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Postby Shahrzad BB » Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:09 pm

First of all, what the hell is DC Persian? Never heard of it. Is it a Persian version of DC Comics, full of imaginary Persian cartoon characters?

Yup, heres some =D>

Allah man
Black Imam
Tolab boy
Anal Muslim boy
Chadori girl
Zeynab Super Sister
Gherti girl
Soosool boy
Gay man
Torshideh girl
Irani TV man
Opposition Whore
Super Fag
An man
Green Antar
Dahati man
Persian Misfit
Whore woman
Blue Boy Toy
Persian Man Eater
Persian Kabob Eater
Persian Taryaki man
Trashi woman
Wonder Gooz
Cholagh man
Mental man
Hercul Rostam Midget
Pashmaloo man

Qazvini man
Qazvini boy
(dynamic duo)

Farangi boy
Hooker girl
Village Idiot
Valley girl
Dumb Ass girl
Fat woman
Handy man
Jerk off boy

And your favorite

Bache Kooni boy

Do you know any new characters, I missed??? :-k

BB O BB, whats a girl to do?

Psychiatrist of the board
Dr. BB
Long Live Me,
Death To Those Who Hate Me.
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Psychiatrist of the Board
Dr. BB
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Postby Amir » Sun Oct 01, 2006 3:58 pm

Okay, okay, I got a few……

How about:

- League of Losers
- Crab Crotch
- The Incredible Idiot
- Captain Clown
- Fat-man
- Super Sissy
- Hawk-nose
- Aqua Asshole
- Flash Fart
- Spider Soosool
- Magnificent Moron
- Lex Lowlife
- Retarded Riddler
- Prick Penguin
- Jerk-off Joker
- Fire Fool
- and their leader, Shit-for-brains Shiite-Man
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Oct 07, 2006 6:21 pm

Jebhe Meli Iran
(Jebhe Qeyre Meli Iran)


Looks like certain elements in IPC, want to go back in history, then by all means let’s turn on our time machine & cruise back in to some short distance & some long distance history! But before we go back to 1953 and 1979, lets juts go back to few years ago …………….

Shall the Ahreemanic sermon begins ……….

What goes around, strangely comes around, no?!

Memory Lane

Do yous recall a few years ago, when Jebhe Meli Forum existed? Do yous remember how through the years, IPC members roamed around JM, from time to time, exposed them and caused riots over there? Do yous remember how yous (those whom are still here and those whom are not), used to expose, bash and cause episodes in JM?

Now, JM is dead (Allah bless their Mali Mazhabi confused Souls)! All the old bozos including but not limited to: Dr. Anvari, Dr. Kazem Zadeh, Dr. Dool, Dr. Sool, Hammihan Irani (Hammihan-e Dooli), J, and rest of the Dayous which combinely made up the total number of 50 members of JM, are either writing for aka Jalq Jalq’s Garbage Disposal Site (figures), or are plain dead and gone! May the Jebhei Dinosaurs rest in piss (peace)!

Of course back then, Dr. Anvari used to claim that JM had 70,000 readers a month, the same way that Jalq Jalq (Jahanshah Javid aka Short Fat Dark Hairy Gusaleh) claims that has 700,000 readers a day!

Indeed, Kos O She’r maliyat nadareh!
70,000 Kos O She’r of Jebhei type!
700,000 Kos O She’r of Ex Hezbollahi, present Liberal Reformist type!

Bull Shiite of Anvari or Bull Shiite of Jahanshah Javid, makes no difference! Jebhei or Reformist Hezbo are the same Shiite! Both are Liberal Reformists, under the Balls of IRI Imam! They serve no purpose for freedom of Iran! The only difference is that JM Forum is dead & gone (Allah Bless), but is still alive! Of course, we shall eventually take care of that too!

Now what is my point, you ask?

My point is that, amazingly, what goes around, comes around! How you ask?
I’ll tell ya!

So, remember how some of yous (some are here now & some are not), used to routinely Frag with JM Forum and shake them Jebhei Old Bones on weekly or monthly basis? Remember how you used to on & off, pay a visit, give them ol boys heart attacks & agitate their heart conditions or them old bones?

Well, there you go! That is my point! Now its pay back time!

Now, the old Jebhei Boys are dead & gone, but the new generation of Jebhei Boys (Pan, from time to time, roam around IPC and try to cause a commotion here!

Don’t tell me! …….., I already know, I know, I know…………….

You are gonna tell me:
There is a Big difference between what yous did to JM Forum & what Pan boys are doing to IPC!

You are going to tell me:
You trashed JM with logic, documents, arguments, evidence and humor,
Pan Arabs are jumping in IPC with non of the above, but to solely cause trouble!

I know, you are correct, but that is not my point!

My point is that:

You fragged Old Jebhe, yesterday,
And Now Today,
Their sons are trying hard to frag yous!

Even though, they try and try and try to put up a good show and dance, yet they fail; however, they still try!

I mean C’mon, you still can hear them from the bottom of the well, trying to Frag with IPC!

The Neo Generation of Jebhe (Pan, drops by IPC (from time to time) & tries so hard to leave a logical mark!

First came Kheshayar: Semi logical, way too temperamental and totally uninformed!
Second came Bache Kuni, solely to sabotage IPC!
Then came The Japanese Boy, trying so hard to play the “Blame Game” & “You Oppressed me Game”!

But for some bloody reason, all the above episodes and all the roads and all the roots, ends to the source, which is Biani and Pan aka Neo Generation of Jebheis and Reformists!

