will take another 1/2 century to write about...............

London Times, Pravda, BBC, ............

I was just watching the news & this was interesting:

Jessica Lynch, a 19-year-old supply clerk from Palestine, West Virginia, was freed after nine days in Iraqi hands when U.S. commandoes stormed the hospital in Nasiriyah where she was being held. She reportedly has two broken legs and one broken arm, but was in stable condition.

Now imagine a poor child in a state of mind from Boon Town "Palestine" in West Virginia Hick Town, sets foot in Land of Allah as a Maintenance Crew & suddenly she gets in between a Rock & The Iraq! Suddenly she gets injured, broken legs, arms, bruised body, shot, stabbed, banged.........! Say what? Oh ye, what the hell did you think? The child stays 9 days in the Iraqi Republican Guards hands & you imagined they treated her as a lady? Give me a break!

Them God Damn Arab Thugs, with beard & mustache, Egg Plant Nose, broken tooth in front, & drool dripping from their fat lips while having one hand to the RPG Anti Tank Missile Launcher & the other hand in their kaki military pants, to be specific in their army shorts, swinging their Haji Kuchikeh to the right & left were just waiting to get their hands on a sweet little white juicy village girl from West Virginia! Them Arab Neanderthals were dreaming about this!

I mean they were deprived in the deserts of Karballah with their Madinah Division or Baghdad Division, wondering around, eating sand with lizard hot sauce on it, swinging their Habibi Schlong round & round & Upside Down while banging Male & Female Young Camels, Donkeys, & Desert Rats...............& all of a sudden they saw a Milky White Houri as Mohammed (PBUHB) [Peace Be Upon His Bone] promised them in Quran! They were dreaming about getting their hands maybe on a Black Chick POW, or a Mexican Marine Gal MIA, but to actually catch a Milky White Blonde gal, 19 years old, with beefy thighs, Voluptuous lips & premature bazookas! In their wildest dreams they did not think that they would get this lucky! Now you are trying to tell me that them Iraqi Republican Guards,

Respected the Geneva Convention
Treated her like a lady
Shown Arab Charms
Been Gentlemen
& cared for her in the hospital?

Give it up dude!

Two broken legs, one broken arm, bruises, stabbed, shot, ripped, torn, ...................

An S&M Session cannot go out of hand & off schedule & twisted off the program, this far & in a million years it cannot go this bizarre!

They been first reading the Siqeh Islamic Temporary Marriage Verse, according to Sharia' of Shia' & then Gang Bang that sweet peach blossom by all their collective Arab Powers!

I'm telling you boy, you put 10 of them deprived Republican Guards with this innocent 19 year old Lou Ann Jane in a Luv Shak near Nasiriyah & they been rushing her like a:

* tribe of Afro cannibals rushing the chubby white chick!
* flock of piranhas rushing the meaty fat boy in the infested rivers of Amazon!
* band of Hill billies rushing the Herd of Sheep in the prairie to stick it to them!
* group of desperado Arabo_Muslim rushing the Young Camels in Deserts of Mecca to Frag!

Them Iraqi Guards accepted this child as a gift from Allah & they Mass Banged that child according to Quran & Hadith & Nahjol Bilaqah! They Fraged & Fandangoed & Fungored that Habibi so hard & sever that not just her sweet patooti got ripped to shreds & her Bung Holio torn in pieces, yet she developed Tonsils & Guater Gland in her throat! The Doctors took her tonsils out when she was a child in West Virginia, but these Arabs Developed a new tonsils into her throat! I'm telling ya boy, them Darkie Blacky Arab Sons of Hussein, ripped a new Shanbalileh for this child! I mean how the hell can you get two broken legs & an arm by diddley Dahing according to Geneva Convention?!

This wasn't a politically correct POW taking! This was like doing a 5 Rakat Salath Prayer in one session! This was a "Jenabat Al Kabir Fel Zakir"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was "Mother of All Bangs"! This was a massive Bangarooni! Them Republican Guards, died & went to Hog Heavens! They truly enjoyed the lushes fruits of West Virginia! And they really Dug into the Syrup of a Habibi from Palestine! Iraqis really gave it to the Palestinian Gal!

Jessica Lynch before The 9 days in Iraqi hands


Jessica Lynch after The 9 days in Iraqi hands


Republican Guards:

Participated in the Acts of converting Jessica to a Muslim Obedient Woman!

Al Shabdool

Al Shambool

Al Hussein

Al Habib

Fedayin Saddam:

Ya Akhi

Ya Zakir

Now there is no doubt in my mind that there was a major Code Red Activity was going on in Nasiriyah but what I want to know is even though this is sad & a damn shame, but how come the News Channels are just showing the same old boring crap clips? Why not showing the whole session of them Arabs straightening up the Infidel Girl?

