Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!

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Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jul 14, 2005 9:36 pm

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!
(21st Century)
Part One: The Stage is Set
July 14, 2005


This is a preview for the future Mini Series which I shall write about this topic. For now, I will give you this preview. I would like you to picture this concept with open minds & give it some thoughts. You may say, this is pure paranoia, science fiction or fiction; however, I will clearly assure you that this is called Realism & I am a Realist.


On 651 AD, after a 20 year campaign, an inferior, low equipped, Rag Tag Armies of primitive & Barbarian Arabo_Muslim from Arabian Peninsula, managed to destroy a superior, organized, well equipped & disciplined Armies of one of the two Super Powers of the Known World, The Persian Army; furthermore, Arabo_Muslim Barbarians managed to completely take over The Persian Empire & almost annihilate the Complete Persian Culture! A group of Savage Mohammedan, practically destroyed The Persian Empire & The Zoroastrian World!

At the same time, The Hordes of Mohammedan crushed the Armies of the other Global Super Power (Rome) in Asia. The Arabo_Muslim Barbarians took over the complete Roman colonies in Asia & if they had a powerful navy, then they would have surely conduct a major campaign through Bosfor & Dardanel Straights to Europe & taken over the complete Roman Empire! Rome got lucked out or else @ the same time on 7th Century AD, Rome would have also been conquered by Islam! If so, then today, the whole Western World, same as the Eastern World, would have been Muslim! Italy (heart of western civilization), the same as Iran (heart of eastern civilization), would have been just another Muslim nation; therefore, the complete Western Civilization, would also become Muslim! We can bravely state that The Western Civilization Lucked out (the first time) but it was our (Persian) destiny to be destroyed by Islam!


The Western World is in a deep sleep & they only laugh @ this theory & they laugh @ preachings of people such as myself! They believe United States of America & Europe are too strong to be swallowed by Islam! The reality is:

Europe, enslaved by Liberalism, Political Correctness, Socialist Entrapments, Rules & Regulations & other 101 episodes, has her hands tied up behind her back, in a way that even if Europeans want to block Islamism, yet thy will not be able to do so! Coward Governments of France, Germany, etc. are way too humanitarian towards sensitive feelings of their Muslim Community, to even name these people as "Islamist Terrorists", set aside starting a major campaign of Infiltrating the Muslim Community, Surveillance the Mosques, Racial Profiling of Arabo_Muslim & a throughout search of the Muslim Community! The European Leaders & Media, call these Murderers via names such as "Criminals" or "Resistance Fighters" or "Extremists"! They do not even have enough guts to call them "Islamist Terrorists"!

The same European Media & Governments, punish & bash every European who quotes from one of the many Verses of Quran or Hadith of Mohammed, clearly declaring Jihad & ordering the Murder of the Non Muslim & Infidels! European Nations are more concerned about the sensitive feelings of their own Muslim Community & Immigrants, rather than the Survival of their own Western Culture & Civilization!

Nazism and Islam!

Then ...

In 1930s, European Leaders managed to maintain the policy of silence, political correctness & Liberalism! Hitler & Nazis invaded & occupied Saarland, & Europe looked the other way & dealt with it! Hitler & Nazis invaded & occupied Austria, & Europe looked the other way & dealt with it! Hitler & Nazis invaded & occupied Sudetenland, & Europe looked the other way & dealt with it! Hitler & Nazis invaded & occupied half of Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic), & Europe looked the other way & dealt with it! Hitler & Nazis invaded & occupied the other half of Czechoslovakia (Slovak Republic) & Europe looked the other way & dealt with it! Finally Hitler & Nazis invaded Poland & Finally Europe reacted by declaring war on Axis but by then it was too late & Hitler & Nazis were too Strong & Too Big to be leashed! So millions died & the world got destroyed!

Eventually Nazis swallowed The Whole Europe & British found themselves alone with their finger up their butt, standing amazed in the center of the empty fields, waiting for German bombs to land on London & destroy their lives! By then, Russia was Fragged by Nazis! French were the first who opened their legs & invited the Nazis to Frag them deep! French preferred the wine & cheese rather than fighting the Nazis!

If United States of America would have not entered the War & help British, free French & save Russian Butts, then by all means Nazis, Fascists & Japs would swallow the World! Hitler, Mussolini & Tojo were practically Fragging the Europeans & the world, in every hole available! Once again America to the rescue of the Free world & Democracy!

Now ...

Today, the Socialist Liberal policies & Liberal Governments of Europe are once again bending over, look the other way & are dealing with Islam, the same way that they were dealing with Nazism back in 30s! Yesterday, they bent over for Hitler & they kept on bending over until it was way too late to stand straight & fight the beast! Today they are playing the same Liberalo_PC Games with Osama, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah & Islamic Republic of Iran! Today, Europe is bending over to Islam & they will keep on bending over until it will be too late to stand straight & by then Islam will swallow Europe!

The Enemy Within

Do you think this is a fantasy? I say, this is reality! Islam is a far worst enemy than Nazism! Why? Because it is a dangerous political ideology posing as a religion, & religion sells salvation & tickets to Heavens to the ignorant masses! Islam of today, does not have a steady, organized & visible military, but it has a hidden global militia of Jihadi Commandos, funded & harbored by global Muslim & governments like Iran & Syria! You cannot even see this enemy! The Enemy is well hidden inside the Muslim Community, Mosques & under the veil & curtains of Religious Rights & Tolerance! This time, the enemy is within the European body! Europe is one large Open Border, which is being infiltrated by Islamists from south, & east & the Islamists are well mixed & camouflaged amongst the local ethnic Muslim communities of Europe! The Europeans are too weak, soft; wishy washy, liberal & politically correct to even search these Muslim Communities! Now the question is: Who is the Enemy Within? Liberalism or Islamism?!

Liberalism and Islamism

They go hand in hand & this unlikely union will cause the Fall of The Western Civilization, unless, We, the Civilized people do something about it! Liberalism is basically a Mental Disorder & the Liberals need to be put away in institutions before they practically hand the keys to their houses to Islam & destroy the Western Civilization! Liberals are practically asking Muslim to Frag them up the Shiiter!


This would leave us once again with United States of America to save the Western Civilization! Do not keep a hopeful eye to Socialist Canada, Greedy Wheeling & Dealing Germans & specifically the French! The French would rather sell their mothers than to pick up a gun & fight! British as usual are our only allies but their hands are tied with Liberalism & Political Correctness! It all comes down to America, & once again America, the same as WWI & WWII & etc., has to save the day! Now what is the American situation?

The American Situation

Let me openly state here that:

"No nation in the world can protect & maintain her integrity, sovernity & independence, without protecting her borders & saving her culture."

Protecting American Borders

Forget Liberal Democrats, I do not even consider them as Patriots, because they do not really love America but they pretend that they do! Give them a chance & they throw Flag Burning Bashes in DC! But even GOP Administration has failed to secure the borders! Now is the time for Americans to demand from their government to secure the borders, both Mexican & Canadian Borders! How can we fight the Islamism & secure Iraq, half way across the globe, when we cannot even secure our own borders?! Every day, illegal immigrants & Islamists enter America through our open borders! Sleeper Cells enter America by hundreds on yearly bases & who is to stop them? Both Democrats & GOP are too PC to secure the borders! They are way too afraid that this might cost them the Latino votes! Illegal Immigration must stop now & we must secure the borders even if we have to close the borders! We, the people have the power to demand from our government to act firm or we will bring them down. We will bring down the GOP, same as we brought down the Liberal Democrats in the House, Senate, Governorships & The White House for two consecutive terms. GOP must shape up or ship out!

Protecting American Culture

America is America & she has her own culture. The fundamental element of Culture is Language. Multi Culturalism & Multi Lingualism are another Socialist Liberal Garbage, fed to our people as the Norms of The Society! Liberals are feeding these pills, down our society's throat! You cannot have official multi lingual system in courthouses, department of motor-vehicle, schools & government offices, in a nation as large as America, & then expect to maintain the sovernity of the country!

Do you want to come to America? First of all, legally immigrate here & wait your turn. Secondly, once you are in, learn the God Damn Language, speak it & communicate it. Third, learn the Damn Culture, The American Culture, Traditions, Celebrations, Holidays, History, Lifestyle & Values. This here is United States of America, you want to migrate here, then learn it, love it or leave it!

You cannot live in America for 20 years & still not to be able to communicate in English! You cannot live in America for 20 years & still do not know what is 4th of July or Memorial Day!

Multi Culturalism & Multi Lingualism is another way for Liberals & Islamists to destroy the American Culture! Do you want a drivers license? Do you want to go to school? Do you have a court case? Do you ..............., then by all means learn God Damn English! This is America & the God Damn language over here is not Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese or else! Learn English or ship out of here & go back to the Shiite Hole that you came from!

Islamists' Tactics & Strategy

To destroy a nation, you must primarily do 2 tasks: Insecure her borders to infiltrate it, & destroy her Language & Culture! Islamists are doing both to Europe & America! That's the Tactic. What's the Strategy? To Destroy The Western Civilization, where Mohammed, Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali, Moaviyeh, Bani Ummayed, Bani Abbas, Ayubids & Sallah-edin Ayubid, left off! This here is the 2nd Arabo_Muslim Invasion of the West. Yesterday, the target was Rome, but today, the target is Europe & America. Unfortunately, Westerners are way asleep, way optimist & way foolish to comprehend this fact!