What’s so bloody hell funny, is that eventhough they all scream oppression and SAVAKi baseless show of intellectualism, yet correct me if wrong:

Wasn’t it Biani who originally deleted CR’s post in Pan, & that was how all the Shiite started? So who oppressed who?

Same as fathers (JM Forum), the sons (Pan Arabism forum) also censor, revise, delete and oppress! They also hate to be ignored! Once you ignore them, they run along here by numbers & try to disrupt this place, Jebhei Style!

I have a term for this:

Sins of The Fathers!

Sins of the fathers of 79 (Old Jebhei Dayous) transfers to their sons (Neo Jebhei Dayous)!
Now, even though the Sons have to pay for the sins of the Fathers, yet they still refuse to admit that they “Goh Khordand”! And still try to justify the history!

Baba begin Goh khordin, karo tamum konin?!
Biyayn “Goh Khordan Nameh” ro emza’ konin?!

So my point is:

Even though you were justified, yet you fragged with Jebhe then, & now their sons are fragging with you! In a twisted way, What goes around, comes around!
This is called Bull Shiite Justice, which is kind o like Poetic Justice, yet with a pile o Shiite sticking to it (Riot/Killer)!

On 28 Mordad!

* Closet Liberals + Monarchist Apologists, love to cheer for both Shah and Mosadeq!

I am no Monarchist & I am no Shah fan; however, I have been, I am & I will always and forever be a solid defender of 28 Mordad!

People tell me, they have never seen a person, openly defends 28 Mordad! Well, please meet Ahreeman! Please to meet you! Liberals, please shake Haji Kuchike (instead of my hand)!

Have you ever seen a Constitutionalist Monarchist, either an old timer or a Neo Monarchist to firmly stands by 28 Mordad and defends it? Hell no! They are Monarchists and they also want to capture the heart and soul of the people by cheering for Mosadeq!

I am no Shahi and no Monarchist, but once again, for the hundredth time, I shall state right here:

I openly in public, defend 28 Mordad and I will defend it boldly!

Thanks to CIA, Alahazrat, Generals, Zahedi (father), SAVAK, Military, Sha’ban Bi Mokh, South Tehran’s Obash or whomever ………………, Mosadeq’s reign lasted only 2 lousy days!

If Mosadeq’s reign would have lasted more than 2 days, then Hezbe Tudeh Communist Party (which had great numbers in military, government & popular masses) could easily shove Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli (which did not have great nembers in military, government & popular masses) aside, & take control of Iran! In other words, that old fool’s ego (Mosadeq), would have had cost Iran, its integrity, to become the republic number 16 of the USSR!

Dr. Yazdi (Chairman of Tudeh), Eskandari, Tabari and the comrades would swallow that old fool (Mosadeq) alive!

Or in other words,

Nadanam Kari-ye Mosadeq, Iran ra nabud mikard!

However, you may say:

If Mosadeq, would have succeeded in 1953, then Iran would have either:

1. Become a Democracy (best scenario)
2. Become a Marxist Regime (worst scenario)

So either ways, Iranians would have become too educated, to allow their “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls” on 1979, lead them in the streets of Iran, like Gav o Guspand, to commit an Islamic Revolution!

To that, I say two things:

A. Maybe you are correct!
B. Maybe you are incorrect!

But in both conditions, it makes no difference for me! It means that:

Either way, I would have been robbed off of those 16 years (best years of my life) which I ended up spending in Iran before 1979! First 16 years of my life!

You see, either way, in a Jebhei Iran, Marxist Iran or Islamic Iran, I would have not been able to spent those first 16 years of my life in such glorious way to have so many memories, as I had done in the Imperial Iran! My lifestyle with the status of my family, & the way I done it, would have been impossible! Those were the best years of life & nothing can top that!

So am I selfish?

Hell yes!

Do I prefer to put those 16 beautiful years, above and over the possible salvation of Iranians?

Hell yes!

The way I see it, Iran will always remain fragged until we commit to a Moral Revolution! And it doesn’t look like, the present Miranians want to change!

Then @ least let me cherish those 16 beautiful years of memories from Imperial Iran! Some of you only wish that you had 4 years out of those 16 years! Those who were born in exile, those who grown in exile, those ………………,
@ least I had 16 beautiful years, the frag with Iranians whom like cattle, turned Iran into a Stable!

You see, Miranians are in need of a Qoldor!
Cattle is in need of a Shephard!
May as well that shepherd, be Alahazrat! A Nationalist shepherd is better than an Olaq!
Now you have left the cattle to Olaqs (Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, ………)!

Nation of Cattle, lead by the cattle, for the cattle and in the name of the cattle! Gavollah!

Now let us get serious,

Questions to Jebhe Meli Iran

Until the end of times, I will ask these questions from the Architects of 1979 (Jebhe, Tudeh, etc.):

* Q: On 1979, we had by average 3,000 political prisoners in jails of Shah. Now we have by average, 30,000 political prisoners in jails of IRI! What have you accomplished?

* Q: How come on 1953 and 1979, you could not reform the “Reformable Imperial Iran”? But now, for 28 + years, you have been trying to reform the “Un-reformable Islamic Iran”?

* Q: How come on 53 and 79, you could not reform from within the framework of the “Moderate Imperial Constitution” of the Imperial Regime? But now, hopelessly, you have been trying to reform the Islamic Beast for 3 decades, from within the framework of the “Islamic Constitution”?

