Happy Jashne Mehregan

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Happy Jashne Mehregan

Postby alimostofi » Fri Sep 23, 2005 2:37 pm

Sorry folks I forgot to post this yesterday.

Many of you know about Mehregan. Many of you know it from the various poems, and the religious references.

The concept of Mehr or love is deeply rooted in human psyche. Western Astrologers call it Libra, but it all started in ancient Iran. The wise men knew that at this point the day and night are equal for the second time. We all know about Nowrooz or the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Now it is the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Like Nowrooz it will happen at a precise time. It will happen in less than an hour. It will happen at 22:23:24 GMT, which is 23:23:24 as it is now in the UK or 18:23:24 in New York.

The ancients knew one thing that was very important to keep the civility in society. That was to level out the differences between the rich and the poor. So in harvest festival all our ancestors brought all the harvest in the middle of the village and apportioned the harvest evenly. The farmer with the low harvest would get the same as the farmer as the most.

This concept has found its way into the younger belief systems. We all know that Christians use it, and in present day USA it is the only festival that is respected by all people. Everyone in USA celebrates Thanksgiving. But how many know the pre biblical roots, other than just saying 'Pagan'. I do not like the word Pagan. I would like that word banned but I get that attitude from Christians. Never mind.

Anyway Happy Jashen Mehregan to you all. I hope you will get this message in time. Oh by the way, the calendars have got all this wrong. Trust me, I know the correct time.

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