Bache Kuni Trial

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Postby kallehpook » Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:24 pm

salam smith jan,

babakhshida ye soal dashtam, shoma chand bar dar rooz koone bush ro mishoori? damet garm.

bush umad vali buye gandesh umad.
ghorboonet beram
dr. kallehpook
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Postby IPC » Tue Aug 01, 2006 8:25 am

Dear good fellow Amir, how R U? Here R some info for U (DBK Style) .....
..... Dear good fellow Amir, Alah (with one L) bless U (DBK Style)!

Ah, how you tease me! Don’t U know how much I miss Mr. Smith Kooni?

I’m on the market for a new pet. Know anyone that will wag its tail and greet me with enthusiasm when I get home from work the way my Old Yeller Taazi used to do?.......
...... Anyways, thanks for the additional info, and may Allah bless us all….everyone.

Sorry to kill your pet over and over and over and ............ but DBK did not used to wag its tail and greet you with enthusiasm when you got home from work! Old Yeller? Ye right!

Your Old Transgender Taazi Rabid Hound used to weewee and poopoo all over your feet, your couch, your Persian Rug, your office desk, your coffee table, your desk and office in IPC, every room of IPC, my high heels, my manicure, Liberator's foot, IPC members and IPC curtains and straight shooting to ceiling and walls, not to mention chewing on your pants, leather couch and scratching IPC curtains! :fry:

Your Old Transgender Taazi Hound was a Gay Rabid Drag Hound!
:dog: :grenadelauncher:
But if you really really miss your weewee pet, :dog: :missu: my heart goes for you and your pet; so I'm still willing to make a deal with you.....OUCH ouch, Liberator just elbowed my stomach and kicked my foot, telling me "No Deals, Screw DBK, let her RIP"! LOL [-X

No, really, lets make a deal Amir. I revive your pet, like bring her back to life "Hound of Frankenstein", if you can tame her :shackled: to behave. What do you say? I had unbanned all the banned IPs, so I know she can read this post, but she cannot post in IPC. So if you promise to tame your doggy (Dead Bache Kooni), promise no more technical sabotage, multiple spam posts, vulgarity, etc. then my big heart gives in to your needs and I may consider not to separate you from your doggy (DBK's tail is wagging in her coffin)!

I may find it in my big heart to return the rabid living dead doggy, once again (12th time) to life! I have had killed DBK so many times that I lost count! LOL

So come home, have a cup of coffee and think it over. If you want your Weewee Woowoo back to kick around, then you must make a deal with me. Plus, you need to clean after her, surely you must understand that if I let DBK back in here, you need to take on another hat in IPC!

Amir, The new IPC Janitor! You will go room to room, hall to hall and clean up after your pet! I don't want to see any chewed trash, left over bones, droppings, poopoo, doodoo, weewee, doggy dildo, edible doggy underware (for butch), kotex pads, condoms or sex toys around IPC rooms. We run a clean business. Am I making myself clear?

How many times do I have to take chances and revive the Dead Bache Kooni for you?

Kill her, revive her, kill her, revive her, kill her :dumptrash: ............... who do you think I am? Dr. Frankenstein?
:mons: :ripcall:

You and your gay poodle, shoo :sweating:

Unofficial IPC Undertaker
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Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Sometimes, dead is better

Postby Amir » Tue Aug 01, 2006 8:59 pm

Okay, now you’re just trying to play God. Who do you think you are, Jesus? Are you trying to raise Lazarus from the dead? The next thing I know, you’re also going to feed everyone here an all-you-can-eat buffet of fish and bread.

You are correct that in life TBK was not like Old Yeller. But my analogy stands, as I was only thinking of the two doggies’ demise. They were both brutally shot, and put out of their misery. On the other hand, Old Yeller got some sympathetic tears, but I have yet to see a tear shed for TBK.

I would really enjoy having my pet around so he can play fetch again. But you very well know that neither I, nor Allah, nor Jesus can ever control that freak. The psycho doggy is mad, and is only interested in gay doggy sex. He listens to no one and nothing. Hell, I was his attorney trying to defend him, and he still didn’t listen to me.

No, TBK is a freak of nature, and completely uncontrollable. You might as well try to reason with and control the flesh eating bacteria.

Besides, the manner by which he exited IPC was a more compelling reason to ban him than the reasons behind the initial trial. He viciously attacked the site, and posted unbelievably offensive and pornographic material. There is no excuse for keeping someone around who posts such extreme vulgarity and profanity. Any hope that remained for a compromise was destroyed by his final behavior.

I may miss my pet, but after the final events I don’t in any seriousness want him back. He crossed a final line; a point of no return.

As Fred Gwyne said in Pet Cemetery, “Sometimes, dead is better.â€
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Re: Bache Kooni Trial

Postby Bita K » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:16 pm

Hi guys

I was reviewing something on the net and searching for stuff, suddenly I came across this thread. I checked it out and it brought so many memories back to the mind. This topic was hilarious, creative and funny. This was one of the best events in IPC. You can’t replace moments like that. It’s always enjoyable to read or reread stuff like that. So funny and so outrageous. Those were the golden days of IPC. Loved it again. It never gets old.

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Re: Bache Kooni Trial

Postby LOJ » Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:34 pm

Yes I know what you mean IPC isn't what it used to be and I LOVED posting and SHARING opinions with Ahreeman. Those times were some of my best....Your right can't replace times like that:)
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Re: Bache Kooni Trial

Postby Bita K » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:24 pm

Guys I’ll tell you something true, so think about it. Back then in golden days of IPC, people talked to each other and debated each other. Now, no one talks to each other but they talk to themselves! What happened here?
No society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long!
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