* Q: Why couldn’t you reform the Imperial Regime from within, like certain people such as Hoveyda, Bakhtiar, Ameli, My Mother and many others done? Did you have to betray Bakhtiar on 1979 and destroy Iran to achieve your goals?

* Q: Did you commit 53 and 79 for salvation of Iran, or for greed, power, hypocrisy and opportunism?

* Q: How come Jebhe Meli Iran, never had, never has and will never have a clear constitution? What the hell do you stand for, aside from trying to share power with whomever is in charge? Asides from being a whore?

@ last, if your goal is to conduct a logical discussion, then by all means, join in? But if your goal is to wave Mosadeq’s picture, then by all means,

Mosadeq with his bald head and eggplant nose, also Haji Kuchike, they both look like Dicks! What am I saying, Haji is a Dick! Any how, if Mosadeq and Haji are both so similar & you are always waving Mosadeq’s posters, then why not waving Haji’s posters and placards? Haji, the same as Mosadeq, is a respectable Meli Mazhabi! Haji, the same as Mosadeq, once dead & buried is planing to have a large picture of “Hazrat-e Ali” framed on top of the wall of his mausoleum! Why waving Mosadeq’s pic, but not Haji’s? Actually Haji is more handsome than Mosadeq! Is this open discrimination or what?!

I knows yous loves slogans, so to all Mosadeqists and Jebheis, I gots one last word:

I only wished to be alive on 28 Mordad, to Frag more and more Jebheis and Tudehis as a SAVAKi, so they would’ve not gotten the chance to Frag Iran, once more in 1979!

Jebheis and Tudehis and other “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls” of Liberal Democrat and Socialist kind, are far worst enemies than Hezbollah! Cause they will even sell their own mothers for either $5, or sharing the power with the “government in power”, whichever being offered first!

The only solution to the “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All” Jebhei problem, is to line them all against the wall, and hand me a rusty nailed, thick broomstick to …………!

To sons of 1979:
Do you want to blame someone for 1979?
Blame your fathers!
Fathers of 1979!
Sins of The Fathers!

Javid 28 Mordad
Javid Timsar Nasiri

Proudly out of the closet, Defender of 28 Mordad,

Ahreeman X
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Postby Joehohoho » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:16 pm

Oh my little puppsiessss..!!

Bravo, You are right. I support you and I am ready to help you with the broom... number them all, and call them in one by one... I promise to hold them firmly..
.. Iranian ( Third world?) worship and respect the dead people and the fictions more than, the reality which is gazing them in the eyes. This is, perhaps caused by their strong sense of jealousy, lack of self respect? hate ( historical hurt) and lack of growth. But the real core of this malfunction is the Islamic culture which is based on worshiping lies and fictional characters.
Each one wants to be the center of attention. And usually they know how to get this attention in a negative way; by causing pain to others, bombing their own house on their own head or, by blaming and Insulting the worthy social figures, and hanging on them like leaches, while pretending that they understand more than the figure ( a mob dancing for mobs). “Dead worshipers ( trouble makers)?â€
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:57 am

Joe The Savior Prophet!

Dear Haj Joe *
* (not to be mistaken with “Haj Jew” or “Haju” aka a Jewish Haji)
* (not to also be mistaken with “Haju” which is the Esfahani pronunciation for Haji)

You have been shamelessly transforming these two topics:

to your personal log! The reasons you have done so, are:

I. These two topics are High Traffic topics, so you will get a “Captive Audience” to read your rhetorics!
II. You are constantly updating these two topics to advertise for your rhetorics.
III. You are constantly updating these two topics to advertise for your buddy Fouladvand.

Regarding the third part, you don’t need to advertise for Fouladvand, because I am already doing enough of that:

Look under API:

Regarding the first part, get a Diary Book and write your incoherent, distracted, delusional thoughts in it!

Regarding the second part, that’s why I am not giving you the pleasure to respond to you, under those two topics, so you can gather more readers for your rhetorics, thanks to my grace & popularity! So suffer Joe, thus I am responding to you here:

“My response....
A man was passing through a desolated gloomy place . He heard some voices and moaning. He searched the area and he realized that a group of rich ignorant people have been blind folded by the great Pirates' magical stories ( human rights!!), guided to a deep well and dropped into the dark well to rot. Saving them was risky but he accepted to be their savior.”

Joe, you have finally wrote a complete paragraph and it is coherent! But, ………

Joe, one question:

To vaqe’an kos kholi, ya khodeto zadi be kos kholi?
To dige pak simhat qati shodeh!
Ehtiyaj be Ravan-shenas va Lithium dari!

So now you are the savior?

Folks, from this moment on, please start addressing Joe, as “The Savior Prophet”, our own Homegrown Prophet!

(any Psychiatrists in the house?)

“ He tore all his clothes and belonging”

Clothes we understand, but I am concerned about the “Belonging” part! What were those belongings? Snot Rags (Dastmal Damaqi), Jerk Off Handkerchief (Dastmal Jalqi), Senior Diapers (Kohne-ye Salmandan), ………..?

Dear Lord, have you used those “Belongings” to make this rope?!

“to make a rope and then threw the rope down the well to the fallen ones. The miserable ones started arguing and fighting, and each one wanted to be the first.
The savior screamed at them and told them: “ Now, I have no doubt that you deserve to be where you are” "stop fighting, and one by one come out"

I hear you Joe!

“One of the stupid proud fallen ones, while holding the rope firmly, looked up and screamed: "If you think anyone will care or look at your rope, you are wrong"

That would be Liberator!

