Genghis Khan, in perspective

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Genghis Khan, in perspective

Postby peterkhanzendran » Sat May 14, 2005 11:02 am

I had this published ... isKhan.cfm
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Postby iranazadbad » Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:21 pm

Thanks for writing this.
Chengiz khan is one of the greatest story of history. A leader who took a clan to conquer India, Persia.. all the way to Europe. Unfortunately, the winners always write the history. Thus, the history written about him by those who despise him should not be interepted as truth. Actually, there is no truth in any history, only in the way one like to interpret it.
Anyway, great job and keep up the good work.
Chengiz Khan "the great" shall ever be remember as the greatest if not one of the greatest leaders of men.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:07 am

Here is another perspective for yous! :sarcas:

:hatsoff: Pardone Moi, Mo Gene Que Suas!
I could not let this Golden Opportunity pass!

Dear Friends:

I need to make a few comments on this topic. Years back, Peter & I, had a discussion about this issue, & obviously Peter gathered all his logic about the issue & put it in a format of an article about Temuchin (Genghiz Khan). I do not know what kind of special blend O Hallucinogenic Mushroom (Peyote) or Afghani Hashish, is Peter on, but obviously Peter's Disease AKA Upside Down Logic is an epidemic & now it has been caught by Camran Mirza, IAB & Allah knows who else?!

This makes me think that maybe Peter is sending his blend of Mushrooms & Hashish, also to IAB, Camran & God knows who else?!

Let's say, it does not amaze me to hear statements such as these from Peter:

Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Tojo & ........... are Great Men of history.
Bin Laden, Saddam, Asad, Khadafi & ............. are Great Resistance against Imperialism.
Genghiz Khan, Amir Teimur Lang & ................. are Great Persians.

However, it is kind of awkward to hear,

Camran Mirza: Alexander was a great man.
IAB: Genghiz Khan was a great man.

Peter :turkmen:, IAB :soccer:, Camran Mirza :dragon:

Lets mention a few pointers & then do an analysis, shall we?


I. In history of civilization, to be a military conqueror, does not make a man, great! The man has to contribute something to the global civilization to make him great! Greatness does not come from destruction but it comes from building!

II. To conquer is easy but to hold on to what you have conquered is hard! Conquerors came & conquerors gone, but Iran is still here!

III. If we are going to consider every two bit mass murderer, who caused a catastrophe in the world, & caused mass bloodshed in global level, a "Great Man", then by all means all the above are "Great Men"!

IV. If we are going to consider any foreign invader & his dynasty who ruled Iran, as Iranians, then by all means Alexander, Genghiz Khan, Amir Teimur, even Omar & Othman are also Iranian!

V. It is amazing that you gentlemen consider conquering, oppression, dictatorial system, mass murder & leveling Iran or rest of the world by thugs such as Alexander, Genghiz Khan, Tito, etc. as great efforts & calling these men as "Great Men"! Peter even justifies that because Kharazmshah beheaded Temuchin's ambassador & sent his head to Temuchin, then Temuchin had the right to level Iran, burn all major cities & mass murder Iranians!

VI. How come you do not consider men who contributed greatly to global civilization & science as "Great Men"? How come no one is talking about Einstein, Darwin, Galileo, Davinci, Khayyam, Edison, Razi, Goteh, Kopernik, etc.? How come your heroes are Thugs with swords?

VII. Now the question comes to mind: If you want to consider these thugs as "Great Men", then why don't you @ least consider our own Iranian Military Geniuses as "Great Men"? How about Nadir Shah Afshar, Xerxes, Shapour or Aqa Mohamad Khan Qajar? Why do you "Foreign Worship"? Aqa Mohamad Khan saved Iran's integrity & borders. By the end of his reign, Iran was still an Empire, still the Persian Empire. Aqa Khan defeated Russians, Ottomans, Afghans & every other foreign enemy. Why don't you call him a "Great Man"? @ least he was Iranian!

VIII. Gentlemen, it is wise to primarily "Think" & then secondarily "Talk"! I suggest before you make "Out There" Statements such as:

Marshal Tito, Alexander, Genghiz Khan, etc. were "Great Men"!

...... ponder a bit about what are you saying! If above are Great Men, then this makes Pol Pot of Khmer Rough, a God! Why don't you add Pol Pot & every other Serial Killer & Mass Murderer to your honor list?

IX. I believe your definition of what makes a man great, comes from your subconscious. And your subconscious is the result of your Arabo_Islamic upbringing in Islamic Societies! Non of you are Muslim, but it does not matter, because your psyche & unconscious minds are having Islamic Dictatorial Patterns! You need to re-evaluate your values!

