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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:18 pm

June 14, 2003

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Dearly Beloved,

There is something really wrong with me! I am telling ya boy! Opportunity knocked @ my door & I threw a rock @ his head & closed the door! What'se matter me (Italian Style)?!

Let me tell ya all about it! Have you seen MTV Movie Awards? Not that I particularly care about MTV or it's Movie Awards; however, I got a point to make here! You asked whats the point? Let the good Doctor give you the pointer! Let me tell you about the point:

About 3 years ago a Russian TV Commercial Director & a very smart son of a bitch "Ivan Shapovalov" saw a vision! He saw preying upon the public's fascination with teenage girls and lesbians! I am telling ya, Ivan, my man found a way to become very rich, very famous & bang away with "Very young girls with Childish Figures"!

Ivan Shapovalov, conducted an interview with about 3000 Teenage Russian girls in High School & out of them, he chose only two girls whom where musically talented, had musical background, able to sing, & morely Lesbian Lovers!

Tavarish Ivan had found:

Lena Katina: born on October 4th, 1984, pupil of the 11th grade of an average Moscow high-school

Yulia Volkova: born on February 20th, 1985. Upon finishing the 9th grade entered the “State Musical Variety and Jazz Arts Schoolâ€
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