“The rest of the story can have many ending and I let your imagination to weave it together for yourself.”

I’ll try!

“Sun, shines, indifference to your decision, to enjoy the sun or.. abide in a damp and dark room like a rat. It is your choice.”

Yes, after all it is up to us, “The Fallen Ones” to see the salvation in your rhetorics or to fade away in darkness of the well!

“I write for love .. “

What’s love got to do, got to do, got to do with it????

“and you are free to hold the rope or ignore it... “


What you do not comprehend, is that we are trying to hang on to the rope and be pulled up by you, above the ground! We do! But the problem is that, your rope, same as Reza Pahlavi’s Balls & Fouladvand’s Shambool, is rotten!

Picture this,

Reza Pahlavi has no balls. Jasmine has been sending me a number of E-mails, consulting me on what can she do about RP’s medical condition?!

I am not a medical doctor, but still Iranians’ Family Doctor! So far, we tried Vitamin B Shots, Testosterone Shots, Vitamin Pills, Massage, Suction Pumps, Heat Pads, Chinese Natural Herbs, Chinese Balls, even acupuncture, but all failed miserably!

Jasmine has her hopes, only towards me & I am trying not to disappoint her, but:

The house is rotten from the core and foundation!
(Kar az risheh kharabeh)

On the other hand, Fouladvand has balls (somewhat), but his Schlong and brain is rotted out (due to old age)! We tried Khorma, Felfel Sabz, Tokhme Morq, Moz, Gerdu, Qaliyeh, even Sulfat Do Sud! We even tried Viagra, Cialis, all the way to rhinoceros Horn! But absolutely dead! Tabi’atesh Bahut Afsordahe!

We also tried Sheep Brain Sandwich (Persian Style) & White Fried Fish, even Kaleh Mahi, but the brain is also well frozen & seized in 1930s & 40s Black & White Nazi propaganda Movies & Fascist pictures of Mussolini! The man has not evolved beyond 1945 or even 651 AD!

Now, in your case, your intentions are well & people also like to hang on to your rope & climb out of the well; however, how can they? Your rope, same as RP’s Balls & Fouladvand’s Shambool, is well rotted!

Haji, this is not a rope, nothing left of it, it has been reduced to a thread! Once it was 10 inches thick but now it is down to a one-millimeter thread and reducing! This whole rope is connected via a thin thread of one millimeter thick, @ certain places!

Myself, I tried to hold on & climb, but me @ 6’3” & 240 Lb, how can I? One time, Amir got me Qolab with two hands, I put my foot there & tried to climb. Liberator also hanged on to me, so I held his hand & we both tried to climb, but this damn rope was down to a thread! We fell on our asses!

Haji, in Tanab pusideh! Be pust o ostekhun resideh!

This rope, like an exposed Persian Rug to Moths, has been lain in a dark damp storage for too long! It is rotten to the core, same as RP Balls & Fouladvand Shambool!

You, same as RP & Fouladvand have been frozen in time, well out of place!
The Industrial Revolution has passed all of you by!
RP froze in 1960s pacifism and Dr. King era!
Fouladvand froze in 1945 End of Nazism!
You froze in 651 AD, end of Persian Sassanid Empire!
Yous live in Yesterday, but we are Today!
You are trying to catch the Train but Time has passed you by in 1960s, 1940s or even 651 AD!

Haji, Tanab-e to Bid zadeh! Moosh khordeh vo tar o pudesh pusideh!

Your rope is like a:

Infested house with mice,
Rotten cabinet wood with termites,
Holed wool sweater with moths,
Infected wound with bacteria,
Day old bread with molds,
Month old Iranian Qorbati without a shower!

We want to hold on to your rope, balls or shambool to climb out of the well, but everything is rotten to the core! Torn apart, down to a thread & that thread is even rotting way too quickly!

So dear savior prophet, how can you save this Umma’ with this rotten tool or rope?!

“I have no face.. . “

Plastic surgeons do miracles!

“I am no one... And Out of reach of lemmings.”

Reach out & touch someone!

“I am the future man and you’re my lemming brothers,”

My Mom did not know your Father, don’t lie!

“ the lost ones, who stubbornly are avoiding my stretched hand”

Maybe the hand or Shambool is too stretched to the point of fallen! It is just hanging due to old age! It is just hanging like an old man’s schlong! Kesh umadeh!

Haji, Shol o vel o Avizuneh!

“ that can take them to safety.”

Haji how can this piece o thread take them to safety?

“The Slave masters know this fact but you do not!!.”

Here we go with Masters again!
Are they Master-Baitors?

“I am risking my life to write for you... “

For God’s sake, we hate to see you risk your life, so by all means, STOP it right now! Stop writing & take your Garitol! As your family doctor, I must insist!

“for nothing... I am writing for you, “

Do you actually want money from us to read your crap?
Damn, if Jahanshah Javid can do it, then everybody can!

“but only Slave master’s intelligence are learning from me”

That should tell ya something!

“ and enjoying and admiring my writing and perception.”

Master likes your Bait, so they can become Masterbators!

“While you keep hiding behind your ego”

My Ego is obscured by all the Eye-Rainian Experts’ Egos!

“and a sign which says: “ Do not enter" to the light"

I was looking for that one in Home Depot! Do they have it in Hardware Store?

“Change your old mind to a new one, then you can see.”

How? Where do they sell the parts?

“Start from your ego.”

It is not third as inflated as your Hee_Rows, RP & Dool-avand’s!