If a Rag Tag Terrorist Armies of Mohammedan @ Omar & Ali's period could bring one of the Mighty Super Powers of the time (Persian Empire) to seize existence & bring the other Super Power (Roman Empire) to a Check-Mate & very close to collapse, then what makes you think that today's sophisticated Fundamentalist Islam, powered via technology, modern weaponry, billions of dollars of funds, khoms, zakat, donations from Muslim, businesses & faithful Jihadis & Suicide Bombers are incapable to bring The Western Civilization to her knees?! Think about it?

In comparison to their own time period, The Persian Empire of 651 AD was far more powerful than Today's Europe (as a whole) & the Roman Empire of the same era was far more powerful than today's America & look what had happened to them!

If our leaders & our governments are too politically correct, too liberal, too socialist, too cowardice, too weak & too ignorant to see these facts, then it is up to Us, The People, to straight them out or ship them out or else, the History will re-occur!

"Those who shall not learn from the history, are doomed to fail."

Let's face the facts. Today's Enemy of the Western Civilization has a name & it called "Islam". This Enemy is well aware of the Social Liberal Entrapments & Diseases of the Western Societies, not allowing the West to fight for her survival! This Enemy is an Enemy Within! This Enemy infiltrates Western Borders, Destroys Western Cultures & can count on Social Liberals to aid him to destroy The Western Culture! Liberalism as a Mental Disorder, acts as a Treasonous Agent within the body of The West, to aid Islam to destroy the West.

Our only hope, is "We, The People" to Educate ourselves & wisen ourselves to be able to view the true face of the Enemy, The Enemy within, The True Enemy, The Islam.

"Islam is not just another religion, but it is a dangerous political ideology!"

The Crusade

This here is the 2nd Arabo_Islamic Invasion of the West & this here is our Crusade!

Today, Salah al din al Ayubid is called Osama Bin Laden
Today, Saracens are called Al Qaeda
Today, Islamic Caliphate is called Islamic Republic of Iran
Today, Muslim Warriors are called Hizbollah

Today, Richard The Lion-Heart is W
Today, The Crusader Commander is Blair
Today, The Knights Templar are The Coalition Forces
Today, The Crusaders are We, The People
Today, The Crusader Lands are The Western Civilizations

Today, The degenerates are European Leaders
Today, The Traitors are Liberal Democrats

Today, The enemy is, "The Enemy Within"
Today, The enemy is Islam

Today, "We The People" will make the Last Stand
Today We will Do or Die

Today it is The Civilized World against Islamism
Today it is Democracy verses Islamo_Fascism
Today We must Do or Die!

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam on 21st Century will occur unless, We The People, Stop it & stop it now! It is up to our unshakable determination, to block Islam, right here & right now! The Terminal Cancer must be eliminated for The Western Civilization to survive!

This here, is our Crusade! This here, is our moment of truth!


Dr. X
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Postby SirZJ » Fri Jul 15, 2005 4:29 am

The political situation has reached a fever pitch in the UK. The rift between the pro & anti Islamist left has just opened up into an all out civil war.

If you want to Islamists [and psuedo-lefties] getting a good kicking may I recommend Drink-Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR

Speaking for myself. I’m boycotting al-Gaurdian & al-BBC

If, Inshallah, I ever find the f**kers who tried to assasinate me last Thursday, then their going to get ass-porked to death with a pneumatic drill.
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Robotic Frag Machines!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jul 15, 2005 3:22 pm

Robotic Frag Machines!

Warning: :stop:
Shocking R Rated Material :shocking:

This post is absolutely forbidden for pre teens, under the age of 13.
For Teenagers, Parental Discretions are advised!

Pious Muslim can also cover their eyes! :shs:

Oy, Ohoy Beche, don't get so excited, let go of the Monkey, stop spanking That Monkey! Get that Monkey off your shoulder!


* * *

Jim Bo:

It is surely nice to see you in one piece & alive in IPC! =P~

"The political situation has reached a fever pitch in the UK. The rift between the pro & anti Islamist left has just opened up into an all out civil war."

I can imagine!

"If you want to Islamists [and psuedo-lefties] getting a good kicking may I recommend Drink-Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR "

Interesting blog.

"Speaking for myself. I’m boycotting al-Gaurdian & al-BBC"

al BBC, al Guardian (Riot, Killer!) =D>

"If, Inshallah, I ever find the f**kers who tried to assasinate me last Thursday, then their going to get ass-porked to death with a pneumatic drill."

InshaAllah, Be Ham Dollah! [-o<

Ooooooooh so violent Jim Bo! Couple of pointers:

a) I imagine you are talking about London Blasts & not a personal assasination! If so, then I shall say, for a Liberal, you sound pretty Conservative & Gong Ho! Are we changing our political stands now?!

b) The Hell is a Pneumatic Drill? Is it kind o like a "Mechanical Jack Hammer Frag Machine"? Or is it like a Neo Advanced Technological Models such as:

Manual # 707 Jet Turbo Machines

Robotic Frag Machines
@ 350 RPM or above, Joyful Pain Machines!

The Double Crane: :B


Power Source: Compressed Air
Hz: 60
VOLTS: 115
Max RPM: 200
Amps: 4.2
Max/Min Stroke 4"

Strengths:Â All-in-one DP machine. The angle and speed of each piston is fully adjustable.

Weaknesses: Depth is not adjustable. Not as powerful as some other machines.

The Twinserter: :Rockon:


Volts: 90
Max RPM: 180/89
Horsepower: 1/8 / 1/10
Max Stroke: 6"

Pros: The only machine built specifically for DP. Can adjust the speed and stroke of both dildos individually.

Cons: The stroke cannot be changed on the fly, and impossible to synch the speeds of both dildos.

The Trespasser: :beadyeyes:


Max RPM: 250
Watts: 250
Stroke: 4"

Strengths:Â Angled down nicely for missionary position. Photogenic.

Weaknesses: Not a real smooth stroke.

The Hammer :lolbang:


Max RPM: 165
Horsepower: 10 N.M.
Stroke: 2" - 10"
Hammer cut-out 0-6''

Strengths: Powerful hammering action and noise. Visually stunning. Depth, hammer and speed are all adjustable. This machine will mimic the Intruder style motion but can also include a hammering jolt. The concept was sent to us by a Genius. The jolting feels good to users who like a hard fragging.

Weaknesses:Â It's weight makes it a bitch to carry around!

The Predator: :devious:


Max RPM: 300
Horsepower: 1/5
Min Stroke: 1"
Max Stroke: 6"
Torque: 2 NM Â

Strengths: Fully configurable. Smooth operation and variable stroke.

Weaknesses: Could lack power in some situations.

Or our masterpiece model,

The Drildo: :CS:


Max RPM: 1400
Max Percussions: 22400
Power: 18v

Strengths:Â Yoga-like drilling yet relaxing Internal massage. Can be held by the user herself if necessary. The user will surely need to stretch & practice Yoga after using this Flesh Ripping Machine! User will be stretched beyond repair!

Weaknesses:Â Not very visually appealing since it only rotates & drills!

and Hot out of the oven State of The Art Model,

The UPD (Universal Positioning Device)! :merci:


UPD Specifications:
length on axis: 186 cm (72")
fork spread: 61 cm (24")
weight capacity: 0 - 55 kg (0 - 120 lb)
working height: 0 - 100 cm (0 - 40") above floor
spring constant: 0.5 N/cm (1/4 lb/in)
work envelope:
93 cm (36") horizontal
66 cm (26") vertical
geometry: modified parallelogram, with "poon-seeking" act

The Universal Positioning Device, or UPD for short, gives a "pillow-soft" feel to even the most ridiculously heavy steel Fragging machine. Balance this baby up, and the Shaft feels like it's floating on air. The modified parallelogram linkage with poon-seeking action keeps that Shaft rock-solid and pointed at that magic spot, ALL the time. Fragging models with the UPD means never having to say "okay, baby; enjoy yourself, but don't move too much or you'll get hurt"!

And of course, The Monster Machine!

FragZilla! :mons:



Vital Statistics: Unknown! Sky is the limit!
Max RPM: N/A
Horsepower: N/A
Max RPM: N/A
Stroke: N/A

Strengths: A monster of a robot. FragZilla will carry various smaller Frag Machines as an adaptor!
Weaknesses: None that we can think of!

James, :WK:

After well planning your Midnight raids to the Backrooms of the Mosques & Manhandling the Imams & Tolab & other Pious Muslim,
:knight: :obl:

...... please do not hesitate to call me for more information. I will gladly send you the full catalogue, best recommended models, technical aspects, Mechanical Specifications & Hi Tech specs. I will also inform you of the Top Models, which we have used on the Pious Young Anxious Hezbos, down in dungeons of:

Ahreeman's Mansion O Pleasurful Pains, San Diego, California

I shall be more than happy to aid you in search for the most proper machine to use on Hezboz (Hezbollahi Bozos) of London! My guess would be that you might be in need of the "Hammer or Drildo Models", thus Human Tools, Toy Dildos & Toy Models cannot satisfy the Never Ending Urges of the Good Islamists! If you truely want to cause some damage, pain & leave your Mark of Zoro, then by all means you will be in need of a Heavy Duty Hi Tech Frag Machine. Hammer or Drildo are the way to go! And always remember that I would never recommend something to yous, before first trying it on my own victims!
:scared: :drlove:

Offering My Volunteer Works to US Administration!

I have been advising the US Administration over & over that please send me the Islamists in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, to "Ahreeman's Mansion O Pleasurful Pains" for a month & I will promise you that I will deliver to you information, which you had no idea, they existed! I will make them boys sing outloud as Suprano Opera vocalists! But unfortunately the Administration is too humaniterian & concerned about the rights of Islamist Terrorists to a personal Qurans, Halaal Meals, Warm Cosey Beds, Prayer Items & 3 to 5 times a day Islamic Prayers! In a meanwhile the only thing I have left to look forward doing randomly, is to do my dirty deeds with the snatched local Young Hezboz, down in our dungeons! Basically I am making Men out of these young boys. There is nothing that a Good Training won't do!

