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Posts on Koon and Kooni related Topics

Postby Messenger of Allah » Sun Apr 09, 2006 8:22 am

Last time we spoke of koon in “Pan Iranism,â€
Don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message
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Messenger of Allah
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:51 pm

:arabj: Dear MOA:

Continued from this topic in other room which belongs to this room: ... 8d6f5#5782

Urban Dictionary ... =sodomizer

Urban Dictionary defines Sodomizer as:

“a sodomizer is a boy who likes to ass rape other people whether or not it is a boy or girl.”

Nick is such a sodomizer, and his favorite partner is his twin brother matt!

And here is a picture of Nick



Now on to ………..

Some God Words by Allah in Fine Language of God (Arabic)

Quran Karim mifarmayad:

Lavaton fel Mohasanaton!
Ass Banging has many benefits”
(Quran, Ayat-ol Lavat, Surat-ol Chenar)

Allah continues …………

Ana Zakar on Dokhul on fel Matahton, ana Lazemon val Savabon!
“When a Schlong enters an Anus, this act (Sodomy) is a necessity and has benefits in afterlife!”

Ana Nakir O Monker zohuron fel Shab-e 40 Qabr fel Bayaz Giri!
“Nakir and Monker, both as Angels of Allah shall revive on the 40th night of the passing to see who had banged, who had been banged and who not? So they can recommend who will go to Heavens to get the 72 virgins and 2 pearly white boys! (Bayaz Giri)”

Ana Mohammad, Lavaton La Takhaf! Laken Lazemon Ma’refaton! Ya Akhi, ana Lavat fel Lazemon, ba’albak Lavatiyoun ana Abedina al Eslam!
“ Lo Mohammad, Sodomy is no sin! Lo Sodomy is necessary to gain wisdom and morality! Ya Mohammad, Sodomy is a pleasant necessity and Yes ………. It is recommended and the best for the most holy men of Islam!”

Al Zakaron Kabir, fel Ashraf al Mo’meninoun val Din. Lavatiyoun ana Taherin al Moslemin val Hakim on val Halaal-on amal, fel vali ol Allah!
“ Ones with Larger Schlongs have the highest place amongst the people of books! They are the best of the pious people. These Sodomizers are the cleanest and most pious of Muslim and their actions are religiously recommended and Halaal! They are the closest to God (Allah)!”

(Quran, Ayat-ol Lavat, Surat-ol Chenar)

Now I do not know if this one came out of Mohammad or Allah’s mouth!
After all Mohammad had 21 wives and 2 Pearly White Boys!
Allah also recommends 72 Virgins and 2 little Pearly White Boys in Heavens for Suicide Bombers!

I suggest you start writing a new Testament named:

Favaed al Lavat
“Benefits of Sodomy”

As you know, I am fluent in fine tong o Arabic, so not to worry, you can write in Persian and I can translate it for you and Allah in Arabic, language of God!

You see,

Who said Ahreeman and Allah cannot work together?
Raven often takes the role of the Evil Spirit taking messages back and forth between me & my Father @ Under!

You can also take the role of the Good Messenger between me and Allah!

Your encoding in above message is also off, why don't you fix it? In a perfect world, it should be fixed? :D Yes I am speaking of encoding again! [-X But .........For the first time to MOA! :sarcas:

Allah and Ahreeman Bless!

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Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:57 pm

:don: Amir Arsalan

In my early days, aside “Gold Finger” I was also named “Ass Master” and Anal Blaster”! Why you ask? We do not want to go there ………….!

Of course no homosexual activities!
Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality (Seinfeld)!

But I had no idea that you also have studies in the field of Analogy?!

Weeeeell (as Ronald Reagan used to say), I guess Molecular Biology and Analogy are somehow connected!

The funny thing is that everytime I have a sport injury or a medical surgery, I spend time in front of TV watching certain Channels! The other day Blondie told me,

B: First you were watching

BET (Black Entertainment TV)

because in reality you are a Black Man trapped in a white man’s body!

Then you have been watching Lifetime Chick Flicks, TV for Women!

LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)
Lifetime (TV for Women)

because you have a feminine side to yourself! You behave like a housewife!