What happened? Who fingered Joe? Shame on yous! Don’t finger our “Savior Prophet!
Bache angosht nakon!
Aqa ro angosht nakonid, gonah dare, ma’siyat dare, un donya bahas javab bedin!

Joe, god damit, stop fingering people yourself!
What kind o prophet fingers people?!
Oh I forgot, Mohammed did!
He fingered All!

Anyhow, everyone stop fingering everyone else!
This is not Qom or Qazvin!

“I love you “

Simply because you are an old pervert!

“but... “

Get off our Butt!

“And.. many many but after that but....”

What’s with you & Butts?
Mage to Bache Bazi?

I didn’t know you are Qazvini!

Come out of closet Joe!
Congressman Folley did!
Why not you?

“until the “T” breed another “T”

You want Tits too?
You want Butts & Tits?
Little T & A?

Joe, you are in the wrong place! This is IPC, not a GoGo Joint or Gentlmen’s Club!
Don’t yous have Whorehouses in Texas?
Try Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!
Ask directions from Dolly Parton, will ya?!

Joe, seriously,

You need to collect enough information about people, before you release judgment & verdict about them! For instance, remember when first you came into IPC, you cussed the hell out of me with profanity (just read your threads)? Now you adore me, love me & go kissy poo with me! Why? Because you did not know me then, the way you know me now! So, you need to study people before you judge them! That is my advice to you!

You keep on sticking your foot in your mouth! Your mouth is full of feet! Think before yapping or yacking! And for God’s sake, start writing more like this post (Coherent, organized and readable)!

But ………………….,

Joe, my friend, you crack my Shiite!
There is a But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, ……………………….

I love you with or without …………….. your rope!

But I hope you get enough money to go to Hardware store, buy a new rope (industrial thick ones), so you can throw it down this dark well, to save us! You damn cheap Jew! Pay up & buy good ropes to last long!

But until then,

We shall remain in the Dark!
Afterall, Dark is good, we are all, children of the night & allergic to light!

Dear Savior Prophet,
Now, we must apart, thus the ambulance has come to take you away to Archam Asylum for Delusional Prophets! Your condition has gone severe! They are @ the door, open the door & let the medical crew in! Will ya?!

I love you with or without (the rope)
But I hope you get it soon (from Hardware store)
Put it on my Home Depot Charge Card, you cheap-skate!


The Dark1
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Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:00 pm

Amir Arsalan:

You are from Damqan! A Semnani Fellow! Then you must be pure Parthian! North Khorasan and Semnan are Parthians. Now it makes sense! That’s why you insist on some Ashks to also be included in Great Shahanshah’s of Iran! That’s why you want to include Mehrdad to my list o Great Shahanshahs!

I know Yazdanis, do you? I know you are Damqani and they are Sangsari but still?!

Yazdanis farther from Hozhabr are decent, but closer to Hozhabr, are Kos Kalak Baz, same as tons o other Iranian Billionaires whom are not spending a dime to free their own nation! Careless about Iran!

A good friend o mine is a Yazdani. Damqanis are good people.

The interesting issue is that, certain places of Semnan (like Sangsar) speak a local dialect, very similar to ancient dialect of Pahlavi Persian or Parthian Persian. You can witness this phenomenon also in Talesh, Gilan. Sangsari and Taleshi are ancient lingos, simply because Arabs had a hell of a time capturing these locations. This was due to harsh geographical locations surrounded with mountains & other natural barriers. There are places in Iran that Arabs could not set foot in them! Only after centuries of occupation, they also become colonies like rest of Iran!

That’s why places like Sangsar and Talesh remained pure. They saved their race and language!

I studied anthropological and archeological aspects of these regions (Sangsar, Talesh, etc.). I find it very interesting! So That is why Semnanis remain pure Parthian and Gilanis remained pure Median Aryans!

Amir Arsalan, now I am going to measure you, to see if you are pure Aryan. No, no, don’t pull out your Mo’amele, you buffoon! I am not going to measure that, so tuck it away! That is Bache Kuni’s job!

To racially measure you, I need to measure the depth, width & length of your skull with my compass! Don’t you know raciology?! Damn, now I sound like Dr. Mengele! Fouladvand & his Nazi buddies are getting an erection by now! Down boys down …………….

Ahhhhhhh, yes, I can see you are an Aryan! A Parthian Aryan indeed! Rare species.

Ok that’s enough measuring.
You pass the test.
Adios you Big Old Hairy Parthian


Someone too old to Rock & Roll,
And too young to Die!
Watcher in the woods
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Parthians Are My Homies!

Postby Amir » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:53 pm

First, let me say that I sat down to write this reply in relation to the Mosaddeq issue you brought up before your two posts today. But then, I saw your posts, and was compelled to reply to those as well in here. So thanks a lot for making me work more, buddy!

So I’ll begin with the most recent point first, and work backwards until I end up with cue-ball Mosaddeq.

In regard to Damghan:

Yes I know the important strategic role that Damghan played in ancient times. And I am aware that in certain regions in the north, because of geographic restraints and the fighting spirit of those regions many villages did not submit to Arab rule or Islam until centuries later. I heard there are even a few that speak the language of the Sassanians after all these years. Good for them!

Damghani people (who grew up in Damghan…I didn’t grow up there, just visited) are warriors, and will shoot anything that moves just to see if they can kill it. My grandfather was the biggest psycho of them all. He lived hard, and died young. I am named after him (Amir Arsalan the First). My father told me stories of how my grandfather would ride horses literally to death on hunts. He and his buddies used to use each others’ hats for target practice while still wearing them, which made for a lot of wet heads on rainy days. He was as psycho as they get. I, however, am nothing like that. I’m a city boy, for better or for worse.