On some silent quiet nights, once you pass by "Ahreeman's Mansion O Pleasurful Pains", you will hear shocking & horrifying screams of "Allah O Akbar" coming from the Dungeons! Relax, do not panic, it is only us, doing the Midnight Trainings of The Hezbo Boys!
:scared: :whiper:

Hee Hee Hee How Howl! :wolf:

Our Motto:

Do you have a Islamist Infestation Problem?
Then call Ahreeman:

1 (800) Do Muslim

Dr. X is my name,
Doing Hezboz is my fame,
Ripping Holy Islamists is my game!

Ohhhh all this S&M talk has made "Haji Kuchike" :haji: aroused, I need to go attending to Haji's needs!!!!!!

To Hezbos:
Now if you are possibly offended by my Bits O Wisdom & you have urges to report to some authority figure to get it off the air, well, tough kidney beans, this is The IPC Server, & unlike the past, you cannot do jack shiite about it! So I suggest, go read 2 Rakkat Namaz, pray to Allah for your sins to read this article & Jeez yourselves on the butt!

Allah bless Ahreeman (What an irony)! :devprised:


Your Hi Tech Trouble Shooter / Sci Fi Eroto-Technologist
Dr. X
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Italy Bans Islamic Burqa & Chador

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Aug 07, 2005 9:51 pm

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!
(21st Century)
Part Two: First Hand Experience with Islam
August 7, 2005

More comments,
Italy Bans Islamic Burqa & Chador


After France banned Islamic Hijab in schools, we see that Italy has banned Islamic Burqa & Chador, not just in schools but everywhere! The latest controversial decision, passed by Italian Parliament, has exploded like a Bomb in Islamic Community!

Actions of Italian Parliament

Actually Italians had the guts to do 4 important crucial tasks:

I. Italy has banned Islamic burqas under tough terrorism laws that provide two-year jail terms and E2000 ($3200) fines for anyone caught covering their face in a public place. The counter-terrorism package, passed by Italy's parliament, doubles the existing penalty for wearing a burqa or chador -- traditional robes worn by Muslim women to cover their faces -- or full-faced helmets or balaclavas in public.

II. Police can extract DNA samples without the terrorist suspect's consent.

III. Police can detain Terrorist Suspects for 24 hours without a lawyer present.

IV. Police can deport foreigners suspected of terrorism under the new legislation. Soldiers involved in counter-terrorism have been given the same stop-and-search powers.

Bravo & my hat is off to Italian Government!

Now Who is Politically Correct, Us or Them?!

I often make fun of Euro_Pee_On Onion (EU) & Euro_Pee_On Nations (Europeans), but I have to hand it to you:

I only wished if American Government had the balls & guts to do the same thing which Italians have done! Seems like we have reversed roles with Europeans!

I often mock Europeans (except UK & our other Allies), but hey, seems like, when it comes down to "Life & Death" present situation, then Europeans get with the program, but we (US) are still pussy footing around & playing Liberal, Politically correct Games!

Bush Administration needs to start getting with the program. ACLU, Leftists & Liberals are now talking about allowing the Muslim Women to take Drivers License pictures with their Hijab & with their face covered! Even one woman (American Muslim Convert) wanted to sue the DMV & making a point for not allowing her to take a Fully Hijabed photo for her license!

How can the police tell who they are, if their license picture is with hijab & if they wear hijab while driving cars with their faces covered?!

Women's Rights

In United States of America, women have fought for decades to gain their equal rights & freedom. American Women will not regress back in history & back to 7th Century AD, in Dark Ages, wearing Hijab! If Muslim & Muslim Women are not comfortable living in America & grasping American Cultural Values, then by all means, they can go back to the Shiite Hole they came from or in case, they are American Born, then abide living by American Cultural Codes or leave the bloody country! United States of America is not a Muslim Nation & has no Bloody Qur'anic Values! You wanna live in an Islamic Nation, then move to Middle East! Get The Shiite out of here!

A Slow & Painful Death!

As an Iranian American, I was forced in to Exile, & to fly out of my nation because of Islam. We escaped that Shiite Hole because of Islam. The last thing we want to see in streets of America, are these bloody Burqa, Chador, Rag, Beanie Hat, Baggy Pajama, Kurtah, Shalwar & Robe wearing Bloody Muslim, Roaming around our god damn nation, America The Beautiful! For how long must we bend over to the will of Islamists, due to Ignorance of Brotherly Loved Liberals?!

If America has been involved with Islam since September 11, 2001............., us, Iranians have been involved with this Allahic Virus since 651 AD for over 1400 years! Americans think they got it bad! Islam infected us 1400 years ago & we have been experiencing a Slow & Painful Death for over a millennium until 1979 which we went totally in to Coma! Now that is called A Slow & Painful Death!

We went through the same thing in Iran! Our Liberals who brought up the Islamists in power over there, were called Bloody Jebhe Meli. Same thing is happening here! Thanks to Liberal Democrats, The Bloody Islamists are having a Ball in America! This is the beginning of:

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!

What needs to be done?

US Government needs to ban Hijab, secure borders, racial profile Arabo_Muslim for random checking in Travel Ports on baggage, end Multi Culturalism, end Multi Linguism & start saving & protecting the American Culture & Security of America.

Liberals & the world presses Bush to loosen up & take it easy with Islamist Terrorism. But The Right blames Bush for not doing enough to secure America against Islamist Terrorism! I certainly don't want to be in Bush's Shoes; he simply cannot win with either side!

I only know one thing:

Bush's Administration has been brought to power for 2 terms by Majority of Americans to secure America. It seems like This Administration is beginning to care more about, Political Correctness, Latino Votes, Muslim Feelings & Rights of Terrorists, than to secure Mexican Border, Racial Profile Muslim, Treat Terrorists as Criminals, Search Mosques & Muslim Communities, & save American Culture & Language.

W needs to ponder that the same people who voted for him can also bring him down. GOP also need to ponder that the same people who support them, can end this support because one thing is for sure:

Real Patriots do not care about PC Wishy Washy Liberal Ways or else we would have joined the Democratic Party!

Bush's Administration needs to get with the program or we will lose this war to Islamist Terrorism! Shape Up or Ship Out!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:51 am

:ipcpolice: Camran Mirza:

Oh Camran Paleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! Por Favor! Come a little short! Give it a break!

Before more lectures on intellectualism, vulgarity, pornography & morality, observe a few points:

I. Robotic Frag Machines, are simply scientific, technological inventions. They are Robots & they are pure Computer Science.

II. Robotic Frag Machines have nothing to do with pornography! If I wanted to post pornography, then I would have posted photos of Robotic Frag Machines Fragging women (or men) in action!

III. Robotic Frag Machines have nothing to do with Vulgarity! How can Technological Tools, made human life easy (or spiced up), be vulgar? They are simply Tech Tools used for sex. What's so vulgar about them? Sex Robots are not vulgar!

IV. Robotic Frag Machines do not contradict Constitution of IPC. They maybe offensive to some, but hey, no one ever said IPC is a G Rated Club! IPC has always been an R Rated Club.

V. Now, if you believe that generally, I must sweep so called vulgarity out of my articles, then that's another story. Maybe I should tone down my articles in general. But as you see, there are times for serious writings & then there are times for mixing stuff on the edge. When I write philosophy, history, art or related subjects, I never spice them up with humor or vulgarity. Have you ever seen me to do so? But when I write political sattire, humor, news, or other related material, then I spice them up! What can I say, I am a passionate person!

VI. Since when, you have become Pope of IPC? Are you the same Camran who used to Vulgarly, Trash Hezboz, Anarchists, Reformists, Liberals & other unsuited characters & kick their butts out of IPC?! Weren't you also known as "The Bouncer of IPC", or "The Dragon" aka Ezhdaha?! Do you recall while ago, you were ripping people apart, chew them up & spit them out? What is this? A Change of Fundamentals & Heart? Now, you preach Morality & you have become a member of Reverend Jerry Farwel's Moral Majority?!

VII. As The IPC Police, are you going to punish me now? Am I going to be Exiled? I tell you what, I Exile myself for offending Camran Mirza! I must get with web designing the new site & get with the program, so as your Highness requiers, I Exile myseld for an unlimited time!
:hidesofa: :ipcpolice:
VIII. Maybe after the Exile Period, I will become a Born Again Christian or Shiite, & only speak peaches & cream, so you will not get offended by my vulgarity!

IX. Camran, for someone who practically has a history of R Rated Lingo, Fragging with people, Tearing people apart, ........................ you surely contradict your past behavior by your today's Over Zealous & Over Purified behavior! This is "Ja Namaz Ab Keshidan"! I still can dig up your old sweet Extreme Behavior & Obsert Vulgarities from IPC Archives of 3 or 4 or maybe 5 years ago! Would you like to see some?! Give it a break, will ya? Have you become a "Born Again Atheirst" (Riot)?!

X. Are we going to set new moral standards & behave as we are in Church now? Just pure Dry Intellectual Debates? No more Chimichanga? JUST STRAIGHT ARROW?

As long as you have the baton & the badge, I am out of here before you arrest me & incarcerate me into detention period for Vulgarity!

Adios "Commissar Cam" :ipcpolice:

Hey I like that! Suits you well............ "Commissar Cam" of The "IPC Gestapo Force"!

Alles Sar, Der Commissar
Commissar's in Town!
Aufwiederzehen Meine Commissar........


