New Silly Poetry for Imams!

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New Silly Poetry for Imams!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jun 05, 2005 3:31 pm

New Silly Poetry for Imams!

Fresh New Hajviyat (Silly Poetry) Right out of Iran! :badgrin:

Ladies I apologize for the lingo, but hey, these are the latest Nasty poetry produced in Tehran by your fellow country mates! Eat your hearts out!

Use IPC standard to read in Persian. When translated to English, these poems will neither rhyme nor make absolute sense, yet I do my best to do the closest translation!

IPC standard for Latin Persian Alphabet

Poem for Imam Khomeini

Ommat, Emam-e khod ra dar Mah dide budast!
Guya Faza-navardi dar Mah ride budast!

This is referred to when the Umma' saw Khomeini's picture in the moon! The approximate translation goes like this:

Divine Followers, have seen Imam's face in the moon!
Maybe the reason was that an Astronaut had shiited a spot on the moon!

Go figure!

Poem for Imam Khamenei

Madarat khan-e karam bud,
Bedad az pas o pish!
Be gedayan zar-e nab o,
Be foqara kam o bish!

It won't rhyme but it goes something like this:

Your Mama was a generous woman,
She used to give it away from behind & the front!
She gave away pure gold to the beggars,
She gave away a little or too much to the bums!

I am not even going to do an exact translation on this one, because it will totally not make sense in English! So all you English speakers, may as well, go & learn the fine International lingo of Persian! What? Are you laughing @ me?! OK maybe Persian is not a popular language now, but wait till we take over Iran & make the Persian Union & Persian Empire, A Reality! Then you will be begging to learn Persian! Then we will see who gets the last laugh!

My latest info tells me that people, specifically the youth are openly trash talking out loud & joking in the streets of Tehran about Imam & the Government!

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