You figured out the Parthian connection. You’re damned right about the Parthian thing! Parthians kick ass. They were the original horse archers and heavy cavalry of the world. Everything else is just a Parthian copy. If they had just a little more ingenuity, and had formulated technology and strategy for siege warfare instead of just horsemanship, they might have subdued Rome itself. Surena did, at Carrhae.

In regard to your reply to Jojo Mojo:

Are you serious? Do you actually read that crap? I gave up reading it a long, long time ago. I can’t believe you actually read it! You must have a lot of time to kill. Those two hijacked threads are dead to me. They are as dead to me as TBK. I don’t set foot in there. Although, I must admit that I did take a peak in one of them last week simply because I saw that L-man had posted something there. I believe he said something like “does anyone actually read this crap?â€
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:40 pm

Do We Learn From History?!

Amir Arsalan:

“Teddy Roosevelt led the vanguard of that assault, and it continues to this day.”

I am not sure on what you truly mean here, but if you are referring to the Roosevelt who started The Social Security & 101 other Social programs in America, then you made a mistake! You are talking about “Franklin D Roosevelt” (Democrat) and not “Theodore Roosevelt” (Teddy the GOP man)!

FDR started the Socialization of America during pre WWII era. Teddy, on the other hand was a kick Ass Republican, way before FDR’s time. He was a soldier type, especially during the Spanish wars. Aren’t you mixing the two?!

“Laziness is manifested by a system that does not reward ingenuity and hard work. The motivation to excel is gone. Without that motivation, most will dwindle and do the bare minimum to get by. That leads to social decay.”


“The other factor is corruption. A system that embraces almost complete government control will place many shady individuals in a position that wields power. In that system, where ingenuity via regular channels is not rewarded economically, such individuals find a way to bypass the system through corrupt practices. Bribes and special treatment become commonplace, which further detract from society’s progression.”

That is the story of Iran’s pre, during & post 1979! It’s in the blood!

“Obviously, a balance must be reached between the two for a healthy society to function.”

Ye, like IRI!

“The link is that these bozos were and are only idealists with zero pragmatic sense.”


“Cue-ball Mosaddeq thought he could just waltz in, seize control, kick out the foreigners from Iran, and live happily ever after hand in hand with all the other pansies that supported him. Ha! He had no sense of reality, the complex political climate, or a plan on how to go from point A to B. “

Iranians have tendencies to create Myths out of anything! They do not study history, they do not analyze the potency & pragmatistic values of a politician, yet they only seek ideals! Iranians love slogans. Give them slogans of Justice (Mosadeq) and promises of oil money (Khomeini) & they will follow you, worship you and create shrines for you, even after death!

Mosadeq was a sad politician, unpragmatic person, a dreamer, a disastrous economist & an illogical idealist, but Iranians have created a legend out of this old fool whom almost destroyed Iran on 1953!

There is no doubt in my mind that Yazdi & Hezbe Tudeh would swallow him & his dopey movement (Jebhe) alive!

Next, British would run the south & Russians would run the north with a puppet Tudehi regime in power & in Tehran! By then, the old fool would be dead under his famous blanket (the little blanket he carried everywhere), but too late, Iran would have been the return scenario of Ahmad Shah Qajar’s era!

“Given Iran’s relatively weak position at the time, and the tremendous influence of the foreign powers in the region, it would have been an impossibility for him to deliver on the goods. No way, no how. He would have been gobbled up by both the British and the Russians, if not by the Iranians themselves. Iran would have become fragmented by the spheres of influence those countries wielded in Iran, much as they tried to do to Reza Shah. Except that this time they would have been successful, because come-on, cue-ball was no Reza Shah. A little pansy like him couldn’t pull his own pants up, much less hold a country together.”

Iranians are too emotional & easily influenced. The last hardcore Marxists of the world are Iranians, any wonder?!

Iranians by majority are thinking with their hearts, not with their minds! That is why they still worship Mosadeq and many like him!

Iranians are great Dead Worshipers too! While Alahazrat was alive, they pissed & shiite on his face & posters, but now that he is dead, they worship him!

Iranians are also opportunists! The same people who were running the streets on 1953, screaming Mosadeq Mosadeq …………….., two days later were running the streets screaming Javid Shah! Later on 1979 they screamed Khomeini Ey Emam! Then few years ago they were cheering for Khatami as symbol of Reforms!

I never put too much trust in Iranians, simply because today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians! They have been degenerated throughout the history by so many conquerors, faiths, races & ideologies!

I never cheered for Mosadeq
I never cheered for Khomeini
I never cheered for Khatami

I never even cheered for Alahazrat,
But I cheered for Iran!

I respected Alahazrat because he stood for Iran.
But then, when times got rough, even Alahazrat fled & left us to rot in Iran!

I have lost my faith in humanity!
All my life, I cheered for logic and science.

Iranians are a herd which can easily be manipulated into doing anything! 1400 years of Dictatorship does that to you!

Alahazrat said it himself:

“Iranians are like children and they are lost without their father (referring to himself)!”

Of course, sometimes this father is a Nationalist & creates a Great Iran.
Ex: Nader, Yaqub, Reza Khan, Alahazrat, ………….

But sometimes this father is a pedophile & a psycho, then he frags Iran & his children blind!
Ex: Khomeini

But the point is that Iranians have not evolved to a level of political, economical, mental, cultural & moral enlightenment to decide for themselves!