The Dirty Old Pervert X
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Postby Kaafer » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:30 am

Akhh cheshaam!:paranoid: Khejalatam khoob chizieh! Mesinke khodetam ye visit be Khooneye Dardhayeh Haaldar laazem dari, AHAY!!
Agar bekhAi madAdeh nono, cheshmhAyeh to mizaneh dodo
-Ancient Persian Proverb
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Sep 23, 2005 12:07 pm

Princess Azarmidokht :princess: :

Migama, shoma "Do Zarit" ye kam dir miyofteh, na?! :waiting:

In jariyan male ahde deqiyanuse, laken khabaresh hala be gushe shoma reside! Shoma ye chand qarni az qafele aqabi! Khob ye kam "Garitol" bokhor hafezat khub beshe (Riot, Killer)! :vdance:

Khob hala narahat nabash. Sen ke bala mireh, havas parti, faramushi, giji va qeyro miyad, va cheshm albalu gilas michine (Killer)! :kissey:

Dokhtar khejalat bekesh, cheshat darvish kon :chadori: , haya kon, chera sarak mikeshi jahaye bad bad?!

PS: Didn't you want to ask couple of private questions from me? Then how come you didn't PM or E-mail me about them, so I could have ignored you & put you in khomari?!

PSII: If you have weak eyes, you musn't look @ R Rated Material. I warned you @ beginning of the article. But if you must look, then you can use Shades 8) , so your eyes won't get hurt :shocking: !

Heres one o my special Hajv for you (fel bedahe she'ret bedam) :smilewink: :


Daf'eye dige ke mikhahi bokoni fuzuli,
Sarak bekeshi be maqalat-e bande, dar kamal-e por ruyi,

Cheshmhato davish kon, yek juri,
Ke cheshmhat nakhore be jaryanate unjuri,
Ke yeho barq bezane vo beshe baba quri,
Ma'siyat-o gonah, akheresh mishe injuri!

Bezan yek eynak-e dudi be chechmanat, topoli,
Ke khoday nakarde, boksovat nakoni o beshi kur kuri,
Unvaqt behet began Susan Kuri,
Ezat ziyad, kuchulu muchuli!

Baba Ahreeman-e Oriyan-e Lokht o Pati

Who loves you baby?
No No Not your husband!
No No Not your Gossip Buddy Aqdas Khanum!
No No Not Mohammed, Jesus & Moses!
But Ahreeman Truly Loves you, indeed!
Who elese?!

Adios Me Darlin.....

Oooooooooooooowww Oooooww :wolf:

Gorg Ali, The Exiled wolf
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Postby Kaafer » Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:17 pm

Gorg Ali jan,
Ki gofte ke Aqdas khanum lovam nemikone?! ](*,) Be khoda, in khale zanakha kheili zer mizanan, ha! Ahay!!
Akheh in Islam Room hast, fekr kardam ke adamhayeh paak o bakereh mian inja ke namazeh halal bekhoonan!! [-o< (HALAL, I say!!)
Ma Eslamiha saucisse nemikhorim, va in saucisseha ba "defiance" che gheri ham mirizan!!
: O

PS: Didn't you want to ask couple of private questions from me? Then how come you didn't PM or E-mail me about them, so I could have ignored you & put you in khomari?!

Arezoo bar javanan eib nist! \:D/

But really - how many times must I add you to my Yahoo Messenger and send you furious messages just for you to reject my add again?! HO HUM! [-(

My favorite lines of your poem:
Ke yeho barq bezane vo beshe baba quri,

Ezat ziyad, kuchulu muchuli!

You are bamazeh (despite being a neoconservative). \:D/
Agar bekhAi madAdeh nono, cheshmhAyeh to mizaneh dodo
-Ancient Persian Proverb
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The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam! P3

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Nov 07, 2005 12:27 pm

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!
(21st Century!)
Part Three: The Second Front

November 7, 2005

Opening of The:
Second Front: Europe,
First Battle: France

After the discussion about:
Part One: The Stage is Set
Part Two: First Hand Experience with Islam
Now we will continue with the third chapter:
Part Three: The Second Front

Preface and Predictions

As I have predicted, the second front has opened! The out in open war started on 9/11, the primary war front was Middle East, & now the second front has opened, The France!

In the past, I have mentioned that in their historical time period, Roman Empire was much stronger than USA & The Persian Empire was much stronger than EU, yet Islam had managed to completely occupy the Roman's Asian/African Territories (the larger half of Roman Empire's territory), bring Rome to her knees & also completely destroy the Persian Empire.

Islam had managed to wipe out one global super power (Persian Empire) off the face of the map, & almost wipe out the second global super power (Roman Empire) in the same manner. The only reason for Hordes of Muslim, not being able to completely destroy Rome, such as they destroyed Persia, was a weak navy! Or else, in today's Rome, you would be hearing the fine sound of "Azan" from the Mosque Minarets, the same way that you could hear it in Tehran, during the "Ramadan"!

Italy would have been an Islamic State & between 3 to 5 times a day, folks would have been interrupted by heavenly sounds of:

Ashhado Ana Muhammed al Rasoul Allah, Yahaha yahaha yahaha hahaha haha hahahahahah.......

Think about it, will you?!

I have compared:

Rome => USA
EU => Persia

So if Islam could destroy Persia & almost destroy Rome, then by all means, Rome & Persia (in their time frame) were much stronger than today's USA & EU! Islam can surely destroy EU, USA & the complete Western Civilization of today! Fiction, you say? That's what Romans & Persians in 7th century said & thought! And look what happened to them!

An inferior military power (Arabo_Muslim) can destroy a superior military power (USA/EU), due to drafting proper tactics such as:

a) Terrorism
b) Propaganda
c) Sheer Brutal Force
d) Hit & Run
and the most important,
e) Using Religion as a "Political Ideology"

...... and if you are having a hard time believing in this fact, then I suggest taking a couple of "Reality Pills" & read some "History"!

"Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology."

How to destroy The Western Civilization 101

Islam's Blue Print on:
How to destroy The Western Civilization?

This is how Islam can & will destroy the Western Civilization (if the west does not listen to voices of logic such as my voice & others like me):

How to destroy The Western Civilization?
(An Islamic Manual)


I. Mass Immigration to the West
Mass immigration of Muslim (Middle East, Near East, North Africa, etc.) to the west.

Comments: This step is in progress. So far it has been successfully well done!

II. Multi Culturalism
Destruction of Language, Traditions, Religions and culture of the occupied civilizations. Expansion of "Multi Culturalism" in occupied nations (West), by using the politically correct laws of the occupied nations (west), against them! Eventually the "Multi Culturalism" will destroy the "Western Culture". This will become a powerful tool in the hands of "Arabo_Muslim" to culturally bankrupt the west!

Comments: This step is also, already happening all over the west. To the greater point in Europe & to the lesser point in Americas (USA/Canada). Propaganda machine of Islam is using the civilized laws of the west to destroy the west. Example 1: Over 6 million American Muslim. Example 2: Today, Muslim population makes up over 7 million of the lower half of the French population! Western Muslim are intentionally or unintentionally being used as "The 5th Column of Islam" in the west!

III. Use of Liberalism as a Tool
Liberalism (Liberal Left, Social Democrats) will act as the Judas of the Western World. Liberals aid the Islamists to destroy the Western Civilization by enforcing the "Multi Culturalism" and "Political Correctness" in the Western Societies. Liberal policies, ties the hands of security forces to firmly deal with Islamist Terrorism.

Comments: Liberal policies of the western governments' liberal political parties (if in power) are allowing the growth/spread of the "Allahic Virus" (Islam) in the west. Mottoes such as "Human Rights", "Equal Rights", "Religious Freedom", "Justice for All", "Illegal Search" & etc. preached by Liberal Left, are basically providing a breeding Ground for spread of Islam in the west. Muslim are perfectly aware of this western weakness & disease (Liberalism), & they are actively using this tool to grow & expand in the west. This step is happening all over the west. This step is almost complete & it has been done with much success, thanks to the Liberal Left!

IV. Jihad
Jihad (Holy War) has been officially declared on 9/11/2001. The primary war front was Middle East. The second front (11 days as of now) has been opened in Europe! Battlefield France is the first Battle in the European Front!

Comments: Violence and arson spilled from the suburbs of Paris to @ least 15 other cities across France. Though the unrest remained concentrated in the poor suburbs ringing Paris, violence erupted in Strasbourg near the German border, Bordeaux in the southwest, Rouen in Normandy and Orleans in the Loire Valley. Paris, Lille, Rouen, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Rennes, Nantes, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille are amongst some of the battle front cities. This is only the beginning!

So far, so good, no?! You don't think so?! I do! All it takes is for you to open your eyes & take a look around you. It is happening now! Only Fools (Average Uninformed Public) & the Judas (Liberals), either do not see it or do not want to see it! We are in state of War!

V. Blood Bath
Once the Jihad has been declared,
The ultimate goal of Islam is to give 2 choices to infidel (Non Muslim):
a) Quran (accept Quran)
b) Sword (beheading or mass murder)

Example a: Persians had to be force converted to Islam.
Example b: Be mass murdered by the sword of Islam!

The difference was:

If they converted to Islam, men had officially become slaves to Arabs (Labor Force or 2nd rate citizens), women become breeding tools to Arabs (up to 4 legal wives & unlimited Concubines/female slaves for each Arab man), children become "House Niggers" (Home Slaves) & Sex Toys.

If they did not convert to Islam, men were killed, women were raped & then killed, children become slaves for future labor force or sex objects. After all, Muslim can marry up to four 9 year old girls & have sex with as many little boys as they want, as long as they do proper Qosl (wash themselves) & Salath (read prayers) to wash away their sins!

