Who was the greatest Shah?

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Who was the greatest Shah?

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Who was the greatest Shah?

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed May 31, 2006 4:10 am

Who was the greatest Shah?

Persians, Patriots, Historians, Scholars, Activists, Comrades & Friends:

Greetings to All. These days, I am very occupied. Therefore, I am not officially back @ IPC; however, I am here for a very short visit & to hit you with a great challenge:

I would like you to vote in this important cultural poll & if you have any comments, please respond to this post. I would love to read your inputs. This poll is for statistical usage only. Voting is a good practice of democracy, please practice this privilege. Now, I am going to flash 8000 years of Iranian history through your eyes. I am going to hit you with a tough decision to make. Here is your challenge:

Whose devotion/dedication were of the most importance to Iran? Tough call indeed!
Who was the greatest of the Great Shahanshahs?

Your choices are:

Karibu-Sha-Shushinak (Susa)
[3750 BC]
The First Persian King (Shah). First Shah of Iran, son of Shimbi-ish-khuk (patesi of Susa, governor of the land of Elam), at First was a subject ruler under Babylon, then he became an independent Sha (Shah), The Shah of Susa [First Shah of Iran]. Before this period, there were Governors ruling Susa, not Shahs. Shushinak built many temples and wrote many inscriptions. Shushinak started the Kingdom of Iran.

Cyrus The Great (Achaemenid)
[559 BC - 530 BC]
The First Persian Emperor (Shahanshah). Writer of The Cyrus Cylinder, the first charter of human rights in the world, the liberator and the patron saint of the Jews. The liberator of the 42,000 Jews from slavery of Babylon. The King of Kings and starter of the Persian Empire.

Darius The Great (Achaemenid)
[522 BC - 486 BC]
The Great Shahanshah. The great conqueror and writer of the Darius Inscription, the father of the Persian Monarchy. Cyrus started the Persian Empire but Darius had established the Persian Empire! Darius, The Wise Shahanshah.

Xerxes The Great (Achaemenid)
[486 BC - 465 BC]
The Great Persian Emperor (Shahanshah). During his reign, Iran was at her highest point in history and the sole super power in the globe. The conqueror of Athens and Greece. The Great Conqueror and the great military commander. The height and glory of the Persian Navy and Persian Empire. Famous with the ladies, Xerxes was a great Persian Lover!

Shapour The Great (Sassanid)
[241 AD - 272 AD]
The Shahanshah who once more, made Iran The Sole Super Power in the world. The great Persian Emperor, the great warrior, the defeater of Rome who captured Valerian the Roman Emperor. The glory of The Mighty Sassanid Military. After the defeat of Rome, Shapour ordered the Roman POWs to build the first and the greatest university city in the world, The Gondi Shapour University City in Khuzestan; Then he brought professors and scholars from around the world to teach Medicine, Mathematics, Philosophy, Music, Agriculture, Politics and other Sciences in there. Gondi Shapour became the global center for scholars, scientific debates and general academics.

Yaqub Leis The Great (Saffarid)
[867 AD - 879 AD]
The liberator of Iran, whom after 222 years, freed Iran from the Arab Occupation, the defeater of the Arab Caliphate. By 873 AD, Yaqub captured the huge state of Khorasan and next, he took control of central Iran, he marched through the central regions (today's States of Semnan, Markazi, Tehran) and he attached Esfahan, Yazd, Khuzestan and the Southern Sea Shores of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman to the United Iran. By the end of 873 AD, Yaqub had ended the rule of Taherids in Khorasan, and then freed and reunited the majority of Iranian States from the hands of Arabs, Arab Servants, Persian Traitors, and other Half Breeds; therefore, 873 AD is the official "Independence Year of Iran" which put an end to 222 years of Arabo_Islamic Occupation (651 AD - 873 AD). Yaqub was the reviver of the Persian kingdom, language and culture who re-enforced teaching of the Persian Language in schools. The builder of universities, schools, dams, monuments and the great nationalist liberator of Persia. Persian Language and Culture exists today, only due to the efforts of Yaqub and Ferdowsi.