Everytime given a chance, they fragged themselves + Iran, over!
Ex: 1953, 1979, ……………..

It is very sad but true!

“Although Cue-ball never had a chance to prove what an idiot he really was, others that followed in his tradition finally achieved in 1979 what he set out to do in 1953. It was these same idiots that lit a fire under Iran to oust the Shah and usher in their smug little ideal plan. And look what happened. The shit hit the fan, and the jerk-off idealists slowly disappeared into the night, leaving the nation of Iran with shit on its face.”


Unfortunately, even today, Pee-Pole have not learned from history, & they are still chasing a dream, shall it be Mosadeq or Tabari or Forouhar or Amir Entezam or Rajavi or ………

But the funny thing is that throughout history, when times get tough, Leaders of Iranian political parties fly away to Moscow, Berlin, DC, London, ………….., but the devoted lower level members of these parties end up dead in the streets, show trials, jails & rotting in prisons of Iran!

The young party members in any party, fight for ideals, while their leaders make deals on top! The leaders will sell everything including their own souls to get what they want & to get where they want (ex: Jebhe Meli)!

Hell, Lenin The Revolutionary God, sold his soul to German Kaiser to frag his cousin, The Tsar! German Imperial Funds were OK to receive, even though they came from the Large Bourgeoisie!

Above fact, goes for Monarchists, Communists, Mojaheds, Jebheis and everyone else!

The naïve, true believers get fragged over, while the upper level fly the scene! It is all bull shiite!

That’s why I laugh & feel pity for these youth idealists who come to IPC, defend their stands, defend their beliefs, defend their ideals, defend their leaders, while @ the same time, their leaders are making deals with anyone, just to get what they want! These young ones, have such hot heads but pure hearts! Look through the club & you will see their posts!

It goes the same for all of them, Fouladvand fans, RP fans, Mojaheds, Marxists, Jebhei, etc. Just read their posts full of emotions, faithful to their leaders, yet empty of logic or any coherent thoughts! They are good with waving the flags & posters, but zilch on independent thought patterns! Typical Young and Stupid Iranians with Hot empty Heads, but a heart full of emotions!

Waving or posting some bozos picture, flag, banner & colors!
Javid this or Javid that, bla bla bla……………..

Sounds familiar?

I have been called many things from Hezbo, Tudehi, Mojahed to Monarchist and SAVAKI to whatever by these young fools! They think with their hearts rather than with their minds! That is why, once their leaders sell them out, they end up falling like flies! Their little story book world crashes down!

I seen them all, young & naïve Jebhei, Tudehi, Mojahed, Monarchist, etc. ripping their asses for their leaders while their leaders are selling out everything that they believe in!

Been there, done that!

Look @ Mojahedin,
What happened to great slogans of “Death to Imperialism”?
What happened to great martyrs of Mojahedin who died in Shah’s prisons of SAVAK whom got trained by CIA & American Imperialism?
What happened to ideology of Khalqi?
What happened to all who burned themselves in streets of Paris to save Maryam?

Today, Mojahedin Leadership signs a Goh Khordam Nameh & jumps in the race, competing with Monarchists to see who can become a more well trained dog or bitch for CIA!

Today, Mojahedin are officially the bitch boys of CIA!

They have their heads, so far up CIA’s Ass that they are saying Zeki to Monarchists!
They are more servants to CIA than Reza Pahalvi ever was!

@ least jokers like RP, Pirouznia & other Monarchist dopes only lick US Congressmen & CIA’s balls, but Rajavi already has an office in CIA building!

CIA & State Department, given up on drunken, lazy, pacifist Monarchists & RP, are now training Mojaheds!

What happened to ideology & ideals?!

Yesterday it was Javid Khalq-e Qahreman-e Iran, Down with US Imperialism!
Today it is Zendeh Bad US Imperialism, Frag Khalq-e Qahreman!

Of course it is all politics! Maryam & Masoud plan things on the top & run to Paris, but lower level devoted members get fragged over & it is all in the name of “Ideology”!

One question:

What ideology?!

By general, I used to have more respect for Mojaheds than Monarchists, but now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iranians are Iranians!

This is the nature of Iranian politics! This is history of Iran!

Unfortunately Iranians still think with their hearts, not their minds!

Let me conclude above statement about Masses of Iran, in a little poem:

Bar Zendeh Bad goftan-e in khalq-e por farib, del maneh,
Ke yek taneh, bar sangarat zanand!

You see, what makes IPC distinguished, is that we are trying to train people to think with their minds rather than their hearts! We encourage critical thinking and logic rather than slogans of:

Javid Mosadeq
Javid Shah
Javid Imam
Javid Khalq
Javid Dool!

This is not a little sectarian forum like the rest! This is a place to develop brain cells!

Anyhow, I am only a bicycle rider, dropping by with my bicycle to preach a few tales. I am on my way, I am not here to stay! It is up to yous to decide upon the true history!

Ma ba docharkhe umadim,
Mundegaram nistim,
Hala khod danid!
Ezat ziyad

Watcher in the woods
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Dearest Ahriman..