Once Islam wins the Jihad,
Of course there will always be the 2 other choices:
a) Fly (leave your home to exile)
b) Stay & pay heavy taxation (Jaziyyah)

Example a: As we all know, many Zoroastrians (Parsi) fled the occupied Persian Empire to India to survive the Islam.
Example b: As we all know, the Zoroastrians who remained in Iran & kept their religion, got hit with massive taxation & prejudice!

So as we notice, Islam is pretty successful with this stage of the Pan-Islamic Plan! While the west is in deep sleep & the liberals are destroying the western fundamentals by acting as Judas, the Muslim are spreading like Cancer & fortifying in the west. History is repeating itself. Once again its 7th century AD!

VI. Fall of the Western Civilization by Islam
The ultimate goal of Islam!

I have predicted this, not due to astrology, prophecy or fortune telling, but due to logic & common sense. Islamists call me a Racist. Islamists have played "The Race" card for ages! Liberals call me a "Right Wing Loony"! "Name Calling" is the option, when they can't deal with logic & facts. The Western Civilization will fall, unless deaf ears open up & listen to the sounds of history, logic and sense. There are many that preach the same preachings, same as I do. It only takes open ears to hear them!

The Analysis


This here is a Crusade. But this crusade is not about West vs East. This crusade is not about Christianity vs Islam. This crusade is not even about the so-called "Clash of Civilizations"!

This Crusade, is about:

Civilization vs Barbarianism
Civilized World vs Terrorism
Democracy vs Tyranny
Secularism vs Theocracy

and ultimately,

Government of Law vs Government of Allah!

The Public and The Intellectual

I am only one man; however, many others do think the same way as I do. Even though we are many, yet we are only a few! We are many because many other logical, intellectual individuals also think the way I do. On the other hand, we are only a few, because a few thinking individuals are only drops in the sea of public who is in deep sleep!

The Public

The Public has a short attention span. They do not remember yesterday's events! They do not remember that yesterday, Senator Teddy Kennedy killed an innocent human being by drunk driving & got an "out of Jail Free Card" for Kennedy Family's Billions of dollars! In our world, The Rich has a different set of Laws & Justice than The Poor! Today, the same lush Senator Kennedy, becomes the Moral Leader of the American Democratic Party & a Liberal Hero! The Liberals impose new values for the society! Values such as:

Political Correctness
Forgive & Forget
Human Rights for All, even for Criminally Insane & Terrorists
Creation of a Welfare State to help support & growth for All, even Islamist Terrorists
Creation of a Socialist Heaven, using Europe as an example, even if today's Europe is burning due to the same Liberal policies & Social Democratic policies which opened the doors, let in the Muslim, & now, they have a full blown Civil War with Islam on their hands, starting from the Battlefield France!

European Nations grasped Socialism & abandoned Capitalism!
European Nations grasped Liberalism & & abandoned Conservatism!
European Nations grasped Internationalism & abandoned Nationalism!

How can you accept all these Middle Eastern/North African immigrants, if you do not even have the means to support your own people?

How can you grant social security, welfare, free housing, public health-care, free public education, food stamps, & other benefits for all of these Muslim Immigrants, if your economy is in deep trouble, inflation is hitting the roof, unemployment is a record, & you can't even feed your own people?

How can you provide social justice & financial security for new immigrants when you cannot provide the same for your own people?

And then they wonder why they have a Neo Nazi problem on their hands! They wonder why Nazism is on the rise! They wonder why Hate Crimes are on the rise?!

Law of Physics

"Every action will cause a reaction of the equal strength but in the opposite direction!"

Extreme Left (Liberal Policies) will always create Extreme Right (Nazism/Fascism). The same had occurred in pre WWII in Germany (1920s/1930s). Weimar Republic was the major cause for creation of the Nazi Germany! Same episodes are happening in today's Europe! Can we ever learn anything from the history?!

By Uncalculated Immigration Laws, without having the proper means to support these immigrants, European Nations are creating "Reverse Racism" against their own population, & then they wonder why they have a Neo Nazi problem on the rise!

First, provide financial security & social justice for your own, & only then, accept new immigrants & grant them 101 social benefits!

Liberal Social Policies has brought Europe to this point which is indeed the beginning of the "Blood Bath" Stage! A Jihad has been declared & a Social Conflict is turning to a Civil War & an internal Jihad!

Now, we can see the Conservative Politicians are winning elections in Europe (Germany, etc.) to set new Conservative regulations, to stop the irrational immigration of Islamists to the west & to use brain & logic rather than sensationalism & illogics! But isn't it already too late? Europe is already in state of a Civil War! The Second Front of this Crusade has already opened (The European Front), & the first Battle of this Jihad is already in progress (Battlefield France)! Liberals have succeeded to provide the preliminary facilities for Islamists to destroy the Western Civilization! Viva Liberalism! That is what we call as "The Enemy Within" & "The Judas" in the body of the western civilization.

Liberalism operates as a tool in Islamists' hands.
Liberalism & Islamism go hand in hand.

What is happening all over Europe & France, is only the tip of the iceberg!

Now, American Liberal Left is trying to use Europe as a blue Print & a Role Model to write the same prescription for America! In a way, they are importing the same Allahic Virus to Americas! For most, they are succeeding in Canada & for less, they are successful in United States. The only reason Americas is not in a chaotic state the same as Europe, is because:

Difference between Europe and Americas

Americas, due to massive fertile lands, massive amount of natural resources, sophisticated industries/technology, large markets, great wealth, large living space, great social opportunities, greater job market, different socio-economic environments & social fabrics, can still allow a great number of immigrants without hurting & discriminating against their own population. But the question is, for how long will Americas be able to maintain this trend without starting to move towards the stage of chaotic collapse & internal civil war, such as Europe?

Both Canada & United States must wisen up & learn from the European Experience of the "Open Door" Immigration policy, specifically towards Arabo_Muslim or Islamists!

The Intellectual

The Intellectual on the other hand, acts as the continence of the society to enlighten the masses & warn them of their flawed liberal paths to destruction! "The Intellectual" preaches, but does "The Public" listen?!

The Intellectuals are in small numbers in comparison to the public. The intellectual foresees the future & the intellectual unlike the public, does not have a "Short Attention Span", he remembers the past, he learns from the history & he tries not to make the same mistakes!

But will the Liberal Establishment, the mainstream Liberal Media, the Liberal Immoral Values, the Liberal Bankrupt Social Structures, the Liberal socio-economic system & the Liberal Judas, allow the public to think on their own, without the norm of social brainwash imposed by Government/Media upon them?! Hell no!

The Thinking Intellectual has a duty to fight in 2 battle fronts:

1) Battle against The Enemy Without (The Islamists)
The Foreign Islamists, The Immigrating Islamists, The Convert Islamists (eg: Brainwashed Black American Muslim), etc.

2) Battle against The Enemy Within (The Liberals)
The Socialist Programmers of Americas, Big Government, Creators of Welfare State, Rich Liberal Left with their fake sympathies for the poor man, etc.

The Public consists of uninformed masses of Monkey See, Monkey Do! They follow their television sets, liberal biased media, big government, daily commercial propaganda and Immoral Socialist_Liberal Fake Values, to degenerate the very social fabrics of the Western Civilization!

The Intellectual consists of those responsible few, whom have a duty to save the public from themselves & their shortsightedness, the enemies without & within, & to avoid the complete social destruction of the western civilization!

And this my friends, is our today's Crusade.

American Political Distribution

Democratic Party
Democratic Party has 3 major fractions:

1) Radical Democrats
This group are the most radical leftist fraction of the Democratic Party. This fraction is a step short of Communism.
eg: Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Environmentalist Wackos, Anarchists, Pacifists, Militant Homosexuals, Radical Leftist Groups, Al Franken

2) Liberal Democrats
This group are pro socialist programming of America. They are the Socialist fraction of the Democratic Party & their role model is European Socialist Model. Big Government, Welfare State, Affirmative Action, High Taxation, Artificial Equalization of all people, distribution of wealth, public everything, nationalization of everything, & socialist engineering of America are amongst their agenda.
eg: Kennedys, Clintons, George Soros, Hollywood Liberals, Ted Turner, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Career Politicians of DC, Rich Bleeding Heart Liberals, Feme Nazis, Unions, Mafia controlled Labor Unions, Syndicates, Crime Syndicates, Mafia, ACLU, NAACP

3) Conservative Democrats
This group are the most sound & sane, amongst the Democrats.
eg: Senator Joseph Liberman, Alan Colms (TV/Radio Talk Show Host)

GOP (Grand Old Party) has 3 major fractions:

1) Moderate Republicans
This group are the Neo-Cons, the Rock & Rollers, the movers & shakers, the modern face of the GOP. This group are secular, yet moral. This group are economically conservative but socially moderate. This group are pretty much anti liberal establishment & biased liberal media. This group is heavily pro gun ownership, freedom of expression & press.
eg: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California), Ted Nugent (Rock Star/Radio DJ), Angie Harmon (Actress), Rob Lowe (actor), Country Music Republicans, Football Player Republicans, Rock Star Republicans, General Colin Powell, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Ann Coulter

2) Conservative Republicans
This group are pro traditional values, high on morality, strong religious values, family oriented, heavy on patriotism, heavy on free markets, Supply Side Economics, capitalism & private sector.
eg: G. W. Bush, Bush Family, Nute Gingridge, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Karen Hughes, NRA

3) Christian Fundamentalist Republicans
This group are the most right wing, ultra conservative, religious right fraction of the GOP.
eg: Reverend Jerry Farwell, Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, Reverend Pat Robertson, 700 Club, Christian Churches, Christian Fundamentalists, TV Evangelists

Myself, I am a Hard-Core GOP Activist, Iranian-American Republican, American Patriot & a Moderate Republican.