But now you have been watching The Gay TV!
LOGO, TV for Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals, Transvestites, Transgenders, Gender Benders and everything else “in between”!


now this is because you have perversions towards Transsexuals and Chicks with Dicks!

I don’t know about you!
My mother warned me 8 years ago when I started to date you! She could not pin point it but there was something really wrong with you!

I don’t know what gave me the clue,
Was it the leathers and chains you keep in the dungeons?
Was it the Gay Colors and flamboyant Clothes you buy from International Male?
Was it the way you always talk, act and hang around like a Black Football Player or Gangster?
Was it some of your female friends who look very masculine and buffed?
Or was it the way you are such a Neat Freak, spick and span house, germ free and clean as a whistle?

I don’t know about you?!

Now everything makes sense! Now you are turning to:

A Ghetto Black, Feminine Girly Man, Fancy Boy who watches Chick Flicks, digs Chicks with Dicks and wears Gay Colors type of clothes!

You are so twisted that I do not know where to begin?!

X: But dear …………

B: Don’t but dear me ……..

X: But my sweet “Rahat ol Holqum” Turkish Delight, my Honey Due Melons, I have been misunderstood! I am just your average misunderstood fellow man who likes to gain information about all walks of life!

B: I don’t know about that but you have a reputation of watching:

Discovery Science Channel
History Channel
Discovery Channel

But you are getting caught by me watching:


Is there something you are trying to tell me?
Are you turning weird on me in your old ages?
Or you have always been weird but I was in denial?!!!!!!!!!!!

What a riot, Killeeeeeeeeer! Another day full o episodes in Ahreeman’s life!
My life is a Soap Opera! Everyday I am having an Episode!

But seriously, we need to concentrate on shape of the statue and name of the statue. Then we can build it right in the middle of the main circle of IPC!

Bache Kuni can be of great help with this task! He has many studies about the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Dutch will honor prostitutes,
Why shouldn’t we be honoring Kunis and Kun Kunak?
A Fine Persian Tradition!

But can you guys believe they have now Gay TV, LOGO!? And it has funny Stand Up Comics!

So professor, you are a fellow Analogist?!
I am sorry, Messenger of Allah is! [-X

Now Bache Kuni has representation on Cable TV!

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Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 25, 2007 5:08 pm

Clarification Issue

When Ahreeman returned, he saw a few posts around IPC by various posters accusing Ahreeman of being a Shiite Magnet, Kuni Magnet, Trans Magnet, Psycho magnet, etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all: Shame on all of you whom took cheap shots on Ahreeman while he was away!

Now I would like to clarify,

Susan’s “Original” and “Most Important” Puppy Crush, Puppy Love and Infatuation was with Lib. Unfortunately Nazi Thugs like Lib, do not know how to behave with delicate flowers such as Susan! Furthermore, Lib Executed Susan using his famous Electric Chair!

Have in mind that Ahreeman’s Dungeon in Ahreeman’s house O Pleasurful Pains is operated as a BarberShop and a Beauty Salon! I am the owner; however, just like Salons rent boots to stylists and barbers, I also rent Space for Torture chairs, Electric Chairs, Algerian Hooks, Wracks, Crucifics and S&M Chairs to fellow IPCers! Lib rents space from my dungeons for his personal and private sadistic needs! So basically he is a Free S&M Agent! He only pays monthly fees for his space to me & rest he does, is history! On Weekends we hear many screams of excruciating pains from his boot down the dungeons! Allah knows what is really going on!

So as you see, after that thug Lib, murdered Susan, then she returned from the grave, yet she was not the same again! She came back just like Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery!

Amir says:

Sometimes Dead is better!
Sometimes They are better off dead!

But not in this case! She came back as a vengeful bitch! Made a mockery of Lib in all her little toons! She hates Lib’s guts for what he done to her in her first life, but deep inside, she still cares for his “Righteous” (as she called him) Prince Charming Viking on the White horse from Malmo!

I just gave this lecture for all you perverts to know that Susan’s original and most dear love in IPC is Lib. Please do not mistake me for that Nazi Youth!

So if you assume about any kind o magnets, please take it to Lib!

End of the story!

Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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General 5 Star
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