I know them Arab Sons of Lizards for sure got the whole Jenabat on the Cam Corder, & most likely an Anchor man got a copy of the Religious conversion Session, so why not share the news? Wheres the beef? What happened, has happened, whats done is done & its a God Damn Shame, but stop sugar coating the Bangarooni & pretend she is still a virgin!

I want to see the video! I am paying good money for my cable, I bought brand new Leather Sofas, case of Ginger Ale from Costco, & a box of light microwave popcorn to sit down, relax & to see some action! Whats done is done & our military will provide the best medical & psychological help for Private Benjamin & I am sure we will one day catch them Arab Bastards & punish them, but now I only want to see action! I want my moneys worth! I pay good money for cable & I demand to see how them Arab Thugs converted this child to Islam! Wheres the beef? Where is the God damn video of Siqeh, Lavat, Jenabat & Habibati? All those 9 days of sodomy, intercourse, forced BJ, threesome, foursome, Squadsome, .................., why is God Damn Heraldo Rivera doesn't share the clip with me? Son of a Bitch is good @ giving away our military secrets on FOX & he can't shut his mouth on a national TV revealing our Battalion's Secrets until they kicked him out of reporting the war in Iraq, but he can't share a lousy video of Bangarooni with good Americans like me? Screw him!

I wanna know where is that video? I know them Arabs got a video & I know Heraldo got a copy, so wheres the beef? I want to study the new positions created in desert & in between Tigris & Euphrates Rivers! I want to see the Neo Sexual Position of Mesopotamia! I want to see how all them Arab Bastards done the nasty to Miss Poon Tania in the middle of Meso Potamia?! Wheres the damn video? I demand a Court Marshal for Heraldo, not sharing the news with American Pubic, Oops sorry I mean American Public! I want to see how The Operation Iraqi Liberation works & Up Close!

Share the wealth you God Damn Latino (Politically Correct for Hispanic) wanna be War Reporter? Share the news you bastard Heraldo? Wheres the beef? America wants to see & learn a few tales!

Ye, thats what I'm talking about! At least Black Market it! And you can title it & name it:

Lou Ann Gene goes to Karballah & comes back home as Sakinah Sultan!

She goes to Najaf as a Virgin & comes back as a Woman!

Marry Lou was size 1/2" Patunia before "Operation Enlighten The Infidel" & now, she is stretched to size 10 & 1/2" after the "Holy Islamic Operation" by Fedayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Child who went to see Meso Potamia, yet she came back with stretched Massive Poontania!

or simply name it,

War & Sex in Mesopotamia

Praise Allah
Sodom Saddam!

Forget Saddam, I just want a two hour session of S&M with Tariq Aziz! Give me a coke bottle, some rope, couple of nipple clips, little string of chains & some Hot Cayane Pepper & leave me and Tariq Aziz, alone in a room & dim the light RED. The things that I have plans to do with Tariq! For all those propaganda that he preached in UN for all those years, I make that Sweet Iraqi Old Man Sweat them buns off & without the use of Vaseline! I will Fariq The Tariq! I will Shafeq a new Fatekh in Tariq!

But I am sure something good will come out of this episode! What can that be? Beats me Chuck! But have faith because.........

Allah is Merciful

Back to the subject!

Weeeeeeeeell, look @ it this way, our Private Benjamin, if done nothing else, @ least bought herself a guaranteed tent in the Islamic Heaven as one of the 70 Houris promised to Muslim Men Martyrs after Martyrdom!

@ least she knows that she will go to Heaven for the reason of serving The Armies of Islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a meanwhile keep safe & stay indoors, cause its a jungle out there, specially if you are a female or male child soldiers from states like North Dakota, cause them Arab Habibis with Boa Size Schlongs are deprived, horny & ready for Jama-a' & no holes shall be spared! The only way to escape the wrath of Republican Guards or Fedayin's Shombool, is to take the upper hand & bang them Arabo_Muslim Buns before they bend you over! I'm telling you boy, this is not just a war! At 21sth Century & the Decade of Zeros, Everything goes! Its not just another war, yet its a Bang Al Bun-i Bangarooni! It's a Crusade out there & each party must enlighten the infidels, according to their Quran or Bible!

Thats what they mean by "Jihad Al Akbar"!

It's not just another War, It's a Neo War & Sex Battle in Mesopotamia!

How about them Republican Guards shooting our boys from inside the Holy Mosque/Tomb of Hazrat-e Ali, while they know that our boys will not shoot back, because the order is to not destroy Islamic Holy Sites!? Is that Dirty Fighting by Husseinis while our boys are fighting a political correct war or what?! If I was a Four Star General, I would surely bomb the hell out of all Islamic Holy Shiite Sites like Najaf & Karballah with all the Republican Guards in them as well! I would level those shrines & afterward I would read a prayer for Imam Ali, Imam Hussein & The Republican Guards!

Ain't War Hell?!

But have faith & learn some Islamic Passion!

Ya Allah

Reporting from the trenches of Najaf, near Imam Ali's Tomb

Sign off

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