Liberal Biased Media

The Main-Stream Liberal Biased Media is a phenomenon which controls European & American Media & therefore public opinion. The Public is under constant bombardment & brainwash by Liberal Media. Liberal biased Media is far from "Fair & Balance". Liberal Media does not report the news, yet creates the news, takes sides, supports career politicians of DC, Big Government, Social Programs, Liberal Agenda & basically critics/bashes every move from the right.

EU: BBC, Guardian, Other European major Media
USA: CNN, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Other major American Media
Iranian-American Community: Iranian.com, Jebhe Meli Media, Meli Mazhabi Media, Reformist Media, Other Iranian Web Tabloids & Media Mouth Pieces

Until this moment, the Liberal Media:

refers to Al Qaeda Terrorists & Ba'th Terrorists in Iraq as "Insurgents"!
refers to Islamist Criminals & Thugs in France as "Rioters"!
refers to Islamist Hate Preachers in the west as "Muslim Clerics"!
refers to Muslim Fanatics dancing over dead bodies of Americans in Middle East as "Radicals"!
refers to Muslim Conspiracy Theorists & IRI Propagandists as "Extremists"!

Political Correctness is a Liberal Infection,
as bad as the
Allahic Virus which is an Islamic Disease!

The Crusade

Today, the swords are drawn.
Today, the few, the patriots, the well educated, the proud, the knowledgeable, .............. will make the final stand to save our global civilization. But today our crusade is not about:

Crusaders vs Saracens

Today, our crusade is about:

The Civilized World vs The Terrorist World

The Persian Community and The Global Community

The Persian Community is a faction & a part to the Greater Global Community. For instance, we can study the Persian Community in Exile as a "Part" (Iranian-American Community) & expand our conclusions to the greater "Whole" (American Community). We can study the "Part" to understand the "Whole". We can also study the Global Persian Community as a part, & then expand it to the Global Community as a whole. We can use our studies of the Persian Community for the better understanding of the global community. Lets look @ only one small yet important aspect of this issue.

Today we have,

Inside Iran:
Yesterday's Hizbollah Pasdars (Akbar Ganji) turned Today's Martyr Reformist Intellectual!
Yesterday's Islamist Revolutionary (Shirin Ebadi) turned Today's Humanitarian Reformist Lawyer, winning Piss-Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Price)!

Outside Iran:
Yesterday's Hizbollah Front Businesses (Alavi Foundation) turned Today's Cross-Cultural Institutes!
Yesterday's IRI Islamist Draft Centers (Iman Foundation) turned Today's Islamic Cultural Centers!
Yesterday's Sabotage Storage for Islamists (Santee Mosque of San Diego County) turned Today's Place of Worship!
Yesterday's IRI front business/Website (Iranian.com) turned Today's Iranian Tabloid for the superficial!
Yesterday's Hizbollahi Propagandist (Jahanshah Javid) turned Today's Iranian Reformist & American Liberal Democrat!
The list goes on & can be read for days & months ...................

All yesterday's young Islamist Revolutionaries & today's Iranian Businessmen/women & Merchants who were the contributors to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran & are still actively doing business & wheeling/dealing with IRI in the fields of import/export, hi-tech, & trades, have now turned into Iranian Reformists & American Liberals! They fund the Democratic Party because they know Democrats will allow lobbying for IRI, flirting with IRI, business as usual with IRI, funding Islamists, Front Businesses to Islamists & creation of One Big Happy Family of Liberalo_Islamist!

These wealthy Iranian American Business Owners, Hi-Tech Industrialists, Media Lords & Great Leaders of the Iranian American Community are lobbying for IRI, propagating for Islamists & directly or indirectly funding Islamists as front businesses!

Two peas of the same pod

Democrats are not American Patriots.
Reformists are not Iranian Nationalists.

"Iranian-American Liberal-Democrats" are directly or indirectly acting as a tool to support Islamic Republic of Iran's interests in America! They are either informed front businesses or uninformed puppets, but in both cases they serve the interests of Islamists in United States.

American Muslim intentionally or unintentionally acts as the 5th column of Islamists in America.
Iranian-American Liberal-Democrats intentionally or unintentionally acts as the 5th column of Islamic Republic of Iran in America.

The Question?

Otherwise, tell me, as an Iranian, how can you vote, support, fund, lobby & sympathize for American Democratic Party (Party of Jimmy Carter) who caused the downfall & destruction of your nation on 1979? An Iranian-American Liberal-Democrat either informed or uninformed, is helping to:

a) Destroy America via Liberal Policies, which already brought Europe to her knees against Islam.
b) Destroy Iran via shaky Liberal Policies of live & let live towards IRI & Islamists!

Now you be the judge, are "Iranian-American Liberal-Democrats" part of the problem or part of the solution? Aren't they also the Enemy Within?!

Simple as that!


Unfortunately the average Iranian, ponders much about his belly & under belly! Their short attention span only remembers today's events on the liberal media news! Their activities covers Night Clubs, Persian Concerts, Discotheques, Latest Dance, Hip Hop & Rap rhymes, their moral values are of a dog in heat, their historical knowledge is zilch, their cultural knowledge is Chelo Kabob, their attention is on Mini Skirts & they can't even speak proper Persian! If in Iran, they speak Arabized Persian & if abroad, they speak Penglish (Persian English)!

Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures!

Ask the average Iranian, who is Rostam Farokhzad, & they will either tell you about Stories of Rostam in Shahnameh or Farokhzad the singer!

Ask the average Iranian who were Yaqub Leis, Ario Barzan, Artemis, Surena, Negan, Banu or Babak Khoramdin, & they will come to a halt like a donkey stuck in the quicksand! But ask them about the 12 Imams & right away they will go: Ali, Hassan, Hussein, ..........

Ask the average Iranian about the roots of their celebrations. They don't even know what are Mehregan, Tirgan & Sadeh. They know Chaharshanbeh Suri is for jumping over the fire & eating Ajil, Nowruz is for collecting some money from elders, Sizdah Be Dar is for pigging out in the park or @ the beach & Yalda is about eating watermelon!

Ask the average Iranian, who was Aryamanesh, Kasravi, or Dashti? They look @ you amazed with their thumbs stuck in their butts! But right away they can tell you about Googoosh, Fataneh, Shohreh & other two bit whores of Los Angeles!

Ask the average Iranian, where was Ctesiphone & he will direct you to Siphon (Toilet Flush)!

Ask an average Iranian if he has ever read Sadeq Hedayat, Sohrab Sepehri or Aleh Dalfak, & they will look @ you wide-eyed like a Cow who is about to be Zebh al Islami (slaughtered)! Then ask them what do they read & they will right away direct you to Javanan, Tehran, Zan-e Ruz, Iranian.com, Taktaz, Jeegar, Kos-O-She'r.Gav, & other 101 Iranian Tabloids, Rag Papers, Ragazines & Bang O Salavat Sites made for simpletons!

Ask the average Iranian about Kundun & instead of talking about Oriental Philosophy, they will assume that you are talking about Qazvin (Kun + Dun) & anal Sex!

Ask the average Iranian about Persian Culture, & they will tell you not to be a Racist & talk about Persian; but be politically correct & talk about Iranian Culture & Farsi Language!

Ask the average Iranian about the "Cyrus Cylinder" & they will think that it is a new Cylinder (Automobile Piston) for Peykan, Benz or BMW! They will ask you does it come in 4, 6 or 8 Cylinder?!

Ask the average Iranian about Darius Inscriptions, they look @ you like a dog who lifted up one leg, ready to piss in the living room, yet wonders about your blessings to do so! But they surely listen to daily bull-Shiites, rhetorics & Kos O She'r coming out of Dr. Farhang Holakoui's mouth on Radio! They even base their whole family structure & discipline on this man's or similar men's rhetorics!

Ask the average Iranian about the Persian Blood Oath & Cutting Bread. They will assume you are talking about Nun Sangak (Persian Bread)!

Ask the average Iranian about how Islam came to Iran, & they will tell you how Prophet & Imams distributed Islam like Halwa Ardeh, Khameh & Nun O Khorma (Persian Sweets, Cream, Bread & Dates) throughout the world!

Ask the average Iranian about history of Iran & its beginning, & they will start from Ali ibn al Abi Talib (Fourth Caliphate of Rashedin), the first Shiite Imam & 651 AD. Then they will tell you how Islam was the starting point of our real history & before that, we really did not have much of a history or civilization!

Ask the average Iranian about Maziyar & they think you are talking about the singer!

Ask the average Iranian about Zartosht & they think you are talking about Googoosh's latest Album!

Ask the average Iranian about Median Aryans & they think you are talking about a type of horse (Madian)!

Ask the average Iranian about Kheshayar (Xerxes) & they think you are talking about Khoshk Khoshk (Anal Sex without any Lubricous or Vaseline)!

Ask the average Iranian about Pasargat & they think you are talking about a restaurant!

Ask the average Iranian about Persepolis & they think you are talking about a Soccer Team!

Ask the average Iranian about Susa & they ask you: Is she the new Persian Star in Iranian pop music of LA?

Ask the average Iranian about Ecbatana & they ask you: Is that the new hangout Discotheque in Orange County? Are there a lot of Persian Mini Skirt wearing Jeegar o Del o Qolveh "Tikeh" over there? What night is the ladies night? And can we score on the first night?!

Ask the average Iranian who is Bakhtiar? And they will tell you; it is a tribe & a province near Shiraz!

