Multiple Choice Answers!

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Multiple Choice Answers!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 18, 2006 8:13 am

Multiple Choice Answers!

This is an actual e-mail, which I have sent to a few actual persons. I am actually awaiting their actual answers!

* * * * * *

Dear Friend:

A while back I had sent you an e-mail and asked you:

I want to publish some of your articles in IPC; therefore, I need you to send me a picture or an image, which you identify with, so I can use it to make your logo. I also need a short biography or profile (as much as you can reveal) to make your index page (for examples, check other IPC writers’ index pages under “Authors” section.). I will also need a selection of links (or the articles themselves) of your preferred articles which you would like to be published in IPC.

Even though it is your great honor to be hand-selected by Ahreeman, to be included amongst the greatest writers of Iran in the greatest and largest Iranian net portal (IPC), yet so far you have not replied; therefore, I want to make your job easier, so I am sending you a multiple choice answers for you to choose from. Please mark your proper answer:

a) I am still working on your material.

b) Woo Woo, Wee Wee…… now that I have published a book and own my own website, I am developing a grand ego and a fat head; therefore, even though, I understand that the IPC Networks and the new IPC Website will be the largest Iranian portal on the Internet, yet due to my large ego and fat head, I am presently floating in the air and I do not desire to be published in IPC.

c) I am too busy and/or too lazy; therefore, just link to any article of mine that you desire.

d) I understand that you are a perfectionist and you require a right away answer, so I am taking my sweet ass time (on purpose) just to piss you off!

e) I disagree with your Ahreemanic ways; therefore, I do not want to be published in your Ahreemanic site!

f) I am a bleeding heart Liberal. I used to be your friend and I used to love you, but now that I have found out you are a hard-core Neo Conservative GOP member, I don’t want to be your friend and I do not loves you no more!

g) I am ill and on my deathbed, that’s why I did not reply to your e-mail so far.

h) Please forgive me Ahreeman, for neglecting to reply to you Oh Great Lord of Darkness, O The Dark1. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me? I reply as soon as I can!

i) I am already Dead! That’s why I did not reply to your e-mail. I am writing this from beyond the grave. Please forgive me O Ahreeman!

j) Yes, I want to be published in IPC and soon I will send you what you need.

k) No, I do not want to be published in IPC.

l) I can’t help myself because afterall I am an Iranian and it is good to keep people waiting (it is an Iranian tradition)! So I must say: I am busy, busy, busy …………. Without even having the courtesy of sending you a confirmation e-mail, stating that I had received your e-mail!

And there you go, I made it easy for yous. Just choose your favorite multiple choice answer and send it to me.

The Dark1
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