X. I wonder if tomorrow, I manage to take over Iran, kill a few millions, level a few cities & establish a Ultra Nationalist Regime in Tehran, then you will cheer for me, truly love me & also call me a "Great Man"?! If so, then you may as well start pulling each other's shorts, wetting your pants & cheering for men such as Fouladvand or Pirouznia, because they already own most of the characteristics, which you consider "Greatness" in them! This is how Dictators start to develop! People create these dictators!

XI. As I mentioned, more of my words are not with Peter, because as we know, Peter does not even believe in Democracy. He believes in Totalitarianism, Titoism, Anarcho_Fascism & every two-bit thug who is Anti America, is a Resistance to him! The only thing Peter loves about Democracy is to live in it & thats why he lives in Rhode Island, USA (Land of Imperialism)! But my words are more towards Camran & IAB with their off shoot remarks!

XII. I got a theory, maybe you two are purposely making these out there remarks, to drag me here! You just want to get a reaction from me, don't you?! This is your way to guarantee Ahreeman's present to respond to yous!

XIII. If we really stretch it, then maybe we can grant Peter, an honorary Persian visa, but how on Earth, can we do the same to Temuchin, Teimur or others? Even if your logic is that Solukid or Ilkhanan moved to Iran, lived there & ruled there for centuries, so they are Iranian, yet still you cannot expand this to Temuchin, Teimur or Alexander, themselves (The Invaders)! And please do not mix them up with Qajar! Roots of Qajar were Turks of Turkmen but decades later, they migrated to Iran, settled in Iran & decades after that, they started their dynasty in Iran & ruled Iran. By the time they ruled Iran, they were Persians! Qajar did not invade Iran as Turkmens, Mongols or Macedonians!

XIV. To compare Qajar's situation with Solukids or Ilkhanan or Teimurids is to compare Apples & Oranges, so do not even go there!

XV. You gentleman might want to consider a Neo Standard on what makes a man great!


From all above facts, we conclude that either:

a) Peter's Mental State is epidemic and now caused a contagion which has moved to Camran & IAB, so "All" the rest of you might as well watch out for this contagion!

b) Peter smokes a lot of mushroom & hashish & now he is sending some to Camran & IAB & maybe you will be next! So watch out for fishy packages from Peter! This can effect your chain of thought!

Gentlemen avoid drugs. Drugs can do permanent damage to the brain!

I best stop this right here before you gentlemen start erecting Hazrat-e Omar & Hazrat-e Khomeini as Great Men O History!

This is what stress & overwork can do to you! Relax, take a vacation & maybe you feel better. After the vacation, maybe your posts would be more logical! Well I believe Camran is already vacationing but you two might also consider the same! Vacation does a body & Soul, good! Try San Diego (Heaven on Earth)!

IAB, what's your favorite team in Iran's First Division League? What's your favorite National Team except Iran?

As you know I am pro Taj (Esteqlal) :taj: + Malavan. I am also hard-core Argentina fan! Can't wait till World Cup 2006 Germany!

Gentlemen, I am done lecturing yous, now we can go take a hot bubble bath & relax, ................ no, I don't mean together! Separate that is!

Ahreeman Bless


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Ahreeman X
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Postby iranazadbad » Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:07 pm

Mr X,
My friend slow down buddy. You're driving too fast. Shit, I wish I was on the type of shit Mr Peter is on. That would be by all means all of the body experience!!
I think Chengiz khan was, if history to be believed, great because a few in history have accomplished what he did. However, I am not very trusting of history in the first place.
As for all those great Iranian leaders, my answer is ofcourse. They came and made their mark.
As for you getting in power by killing a few millions and establishing a ultra nationalist regime, why not. Then you would become a great man in history. Tell me any of them, in Iran, who has not imposed its will on others by force.
As for Einstien, fuck him. It was others who did the hard work for him. He was a socialist crap who had a moral status of a dog. Now if you say Washigton or Hamilton.. I tend to agree. They did make a significant difference in history.
So, don't worry. I have not smoked any shit so far and I am not about to start, I think that is a better job for Peter. As for taking bath with .. Hay watch it the wtcher in the woods.
By the way, Argantina!! What kind of team is that. They have been dead for a few years. Germany will win this one playing against Brazil in the final. I would like to see USA do very well as well.
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:20 pm

History is written by the survivors, as Albert Speer has proved.
And since when do I smoke anything? ax is jealous as usual since I am right and he can't handle it. Then again, by this post ax clearly knows preciscley dick about me.
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