Ask the average Iranian who is Purandokht? And they will tell you she was a singer but she died (Puran)!

Ask the average Iranian, what does the word "Iran" means? And they will look @ you confused, like a cattle looking @ his owner! The same way that Gav looked @ Ezatollah Entezami in the movie "Gav"!

Ask the average Iranian what is the most important Persian contribution to the global civilization & they will tell you Kabob Kubideh!

These are Cultural, historical & Moral poverties of our people. And that's why IRI has been in power for 27 years & adding! That's why we are trying to turn "Iranians" into "Thinking Iranians"! Now expand this to Iranian Global community & then expand this to the "Global Public" in general! That's why "The Intellectual" has a duty to inform "The Public" via Mass Information. Thanks to Technology for Internet!

I, The Preacher

The Preacher, they call me! I am The Preacher, but not preacher of religion. I am a preacher of logic. I am a prophet of Logic. I do not deal with hypes, sensationalism, political tribalism, norms of the society, pop culture, latest fads, latest fashions, socialist agendas, affirmative actions, liberal policies, & Islamists Rights to destroy my community!

I am about logic, science, experiment, analysis, sociology, anthropology, history, reasoning, thinking outside the box, proofs & facts. Likes of my comrades & I, are pro Deep Thinking, we are Deep Thinkers of the Iranian Community. We look beyond the facade & superficial culture. We seek solutions to Iranian Community's problems & in a larger picture to global problems.

We are here to make an impact on the youth, on the future generation. If the impact is strong, then they will join the crusade, but if the impact is weak, it will only make a slight effect! We are here to make an impact, any impact. We will be thankful for any impact, because "All" impacts mean a "Change" in the "Public's Mind"; yet we shall force "The Strongest Impact", thus those impacts, guarantee a new believer for "The Cause" & to seek the truth!

Time is precious & time is what we do not have. The clock is ticking: tic tac, tic tac, tic ..............
Today, the world must wake up from the deep sleep & the fantasy world, drawn for them by the Liberal Media. & then ponder about the present Crusade:

The Civilized world vs The Terrorist World

What side are you on?!

Yes folks,

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Ahreeman X
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Postby Arash » Mon Nov 07, 2005 7:19 pm

Even though I agree that Islam is a dangerous tazi Ideology I think you are giving it too much credit. The reason the Arab dogs managed to infiltirate our borders and impose their thoughts on us was because the Persian Empire was greatly weakened in war. So when you talk about the powerful Persian Empire that was taken over by Islam you must remember that the Persian Empire wasn't exactly that powerful at the time!

Secondly, you keep talking about Islam taking over Europe and America without any reference to how this is going to be done. The border weakening and infiltiration stuff is way too simplistic and suggests a global coordination of muslim peoples which is far too conspiratorial and unrealistic (Muslims are dumb brutes and not capable of this level of cooporation).

And as for Europeans and Americans willingly converting to Islam; well that's out of the question. History tells us that no nation has ever converted to Islam willingly. They always had to be forced. And force in this instance is out of the question. Terrorism is no way of converting people either. It just creates further resentment.

And thirdly;

The Europeans are too weak, soft; wishy washy, liberal & politically correct to even search these Muslim Communities!

What is this Nazi Germany? Do you expect people's houses to be raided on random and searched?

This will also inevidably lead to racial profiling and prosecution, of which you yourself aren't exactly immune "Dr." X!

And my last point is that this whole business with Islam and the West is a fabricated threat used by some politicians to scare people into accepting their harsh socio-political reforms which they would have not accepted under any other circumstance. Fear is the oldest tool of power and Western politicians are milking it for all it's worth. Islam is simply a bogus enemy, blown up to occupy the vaccum created by the former Soviet Union.

Islam is a danger to us! The proud people of Persia. But to the west? Bloody unlikely! The west will crumble, but under it's own corruption, financial burdens, foreign dept and market saturation, not bloody Islam! Get a grip on reality man!
Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent; That is what Wisdom wants us to be, for wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.
--Friedrich Nietzsche
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Postby Arash » Wed Nov 09, 2005 4:38 am

My post was uttered in a sarcastic fashion. It was meant to make fun.

I do believe in god but the idea of heaven and hell is a fabriation of insitutionalised religion.

I believe the whole universe is god. Everything that exists. God is not something seperate from us. I always find it very funny when people look to the sky when they talk about god. 95 per cent of religious people don't know the first thing about god. And it's mostly due to the spiritual prison created by institutionalised religion.

And I kinda didn't get what you meant in your post.
Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent; That is what Wisdom wants us to be, for wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.
--Friedrich Nietzsche
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Nov 11, 2005 3:50 pm

Dear KaferWoman:

Damn, that sounds like a Super Heroine, the same as Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Hawkwoman, etc. (Riot!) :happy06:

But this super heroine, turns people to Kafer Zindiqs, takes away their faith, switches them to infidels & provides a path for them to Hell! You know how Wonderwoman's weapon is the Truth Lasso, your weapon could be a "Science Wand" (like a magic wand)! You pop them on the head with the "Science Wand", it explodes, stars & spangles, & then they lose their faith & turn to Kafers! You are kind o like a Fairy, yet an Evil Fairy! Damn KaferWoman! That woman is Evil!

But really - how many times must I add you to my Yahoo Messenger and send you furious messages just for you to reject my add again?! HO HUM!

Anyhow, check it out, every month a number of folks send me Yahoo PM messages to add me to their friends list. I do not know who the hell these people are! They could be Islamist Hackers as far as I concern! So I reject all of them. I also do not know your PM. So I suggest, when you are sending me a yahoo PM message to add me to your friends list, include a few lines & tell me who you are & from where; therefore, I understand it is you, so I can accept the PM. Then you can discuss your questions in private. Do you get it woman?!

Gorg Ali The Exiled Wolf
Gorg Ali dar qorbat
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Letters From France

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 12, 2005 9:46 pm

Letters from France


I am going to share a couple of letters from France. With the present situation in France, you might find them interesting. So, here are a couple of interesting E-mails from France. I am only posting a couple of them which are related to the present situation. My main squeeze, Blondie is in France on business and she saw some riots first hands. Blondie is a mathematical genius, an Aerospace Engineer with high security clearance and another female Persian genius in the land of Great Satan! Blondie often has Air force or Navy contracts but now she is working on a commercial project. Presently, Blondie is doing some stress analysis on certain parts. She gives a final go and if she gives "The Go", the plane will go to productions. So she is visiting their factory and branch in Toulouse. Check them out:

First E-mail

Letter From Toulouse 1


I went to Carcassone today. A mid evil town near Toulouse. I took a train there. Inside the train was like Iran's trains but dirty and smelly. I thought about you. I told myself if Booboo was here , he would not sit here and would get off the train. You are such neat freak, you would bitch all the way! I don't know if its the trains or Body Odor! Maybe French or Europeans are not so used to deodorants!

In train station, believe it or not, they had a Persian music on. First, I thought I am not hearing it right but the words were clearly Farsi. Persian music in French train station, believe it? Then after the visit, I had to take the Bus back instead of train, because the train was coming back too late. It took two hours to get back. It went through every country side city, the Doll house cities. The bus was smelly and dirty. It reminded me of Acapulco, our last South Mexican trip when you talked me into going in the middle of Mexican deserts on foot and in search of Aztec Pyramids! Remember the bus ride where there were no stops in sight and I almost peed on the bus seat? I think someone had peed in that French bus too. Then, there was this strange man who kept bending over me in the back sit. I was sleepy, I thought he was waiting for me to sleep so he can rub me. I think he was a chunky little blonde chaser! He must have got turned on with my huge boobs and blonde hair! Anyway, interesting day.

Everything, fruits, food, other stuff are so scares, expensive and low quality here! French Perfume and Designer clothes are cheaper in America than here! Every time I come to Europe, I appreciate living in States more. I tell myself: Europe is good for visit but I can never live here. No place is like America.

Stupid French Hotels, my shower door has two doors which opens up like window, so I have to get in from corner and step over the toilet. I don't fit into the hole. It is less a 12 inches. So I have to squeeze in and out. Stupid French showers and this suppose to be the best hotel here! I think they are building these rooms for little French people and not for Big Americans! Anyway, I hope you are doing ok. I am going to rest a bit and no English movie on the TV. see you soon. I miss home Already.

Traveling too much use to be fun, now its a pain in the ass. LA, Ohio, Baltimore, now Toulouse, I had it for this season. I miss America. Take me home please. I think I have changed too. I don't enjoy traveling as much as I used to.



Second E-mail

Letter From Toulouse 2


It is 3:00 am and I have been up since 1:00 am. I can't sleep. Must be jet lag! I actually ended up in the middle of huge demonstration last night. I went out to the main shopping district and it was packed with people. I saw tons of cops with machine guns and helicopters in sky. It did not click first. One minute I was shopping and then next I found myself in the middle of a riot! All of sudden, I saw a sea of people running down the street and I looked, there were 5000 people with banners walking and screaming and there were at least 300 police and 50 police vans surrounding them. We were all squeezed in , no choice. the streets were packed. I wish I had taken my camera. Any way, they all went through with their slogans and screams and we watched. Anyway, It was fun and scary. It was same as 1978 Iran. But there was no bloodshed in this riot. Cops are all over. The city is in state of emergency but cops have the control. You must see this, its like back when we were 16 in Tehran on 1978, so exciting but dangerous!