Postby Joehohoho » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:57 am

Tell me who loves you the most-est :)
Dear Ahriman.. I wrote in your thread because both threads were pointing at Fouladvand and your thread was orphan for a while.. you were gone ( I was taking care of the wife and the kids and made some of my own :) ).. Since I like your writing (once a while :D ) ..I tried to keep the fire burning until the father return.. now it is all yours.. ultimately our interest seems to be close....
***Now... this part is to the dear ones who were annoyed by my posts......
*****I am sorry for changing myself to a mirror and letting all , to gaze at themselves. It hurts to see the facts about ourselves and to disturb the false images we have.. .. I am blunt... I am No man... I am no one.. with potential for all the possibilities.******** :)
********Surgeon general warning:**** "Joehohoho writings are balls busing, ego bombing and they are harmful to the Shallow, lemmings, illusive and dishonest ones. Please avoid exposing those classes to them. They can cause fear and insecurity in them and ultimately unlemming them. :)

I would like to tell all the passerby that I accept no responsibility for any change which may happen to them by their exposure to my rich :) posts.. They are only for grown up.. :)
***Lemmings please keep off my posts..
I accept that I am a little bit harsh but.. then.. Mohamad used his sword and harsher words and succeeded in putting you to sleep for 1400 years then...why my milder words may not poke you up... or not?

I love you with or without But..
And many many buts behind this but until the "T" clones itself.
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Teddy Roosevelt

Postby Amir » Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:11 pm

Buddy, I couldn’t agree with you more. I hear you loud and clear, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

But the reason for this reply is just to clarify a potential point of confusion regarding my prior post.

I was indeed referring to Teddy Roosevelt, not FDR. I was talking about his spearhead against the trusts of the early twentieth century – Carnegie, Rockefeller…those guys. He actually enforced the Sherman Anti-trust Laws of the late 19th century, as well as promoting the passage of a few new ones. For this, he was referred to as the “Trust-Buster.â€
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

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Postby Joehohoho » Fri Oct 13, 2006 2:16 pm

Dear Amir..
**** I and Galileo and the rest
Thank you for your love letter :) I mean your lovely poem.. I enjoyed it plenty.. indifference to your aim. I need to explain a point as answer to your posts.
I remind myself of Galileo, who came and shook the whole belief system of his time. It was stressful for some but he knew he is right therefore he persisted until he was handed the poison cup.
My purpose is the same , to cause an earth quake in the fundamental believes of those who are in the same boat with me ( the world), for a better world . And without any doubt this will cause stress and insecurity in people. I know I have succeeded to some extend because I read and listen. I am living in quantum physics and time, while some of our leaders and thinkers are still in Newtonian era.. May be in the later time every one will appreciate my work. We always find out the goodness of others who serve us after their death.
I would like to apologize from all, for my harshness ( I was milder than Mohamad, right?) and say good bye for a while because next week I am departing to Iran for a personnel reason. If I die then tell the possibility worshipers :) to make a grave for me and worship it :) all they want. call the grave “ The grave of the man with no faceâ€
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Amir » Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:56 pm

Dear Jojo jan

Thank you for your love letter I mean your lovely poem.. I enjoyed it plenty..

I’m very glad you enjoyed it; I thought you would. But I can’t take credit for it. As you may or may not know, it is really U2 that loves you with or without.

I remind myself of Galileo, who came and shook the whole belief system of his time. It was stressful for some but he knew he is right therefore he persisted until he was handed the poison cup.

Thank you for the clarification. For a long time, I have been thinking to myself: “Jojo Mojo reminds me someone…but who?â€
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

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Hie Amir

Postby Joehohoho » Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:17 am

Spanky time for Amir .. :)
I can see and feel the anger and pain in your words.. Dear Amir, I know about all the abuses you went through as a young man and I need to tell you that, honestly I was not involved in it.
Dearest, you are a little boy pretending to be a grown up, a chicken posing as an eagle.. and although we are equal at the source but at the present game of life you are not at the my level to respond to my writing. By the way, you do not need to pretend because as I said " I love you with or without".. :)
"The days of the old mind is coming to an end!!! Wake up!!"
I am teaching you then lay down and enjoy the occasion. :)
And .. in presence of masters..You need to raise your hand and then only ask questions and no comment. Got it. :)
Now.. Be Silent, I am busy packing...
Your punishment: since you broke the master and disciple rule, I order you to repeat this sentence 1000 times today " Master forgive me I am only a child" And , you deserve it scummy.. :)

PS: According to the history, Darius the great had a small penis. And I think that is the only thing you have in common with him... :) :) :) :)

Love you with or without.. But
And many many buts after this but until the "T" bears another "T" and become yours.
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:30 am


Hala begu Soqati chi mikhay biyari?

Don’t be coming back holding your front & back (Pas o pish) as Soqati suvenir!

I want Gaz-e Pesteyi loqmeyi in wrappers and Sohan Asali, & you must buy them from “Tavazo’e” in Tehran, the best Pastry shop. Don’t be going to cheap places, you hear?

Also buy Pesteh, the lemon salted crunchy Pistachio. Buy direct from Rafsanjani from his Distributors.

And don’t forget Caviar. Get The Gold Kind, no cheap black kind, you hear? You need to buy direct from Bandar Pahlavi!

While your @ it, import a little Dahati Gilani girl from Lahijan. I like them young Dahati girls to feed Haji!

I am impatiently awaiting for my Soqatis!

Now don’t go there & get fragged by Pasdaran! Don’t frag with them so you won’t get fragged! Hurry back. I miss you.

I love you, with or without your rope
But I hope you buy a new one in Tehran!


The Dark1
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Postby Joehohoho » Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:41 am

Dear Ahriman ...
I will make sure all your desires are granted, kind of?

I will miss you too and all,
keep pen-analyzing.. ...
I love you with.. or without.. but.. " you know the rest, right"
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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