Shah Abbas The Great (Safavid)
[1587 AD - 1629 AD]
Star of the Persian Colonial Empire, the builder of many monuments, the great organizer, administraitor and the powerful Safavid Emperor. Abbas had established The Great Persian Colonial Empire.

Nader Shah The Great (Afsharid)
[1737 AD - 1747 AD]
The Iranian Napoleon, The Greatest Iranian Military Genius of all times, The reviver of the Persian Empire who expanded the boundaries of Iran almost to the point of Sassanid era. The Persian prestige was once more revived by Nader. Iran became a blooming power during Nader's reign.

Aqa Mohamad Shah (Qajar)
[1795 AD - 1797 AD]
The Last Persian Emperor (Shahanshah). The First and the only worthy Shah of Qajar, the great nationalist who fought bravely against Russians, Ottomans, Turks and other enemies of Iran. Enemies of Iran feared him. Aqa Khan was the last Iranian Emperor and during his reign, he fought & saved the integrity of Iran. During his reign, Persian Empire was consisting of today's Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan half of Pakistan, Parts of Russia in Caucasus (Ossetia), Iran and Bahrain. Aqa Khan was the last Persian Emperor who kept the integrity of the Persian Empire intact.

Reza Shah The Great (Pahlavi)
[1925 AD - 1941 AD]
Reza Khan, Father of The Nation and Father of the modern Iran, the Industrial King of Iran, the liberator of Iranian women, and the educator of the masses. The roots of All Iranian industries, goes back to Reza Khan!

Mohamad Reza Shah (Pahlavi)
[1941 AD - 1979 AD]
The last Persian King (Shah). During his reign, Iran was moving towards a speedy progress. Industrialization, Education, Literacy, Healthcare, Agriculture and Military Sophistication were amongst his major plans. Shahanshah Aryamehr, the visionary, the great nationalist and the planner/director of the Great Civilization.


See you soon

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Postby Amir » Wed May 31, 2006 11:08 am

Greetings to All. These days, I am very occupied. Therefore, I am not officially back @ IPC; however, I am here for a very short visit

Why do you tease us so?

Another noteworthy Shah is Mithradates the Great ( King of Parthia from about 171 BC to 138 BC). He is not of the caliber of many of the other Shahs mentioned, but deserves recognition.
The Parthians removed the Greek occupiers from Iran, and sent us back on the road to reclaim our culture. For that, the Parthians as a whole deserve recognition by us. Arsaces I was the first to establish a Parthian kingdom, though a limited one. After him, all Parthian kings were also known as “Arsaces.â€
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby CR » Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:28 am


Most important poll and the toughest challenge in IPC, but Yaqub has my vote, because:

Cyrus maybe invented the Persian Empire,
Darius maybe maintained the Persian Empire,
Shapour maybe educated the Persian Empire,
But Iran lived before them and would have lived after them.
But, if there was no Yaqub, there would be no Iran today.
If there was no Yaqub, Iran of today would have been part of the Arab League,
No Iranian Traditions. Celebrations, Culture, language and identity would have survived,
No Yaqub means No Iran and Iranians.
There was Yaqub so there is Iran.

I conclude Yaqub is the most important Shah in history of Iran.
Yaqub is the most important Iranian in history of Iran.
Ferdowsi, Babak Khoramdin, Abu Moslem Khorasani come close,
But the most important Iranian of all times is Yaqub.

If there was no Yaqub, there was no Iran,
So I would have not been in IPC trying to once more free Iran!
I would have been living a peaceful life in Casablanca or Tangiers in Morocco.
I spend half of my life over there, so may as well move and live there!
So No Yaqub means No Iran means No IPC means No CR in IPC.
End of the story.

Try to refute my reasoning and prove me Yaqub is not the greatest Iranian who ever lived on Earth.
I challenge you?

Long live Yaqub's memory
Son of a simple Ironsmith
Son of Zaranj, from Sistan
Working Class Hero
Man of The Masses
The Greatest Iranian of all times.

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Postby IPC » Sun Jun 04, 2006 11:21 am

Agreed with CR.

I wanted to vote for Nader Shah, but I changed my mind and voted for Yaqoob Shah.

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