Officials are calling rioters, scum. People are pissed. Situation is not calming down but getting worst. A French man on the news was saying: I think I will go to Algeria and riot there for a change. He was making wise remarks about all these Algerian Muslim Immigrants rioting in France. You know what I think? I am glad! These damn arrogant French pillaged North and West Africa for centuries, now its pay back time, let them get shafted by Muslim in their own country! But don't tell them that I told you this! :)

As for eating, I hate the French food but the pastries I eat. French pastries are great. The hotel is ok just the shower is funny. My head hurts from all these French. It feels like a chicken talking in your ear all day. Doesn't French sound like chicken? There are more people speaking English in Indonesia than are in France. Damn French so arrogant to speak English to anyone! I need to take my camera to take pictures of riots.

Last time I was here, it was more things to do. Seems I ran out of doing things. Only work work work. Today I had to inspect the projects of our French engineers here. French men are so small and short. Everything is miniature made! You would freak out if you were here. You are a giant and everything is little here! Tomorrow I have a presentation in the company, then I visit the factory. If everything goes right, the prototype jet will be in the market next year.

Don't spend so much money. If you get bored, take a needle and poke your testicles. I am dying for a good cup of coffee, believe it or not. French Coffee sucks. I miss American Coffee. I have been walking all day and I have no plans for tomorrow. I should rest my foot but it is so boring in the hotel. I already miss you so much.

Anyway, have fun and I see you Thursday.


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The Crusade is Forming

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:56 am

:WK: The Crusade is Forming! :ayatollah:
November 13, 2005

:stop: Warning :stop:
This piece is extremely politically incorrect for Bleeding Heart Liberal's taste! So if you happen to be one, then I suggest stop reading now! Turn off the monitor, grab a couple of other pacifists, go in front of The White House, holding hands & start singing Cumbaya!
For the rest of yous with strong hearts, lets roll:


:stirthepot: Allow me to do my part to piss off the pacifists, anti war movement, Cindy Sheehans of the world & flower children! Lets ponder & put forward a scenario for the up coming days! Shall we?!

So the stage is set, the pieces are all falling in place on the puzzle! After 200 years of 7 major Crusades, now in 21st Century, The 8th major Crusade is forming!

With the latest events:

Major blow up in Jordan
Cat & Mouse play with Syria
Nuclearization episodes of Iran
Elections in Egypt
Iran's ultimatum to Israel
Israel's response to Iran
Heating up of Iraqi & Afghani Campaigns
Opening of The Second Front (Europe) & Battlefield France
Iran's president's determination for nuclearization & ignoring US Warnings

It surely seems like we are heading for some major hairy events! Boy, this sounds like WAR all over the region & more, maybe global! Islamist Terrorism is already popping up in Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, Iraq, England, etc. But ponder a bit on if Iran actually releases her first nuke! Israel is not going to sit still, maybe bombs Isfahan & Arak. Iran in return might shoot a dozen of Shahab Missiles to Tel Aviv, Haifa & other Jewish cities. The episode will continue. Syria/Libya will be hesitant to take Iran's side & Jordan/Egypt will be hesitant to take anyone's side! USA will naturally back Israel. China has no choice but to back Iran. Russia would deal with Iran but preach peace! North Korea would align with Iran. British would reluctantly, yet once again be dragged by US into another episode to align with US. Europe will once again stay put with their thumbs up their butts watching the wheels go round & round, ...............

Boy, I am telling ya, nothing good will come out of this! Sounds like a full blown war. On top of it all, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah & every other two bit Islamist Terror group would act as the 5th column of IRI around the world. So as you see,

That was then, The Crusaders:
Duke Godfrey d' Bouillon
Lord Bohemund
King Baldwin of Jerusalem
Louis VII
Raymond d' Aguiliers of Toulouse
Guy d' Lusignan the Knight Templar
Richard The Lion-Heart

And that was then, The Saracens:
Imad al Zangi
Nur al din
Salah al din al Ayubid
Baha al din

But this is now, The Crusaders:
G. W. Bush
Donald Rumsfeld
Tony Blair
Dr. Condoleezza Rice

And this is now, The Saracens:
Imam Khamenei
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Osama Bin Laden
Abu Musab al Zarqawi
Ayman al Zawahiri

And once again like the Iraqi Campaign (2nd Gulf war), it smells like WAR. Nothing like a good war suits my soul! War does a body good! It builds character (Pacifists are now reading this & are ready to spill my blood with their peace signs & flowers!)! What can I say, violence excites me! Violence is better than sex. Nothing turns me on like violence! Besides:

Whatever does not kill ya, will make ya stronger! :badgrin:

Next to actually causing violence by vandalizing mosques, beating on Hizbollah, cracking young Muslim boys heads, torturing Hezboz in Ahreeman's House of Pleasureful Pains, .........., the second best thing is to watch violence on TV. And I don't want cheesy censored violence clips of war on CNN or FOX. Gimmi hard-core uncensored violence, kind o like "Saving Private Ryan" with guts, intestines, stomach and body parts blowing up & flying around the screen!
Do it like Knights Templar & Saracen Warriors! Full Body contact needed! When I watch the war coverage, live on news, I wanna feel the blood on my face! Gimmi full virtual reality!
I wanna see Christiane Amanpour's nose or Heraldo Rivera's spleen flies around the screen. I want camera man's schlong smashes to the screen. Gimmi some blood, sweat & tears! Gimmi screams, never ending screams. For Allah's sake, gimmi some prime time horror! Why the hell am I paying so much for cable TV?! Gimmi my money's worth, will ya?!

What can I say? Kill them all, let Allah sort them out! :shooting: :namaz:

I tell you what, I am going to get my 6 pack o Ginger Ale, microwave popcorn & glass o ice ready.
I gonna sit me down on my leather sofa, put my feet on my ottoman, turn on the TV & damn American stations better show me some graphic scenes! I demand entertainment! I want hard-core violence. This here country is built on Sex & Violence. Football our national game is practically war on the field & latest positions taught by porn gurus are our favorite clips, Sex & Violence American Style! Boy I miss my football days! Football field is the only place which you can actually hit & hurt people without getting arrested or doing anything illegal! So cut the crap about censorship, Christian Moral Majority, Cutting violence, sex, profanity & obscenity from TV! Lets be true Americans! Everything goes, show it all. I am warning the networks: Don't make me turn the TV off & turn on the Internet to get my gore!

Show the whole damn gory, gooey, bloodshed, rape, murder, pillage, cut-throat, screams, profanity, testicles flying across the screens & Christiane Amanpour's nose smashing head on to the TV Camera! Get my rocks off, make me feel like a million, will ya?!
:bazooka: :banghead2: :bangheadcurs: :grenadelauncher:
Gimmi my money worth of entertainment. I maybe promised Momsy to cut down on Real Violence but hell; the least you can do is let me have some genuine hard-core violence on TV, no? Don't be a fun spoiler, show the unrated version, will ya?! That a boy!

I just can't wait for a good war to begin! Nothing like a good bloody war. It hits the spot! Boy it hits the spot! The Horror of it all! Ain't war hell?!

All this talk about war and blood, got me thirsty! I must have inherited this thirst from my great ancestor Aqa Mohamad Khan-e Qajar! What a great man! He used to hang people upside down by the balls! He was a humorous man! Let's see, hmmmmmmmm no blood in the house, but hey, the closest thing we got is chilled cranberry juice! OK boys & girls, I gots to end this love letter, get out of my office, go downstairs, grab a glass o chilled cranberry juice from the refrig!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it hits the spot! :cran:

For now, pleasant bloody nightmares for All!
See ya in your nightmares kids! :surprised: :evillaugh:

Loves to stay but gots to go!

Arrivederci :swave:

The WAR Monger
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Letters From France Continues

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Nov 13, 2005 2:21 pm

Letters from France Continues

Here is a good one:

Third E-mail

Letter From Toulouse 3


I went to Moslem part of the town today. Do you remember Morocco? It was like Morocco. I thought about you all day. I think you would enjoy yourself there. It was like walking in a Morocco Bazaar in Tangier, Marrakesh or Rabat. I bought you a Tasbeeh for your collection which is made of coral. I paid good amount of euro for it. I also bought one of morocco tea pots. I hope I don't buzz the security coming back home.

These people will never change no matter where you take them. Even on the moon, they find a way to drink tea and smoke water pipe and sell you a pack of used cigarette. They want to sell you a cheap rug or water pipe at double price of whats it worth but they still look for your man to deal with. They don't believe a woman can negotiate or bargain on her own! They were surprised when found out, I am an expert on Oriental and middle eastern rugs and handmade or antique objects. They aren't used to dealing with women. They are used to see women in kitchen or cleaning the house. Men are sitting around, making cheap talks, drinking tea and smoking water pipes in bazaar and tea houses while women work hard and provide for the family! The only thing changed in Europe, is now women go to work and have jobs outside the house and also do house chores inside the house, so they work twice as hard than back home, but men still sit around in tea houses make cheap talks! You can take them out of Middle East but you can never take the middle east out of them!

Theres prejudice against moslem here. Theres also prejudice against Americans here. French engineers and management likes to deal with me because I'm not an Anglo American and I look and sound French! You have to see their faces, when they are told an American woman is here to inspect their work and meet with them! They look like they had rotten snails and going to throw up. They look uncomfortable and disgusted, but soon as they see a French looking, chunky little blonde woman, they feel better about it! During last three trips, French grew to like and enjoy my company!

This is a business trip but feels like a vacation. I'm used to travelling with you guys, family and company. I travel a lot on my own but I miss you. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go to North African section of the town, but I am bored. I was lucky no incidents broke out while I was shopping, but night is young, I am sure there will be some car burning, window breaking, random fires and rioting tonight. Looking forward to take some pictures of the protests. Tomorrow I have to go see some traditional jewelry but now I have to work on my laptop. Make sure you call your mom to see if her flight from Europe will be on schedule and if everything is going well.

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